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  • solidabs30 September 2018
    Lord have mercy on the Souls that brought us here. Mother of all things living and small. This has to be the worst phuccking movie i have ever seen. The acting is just horrendous. I swear i was waiting for Miklos to say. Just kidding man. Me and my amigos got drunk and made this pile of excrement. I swear to Dios i was watching this train wreck with my boca open and just in freaking shock. Im thinking if you were stoned out of your mind, this might be funny. Maybe i will try that. Holy Moly
  • To call this movie crap, would be an insult to crap. This thinker is not even worth the film it was printed on. I was a huge fan of Blood In Blood Out Bound by Honor. But, this thing was absolutely horrible. I feel like I lost intelligence just watching it. Do yourself a favor and delete this movie from your memory.
  • geezuphozzdown22 April 2020
    This is by far one of the best comedy movies I've ever seen. Onda don't shine shoes!
  • azgdenver28 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie had SO much potential.

    The story line had some odd holes in it, IE the assassin who ultimately served absolutely no purpose. Literally. ZERO, purpose. He could have assasinated someone, but that never happened.

    The "medicine" man guy also didn't have a purpose because there was no backstory of who he actually is. Hence why I used the quotes... a lot more Native American than anything, so the plot hole threw me off bad here.

    The overall story was eh, ok.

    The directing was horrendous, and I say this because Chapa, is a white guy, playing a Mexican gang kingpin. Every scene he was in was thrown off so badly. Which doesn't make any sense to me as a Director as the rest of the cast was cast appropriately to the race they represent. Even the Armenian for god sake was cast correctly... But for some reason the director also wanted to be a star, and that's where the huge mess up happens for me. If he had cast correctly and spent more time behind the cameras and set this movie WOULD have been so much better.

    There's a lacking of attention to detail. The magic marker tattoos almost never line up in later scenes, or you can see the bleed out. Research better paint.

    I feel like the casting for some of the other supporting roles wasn't done well. The Mexican "Rambo" and the entire fight scene at the end of the movie was annoying and honesty chard to watch.

    The entire last 15 minutes of the movie are grueling to watch... you can literally tell where the management lost steam and everything was kind of just tossed together and then that was it. Which is why I say this movie HAD potential.

    Try again.