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  • Following the excellent success of "Falling from the clouds"the couple Checco Zalone - Gennaro Nunziante returns to cinemas with "What a beautiful day". Beating the competition and setting a new record of receipts. This film has the air of anti-cinepanettoni: comes out on epiphany, joking lightly on hot topics such as frequent use of mimics and a lot of profanity. Those deprecated bad words that distinguished other movies of this genre are pronounced with the right comic timing provoking laughter in the audience without falling into the vulgar and coarse. The spectator likes Zalone because it is flawed and causes the viewer a sense of alienation rather than identification: no one feels so ignorant as to give more consideration to a scratch on his car than to a painting of the seventeenth century, no one has a lexicon so deprived, no one is able to combine so many pies on workplace, no one is so unlucky in love (or at least hopes to not be).

    Recommended for everyone that's looking for a light film and a two hours of fun. carefree.
  • Hi there. I am not Italian living in Italy so thats why in English. Watched the movie after his ultimate success of Quo vado. Thats why dare to say that he has better movies in his dossier. This includes also Sole a Cattinelle. The movie we are speaking now has a very weak female character - all I remembered the day after was her teeth. SO she just smiled and made grimaces. And did it for unforgivable too many minutes of the film. The Checco itself plays good and his character is more consistent and vivid so thats fine. The first half of the movie is rather interesting but need some 1 liter or beer to keep being interested because rather weird scenes and events without sense takes place. And then you await the last 10 minutes waiting of something extraordinary to make for the annoying half an hour. But...oh no, the thing in the end with the building is just stupid. Why the woman did so I cant get. Because it has NO sense. Per fortuna, we have better and more interesting Checco films. Dixi