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  • The "Grimms" in the series title are members of the same Grimm family whose most famous members were the two brothers - Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm - who collected and published Germanic folklore in 19th century Germany. The premise is that those brothers weren't writing fairy stories, but warnings about the creatures that live among us. Edit

  • It's the lingering effect from the Baron's wesen poison that turned Nick and several others into zombies at the end of season 2 and into season 3. While the humans were completely cured, Rosalee warned that since Nick is a Grimm, there would be lingering effects such as the increased speed, heightened senses, and decreased heart rate. Though the group doesn't remark on it now, the effect was at first startling such as when Juliette thought Nick was dead at one point.

    If anything, the fact that the show still acknowledges this and actively employs it means they are paying attention to continuity. Edit

  • Not at first. In the episode "Mr. Sandman", a Jinnamuru Xunte blinded Nick, taking away his vision, but heightened his hearing. After Nick got his vision back, his sonic hearing stayed with him. Edit

  • If you watch the special features on Season 1, Monroe is actually his last name. The character name is "Eddie Monroe", but that is only seen in the special features. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Only a Grimm and other wesens can see the true appearances of other wesens. Burkhardt is a Grimm. Griffin, Wu, and Julliette are not. In retrospect, Grimms can see wesens anytime, especially when they don't want to be seen. Wesens reveal themselves to normal people when they choose to. Those who are not Grimm but have seen a wesens true face are referred to as Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen. In Season 4, Julliette became a Hexenbiest, so that changed for her. In Season 5, Wu contracted Lycanthropia and became a Blutbad with little control, that too changed for him. Edit

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