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  • these series need new writers, because of all the stories I have seen, all of them are finished abruptly, the viewers have to assume that things got fix, in other words, there is no ending in most of the stories, you have to imagine that everything was ended well for the "As the saying" selected for the chapter.

    Acting for the most part is alright... Definitely, the series needs a totally make over, Televisa needs to pay for good writers or needs to educate the ones they have. No wonder, all the "telenovelas" from this network are originally produced in other countries such as Colombia or Argentina.
  • I am a fan of character-driven dramas(of any genre)because i grew up watching those shows when i was younger. This mexican tv shows is funny and always the good people wins, and theres a lesson to be learned in every episode.

    If u like dramas, go watch it¡¡¡
  • I love this show , I watch it often . Can someone please tell me what are the names of the episodes that actor Ricardo de Pazcual appeared on !!!!!!