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  • This will be a short review. Just like the last 90 minutes.

    I had a lot of fun with this. This is a straight B-horror movie. That's what it sets out to be and accomplishes it.

    Good cast, good scenario, and good ideas.

    It's not going to be a respected 'film' by any means. That's not what it's supposed to be. Think 'Belko Experiment' or 'Man vs'.

    The cinematography was on par, the acting was solid, and it had a great original idea.

    If you want a 90 min, B-horror movie. 100% yes.

    I liked it very much and you will too.
  • I had this one on my list to watch for a long time, but I let the low user reviews and ratings sway me. Finally last night we watched it. SO good. It is a very different kind of ghost story, but full of surprises and creepiness. There were some seriously creepy scenes and I know I jumped several times. The antagonists were just obnoxious enough that you were happy to see them have some challenges. The ghosts were scary and unexpected. If you are looking for a fun scare, give this a try. Loved it.
  • gothic-fiction3 September 2017
    So apparently today everything has to be big, with lots of special effects, jump scares and an astronomical budget. Right? -Wrong!

    This is how movies used to be done, sure it is a tad bit more ambiguous, resembles The Void a little, but I still say it succeeded! I had fun watching it, I liked the characters, the plot, the execution, I did not expect something out of the ordinary, thus I feel I received exactly what I wanted. A good little film, a nice add-on to my horror collection, I'll even recommend it for a late night run.

    The Vault is a nicely crafted piece, there was room for improvement, for something bigger, surely enough, but it did not failed. Overall, a small success indeed!

  • This is better than the rating, at the time of writing, of 4.7. This has hair-on-end horror not the standard jump-scares, with a touch of gore and suspense to boot. Something about it reminded me of "The Usual Suspects" and "Assault on Precinct 13" and now I have said that you will see it too! Really only commenting as 4.7 seems waay too low. Hardly a deep movie but a good movie. As I have hinted it is derivative but nevertheless entertaining with a charismatic cast and camera-work, lighting and action worthy of classic Hollywood fare. I know people will knock this review simply for me saying this is what Hollywood does best but I think Cannes would like this, even.
  • Once in awhile, you go into a movie blind and with low expectations. That was the case for me with The Vault. Sometimes, that helps the experience even more. I knew zero about this film. I didn't watch the trailer or anything, I just clicked play.

    Holy shit is this movie amazing. I'm going to include the trailer in the review, but I recommend you just go find it on Netflix and watch it. Honestly, I was blown away. The only thing I'll tell you about it is it's a bank heist movie, but oh so much more (Horror nerds I'm looking at you) I'm going to keep it at that just to be as vague as possible because I don't want to give anything away that might spoil it. If I had done a favorite of 2017 list this would have been on it, wow, still can't get over how amazingly good this film was.

    Don't let the shitty IMDB Rating sway you from checking this out. The only way I would not recommend this one is if you like your films bland, vanilla and by the numbers with everything spoon fed to you, this isn't the movie for you. I have a feeling that has a lot to do with the IMDB rating.

    My Rating: 8.5/10
  • I think anything under a 5 is unfair as it's watchable. The acting is pretty decent the story is fine, but ultimately it's drags on too long for it's gimmick. It's not particularly interesting and you can guess the "twist" about 5 minutes into the movie. In fact if were being honest they literally tell you whats going to happen. It's weird that they do that. I'm not kidding. You'll see it and groan. The idea is intriguing enough that you A. hope that they would be stupid enough to give the plot and thats its a red herring or B. Just go with it and enjoy it for what it is. The movie doesn't look cheap so that's a plus. I tried to watch some other low rent horror just before this called berkshire county. The cinematography in the first 5 minutes was so bad and lazy I couldn't be bothered to battle through it. This looks solid and they have 3 or 4 journeyman actors holding this up around the edges. Im like 90 percent I've seen an extremely similar concept on twilight zone or tales from the crypt. However in those cases it was a tight 40-45 minute story. This film is..tiresome. So thats my advise. If you can handle a low-medium rent episode of TFTC stretched out maybe 30 minutes too long this is fine. I didn't hate it, but I got bored more than a few times and checked apps on my phone during it.
  • This film tells the story of a group of five bank robbers who aim to rob half a million dollars from the bank. The think they hit the jackpot when the assistant manager of the bank offers help to get them six million dollars from the mysterious underground vault.

    "The Vault" is a very low budget film, and it really shows. That in itself is not a problem, if it had a good story and tight editing. Unfortunately, there is not much to fill the screen time, and the pacing is just really slow. It takes the robbers thirty minutes to get to the vault, and then another thirty minutes for things to get going. There are many implausible or illogical things happening in the film too. I find it implausible that there is only one man trying to open the vault, while the two women watch on CCTV. Could they not have helped with opening the vault? It is a low budget B film through and through. There will be fans who like this film, but it is not for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film shows you headlines from a Centurion Trust bank robbery and then trusts you into another bank robbery at the same location. You get an idea who the characters are in about 35 minutes. The job is lead by Leah (Francesca Eastwood). As time approaches, the assistant bank manager James Franco gives them help and advice. The team is dissatisfied with the haul and Franco suggests the old vault in the that was alluded to earlier with the word "haunting." This is when the fun begins.

    Unfortunately there is little to no lighting in and around the vault, so the best scenes are always dark. Eastwood did the cold calculating tough girl very well. Franco had subdued role for a change.

    In 1982 the Joan Jett cover of "Crimson and Clover" would have been popular and not the original.

    If you like this film, you might try "The Last Heist." Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

    What seems to start as a run of the mill bank robbery suddenly has a very interesting twist which I didn't expect.

    Started off thinking one thing and by the end of the film enjoyed the film even more.

    Can't obviously give anything away but trust me, good film, great story, a must see!

    Rating 9 out of 10
  • This review of The Vault is spoiler free

    ** (2/5)

    WHEN A FILM opens so greatly with a bank robbery or hostage situation, it can often go wrong. With many intricacies to planning the heist, one wrong move and it essentially could collapse without repair. This leads us to writer-director Dan Bush's hybrid horror The Vault, where everything that can go wrong inevitably does go wrong - and then some. James Franco's Ed Maas is one of the several targets to a collective team of thieves led by two estranged sisters Vee (Taryn Manning) and Leah (Francesca Eastwood), who rob a bank to save their brother (Scott Haze). However they soon find that this is no ordinary bank, they later find out that the bank has a history and something is lurking in the shadows down in the old vault.

    It's an excellent opening, which thrives in the suspense of mystery, as it's not always clear who is in on the heist or who isn't, is it the sisters?, is it the brother?, or perhaps it's the things hidden in the basement? It's sometimes hard to guess. This premise keeps it thrilling for a while as the unknown threat makes them fight for their survival. But sadly this energetic opening is short-lived as Bush draws the cards far too early bringing proceedings to a hasty close, quickly shifting the premise from an escalating thriller to a survival horror. As the two sisters become unstuck from their bars, so does Bush. Things get messy with the hapless introduction to the unknown threat, in perhaps an unsuccessful nod to The Haunting or last year's The Void, it's left as a misguidedly directed, poorly written thriller-horror (throrror?) or (hiller) filled with boring thrills and a silly story.

    On paper, while most of the film feels generic it does have interesting smatterings of peppered originality, as a first it's a change to see the film's female characters be the play makers during this operation, they are the planners of the heist when things go wrong while also handling the hostages making them the brawn of the operation too. They're not exactly fleshed out; then again really nobody feels 3D. Franco's assistant manager tries his best to give at least some flesh to his character, though like the vault in question he's just left in the shadows, it feels that only his name that makes an illicit attempt at aggression. It's clear that he's just here for a pay check.

    The Vault is a poorly handled heist hybrid horror which gives its celebrated players, poor writing and several boring thrills that really leave nothing more than just a rubbery haphazard execution.

    VERDICT A loud, disjointed, silly and very uneven fright flick that barely kicks off anything original. It'll be better to watch this as a TV special, then forgetting it.
  • So what if it's a little...check that...a LOT, incoherent. "The Vault" serves it's purpose as a mid-level bank heist horror flick chock-full of gross-out images, zombies and an apparently unkillable bogeyman.

    What more could you possibly want? Okay, except maybe the coherence thing.
  • Saw this recently on a pirated DVD. The trailer showing a heist with horror elements along with Franco was sufficient to buy the DVD. As one character keeps on asking no lies, short answers. Well, i will tell the truth n in short. Bad film. Franco cheated the audiences. The Vault tried to be a mix n mash genre but it failed. There wasn't any tension n action. It is not at all scary or graphic n not action-heavy. The killings weren't that scary or tension filled. The scenes with the "stuff" were shot in dark n the editing was horrendous. In one scene the brother is sitting when the shooting happens n suddenly he is seen cutting the pipe. Ther r numerous badly edited scenes. Non scary scenes which r just there to fill up. The acting was awful by the two leading ladies. Clint Eastwood must b really upset. There was no character development n the twist was kinda predictable. Maybe director Dan Bush's intention was to create a good blend of heist n horror. His Signal is one of my favorite horror film.
  • This movie is full of suspense from the first to last minute. Actors are great, setting seemingly traditional, but don't let that fool you. Nothing is as traditional as it seems in this seemingly clear cut bank robbery going dramatically wrong. Some good jumps, but no real surprises, though, which would have made me pay 10 stars. A well written, well played ghost thriller. Worth my while.
  • When starting The Vault up I had an overwhelming feeling of deja-vu, I felt like I'd seen it before but not because of a lack of originality more that I watched the trailer months ago and it left a lasting impression on me.

    Telling the story of a bank robbery that gets complicated when the robbers discover that the vault is haunted it's a neat little tale (In theory) with a fascinating highly original concept. I was so excited to see where this would go, what a brilliant idea I thought.

    Sadly despite having a great concept they really didn't think it through and certainly had no endgame. The potential is squandered to a painful extent, what an absolute heartbreaking shame.

    Starring James Franco and a host of oddly competent folk including the excellent Francesca Eastwood (Who looks alarmingly like Amanda Seyfried) the film manages to look good but offers little else.

    The concept is wasted, the antagonists are lackluster and the protagonists are quite frankly non-existent!

    I wanted to like The Vault, I simply couldn't. It's a demonstration on how to drop the ball.

    The Good:

    Cast deliver

    Very interesting premise

    The Bad:

    Concept feels wasted

    Stock screams

    No protagonists
  • Glad I decided to watch this, it's a pretty good little spine tingler, I'm one of those, skip the blood and gore , and give me more discreet eerieness type of movie watchers , so this movie was a good fill for me. Good acting helped also.
  • I didn't see the low rating until I came on the page. I was slightly hesitant to check this out since I didn't hear much about it. The only things I knew was it has James Franco and has a twist on a bank heist. I'm glad I took the chance. It starts off differently than I expected. Thanks to Leverage on TNT, I got into bank heist cinema. Yet this film tricked me into trying to figure out, due to the slow open, who may have been the robbers. "Maybe him? No, not him. She seems likely. She doesn't seem so likely- wait, maybe not. He really seems like he could br." And on and on for the first act. A nice set up to characterize the important people. An effective slow build. It's also in the first act that I have my only gripe. I noticed some editing could have been improved. A tad sloppy, but I forgot about it by the second half. For the haunt vault part, that takes time before getting to it. In the meantime, subplots and deeper characterizations and character mysteries are introduced, getting me more invested. When it is finally introduced, I admit, I wished there were less scares with jump noises. However, most of the scares are atmospheric, my preferred style. All throughout the film, Franco's character was an interesting anomaly. I won't say the end result, but I loved it. Then there's Q'orianka Kilchin, who plays Susan. A lovely yet underrated actress. She sells her character incredibly well, especially when she gives a chilling backstory on why the vault is haunted. By the ending, not everything is wrapped up, not everything is explained, but what is necessary is done. The visual filter is surprisingly just as good (if not better for the most part) as a triple-A major feature film, the suspense was done effectively with perfect pacing on the story beats. While everyone was hyping on Get Out (which I didn't care for), this went under the radar but deserves a lot of love.
  • Having liked James Franco in other things, liking horror and thriller and being intrigued by the premise (bank heist films are not new in film or television, a very tried and tested formula, but a bank heist with a twist intrigued a lot), 'The Vault' had enough to make me want to see it. It had enough ingredients for it to be a good film, but in the end it ends up being just a lacklustre one with salvageable elements.

    'The Vault' starts off very promisingly with an energetic and tension-filled opening that is easily the best thing about the film. Wasn't that impressed by the acting on the whole, but Franco gives it his all and is not bad at all. In fact, while it is a long way from being among his best performances, he is pretty good and convincing and actually looks like he's trying.

    Generally the production values could have been better, but the sets are suitably creepy and the atmospheric lighting accentuates the creepiness further.

    Sadly, 'The Vault' is lacking everywhere else. Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood don't have the screen presence to intimidate even a cat, marionettes have more animation than Manning who doesn't seem to try to act and Eastwood tries too hard. The rest of the cast struggle to do anything with characters that are basically just ciphers with nothing developed or distinct. The script tends to be very flabby with an air of smugness, while most of the film is clumsily directed in a way that's far too calculated.

    Despite a great opening, 'The Vault' goes downhill quickly with momentum petering out far too early, meaning that a lot of the film limps along. The thriller elements lack suspense and can be implausible, implausibility turning into complete ridiculousness at the end, while the horror side fails to deliver on the scares, being too over-familiar, tension-lacking and the slow-burning taken to extremes. The film is really dull by this point and one is past caring what happens in the film or to anybody because the characters are so thinly sketched, make illogical decisions and mostly unconvincingly acted.

    Just for the record, really liked that there was more than one genre. It was just the way it was executed, it was too much of a mishmash and the whole thing becomes disjointed.

    Sets and lighting aside, the production values scream of straight-to-DVD quality with particularly slapdash editing. The music and sound editing can be overbearingly loud at points.

    In summary, a strange lacklustre film that is not bad enough to keep buried in the vault but not good enough to warrant a permanent unlocking. 4/10 Bethany Cox
  • I believe James Franco may have owed somebody a favor on this one. Not what I expect from someone of his calibur. Either way I'm sure he had good reason to want to do it. Not a horrible movie, but most certainly not his best work. Good acting throughout on everyones behalf
  • In the past we had all kind of movie about haunted places and in 2017 The Vault came out as the first movie ever about a haunted bank but the result is not that good.The set up for the movie is at least quite original but soon when the haunted stuff start to happen it get genetic and predictable real fast.I enjoy the movie for what it is but still can't understand why James Franco involved with this movie in the first place
  • EndeAbgrunds1 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of those movies and by THOSE I mean it's one that you can predict being an average or below average movie, based off the strength of the trailer.

    This is the second film I've seen that stars Francesca Eastwood, the other being Angels and Outlaws(I think it was called). Neither of which is worth watching twice. She plays the "badass" whose only purpose in the film is to look good and attempt to be intimidating, attempt being the key word, since she is as intimidating as miley cyrus holding a box of cute cuddly puppies.

    But I digress, where was I? Oh yes, why was this made? How did this get the green-light? The writing is so weak and cringy, that it only makes me wonder how this garnered any attention from producers or anybody at all. Yes it is a low budget film, but is that really an excuse?

    In the end, it's an underwhelming, poorly written, and downright boring film. I actually fell asleep during the "climax" as our cuddly puppy eyed protagonist pulls off one of those wonderful eye rolling decisions that'll make you go: "what the hell are you doing lady?" Then the movie goes through about five different endings, yay.. Oh and apparently there were ghosts or something, who knows.

    You won't remember this one t-minus five minutes after seeing it. Skip it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even though it is a slow paced film, it gives you enough to keep you interested and curious about what is actually going on...

    The acting is very good and The Movie develops the character's well, creating a good atmosphere and viewer interest in the outcome of the character's fates...

    I was really enjoying this Movie right until the very end. Yes, the Ending.. which made me regret watching the whole Dam Movie...

    (Spoiler alert - Maybe... Ending)

    Everything was fitting the narrative of a Building holding onto the past (which is where it should stay!!)... The Chartater build up had meaning plus some curiosity's unexplained... Then the well thought out ending came along (NOT)... A good film that I may have recommended to friends and family was totally spoiled by a sudden Stereotypical Friday the thirteenth-nightmare on elm st-Halloween Ending that Totally spoils the whole Movie to a point that it made me feel angry and cheated... Like so many other movies do... I would have given this Movie an 8 if it had even a reasonable ending...

    This is still a worthwhile watch. and who knows you may in fact like the ending.. But for me, it spoiled the whole experience...
  • I really watched this one because I saw James Franco in the cast and said " how bad it can be there is James Franco... " . Lets say this is a horrible movie, you cannot call it a horror movie , you cannot call it a drama .... Only thing you can call it is sh*t.

    Firstly , Lead actress, sorry but calling her an actress is an insult to porn actresses . She simply cannot act. Second actress , I'm not sure whether if it was the make up that made her look like a crack wh*re or she was really one . Her acting is terrible only except when she acts like a drug addict. Terrible acting. Rest there is no need to say anything. James Franco is just a several facial expression and couple of words nothing more.

    Scenario is the trailer. Watch the trailer voila you watched the whole movie. There is nothing more than the trailer. Simply don't watch it ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Note: This review also contains spoilers for Inside Man (2006) and La Casa De Papel (2017)


    The Vault attempts to mix horror with a heist movie and manages to be neither.

    First, let's get the heist aspect out of the way. I have robbed precisely zero banks in my life, but I would imagine that you would try to get out of the bank as quickly as possible before the cops show up. Although, sometimes the opposite is the point of the show, like in Inside Man (2006) and La Casa De Papel (2017) where the robbers' plan hinges on the police surrounding the bank. But that doesn't seem to have been the case this atrocity. In The Vault there is zero sense of urgency. No one is in a rush.

    The bank robbers seem surprised when they are told there's an underground vault which contains more money than the measly 70 000 dollars in the lobby. Conveniently they brought along half a hardware store with them, even though they seemingly didn't expect to break into a vault. Expert screenwriting right there. The vault expert tells the rest of the merry band of idiots that it will take 20 minutes to break into the vault, which everyone seems fine with. A couple of minutes later one of the master criminals complains that they are falling behind schedule. All of a sudden they're in a rush. It didn't seem like they had a schedule (or even a plan for that matter) to begin with.

    Taryn Manning's character (a generous use of that word) is surprised when another character tells her that the police are outside. When Manning is told this she's in a shot where blue and red police lights have been flashing in her face all throughout the dialogue. Perhaps they forgot to establish her blindness?

    Now to the horror aspect. There is no horror in this movie. An episode of Scooby Doo is scarier than this movie. Sure, like most contemporary horror movies they try to throw in some lazy jump scares (which are startling, not scary), and even those fall flat.

    This movie is so incompetently written it's a miracle it got made. The only thing worse than the writing is the execution. Taryn Manning couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, and Francesca Eastwood apparently believes she's appearing in a telenovela. The other figures (I refuse to call them characters) are so nondescript it's impossible to say anything about them.

    And how do you manage to make a heist movie boring? The direction is inept and informs the cinematography and editing. The geography of this movie, where all the characters are in relation to each other, is incomprehensible. Maybe that's a conscious decision in order to hide the huge plot twist that can come as a surprise to absolutely no one, since the alleged plot twist was telegraphed so far in advance, right down to Franco's 80's pornstache in the first couple of minutes in this movie.

    I thought that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the worst movie I had seen this year, but now it has a contender.
  • huldu23 September 2017
    A bank robbery with a twist. Doesn't that sound quite cool? Yeah, I thought so too.

    This movie could have been pretty good if they focused more on the "story". I don't care if it's a low budget movie, I honestly didn't really notice that. It takes place in a bank, you don't need a big budget. The acting was okay, nothing spectacular but nothing amazing either. It just felt thrown together without much thought. It was very hard to get pulled in by the plot as it unraveled.

    I'm writing this because I do agree with the poor ratings of this movie. It's just a such a shame because I felt this could have been so much more!
  • The premise of this movie sounded different than most so I figured it was worth a watch. The story starts out pretty good and the acting is decent. It got sort of rushed and clumsy towards the middle though and the ending left something to be desired.

    I would have liked to see more background on the main characters; their stories just seemed sort of hollow to me. There is a good, creepy vibe throughout a lot of the movie which is a plus.

    I'd say it's worth a watch. It wasn't bad compared to many of the movies in the genre, but I don't need to see it again.
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