The production had to hire snake wranglers to make sure the areas where they were filming were snake free. Before filming began the wranglers found 25 venomous snakes. The biggest one they found was a 5 foot rattlesnake.

To gain the role of Chuck, actor Blake Cooper continuously campaigned for an audition via twitter. He would send director Wes Ball tweet after tweet after tweet stating that he was made for the role. Wes Ball eventually relented and told Cooper to send his audition to the casting director who stated that Cooper was the perfect Chuck.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster would put a rock in his shoe so he would remember to limp.

The cast spent the week before production participating in survival training in the glade. They learned how to build tools and shelter out of the surrounding nature.

Of the largely British cast, only actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who plays Newt, got to keep his accent.

The film was shot in 44 days.

Many of the characters' names are taken from historical figures and most are from inventors, mathematicians, philosophers, or scientists to illustrate their intelligence (which was a major plot element in the novel): Thomas (Thomas Edison), Alby (Albert Einstein), Newt (Isaac Newton), Chuck (Charles Darwin), Gally (Galileo), Teresa (Mother Teresa), Winston (Winston Churchill), Ben (Benjamin Franklin) and Frypan, in the novel also called Siggy (Sigmund Freud). Author James Dashner has said that Minho is not named after anyone famous but his niece's Korean husband. The novel also featured other characters such as Aris (Aristotle) and Harriet (Harriet Tubman).

In the book, Teresa and Thomas could communicate by speaking in each other's minds.

Dylan O'Brien's hairstyle almost cost him the role of Thomas, because director Wes Ball thought it was too "MTV". Ball reconsidered when he was sent a photo of O'Brien without his hair gelled.

Dylan O'Brien had four days to read the book before filming.

To prepare for shooting, director Wes Ball had the cast spend a night in the Glade set during boot camp.

Producer Wyck Godfrey had his 3 boys offer casting advice. He would show his kids the auditions and get their feedback. His kids have read the books.

W.C.K.D is pronounced as wicked, because in the book the acronym was W.I.C.K.E.D.; standing for World In Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department.

Dylan O'Brien's character in Teen Wolf was unconscious for most of the episode "Lunar Eclipse" in order for him to finish filming The Maze Runner.

Director, Wes Ball originally pitched 'The Maze Runner' as "Lord of the Flies meets Lost".

In the book, the walls of the maze were much, much taller which is why the gladers weren't able to climb them to the top. The maze is also contained within a dome. The sky and the weather are all artificial.

Wes Ball and Wyck Godfrey's name is written on the Glader name wall.

Kaya Scodelario's favorite day on set was when she spent an entire shooting day on the top of a tree with O'Brien. She said that was when they really spent time together as actors and got to know each other better.

Dylan O'Brien's favorite scene to shoot was the wrestling sequence with Will Poulter.

Dylan O Bryan actually broke his cheekbone while filming The Maze Runner. It was the scene where he was running from his first griever and when he went to jump, he slipped.

The filmmakers never tested the cast members' physical abilities (i.e. making them run or jump) before the shoot.

Having seen her work on the UK series Skins (2007), Ball wanted Kaya Scodelario to play Teresa from the beginning.

Changes from the book to the movie include downplaying telepathy between Teresa and Thomas, and downplaying Teresa's coma.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster auditioned for both Thomas and Newt. Will Poulter auditioned for Gally and Newt.

In the movie the grievers have legs and run, but in the book they roll and have arms inside them that come out and have things such as knives on the end.

In the book, Newt never calls Thomas by his name.

Director, Wes Ball originally met with Fox Studios to direct a feature length version of his short film 'Ruin'. They offered him the chance to direct 'The Maze Runner' and he accepted.

In the book it states that it never rains in the Glade, but in the movie it does.

In the scene where Thomas first writes his name of the wall with the other names there is the name "Alec" which is a reference to the other maze runner series book kill order where Alec is one of the main protagonists

In the books, the Gladers all know their names when they first come up. It doesn't take a few days to come to them.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster never read The Maze Runner book.

The book features the "Glader's" own slang, including shank, shuck, klunk, greenie, slinthead, shuck-face, and a few others. The movie also has a few here and there. Will Poulter (Gally) and Ki Hong Lee (Minho) revealed their favorites; Will's being shank and Ki Hong's being shuck.

Brenton Thwaites and Connor Paolo auditioned for the role of Thomas, but lost to Dylan O'Brien.

Ball mentions Jurassic Park (1993) as one of the films that has most influenced his style, as he wants to make a PG-13 movie that doesn't pander to kids.

In the book the Gladers don't throw in curse words every now and again but use their own like shuck.

The first 20th Century Fox film to be an all-digital release, with no 35mm prints made.

Director Wes Ball watched a lot of Terrence Malick for inspiration as he liked the idea of a mature, sophisticated look to the movie.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster's favorite scene to film was the scene where he and Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) are sitting by the log and talking about the maze because he said that it wasn't a big scene, it was relaxed

Wes Ball worked with a concept artist in Belgium to create the concept artwork for the film. Wes has never met him or spoke to him aside from in emails and IMs.

The first scene of Scodelario's character arriving in the middle of the Glade surrounded by 30 boys is the very first scene she shot.

The ending of the first movie is actually the beginning of the second.

The production filmed over 18 acres of land on a local farm. The farm has 200 acres.

First feature film directed by Wes Ball.

This $34 million epic was shot in just 44 days.

Many of the slang words used by the Gladers first appeared in a sketch on The Ronnie Johns Half Hour (2005), in which a member of the Australian Classification Board gives a lengthy list of acceptable substitutes for the word "dickhead".

The crew got 36 setups done on the first day of shooting. One day they were rained out and lost 6 hours but still got 39 setups. Sometimes they are shooting with three cameras at the same time.

The Maze Runner novel was published on October 6th, 2009.

In the book, Thomas sees the body of the Glader who tried to escape from the Box hole at the cemetery in the woods, where Ben attacked him and Alby shot an arrow at Ben.

Catherine Hardwicke was originally set to direct the film.

In the book, Teresa spent some time in the pit, whereas it doesn't happen in the movie.

In the book, Gally had snuck out of the maze and gotten stung, while in the movie he didn't.

When Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) is carving his name on the wall, the name "Scott" can be seen. In Teen Wolf, the best friend of Dylan O'Brien's character Stiles Stilinski, is named Scott.

Both Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Dexter Darden (Frypan) have starred in season 1 of the Nickelodeon show Victorious (2010).

Ki Hong Lee (Minho) and Dylan O'Brien (Thomas) have both guest starred on the tv show New Girl.

In the book, the Gladers were sent, a little group first, then one by one. In the movie, Alby was the first one in the Glade and spent a whole month alone.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster stated in an interview that the maze would have been easily solved if the Gladers had simply bothered to construct a ladder.

Chuck's death was the last scene filmed. Dylan O'Brien claimed this was the most difficult scene to film.

In the book the grievers took the gladers one by one every night, instead of attacking all at once like they did in the movie.

At the end of the film, The writer of the book; James Dashner, made a cameo appearance as one of the boards men. It is the scene at the end where Ava Paige is talking, and the camera zooms in on her. The man on her right, is James Dashner.

In the book the Gladers have the Grief Serum the entire time and Gally was stung before Thomas arrived. Gally remembers Thomas from the Changing and that is the reason he despises Thomas.

In the book, Gally is captured by a Griever and taken to WICKED. He is seen after the other gladers arrive at the griever hole and under the control of WICKED he tries to kill Thomas, but instead kills chuck (with a knife). Thomas attacks him and beats him unconscious before the people arrive to rescue them. He plays an important role in the later books.

In the book the secret code used to get out of the maze is found from old maze maps from the runners, (FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, and PUSH) (Chapter 42) It is discovered by Teresa and told to Thomas not Minho.

At the very end of the movie, the maze is shown in a very large desert, the scorch, but in the books the maze is underground.

After escaping the maze, when the Gladers are in the control room watching the clip of Ava Paige, the background video sequence behind her repeats itself twice.

In the end of the book, they are picked up by a bus. In the movie, it's not a bus, it's a helicopter.

In the book Alby sacrifices himself to allow the others time to punch in the code but in the movie Alby saves Chuck and dies.

In the book when the Gladers get out of the maze and into the WICKED facility everyone is still alive and Gally is with them (having been previously kidnapped). Gally is then remotely commanded by a WICKED scientist to throw a knife, not shoot a gun, at Thomas. Chuck then sacrifices himself for Thomas. The "rescue" team arrives, massacres all of the WICKED scientists, and escorts the Gladers to a "safe hold". In the movie we never see the "safe hold", Gally was never kidnapped (he just miraculously appears at WICKED), and all of the scientists are dead.

When Gally kills Chuck - in the book Thomas just beats up Gally until the people from wicked pull him away. In the movie Minho throws a spear and hits Gally in the chest leaving him to die.

In the book, Teresa comes to the maze the day after Thomas does. Thomas and Minho were not stuck in the maze before she came.

In the book the sky is supposed to turn gray like cement and give off just a hint of light. In the movie this never happens.

In the book Minho suggests that Thomas becomes keeper of the runners but in the movie he says just a runner

In the book once the code gets inputted all the grievers shut down but in the movie this doesn't happen.

In the book, the Grievers came every night and picked off the Gladers one by one, but in the movie, the Grievers only attack the Glade once and kill about half of the Gladers.

Throughout the book they have the syringe with the cure for the changing.

In the book, after Thomas entered the maze, he was only given the punishment of being thrown in the pit for a day. In the movie, he was put in the pit for a whole night without food.

The maze consists of eight sections surrounding the inner part of the maze, with the glades in the middle.

In the books, there is a place, similar to a jail. It's called the "Slammer", in the movie, they are actually pits

In the book, Ben attacks Thomas when Thomas went chasing a beetle blade into the woods. In the movie, Ben attacks Thomas when Thomas was sent to find fertilizer.

In the book Alby is the oldest one being there for 2 years. In the movie he is the first one being there for 3 years