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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched many many TV shows and movies about superheroes. This is the best one.

    1. It allows newcomer's to the Super Sentai series to know a little bit about the history.

    2. Each episode or so, gain's a new power for the team from the old historic teams.

    3. Great team and individual personalities. Mr. Marvelous, the cocky leader, Joe, the great swordmaster/samurai, Luka, the mistress of thieves, Ahim, princess of nobility, Doc, genius engineer and geek shy guy.

    4. The theme music is just feel good, makes you feel happy and optimistic.

    I know it's strange because this is a Japanese show, but I still love it. Once you have subtitles, this is an awesome show.

    One you want to show to your kids and family, as a clean, fun, friendly alternative to most kid's shows.

    Plus while they pretend and act as if they are pirate's, really they are super good guys, that just act tough.

    In a funny way, they are a nice version of the Magnificent Seven.

    I truly was sad the show has ended, and hope it comes back for more seasons! Go Gokaiger!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The final episode of Gokaiger came and passed and thus it was fitting to reminiscence on the past year. I started watching Super Sentai in the last month, and by no means any expert or fanatic. I merely watch the show. Having watched everything from Dekaranger up to Gokaiger, I felt that Gokaiger was the best of them all. Anyone worried about not getting the premise of Gokaiger simply because they had not watched everything from Goranger need not worry for the main plot of the show is about the Gokaiger team and the way they evolve from simple pirates to unlikely hero that would take the name of the 35th Super Sentai team.

    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's pirate theme had me worried at the beginning, since it was easy to dismiss this show as a clone of One Piece. While it can be easily said that One Piece had influenced the show, the show in of itself is unique and enjoyable. If you are a Super Sentai fan especially, you will enjoy all the legends making reappearances in the show. However, the fact that Haruka Suenaga (Bouken Pink) did not make a reappearance in Gokaiger was a letdown (Hottest Sentai Chick in my opinion.) One or more member of every team of the pass 34 Super Sentai teams do make a reappearance in the show or in the movies. Even the mediocre Goseiger team comes back in the form of the team-up movie, "Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle." Even thought Goseiger itself was average, their team-up with Shinkenger was descent and the team-up with Gokaiger was a huge shout out to all Sentai fans when all Super Sentai mecha are given screen time once again.

    Gokaiger has many appealing charms. First, the opening and ending theme are very catchy. More than once, I had accidentally blurted, "Let's go let's Gokaiger!" during the opening sequence. The ending theme is a nice mash of all the pass Super Sentai teams. If you never watched them, at least you can learn the names of the pass teams. The BGM, Kaizoku Wo Agero tells you when the pirate team is about kick ass. Every time you hear it, know that Marvelous and the crew are about to say something cheesy but exceptionally to the heart, followed by, "Let's make this showy!" Finally we have the henshin BGM music, which is awesome.

    Then there are the characters. First we have the captain of the crew, Captain Marvelous. When we compare him to the previous red ranger (Alata) he is just light-years beyond him, although I worry about that Super Sentai/Kamen Rider crossover movie. Marvelous has a cool personality but they shake his character a bit, like the incident with Kaido. Having him fear something makes he seem more human and that's good. It is way better than having a bland character that never changes (although I loved Boukenger, Akashi was a really static character.) Joe I feel is a very under-appreciated because of Marvelous overshadowing everyone. He's got an interesting back-story working with the Zangyack and having to face his former sempai in the form of Barizog. It gives him conflict and it shakes things up yet again, and that is good. He fits his profile well in that he is stoic and great with his swords. Some may say he is bland but I disagree. Bland means no character, but Joe is by no means bland, he just keeps his cool. Then there is Doc, who I find the least enjoyable of all of the Gokaiger crew. He has the most questionable henshin pose, but he is a source of comic relief in the show, along with Navi. Then there is Luka, who also has a questionable henshin pose. While she seems like a money obsessed person, but once her back-story uncovers, we discover the source of her fondness of money. It is quite a sad tale and she is quite a developed character. Contrast to this is the ever cute Ahim de Famille. Yes, she is one of the cutest Sentai chick in my book but she is not as developed as Luka is. We know she is a princess, and that she has a grudge against the Zangyack for destroying her planet (the scene itself where her family is killed is questionable, since she was standing near the monster, and yet she was somehow spared.) However, she doesn't get development for the story. She remains relatively static, being a kind hearted princess girl who cares for the emotional needs of others. Episode 29 had showcase that cuteness but she was relatively undeveloped. Nonetheless, I rank her pretty highly simply because of her kawaiiness. Finally, we have Gai. He is basically a tribute to Super Sentai Fanboys, a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of past Super Sentai lore.

    Gokaiger does suffer from a number of problems. This is particular to Hurricane GokaiOh. That look simply atrocious. The thing looked like a last minute idea to combine pirates and ninjas together. Second, the ending was very awkward. How did the Gigant Horse manage to have so many powerful LONG RANGE guns that BLOW UP A EMPIRE WORTH OF SHIPS? And worst, that gun didn't make a cameo until the last episode, making it even more contrived. Another problem is the main antagonist for the first 40 episodes. Warz Gil and Insarn are both just annoying.

    Anyways, my conclusion is Gokaiger has a wonderful cast of characters, great story and great music to back it up. If you are a fan of Super Sentai you should watch it just because it is one of the best Sentai seasons so far.
  • hardyparty9 January 2014
    when i first found out that power rangers came from super sentai( yes i know im late) i first saw 199 great hero battle and when i saw hat the gokiager can transform into the previous power rangers(super sentai) i was just dying to see and BOY was i loving it. i haven't really watch other sentai shows but this one is great and one the story is amazing! one thing i can honestly saw, is that the zangyack can be kind of boring but that all changes when a villain named basco comes and makes the series exciting as he looks for the greatest treasure as well. the super sentai cameos will make you jump for joy when you see some of your favorite classic team and the action is pretty decent especially when they gokia change which is my favorite part of the movie. each of the characters are a little undeveloped, like there isn't really much to their back story but i still enjoyed the characters and you will seem not to care because of how awesome they can be.overall good series and a must watch for sentai fans.
  • a-4886924 December 2020
    What can I say? It's amazing and wonderful!! I love all the characters and their way to be and their development in the season.
  • a-4886914 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    An excellent sentai!!! Great characters, villains, mechas and fights!!!