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  • The leading man, Yusuf, is a gentleman. He is compassionate, thoughtful, soft spoken, fair, and generally attractive. He is also the son of a very wealthy family. He winds up with a baby whose mother died in childbirth. He hires a young lady, Toprak, whose baby died in infancy as a wet nurse. She lives in his mansion to care for the baby, along with Yusuf's mother, father, and staff. Toprak's sister Havva stays there as well to care for the still emotionally fragile Toprak. The plot involves the machinations and schemes of women seeking to land the eligible bachelor. There is a lot of lying, and more lies to cover the previous lies, and so on. There are several story arcs related to the various characters. In Turkish culture it is normal for a young man to request permission to court a young lady, and to get engaged to her. The parents have a great deal of influence over their childrens' personal lives. ...NOTE: if you see this on Netflix, don't waste your time. Netflix doesn't have the complete series. The story has a beginning and an ending, but you won't know how it ends if you watch it on Netflix