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  • jesse-pye30 August 2011
    Where the hell did this come from? I'm guessing the surprise mainstream success of The Walking Dead has opened the door for a whole new genre of horror/gore based TV series, and this one actually manages to have fun with it!

    The humour is low brow with an endless stream of one liners but I'm a sucker for that when it's done well, and when you throw Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves into the mix you can't go wrong (as long as the effects budget is there that is.)

    I've only seen one episode so far but I hope this takes off and doesn't get cut-off mid season like some other gems that have come out recently (Walking Dead, V, etc)
  • I was on vacation with the family in Sanduskey, Ohio. Everyone else was asleep in our hotel room, so i turned on the TV.. Flipping around i came to MTV, and some show that looked like a COPS rip-off with.. wait.. what's that? ZOMBIES?

    I kept watching, and laughed my ass off.

    It is now airing on MUCHMUSIC here in Canada, and I've watched the first 3 episodes. I have fallen in love. Why had i not heard of this show until now? It deserves to be on a bigger network and get more attention.

    It's got some sparkling writing, and the chemistry between the ensemble cast is electric. Most enjoyable show i've seen in a LONG time.

    Hope it survives!
  • Somebody said Zombies are the new vampires. I don't really care (since I like both so much), but I can't help but wonder why my favorite new shows have zombies (am I the only one with a countdown for The Walking Dead's second season?).

    Just like the old show COPS, Death Valley starts out with a chase, two cops following a bloody faced woman through a small convenience store. There's shaky video as the videographer (is that even the right term for the person who follows the action?) chases after them and catches the shocking and somewhat funny conclusion to the chase.

    Anyway, I love this show. It has just the right amount of earnest police procedural to balance out the bloody gore and humor of cops chasing after zombies and vampires in Los Angeles.

    If you think this will be a one hit wonder, think again, like other good cop shows, it's the characters that really carry the show, but I am hoping for some kind of overarching plot, maybe something to do with a vampire prostitution ring, werewolf mafia, zombie ultimate boxing, something ridiculous, of course.

    Death Valley hasn't hit a high with a cop like Captain Jim Dangle (my fave cop from Reno 911!) but you can't go wrong with characters like "John John" and my Death Valley favorite, Joe Stubeck, who made me giggle so much I almost spit out my coffee.

    Anyways, I'll be tuning in for more.
  • I'm a zombie fan. That's why i checked out this show. But what hooked me was the humor. It's one of the most funny shows I've ever seen. The characters are some of the most brilliant ones ever created. I just can't get enough. I'm shocked that this show didn't get a second season. My guess (and hope) is that some other network will pick this up, because this is too good to let go. I would consider this a top 5 all time as far as comedy shows go. If you have not seen it, see it! If you have seen it, buy the DVD when available. If you are the head of a TV network, please pick this show up and give it a much deserved season 2 (and beyond).
  • all i can say after viewing all three episodes is...WOW! i love reno 911, i love anything to do with zombies, and the added vamps and werewolves is just a plus, as there not the lame sort of vamps. this show has everything I've ever wanted, from the two bumbling idiot cops spewing one liners and eating choco tacos, to the two kick ass cops flirting with each other while dishing out punishment to all sorts of ghoulies. the gore is pretty decent for an mtv show, the humor is on par with movies like super bad and the hangover, as well as shows like reno 911 and stuff like that, and the camera work isn't too bad either. i was expecting some horribly lame take on the genre by mtv...but they actually made a new genre as far as TV shows go! i know i just said it, but the amount of gore, the action, and the comedy make this show priceless. when the idiot cops were talking and the bigger one said "do u kiss your mother with that mouth?" and the other one said back "i french kiss my mother with this mouth...", "what?!!?", "oh yeah shes not that hot...", "what!??"..."actually she is pretty hot"...i almost pee'd my pants lmao. just watch it
  • MTV appears to be on the comeback tip in recent weeks. "Awkward." is proving to be quite a nice distraction and is actually a very interesting teen comedy series. Before that, there was "Teen Wolf" and "The Hard Times of RJ Berger." "Jersey Shore" is probably my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. And now there is "Death Valley."

    "Death Valley" is an unusual blend of "Cops" and every gory special effects monster movie you could think of that's been a hit in the last 40 years. "Death Valley" follows the Undead Task Force (UTF), a special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department that specializes in cases that have a supernatural twist to them: monsters. It seems that the "Death Valley" in question is not just home to humans, but also to zombies, werewolves, and vampires. And the cops of this special police unit dispose of each menace accordingly to the traditional horror movie standards (i.e., zombies have to be shot in the head).

    In time for Halloween, here is "Death Valley," MTV's take on popular horror movie trends and cop shows. The show mercilessly skewers said trends while still trying to be respectful of the movies that played into its inspiration and influence. The show is not scary at all, at least to adults like myself (I'm 26) or teenagers, but young children would be advised to not watch this show not just because of the gory special effects, but also because of the salty language and sexual innuendo (vampire prostitutes?).

    MTV seems to be coming back into an era of semi-decent programming with "Death Valley." "Awkward.," "Teen Wolf," and "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" have also played significantly in helping MTV's return to semi-decent cable programming. I just hope I haven't jinxed this channel's chances of coming back, honestly, by singing such high praises for its newest shows.

    "Death Valley" - 10/10
  • On TV, what I like to see are interesting characters who have great interactions & decent evolutions. To my surprise, this show is delivering all of that!

    Forget all the gimmicks other reviewers are highlighting. This show is more fiction than mockumentary - the camera-crew are actual characters in the story and they have dialogue. The gore & supernatural elements aren't the reason for the shows existence - they're used to create a humorous & surreal environment.

    'Death Valley' IS a great "buddy cop" show. The characters are so charming. Each one is "fleshed out", with his/her own beliefs, quirks, skills. When they start interacting, it's just some of the best television you'll ever see.

    The charm of this show is that the comedy is derived from the friendships between these characters...not artificial & annoying conflict. Because of their jobs (& the acting, & the writing) see a group that has a believable family bond. But because of their unique cultural, moral, & even sexual get hilarious interactions & reactions whenever those baggages are brought up.

    Compare this to say...'The Office' (American version). In that show, all they do is parade out any number of ridiculously annoying mental handicaps (Michael, Dwight, Andy, Kelly, etc.). Their unsubtle stupidity & artificial conflicts are supposed to generate comedy.

    Another thing I'd like to highlight is that this show actually has numerous arcs!. Everything from the macro (police vs. demons) to the micro (Carla vs. John John) evolves as the show goes on. It's all done subtly, but by the end of the season...there are pay-offs on all these fronts (sort of!).

    When you add this show to 'Awkward', MTV starts to look like a formidable & respectable network. This is praise from someone who's never...ever...thought highly of them.
  • Sometimes it is hard to understand how Hollywood works. The super dreary Zombie Nation goes on for years while this spot on zombie comedy gets cancelled after one season. It's been six years and everyones in awhile I catch myself really missing this show. Loved the humor and the gore. Thought the casting was great and the characters really likable. Bring it back please!
  • A mix of Reno 911 and Zombieland, MTV's new mocumentary Death Valley follows the Undead Task Force. The UTF was created just one year before to combat the mysterious appearance of zombies, vampires, and werewolves in California's San Fernando Valley.

    You might recognize Captain Dashell (Bryan Callen) as Eddie the wedding chapel owner from The Hangover. He's lost the accent and the overload of affection but not the humor. Stubeck (Charlie Sanders) and Pierce (Bryce Johnson) are the dynamic moron duo. They are more worried about looking cool and one-liners than doing a good job but they keep you laughing. Rinaldi (Tania Raymonde) and John-John (Texas Battle) are the resident bad asses who kick butt and take names. They aren't afraid to do what they have to including take out one of their own, a zombie bitten camera man. And no good spoof would be complete without the newbie, Kirsten (Caity Lotz). She may be new and the Captain may not believe in her but it's clear that she knows her stuff. But doubtful she'll ever get the credit.

    The show has an interesting take on the zombie/vampire phenomena. Zombies are a part of everyday life instead of an apocalypse occurrence. The cops see zombies as just another criminal and take care of the problem like they would any other. Well, they beat them with bats and blow their brains out, so not exactly like any other. Vampires are prostitutes who get paid in blood. The show pokes fun at the zombie/vampire genre and does a good job of it while not being mean. Best of all the camera people get in on the action which is something you usually don't see.

    These supernatural happenings are everyday things. One of the camera men even asks why people don't just move away instead of staying and dealing with the supernatural foes. The reply? It's their home, would you leave? They make a good point. Except for the being undead and drinking blood parts these cops seem to be dealing with the same things that real cops handle every day. The show could be a commentary on the craziness that people and cops are dealing with in the real world. We may not have zombies but we do have drugs, crime, and prostitution that can be just as bad.

    Although the show is full of laughs there is an overkill of sexual innuendos. A few are funny but when they keep coming up they really get boring. There is a lack of back story. The audience is thrown into the action immediately following two cops running after a zombie and that's a little jolting for a first episode. This leaves you wondering where these supernatural beings even came from.

    If you like zombies and shows like Cops you will like this show. There are a lot of laughs to be had and lots of zombie killing. It's a nice 30 minute show to watch and take a break from the stresses of life without having to think too hard.
  • When I first heard about this show I wrote it off as just another stupid MTV show. I never really gave it a chance when it finally started airing, I would watch a few mins of it every now and then but I never really sat down and gav it a shot. Then finally once it appeared on Netflix I decided to watch the entire first (and last) season, and man did it surprise me.

    One of the main things that shocked me about this show was that it actually has a very interesting story, the episodes play off of each other in a very cool way. I expected it to be a "Reno 911" rip off with zombies/werewolfs/and vampires thrown in, but it actually takes on a life of its own with nice plot twists and likable characters.

    All in all this is an excellent series with very few flaws. Its a bummer that it was not renewed for a second season because this is really a gem. Definitely check this out. 9/10
  • This show is AWESOME! It never should have ended! The characters were really fun to watch, and the situations they got themselves into were hilarious. I remember watching this for the first time and thinking "where did this come from"? The concept was really pretty original, which is hard to do now days. Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves start becoming real! Genius! I can't figure out why it would have been cancelled. Everyone I know loved the show. I guess they figured it wasn't getting enough views. I REALLY wish they would bring it back! You Listening MTV? We the fans want more Death Valley! Please make it happen!
  • This show was a big surprise for me.

    Normally I am deeply bored with Zombies, especially with the recent trends, which are seemingly bent on making Zombie movies and Zombie series all around, only to mask the total lack of new ideas. It's like "I dunno which business I should run, so I open a beer shop, and people will come and drink beer."

    'Death Valley' is very different. It combines a generic Police department show with a Horror/Monster show and creates a new comedy/action show, leaving the Police department part intact and developing plot lines from the Monster part, all together in a scenario of daily life, not the usual End-Of-The-World.

    The great thing with 'Death Valley' is, that it is intentionally funny, ridiculous and silly. In the first few episodes there are a few scenes where the concept is exaggerated, but it gets continuously better. Especially the Captain (great: Bryan Callen), obviously designed as a laughing stock, gets a profile and grows up with every episode.

    The serious part is also surprisingly well designed. For instance, in one episode, John-John (well played by Texas Battle), the team's strongest Zombie-basher, finds out that his father is now a Zombie, used in illegal Zombie fights like a dog. At this moment, all laughter is gone, and the show reaches another level of quality, which is rare for action-comedies. In another episode, Stubeck (excellent: Charlie Sanders) tries to get a Vampire hooker off the street, but fails. While this is of course a cliché, it has it's quality between all the cool (or sometimes not so cool) lines and gives the characters serious background.

    The most funny episode for me up to now was, where Stubeck and his partner Billy (perfect as a sex addict: Bryce Johnosn) have a presentation about their work at the Kindergarden where Stubeck's children are, and suddenly are both forced to handle a threat by a Zombie prepared with a bomb, in front of the kids.

    The show is not perfect, but has much potential with the various story lines and conflicts opened in this first season. It is refreshing, well directed and well cast. From my point of view it is good for a hit; hopefully the ratings will follow my impression and allow a second (third, fourth...) season.
  • Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, cops, Supernatural, comedy, thriller, suspense, romance, action, superb punch lines, blood, gore... what else can you ask for...

    I stumbled upon this title accidentally and god am i glad i did.. its one of the best overall series i have ever ever ever scene... i mean who could have thought to give a comic angle on zombies, werewolves and vampires... but someone just did...

    the acting is good, the chemistry amazing, dialogues superb...

    i really don't wanna give a lot about the plot.. but all i did like to say is that its a buddy cop movie where they don't chase / catch / kill normal criminals but the new "criminals" - vampires, werewolves and zombies....

    its just WOW.. if you love comedy and zombies, werewolves and vampires....

    I am actually super duper surprised, shocked and sad that this was not followed by a second season.. which it deserved a lot...
  • This show is brilliant and incredibly well done horror comedy. As others have pointed out, "Death Valley" is essentially "Reno 911" with monsters, very similar in vibe to the X-Files episode "X-Cops." As with "The Walking Dead," the special makeup effects are better than average for television. The cast are all seasoned actors who sell the story. The obviously high production values keep the show from sinking deep into campiness.

    I was shocked to discover that this was actually an MTV production. I was less shocked to discover that MTV chose not to renew the series for a second season, since I have come to expect such moronic programming maneuvers from this network. Perhaps they needed more time slots for Jackass reruns. That said, if you're not the kind of person who would enjoy Reno 911 with monsters, feel free to move on to Glee or House or whatever you're thing is.
  • This show caught me completely off guard. When I was given this series as a gift by a friend I didn't know what to expect. Since then I've finished the first season and it's amazing!

    Imagine a Reno 911/The Office crossed with a more action filled The Walking Dead/True Blood. Brilliant comedy mixed in with great action and a little drama. Yes there are some plot inconsistencies as far as the whole story about the camera crew following the cops but this show is so very different than anything else out there. While comedy shows are great I often find myself bored after watching a couple episodes in a row. Drama's are also pretty good but are actually a little draining if you watch them all the time. This show has just the right mix of everything to keep you laughing, engrossed, and entertained.

    The characters may be unbelievable at times, but any good comedy show has that. Look at Community and The Office. The point I'm making is if you're trying to find a series that is 'serious'and has a really rock solid plot line, this isn't for you. But if your a guy (or girl!) who loves action and comedy with a back-story and a little drama, this is definitively a show for you. Cops, Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves.... What more could you want?
  • God I loved this series, I still don't understand why it was cancelled.

    After recently watching "What We Do in the Shadows" and more of Waititi's stuff I think there's definitely an audience for a mockumentary style cops vs zombies show.

    Netflix, get on this.
  • This is an amazing mockumentary and we need more of these styles of shows that allow world building to come naturally.

    Z-Nation and Bright filled a gap that I didn't know I was missing, but Death Valley is a gem that won't ever be replaced. I'd ask why didn't they keep it going, but we all know why: not enough sex or something. That's the problem with good TV and movies, the networks don't understand what is good and what is safe...
  • MTV produced this mockumentary about a San Fernando Valley taken over by supernatural forces. The Undead Task Force (part of LAPD) was formed to battle zombies, werewolves, and vampires. A camera crew follows the exploits of the task force.

    This lasted only 12 episodes. It was somewhat uneven but very watchable. There are some funny moments but most of the jokes were more quirky than funny. The group in the show may have been too large. The actors are good but not that well known. A smaller group could have made the chemistry better. The characters need more screen time to develop. It had some potential but never fully satisfied it. It was stopped before it could take off.
  • I absolutely loved this show and was devastated to hear it had been cancelled. Not many people I've spoken to have ever heard of it so the producers really let it down. Its a cool concept and the characters are hilarious. Had me laughing non stop. Bring it back...please!
  • I feel like this show should be good. It has everything in place to be an interesting take on both horror and comedy genres. However, I think the writing is where it all falls apart. The actors aren't bad, completely unbelievable at times though. All the characters are extremely flawed, so to imagine them lasting on any kind of police force is pretty far fetched. I know, ironic considering the subject of the show, but still. An example would be the captain, who is so far over the top ridiculous. He's like Michael Scott from the Office, but even less believable, and he most likely ruins the show for me more than anything else.

    The show itself, the major flaw is the fake story lines. Most segments do a good job of reminding the viewer they are watching a documentary. Other scenes, like the high school party from episode three, should not have been "viewed" as there was no film crew there to capture it. There were a few scenes from episode two that felt like filler. The captain and the rookie trying to kill a rat at someone's house? That went on for far too long and was not even close to being funny.

    I would love to say this show was great, as I like mockumentaries and (some) horror films. If the show was simply just COPS with vampires, werewolves, and zombies, I would totally watch it. The writers and producers need to just watch COPS, and then insert their characters into the same situation. The end of episode one used that idea, and it was pretty funny. The cops pulled over a guy in the middle of turning into a werewolf, who was interchangeable with a typical drunk driver. Funny stuff. Too bad the rest of the show isn't like that.

    On a side note, I'm really surprised this show is on Mtv and pretty graphic. The blood and gore are intense, on par with your standard horror flick. And when did Mtv stop showing music videos?
  • This show has a fresh take on a jaded topic of zombies in a way that's pretty cool. First it started with revised movies,books,comics and the like.Now it has gotten so out of control that zombies are literally everywhere,much like the hypothetical plague itself. As I watched, I was kind of bored with the censorism of a very holy sh*t situational comedy and environment that truly needed to be let off of its leash. To be frank, this is a good show and an amazing idea that needs a new writing staff as well as a new network to call home. Also,an hour run time would greatly benefit a show to get the story across better as opposed to letting a week overlap from episode to episode. Please make it so.
  • I should have guessed that a show which has been on for an entire season, but which has only 14 reviews here, might not be that great. With no offense intended to anyone who really enjoys the show, I have to say that it just doesn't do anything for me. I'm a big zombie fan (and was around to watch MTV's first broadcast) but DV is not something I would ever intentionally watch. (OK, let me be clear...I obviously watched it intentionally and managed to make it through three episodes before I gave up.)

    My feeling is that it just doesn't know what it wants to be. It's a knock-off of "Cops," but it clearly doesn't understand what makes that show interesting and fun (except for the werewolf traffic stop at the very end of the first episode). It's gory and violent, but not enough to make it interesting. It's not intended to be suspenseful...and it's not. The characters aren't very interesting, so I don't really care what's happening to them. And the humor is way too slapstick and unclever to make me laugh.

    So, why would I want to spend my time watching this? I don't. But I'm happy for the fans who apparently do enjoy it.