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  • It starts mysteriously. In a dark alley a man stops to buy cigarettes from a street vendor. It is really an exchange of passwords and a fight results. Cut to a military guy, Chiu Jun, gets assigned to find a missing ammunition procurer. His partner, Jackie Chen Shao-Lung, is off on an unauthorized vacation. He walks down the same dark alley and there he is as the new cigarette vendor. Other people attack and after a fight they escape. Together they go to the missing man's last address and find the house is leveled for a rebuild. The sister is also looking for this missing man. After a fight with the laborers all three team up. They decide to go to the martial arts tournament for answers. Okay, I guess that's a good idea or what? A few fights later and the sister is captured by the bad guys who already have the brother and it is up to our two heroes to rescue them.

    The fights are frequent and above average. The choreography is well executed with power and focus. Plus the photography angles and fight locations are unique and add to the excitement. My copy is a digital file. The picture is wide screen with dual Chinese and English hard subtitles. This is typical of laser disk format but the resolution is not the 480 comparable resolution of some laser disks. Still it was noticeably improved over any Ocean Shores VHS to digital file.

    1973 was not a good year for martial arts movies except for that one movie so famous I need not mention the title. I rate this as above average for the genre in general and in the top five for 1973. As good as it was for a martial arts movie for 1973 it still falls short of being a movie I would recommend to someone who is not a fan of these kind of movies.