To minimize the use of post-production affects, a body double was used in 95% of the scenes to give the illusion that Michael's soul and corpse were in the same room interacting with one another.

Matthew Dearing's body double in the film is his cousin. Although almost ten years separate them in age, no one can tell in the actual film due to clever camera composition and editing.

Ironic given the films subject matter, death constantly yielded its ugly head during production. The Director of Photography's grandmother passed away the morning principle photography started, a few hours before his call time on set.

A good friend of Tim Mallon's passed away during the first week of production. He had to be released early one day to attend the services. When shooting picked back up the following day, unbeknownst to Tim, the location was the same cemetery he had been at the day before for his friends funeral.

The headstones were created by the directors mom and grandparents. They had no previous art experience on film.

The director was almost in a deadly car accident on his way to the last day of auditions. After being hit by a powerful gust of wind, his car hydroplaned through 4 lanes of traffic on a busy freeway, narrowly missing other drivers, before he was able to stable the car.

Tim Mallon's first film, and paying job, in the United States.

Despite warning the neighborhood, the police were still called by someone in the neighborhood during the climactic scene between Michael's Soul and Annie. The director and actors took this as a sign of a job well done on their parts.

The production almost lost the cemetery location after the first night of shooting. Producer Charles Dooly received a phone call in the morning from cemetery management saying the remains of a satanic ritual were found near the space where the production had been shooting. Beer bottles, feces and a decapitated goats head were discovered on the site. After convincing the management the crew had nothing to do with the ritual they were allowed return.

Principle photography ended on October 19th 2009, three years to the day director Mateo Trujillo-Hobbs was involved in an almost fatal car accident. He was hit by a car while riding a bicycle in a busy intersection.