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  • This movie caught my attention with its marketing campaign in Turkey and by Mark Dacascos being cast in it. I didn't consider to pay for this movie when it first came out, but when I caught a free screening in a plane this afternoon I decided to give it a shot. Well, it was a mistake. There were almost 100 movies in the list and this was one of the worst among them. This movie tries to be so many things but succeeds in none of them. It tries to be an action movie and it fails, it tries to be a thriller with a historical mystery side and it fails, it tries to be a spy movie and it fails in this, too. Characters make so many irrelevant moves, some of the decisions make you wander what the heck they were thinking. And the ending... I don't want to spoil anything, but it is a mess, you can just hate this movie for its end. I would want to say good things about the acting, but I cannot so I will leave this topic like this. I gave 3 stars just to appreciate the effort to make this film. I hope they make more movies like this but only good ones. Unfortunately, this isn't a good movie. I strongly recommend to avoid from it.