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  • lor_27 February 2022
    After Skye Blue directed two quality editions of this Adam & Eve rom-com series, veteran Andre Madness brings a less effective third entry.

    Andre encourages overacting by the cast, that amateurish way of signalling that a scene is meant to be funny, but comes up with good sex content and little else. These characters and the gimmicky story go nowhere.

    Lauren Phillips stars as a bride left at the altar on her wedding day by scoundrel Ryan McLane, who first disobeys tradition and visits her before the scheduled wedding for some hot sex.

    She's understandably upset, but decides to go on her planned honeymoon trip to Paradise Bay resort, solo. Per this series' title premise, she ends up being double booked there, and shares a room with newlyweds Ryan Driller and Nicole Sage, leading inevitably to the movie's climactic threesome.

    Several guest stars pop up in useless cameo roles, and besides the two Ryans we have Tommy Pistol (ugh!) in a filler scene as a bellhop Lauren deigns to hump. Co-star Nicole Sage impresses in three sex scenes: the threesome, sex with just her groom Driller and in a fantasy yoga session lesbian scene with Bella Rolland.