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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a 90-minute movie from 3.5 years ago starring Jella Haase and Sarah Horvath. While Horvath is enjoying a pretty solid career herself right now, Haase has turned into one of the biggest acting stars from her age group in recent years. "Kriegerin" and "Fack Ju Göhte were among the most famous German films in the last 5 years, also abroad, and she also scored quite some awards recognition. Nicolette Krebitz and Sandra Borgmann play in smaller roles and these two are fairly famous as well. This film's director and writer is Ziska (not related to Katja, I think) Riemann, a German comic artist. This is maybe also why she has not made another film in the last 4 years. She got help with the script from Luci van Org, also known as former pop music singer Lucilectric. She always made very female-focused songs back then, so this film is pretty much what you would expect from her.

    All in all, it's a decent film with some positive wtf-moments, for example everything that has to do with the family of Haase's character. No surprise with such a family she is looking for appreciation and approval elsewhere. And turns into quite a Lolita on the way. When she wears that yellow dress early on, she really shines here, especially next to all the dark and black images and people in here. The other girl (Horvath) suffers from her father's suicide and her mother's promiscuity. I personally liked the first and last third of the film. The middle part was rather weak and I have to say the ending was also not exactly my cup of tea. Some more subtlety instead of a bloody mess may have worked too. But I guess this way fits Lucilectric better. She is known for going over the top and not in a positive way. And this ending also fits better for the title "Lollipop Monsters", I guess. Some of the many sex references were okay, but it was sometimes a bit too much for my taste, especially about Horvath's character where it did not really fit. In terms of drama, I liked the watching-sex-through-car-window repeated scenes that really hurt Horvath's character and the ones around her. This was the second time I watched this film and I enjoyed it more the first time. Still, it's not a bad film by any means and I recommend it all in all. However, finally I have to say the way all the males were written in here is pretty despicable and occasionally truly feminist in a negative manner. Even the only male who was not mean or a loser (Horvath's character's father) is written to kill himself in front of his daughter's school. The two were pretty close from what it seemed, so why would he do that to her. Really doesn't make any sense. And some of the songs were pretty bad, including the final choice. I'm not talking about the award-winning score here. OK.. enough ranting. Still a decent film as I said. recommended.
  • I watched this on the off chance that it would be a sleazy German comedy!/horror, detailing the deprivations of a frozen phallic popsicle. which probably says it all for my expectations of German cinema!

    what I actually got with 'Lollipop Monster', however, was a kind of coming of age flick about two teenage girls coming to terms with big death and sexuality issues. and I must admit it was pretty well done on the whole, especially when dealing with Ari's 'going goth', a really fun scene involving a terrible German pop video (one of several - I don't know if this is typical German pop but I kind of hope so) which is playing on Ari's TV whilst she paints her bedroom jet black with a roller.

    unlike more typical German fayre, this doesn't overdo things in the explicit sex and violence stakes, but gets it's points across pretty well anyhow.

    I did find the use of animation and 'experimental' shots pretty annoying pretty rapidly, though.

    overall? suck it and see.
  • FYI, although IMDb states both girls are "15," their ages are in fact never mentioned, but it is made clear Oona is older and not in the same grade as Ari, and it's suggested Oona is a high school senior while Ari is a freshman. Once again IMDb can't get their facts straight.

    Oona is the teenage daughter of two Beatnik artists. Beatnik artists in Germany? The heck you say?

    Their life is summed up in one single line, "Mum's fxxxing your brother in the car." Yup, mom's having an affair with Uncle Lukas (?) I couldn't follow the names here, it was poorly subtitled-- and she isn't making any apologies for it. Oona starts cutting. (herself)

    Ari is a dead ringer for Sue Lyon in 'Lolita,' this was probably intentional. Her nuclear family of four is pretty perfect except for the fact that her older brother has mental problems of imaginary illnesses.

    The contrast in sets is almost laughably overdone. Oona's art studio apartment looks like Kevin Spacey's apartment in 'Se7en' and Ari's looks like Pee Wee's playhouse. I'm not exaggerating.

    The two opposites predictably become friends... why? Their eyes both glow like cats' when they look at each other. Again, not exaggerating. This is the only explanation we get.

    One day on the playground all the school kids rush to see a dead man hanging from a tree. Yup, it's Oona's father.

    Ari rebels against her ordinary life in two ways. One, by painting her room from pink to black while watching a music video 'Goodbye Barbie' (on a tube antenna TV). And second by screwing everyone in sight.

    She starts with the school lecher whom tries to pick up school girls on their way to school. So this is the key to picking up hot blondes? Stalk school playgrounds? When I tried it all I got was a restraining order.

    Ari even does her brother's black American girlfriend, and then predictably Uncle Lukas.

    The film ends with Ari inviting Lukas over for sex at her house only so Oona can beat him to death with a fireplace poker. The girls make no attempt to hide their murder. Their parents just find the body in the living room and casually cover it all up without a spoken word. Presumably they don't want their daughter to go to jail and presumably Ari and Oona just automatically know this.

    In conclusion, I watched very carefully for any sign of a lollypop and never saw a single one. The film is pretty predictable and boring. The murder is just tacked on to the last 5 minutes of the film for something to happen. There are no scenes of the girls plotting the murder or even talking about how much they hate Lukas.

    Three stars for Ari's sex appeal. That's the only entertainment value this film has.