Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Bulong is a horror-comedy film about Conan (Vhong Navarro) whispering his wish to the dead how he wishes Ellen to love him back. Little did he know though, that the dead he whispered his wish to was a mangkukulam (witch). And now that Ellen starts noticing him and giving him the attention he has been waiting for, the spirit of the dead starts haunting him to continue the unfinished task of the mangkukulam as a payback for his wish. Conan now seeks the help of his former best friend Oprah (Angelica Panganiban). As they travel and experience the horror together, Conan and Oprah both hesitate. Is it worth going through all the trouble and sacrificing their lives to end the haunting? From the director who gave us Feng Shui and Sukob, Chito Rono is back with another thrill-seeker, spine tingling film about true love, selfish wishes and the horror these all bring.