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  • KasiaMal19 November 2014
    Even though I am a foreigner and may not understand some country-specific trifles (not many, though), I was greatly entertained by this series. The story evolves gradually, bringing a lot of fun and laughter into the crime plot. It can shock at some points revealing hidden side stories or plot twisters that may force you to reconsider your point of view on certain topics. It tells you the "do not mess with women" story in a hilarious way leaving a lot of room for intelligent digestion, too. It is also not too long (10 episodes of around 1 hour each) so you don't get tired of it. And - something rare nowadays - it has an actual end so you don't go to bed wandering what the next season may bring. You can sleep tide afterwards - the riddle has been solved. Loved it!
  • Tweekums9 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Jean-Claude Delcorps was possibly the most unpleasant person in Belgium and now he is dead. The authorities have accepted that there was no foul play but the Dewitt brothers, whose company insured Jean-Claude, are determined to find somebody to blame so they won't have to pay up. Their suspicion falls on Jean-Claude's long suffering wife, Goedele, and her four sisters; Veerle, Eva, Bekka and Bibi.

    Over the course of the series we see that not only did each of the four sisters have several motives they actually try to kill Jean-Claude! Their early plans don't succeed but frequently cause collateral damage. The more one learns about Jean-Claude the more one is likely to think he deserves what we know is ultimately coming… he is a truly vile man who treats his wife appallingly and takes pleasure in ruining the lives of others.

    Thanks to 'Walter Presents' we in Britain have been spoilt when it comes to foreign language programmes lately and this is one of the most fun. It contains a great mystery; we have so many suspects to choose from each with plenty of reasons to commit murder. We also have great characters; Jean-Claude makes the perfect victim as he is so horrible… Dirk Roofthooft does a great job keeping him believably unpleasant without becoming a pantomime villain. Barbara Sarafian, Kristine Van Pellicom, Ruth Becquart, Maaike Neuville and Inge Paulussen are equally impressive as the five sisters; they had a great chemistry and the scenes where the four 'In-Laws' sit around plotting how to kill Jean-Claude were a lot of fun… one couldn't help hoping that they will get away with it; assuming that it ultimately emerges that they killed him. When we do finally learn what happened the revelation is most satisfactory and gives the series a solid conclusion. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a mystery with plenty of laughs.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Belgian Dutch with English subtitles.