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    That pretty much sums up Bad Movie Beatdown, a show that proclaims to beat down or explain on how a movie is bad. And yes admitting they are quite bad most of them. But you don't get a good reviewer, no you get an irritating obnoxious twit as reviewer. A Brit who is an insult to Brits everywhere. Basically all that needs to be said of his show is that he whines and complains like a little kid in a shrill British voice full about the movies he reviews. If his voice doesn't get on your nerves, then your probably deaf. He unfortunately symbolizes the worst of the Guys of the glasses team, which is saying much because most of them are nobodies running a measly internet reviewer site and only a few I can tolerate anymore. (Doug Walker, Angry Joe, maybe Phelous or Obscura Lupa, Linkara, Rap Critc). Otherwise, this is the epitome of their laughablity, you got a high pitched limey to whine about bad movies or at least what he thinks are bad movies(Transformers 2). That basically sums it up, the worst show on that site, run by a petulant annoying British child.