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  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the 19th century ,girl goes is search of her sister who worked in the famous music hall and who mysteriously disappeared .She might have become a (luxury or not ) prostitute and perhaps she might have known too much about VIPs,some of whom run the theater itself.The depiction of the place,the can can scenes and the hints at real-life dancers ("LA Goulue" )are pleasant enough,but the screenplay looks like too many "Jack the Ripper" flicks ,complete with degenerate offspring.If at least the writers had borrowed from Gaston Leroux or Maurice Leblanc...there are the usual scenes :the street full of pimps and hookers,the duel at dawn and a chase in the basements of a desirable mansion
  • jbabauzit30 December 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    In this movie for French public TV France 2, Emilie Dequenne is as usual excellent, the period is described accurately (which is the least) but the intrigue is, let's say, so predictable..

    The villains are, as usual in many French fictions : (===spoilers===) - a degenerate upper-class son - his father, finance Tycoon and corrupt right-wing politician - a corrupt police inspector

    Three "curiosities" : - I did not know that at the time, purchasing one's own shares to raise rate was forbidden (??) - I can't imagine how one can temper with a duel pistol which is supposed to be chosen randomly (that's how bad guy #1 goes down) - I can't imagine how you pierce somebody's belly with the shaft of a shovel (that's how bad guy #3 goes down)

    In the end, the banker villain is eliminated by anarchists by bombing (since 2015, this kind of morality is no longer acceptable)

    Another cliché : the girl does not return home (Nantes) to marry her fiancé but stays with the Moulin Rouge to carry on with her art (complete beginner but already a star)...

    Bref, that's how we spend taxpayer's money in our country...

    6/10 for Emilie, most of the cast and direction
  • After I take the time- really annoying- again. On PBS masterpiece digital. I liked the art direction, scenes of Paris- general atmosphere. The dancers are fun tho not authentic because the CanCan was really "naughty", not loads of underwear- Experienced dancers, could handle their skirts so you would only get glimpses. Founded Oct 1889, the MR (1915 big fire) that said, the poor story line & plot points means this can't be saved. 1- glad it was told in 1 episode 1-1/2 hr, instead of dragging it out to 3-4 hrs. 2- Toulouse-Lautrec is mentioned but never shown, he is an Icon; even if not in the plot has to be at the MR. 3- La Goulue is shown for a few minutes 1x, Jane Avril, Valentin le desousse (no bones) and Chocolate the famous lanky black man dancer is no where to be seen. Cha-U-Kao was sort of portrayed ("Clownesse" not shown; famous dancer and admitted Lesbian). Famous, key performers at the MR- especially known for the T-L posters. 4- A serial killer, killing MR dancers. Nothing, and I mean nothing in history. So it's a stretch. 5- The plot and story lines are ridiculous. One scene is an "Eyes Wide Shut" party at a mansion. Debauched upper class or not- does everyone want sex in public. Ok. Paris in the 1890s, wild, forbidden, elicit sex. No private rooms? 6- Naïve country girl, virgin, goes to a mansion party, On seeing the lively public sex, doesn't turn and run. And is surprised by her host trying to force himself on her (in a private room). This is de rigueur (required etiquette) for the host and for the tired plot. 7- Choreographer, runs MR Dancers (who runs the MR operations itself? nowhere in sight). Played by handsome French (good) Actor- had a tumble according to the explanation, broke his knee and now hobbles with a cane. How does a healthy young man have a small fall, and wind up with a shattered knee. I guess he's so bitter, in his late 30s, he couldn't get married, have sex, and a family. 8- Our lead girl, comes to Paris- to find her sister- goes to the MR - to dance. Is refused. She studied somewhere in the country with a local teacher when younger; for a week a MR dancer shows her the ropes. She wanders into the middle of a show, literally in the middle of the floor; is at 1st too timid to move- and than takes over. Now at once, becomes the lead dancer. No, not even in a fiction in 1890s Paris. 9-Now the whole thing about the serial murders of MR dancers- has the silliest story line. The above should tell you, there was no saving this. I doubt I will watch the others-