The young lady, who steals Hillary's wedding dress in the store, was played by Jennifer Elise Cox, who played Jan Brady, in the first two Brady Bunch movies that starred Shelley Long.

Bonnie Somerville, Sam Pancake, Michael Monks, and Sam McMurray appeared on Friends (1994). Bonnie played Mona, Ross' girlfriend, McMurray played Doug, Chandler's boss, Michael played an optometrist, and Pancake played a waiter.

The character, Jason, always answers his phone as "Go for King". Jason's last name is King.

The red Tesla roadster Jason King drives in the film was Elon Musk's personal car, the same one SpaceX launched into space in February 2018.

Trisha Burns (Haylie Duff) has a sister named Hillary (Bonnie Somerville). In real-life, Haylie Duff has a younger sister whose name is also Hilary.

Bonnie Somerville and Sam Pancake appeared on Kitchen Confidential (2005).

During the scene when David and Hillary are eating pie late at night, Hillary says they should take it upstairs and then proceeds to put the dirty ice cream scooper in the fridge instead of the sink.