Malo: How you doing? I'm the new guy.

Joey: Hi, new guy. I'm sure you're really nice, but I don't fuck cops.

Malo: I just got here. Starting rumors about me already?

Joey: What, you're not a cop?

Malo: No, I'm not a nice guy.

Malo: What's the worst thing you ever did, Joe?

Joe Sarcone: The worst thing I ever did was trust the wrong man.

Malo: How do you know when you're trusting the wrong man?

Joe Sarcone: You're questioning me? Huh, you lttle shit? I always make my decision with my hed, not my heart. I got to where I am in this world by taking advantage of people's trust, and I'm not ashamed of that. There's a Maldonado seed. You hungry?

Malo: I can always eat.

Joe Sarcone: Kitchen never closes, and everybody eats at my table.

Malo: You really trust everybody in here?

Joe Sarcone: That door you just walked through only works one way - In. Once you're in, the only way out is to the sounds of gunshots and bagpipes.

Billy Morrison: Me, I'm gonna stay in the car and live. Get home to my wife and kid, bang my girlfriend, and collect my pension.

[last lines]

Malo: This is our time, Cyn. Trust me.

Cyn: Jonas...

Malo: I love you Cyn.

[first lines]

Bailif: The Queens Borough Court is now in session.

Judge: Jonus Maldonado, Lucas Ryan, A.D. Valvern. You're charged with criminal possession of narcotics. How do your defendants plead?

Lawyer: Due to mitigating circumstances, not guilty, your Honor. The defendants have no priors. We request bail.

Judge: Bail denied.

[gavel bang]

Joe Sarcone: Corruption in this city, let alone this country, is far beyond what any of us can imagine. Tou confiscate a large sum of money - trust hat everybody takes their piece as the money moves up the ranks. All we do is take our cut - finder's fee, that's all. I spread it amongst my men; everybody's happy. Look, you wanna be on your own, nickle and diming on the street, that's your business, but know this - we are deep and we are invisible - all the way up to the mayor's office.

Joe Sarcone: [to Malo] I wouldn't offer you my hand if I thought you were going to bite it.