• Continuity

    When Maya boards the C130 at the end of the film the seat she sits in is folded down when the loadmaster speaks to her. The camera cuts to her and then back to the loadmaster and the seat is seen folded up. She then sits in the seat which is once again folded down.

  • Crew or equipment visible

    Just after the SEALs have killed Ibrahim Sayeed (the courier), his wife appears at the door and is ordered at gunpoint outside and to her knees. As she is covered by fellow SEALs and two SEALs enter the room to clear it, a cameraman wearing shorts can be seen momentarily on the edge of the shot on the right. SEALs would not wear shorts on a Direct Action operation due to risk of injury and burns from explosions/flashbang grenades.

  • Factual errors

    The real suicide bomber at Camp Chapman 2009 already had made a number of visits to the base. Thus he was considered trusted and not searched on arrival at the gate. In the movie, the incident is depicted to have been a first-time encounter between intelligence forces and a Jordanian mole.