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Thomas Brodie-Sangster: Newt



  • Newt : Hell of a first day, Greenie. Here. Put some hair on your chest.

    [hands Thomas a glass of unfamiliar liquid] 

    Thomas : Oh my God! What is that?

    Newt : I don't even know. It's Gally's recipe. It's a trade secret.

    Thomas : Yeah, well he's still an asshole.

    Newt : He saved your life today. Trust me, the maze is a dangerous place.

    Thomas : We're trapped here, aren't we?

    Newt : For the moment, but... you see those guys, there, by the fire? Those are the Runners. And that guy in the middle there, that's Minho. He's the Keeper of the Runners. Now, every morning, when those doors open, they run the maze, mapping it, memorizing it, trying to find a way out.

    Thomas : How long have they been looking?

    Newt : Three years.

    Thomas : And they haven't found anything?

    Newt : Its a lot easier said than done. Listen. Hear that? It's the maze, changing. It changes every night.

    Thomas : How is that even possible?

    Newt : You can ask the people who put us in here, if you ever meet the bastards. Listen the truth is... the Runners are the only ones who really know what's out there. They are the strongest and the fastest of us all. And it's a good thing, too... because if they don't make it back before those doors close... then they are stuck out there for the night, and no one has ever survived a night in the maze.

    Thomas : What happens to them?

    Newt : Well, we call 'em Grievers. Of course, no one's ever seen one and lived to tell about it, but they're out there.

  • Newt : Great, we're all bloody inspired.

  • Frypan : Newt, what do you see?

    Newt : It's a girl. I think she's dead.

    Gally : What's in her hand?

    Newt : [Newt takes note from Teresa's hand]  "She's the last one... ever." What the hell does that mean?

    Teresa : [Wakes up, gasping]  Thomas...!

  • Thomas : We found this. It was inside a Griever.

    Newt : These are the same letters we get in our supplies.

    Thomas : Yeah. Whoever put us here obviously made the Grievers. Now, this is the first real clue, the first anything, you've found in over three years. Right, Minho?

    Minho : Right.

    Thomas : Newt, we gotta go back out there. Who knows where this might lead us.

    Gally : You see what he is trying to do, right? First he breaks our rules and then he tries to convince us to abandon them totally. The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together. Why now are we questioning that? If Alby was here, you know he'd agree with me. This shank needs to be punished.

    Newt : You're right. Thomas broke the rules. One night in the Pit and no food.

    Gally : Oh, come on, Newt. One night in the Pit? You think that's gonna stop him from going into the maze?

    Newt : No. And we can't just have non-runners running into the maze whenever they feel like it, so let's just make this official.

    Newt : [to Thomas]  Starting from tomorrow, you're a Runner.

    Gally : Wow.

    Frypan : Gally...

    Gally : Nah, Fry.

    Thomas : Thanks, Newt.

  • Gally : Things are changing. There's no denying that. First Ben gets stung in broad daylight, and then Alby, and now our Greenie here has taken it upon himself to go into the maze, which is a clear violation of our rules here.

    Frypan : Yeah... but he saved Alby's life.

    Gally : Did he? For three years, we have coexisted with these things, and now you've killed one of them. Who knows what that could mean for us.

    Newt : Well, what do you suggest we do?

    Gally : He has to be punished.

    Newt : Minho. You were there with him. What do you think?

    Minho : I think in all the time we've been here, no one's ever killed a Griever before. When I turned tail and ran, this dumb shank stayed behind to help Alby. Look, I don't know if he's brave or stupid, but whatever it is, we need more of it. I say we make him a Runner.

    Frypan : A Runner? What? Minho, let's not jump the gun, here, all right? All right?

    Chuck : [trying to raise a chant]  Thom-as! Thom-as! Thom-as! Thom-as...

    Gally : Look, if you want to throw the newbie a parade, that's fine. Go ahead, but if there is one thing I know about the maze, it is that you do not...

    [Alarm Sounds] 

  • Thomas : This place... it's not what we thought it was. It's not a prison, it's a test. It all started when we were kids. They'd give us these challenges. They were experimenting on us, and then people started disappearing, every month, one after the other, like clockwork.

    Newt : They were sending them up into the maze.

    Thomas : Yeah, but not all of us.

    Newt : What d'you mean?

    Thomas : Guys, I'm one of them. The people who put you here, I worked with them. I-I watched you guys for years. The entire time you've been here, I... I was on the other side of it.

    [looking at Teresa] 

    Thomas : And so were you.

    Teresa : What?

    Thomas : Teresa, we did this to them.

    Teresa : No. That can't be true.

    Thomas : It is. I saw it.

    Teresa : Why would they send us up if we were with them?

    Thomas : It doesn't matter.

    Newt : He's right. It doesn't matter... any of it... because the people we were before the maze - they don't even exist anymore. These Creators took care of that. But what does matter is who we are now, and what we do, right now. You went into the maze and you found a way out.

    Thomas : Yeah, but if I hadn't, Alby would still be alive.

    Newt : Maybe. But I know that if he were here, he would be telling you the exact same thing: Pick your ass up and finish what you've started. Because if we do nothing, then that means Alby died for nothing, and I can't have that.

  • Thomas : But why would Alby go into the maze? I mean, he's not a runner.

    Newt : [while chopping a tree by its roots]  Things are different now. Alby went to retrace Ben's footsteps before sundown. Are you gonna help?

    Thomas : Okay, so he's gonna go back to where Ben was just stung, and...

    Newt : Alby knows what he's doing, all right? He knows better than any of us.

    Thomas : What does that mean?

    Newt : Well, it's like you've heard, yeah? Every month, the Box sends up a new arrival - but someone had to be first, right? Someone had to have spent a whole month in the Glade, alone. That was Alby. I mean, it can't have been easy; but, when those other boys started coming up, one after the other, he saw the truth, and he learned that the most important thing is that we all have each other, because we're all in this together.

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