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  • For fans of Star Wars, Kung Fu Hustle (Stephen Chow), Swordsman (Tsui Hark) and other iconic movies of the East and West, this martial arts comedy with a refreshingly original (and hilarious one-liners) script will have you splitting your sides.

    Fans of Hong Kong's veteran funnyman Eric Tsang, Singapore's multi-talented and versatile actor Mark Lee and Taiwan's Jacky Wu, will love the cameo appearances made by these super comics. Also, did I mention the clever use of CGI to boost the visual impact of 'kung fu' moves during the show?

    A must-watch for aficionados of the comedy-kung fu genre.
  • Looking at the previous 1/10 review and very little information about this movie it like more people have written it off before ever giving the screening a chance. If you like Martial Arts, Cheesy Acting and Lewd Comedy then you will absolutely LOVE this movie. While browsing through Amazon Prime last night I stumbled across this gem; and, seeing that the name is very similar to Kung Fu Hustle, I gave it a shot. BEST. DECISION. AT. 4AM. The English subtitles are wrong, the acting is so goofy and the overall feel of the movie is just awkward..... yet, it instills a joyous feeling that will berate you with infectious laughter! If you enjoy any of the farce Martial Arts movies i.e. Shaolin Soccer, God of Cookery, then give one a shot :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A young poor cobbler who loves martial arts picture books (this is set in period) gets mixed up with an on the run princess. Saving her life, she promises to aid him should he ever need. He then goes to find her. And alleged adventures occur.

    How you feel about the film will very much depend upon how you take to the mugging and childlike behavior of the films star Xiao Shen Yang. If you take to his mugging and stupid behavior (it reminded me of a less manic slightly sad faced Jerry Lewis) then you'll love it. If not this is going to be a LONG 91 minutes. It's the sort of thing where toes going up a person's nose during a fight and held for effect is supposed to make you laugh and two men kissing by accident is the punch line of a joke.

    I found the film profoundly dumb. I'm sure if I was kid of about five I would have loved it, then again I wouldn't have been able to read the subtitles. I think this film should be called Just Call Me Unfunny.
  • If you're looking for a comedy with cool Kung-Fu fights, keep looking. This is a farce along the lines of Hot Shots & Hot Shot Part Deux. It's whole goal is to make fun of as many subjects as possible. It's an enjoyable waste of two hours. A perfect movie to play while doing laundry.
  • The 2010 Chinese comedy "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" (aka "Just Call Me Nobody") was a movie that I hadn't heard about before in 2022 when I had the chance to sit down and watch it. And with my interest in Asian cinema, of course I opted to watch this movie from director Yen-Ping Chu even without knowing what the movie was about.

    Boy, talk about a swing and a miss. First of all, the comedy aspect to "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" fell entirely short of tickling me the right places, so I didn't find it the least bit funny, and thus had no laughs from the storyline nor the characters.

    And speaking of the storyline, it was not a great nor interesting storyline. In fact, it was somewhat of a struggle to keep having an interest in the movie and to focus on what was transpiring on the screen. So the writers didn't manage to produce a script that fell into my liking.

    The acting in "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" was fair enough. It was fun, though, to see Eric Tsang show up in the movie. Just a shame he had nothing much to work with in terms of a proper script.

    I found "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" to be a struggle to sit through, so this it not an outstanding gem in the Chinese comedy cinema.

    My rating of "Da Xiao Jiang Hu" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.
  • chino_bonito2 August 2011
    This movie is one of the worst movies I've seen in 2011.

    It's supposed to be a kung fu comedy, and has some famous stars in it, however it's not the least funny, especially the guy who plays the shoemaker, I have never seen a more boring comedian in a movie.

    Most of the stars are way pass their prime, except for Erics Tsang who only has a minor role. Kelly Lin's role isn't supposed to be funny so I can't blame her. Jacky Wu, who's a famous talkshow host also only has a minor role, and they dubbed His voice with someone else's.

    Back to Xiao Shen-Yang who's the leading actor and I think He's actually very famous in China, I have only seen him once before and didn't find him to be funny, and He is certainly not funny in this movie.

    Overall I find this movie a waste of time and I don't recommend it
  • kmchongmy3 September 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Highly recommended!

    Highly recommended!

    Highly recommended!