Quotes (14)

Hannigan: Like me on Facebook...

Will Stacks: I don't like you in Harlem, why would I like you on Facebook?

Will Stacks: Why are you running?

Annie: It gets me to places quicker.

Will Stacks: Sometimes what you're looking for, is right in front of your face.

Will Stacks: See, you gotta play the cards that you've been dealt. No matter how bad the cards are.

Annie: What if you don't have *any* cards.

Will Stacks: Then you bluff.

Hannigan: [obnoxiously] You know, she's such an angel. We don't inherit the Earth, we borrow it from our children.

Annie: Are you lactose-intolerant?

Will Stacks: I'm kid-intolerant.

Annie: [to Stacks] You gotta learn to stop spitting. You're not a camel.

Annie: [over her neighborhood in helicopter] This is *my* New York City.

Will Stacks: Where'd you live?

Annie: Everywhere.

Annie: I can't believe I'm here. I'm in a dress that feels like a cloud. I'm standing in the middle of a giant cinnamon roll.

[looking up at Guggenheim Museum]

Hannigan: There have been worse politicians than him.

Guy: I know. And I got them elected.

[last lines]

Guy in Bar: Keep singing and dancing like that, there's no way he was ever gonna win.

Annie: Where are we?

Will Stacks: Queens.

Annie: Do I need my passport?

Will Stacks: What? I can feel you smiling with those Britisher-than-thou lips.

unknown reporter: Annie, what are you going to name it?

Will Stacks: She's like a hurricane.

Annie: Sandy. Her name's going to be Sandy.