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  • Being 27, when i saw the first 5 minutes of this movie i thought oh boy, what have i wasted hard drive space on now...

    By the end, i couldn't believe how good it was.. Now i don't claim to be any kind of movie critic whatsoever... I watch anything that gets put in front of me.. and i always check for IMDb ratings and reviews before i watch them...

    This movie had messages that were just absolutely beautiful for the youth of today.. and possibly even the older folk... Its not about how much money you have or what you enjoy doing.. Its about the connection you have with a person... And it doesn't matter what the people around you (your friends or anyone else) think... If someone makes you happy keep them close...

    The acting??? Oh my God? Am i right?? This little brunette is going to be a star for a very long time... I cannot believe how good she is...

    Never judge a book by its cover... Start from the inside.. and work your way out...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie starts with Dylan dreaming of winning a beauty pageant. We get to see her life as a high school diva. She has 2 friends who aspire to be like her. Her followers. We see she had an old friend who she ditched when she became popular. We see a rival who also wants to be the Blossoms Queen. And we see her being rude to our hero, who is a "Film Geek". The other angle is through this geek named Josh. Josh is not cool. He has weird friends. He has a really bad car. He thinks Dylan is completely lame. Totally clichéd characters, right? A diva and a geek…. What now? They'll first fight and then fall in love? Right, like that's new!

    But it is! When these two clichéd characters come together, we see something really spontaneous and original. None of the characters are truly cliché. They have another side. Of course this movie is not for the ones who want something meaningful to come out of the 90 minutes they spend on it. Its light, its funny and its worthy of one watch and a lot of giggles.

    Matt is pretty good but he smiles a lot. Sarah is cute and girlie. And as always you get that Disney feeling when the movie ends. In Marshal Erikson's words, you'll be "Disneyed"!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I literally laughed out loud when I read one IMDb reviewer start reviewing this as it was some sort of artistic piece of expression. They used terms like 'innocuous' and 'film technique.' This is a Disney made for TV movie made for 11-14 year olds. You must review the film from that stand point or don't waste your time. This is not for adults. This isn't meant to be raunchy or sexy or outside of the box. It was meant to be fun and cute and that is what it is. Still its not the most fun it could have been and essentially is very shallow in its performance but young girls will likely still get a chuckle out of it. In fact the whole movie is probably what an episode of Hannah Montana or another Disney type show would have done only a few years ago. Still the movie is watchable and has some laughs and some genuinely heart felt moments as well. But in true Disney style everything is placed perfectly in a little box and each character is painted line by line to fit the story.

    Sarah Hyland has hit stardom on the phenomenal and brilliant TV Series Modern Family. I'm not sure that makes her ready to carry a movie but she does well enough playing the uppity Disney snob turned into the sweet misunderstood princess. She certainly plays the 'mean girl' part of it well enough but the story has to really force out her inner good side to get the plot moving. Matt Prokop is actually really good as the nerdy good guy that falls in love. He fits the Disney charmer perfectly and has good charisma and him and Hyland have really good chemistry making the film even more cute. There is a big supporting cast and they are all decent in their clichéd roles but none of them stand out particularly. They are mostly there for laughs or plot development.

    Director Jeffrey Hornaday is a rather strange choice for directing what is essentially a kids film. He hasn't got a lot of experience behind the camera but has worked on a lot of big Hollywood films. So I think he took this in stride and just did the basics for the movie and overall that's okay. The film works for what it is. It doesn't try to be outstanding and in many ways that is its charm as well as its fault. But what it all boils down to is that its a cute, fun little romance flick for the pre-teen audience. Its clean and simple and not exactly a big budget production but probably worth watching with your kids. 6/10
  • A few hundred years in the future, after our society burns out like a light-bulb and ultimately reinvents itself into a much kinder experience, there will be those who will study the films of our era and -- it is possible -- these unusual Disney-esque TV treats may just end up being revered in a class (ahem) of their own. Here is the thing. When these high school soap operas work, when the actors and writers are firing on all cylinders, they work really well. I was originally intrigued by a review in a blog which said that this film was so good it could have been shown theatrically. Brave words indeed. The truth is that, until the last 10 mins or so, this is an exceptional work that continually engages and surprises. While the story is not new as such, the actors make it come alive and the director makes it engaging. Sort of --- for those that like to deconstruct film, which is most of us -- a high school Julia Roberts vehicle (if JR had ever done a Disney, which of course she did not). The only flaw is the ending. The story clearly overwhelmed the writers who scrambled against the clock to sort out all the twists and arcs, and it shows. Flawed, but brilliantly so.

    -------------Addendum July 17

    Because I have been doing a few "Lists" for members, I felt compelled to have a re-watch of this one. Conclusion? Sarah Hyland's amazing performance -- playing two sides of the same coin, as it were, and using her eyes like weapons -- almost but not quite raised this film to greatness. Once again, on second viewing, I saw how rushed the writing team was at the close. It was almost like the studio had given them a checklist of items that had to be covered in the ending and, until that point, they were having too much fun writing the story to care. The ending still sucks. The movie is still much better than the IMDb rating. And Hyland's performance is a joy.
  • bkoganbing13 November 2011
    Geek Charming is an innocuous but all together impossible tale of the nerd who woos the diva with the technique of making a film documentary about her. Matt Prokop is the film geek and Sarah Hyland is the diva whose biggest ambition in life is to be Blossom Queen of her high school.

    Even over 40 years ago I well remember about how high school was so regimented into a caste system of cliques. A lot of kids are going to see this teen comedy from Disney Studios and start thinking the barriers are not so impossible. Prokop has his set with other film buffs of which I could have been one and hits on the idea of making a documentary that will gain him a scholarship to film school. He decides to do a documentary exploring the secret of popularity with Hyland as the subject. She's thinking this will help her in her campaign to be Blossom Queens which is what they must call Homecoming Queen in her high school. The crowning achievement of her life? She reminds me so much of the equally vapid Mila Kunis in That Seventies Show who said that nothing would deter her from her ambition to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

    And as these films go both start to change each other just by being in close association. It's the Disney Studios so their product is usually limited in the directions they go.

    Propkop and Hyland are decent enough leads and attractive. But nothing terribly out of the ordinary here.
  • I know it's hard for me to break away from the habit of associating the classic MTV cartoon with other movies and TV shows, and it seems like a stretch to associate it with a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie. But the fact remains that in the episode "Monster" Daria and Jane do to Quinn what Josh Rosen does to Dylan Schofield, and finds there's more to their respected subjects than meets the eye.

    Matt Porkrop plays Josh Rosen, the head of a high school film club. The club's membership includes and is evidently limited to Jimmy Bellinger, The Troop's David Del Rio, and Kayce Rohl, who plays a girl with a crush on Josh. And of course, there's Modern Family's Sarah Hyland who plays Dylan Schofield, the high school queen bee who is determined to become "Blossom Queen," and will do whatever it takes to earn that title. This queen bee is no Regina George or Heather Duke, though. She's not even a Sandi Griffin or Quinn Morgendorffer. Yes, she's a diva, but she's hardly a total bitch. Early on, we learn that her quest to be blossom queen is an effort to forge a connection to her mother who died when she was a little kid, and was herself a blossom queen in the 1980's.

    So where's the Daria connection? Well, Josh decides to enter a student film festival and the subject of his movie is Miss Schoefield, the rich popular girl who seems to get everything she wants in life, with the emphasis on "seems." During the making of the movie, her desire to maintain that stuck-up persona of hers slowly erodes, and her true intellectual colors begin to show. At the same time, the would-be blossom queen takes advantage of the head film-geek's deep-seated desire to be popular, and actually makes it work. Everybody sees that they're falling for each other, no matter how much they both try to deny it. His mother, her father, his friends, her friends, the girl he wants, her idiot jock trophy boyfriend, and quite possibly his teacher.

    Unfortunately, there have been some fans of the book who complain about elements that were left out. I've heard the same complaints about movie adaptations of "How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller," "Holes," "Ella Enchanted," "Maniac Magee," and "The Power of One," among others. And I've never invalidated their grievances, but if their goal is to get people interested in the books these movies originated from, it could actually work for me. One also can't deny that the chemistry between real-life boyfriend and girlfriend Porkrop & Hyland works well on screen. And you know that since this is a DCOM, things will work out for the two main characters one way or another. So maybe it doesn't meet the standards of the book, but as a DCOM it's clearly above average.
  • Dylan Shoenfield (Sarah Hyland) is the popular girl. She's the queen bee in Mean Girls. However she faces a challenge from an up-and-comer for her title. Josh Rosen (Matt Prokop) is a film geek. He is desperate for a subject for an upcoming contest. Then he comes up with an idea to shoot a documentary about Dylan and her campaign for the crown. Dylan agrees because she figures that it will be nothing but praises of her beautiful life. Then things happen to change everything.

    This is a standard overly broad Disney fare. But Sarah Hyland is proving herself to be a good little actress. She is the center and the highlight of this movie. She's able to play the mean girl with likability. The guy isn't quite as good.
  • jsaylor-296-30893022 February 2012
    If I could, I would see that everyone connected with the making of this movie received a lifetime achievement award - even if they never made another movie - because this is the greatest movie I have ever watched. Nothing else comes close and I've seen a lot of great movies. It's one of those movies you watch over and over and never get tired of. I can't say enough about it. It leaves you smiling from beginning to end. Every scene is truly delightful. Every one-liner perfectly timed. Every expression perfect. Every character perfect. This movie is why people watch movies. We love great story lines and happy endings and this movie delivers. Pure enjoyment. Charming indeed!
  • (The 7/10 rating is just to counterweight the movie snobs who rate this movie as if it was meant to be freaking Godfather part 4.)

    Honestly, everyone should chill and live a little. This movie is no masterpiece, but it was not meant to be one! The target audience are tweens - for whom this movie is perfect for. And, in fact, I myself enjoyed this piece quite a bit (at the fragile age of 17).

    The idea is basic, let's be honest. However, the execution and the acting (in particular by Sarah Hyland) are definitely commendable and noteworthy. The style stands out from that of other 'mass produced' Disney Channel flicks (such as Starstruck, 16 Wishes, etc), with the occasional cuts to the footage supposedly from Josh's camera. It definitely does a lot to give the movie its own identity, and with it the chance to stand out from other, mediocre, productions.

    As a side note -- this is one of those 'feel good movies'. If you are not a movie snob or a hard-ass geek, then give it a watch, even if it's just for laughs. You will (probably) enjoy the experience (if not the movie).
  • rayofaith907 October 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you are looking for a deeply philosophical film or a mind-blowing plot - this is not your movie. But if you want something good, clean, and absolutely enjoyable that you can watch with your sister or mom or as a cozy girly night movie - this is your ticket. So here's exactly why I liked this movie:

    1. Real relationships, good relationships - both the central guy and girl in the movie have good relationships with their parent. Yes, it's a singular 'parent', which I know is a Disney cliché now, still it was absolutely refreshing to watch the mother talk with her son and the dad talk with his daughter. There wasn't the whiny "you're ruining my life!/my parent is so stupid I don't know what they'd do without me/parent apologizing for ruining said son or daughter's life at the end of the film" that seems to be standard Disney movie fare these days. The mom gives good advise, the dad seems a bit caught up in work at the beginning but by the end you can tell he loves his daughter and is willing to set aside everything to take care of her. This is one of the only new Disney films that I would love to watch with either of my parents because it doesn't portray distanced loser parents, but strong wise parents who are respected and are invested in their children.

    2.*Spoiler* There's the message that friendships can stand the test of time and change and of course that true friends are the ones that are there for you when the world caves in. There is relationship reconciliation between friends. The movie has a lot to say about friendships - *spoiler* the guy's friends, though initially hurt by the amount of time the guy is spending with the girl he likes, can see past that and forgive him as good friends do when they really are looking out for each other. They realize she means a lot to him and realize he's struggling to balance it all.

    3. I hadn't really seen either of the main characters in other things (I know they're in other things, I just hadn't watched anything with them in it) so the acting was refreshing and good. Both of the main characters won me over by the end and I wanted to watch more films they had acted in.

    4. There's no huge character change. The "popular girl" doesn't all of the sudden grows a heart - we just gradually get to see behind the carefully applied mask to who she has been all along. Most films like this I feel like one or the other character is fake - either the girl really seems like a total flake attempting to suddenly appear to care or her attempt to appear like a flake is only halfhearted and you can't believe others believe that she could possibly be that shallow. In this case both sides of the character were believable.

    At the end of the day, this movie will not blow your mind with its originality, it is a chick-flick (*spoiler* it includes a make-over for crying out loud!), but it also is heartfelt, sincere, clean in every way, with a few good core messages to boot. So, pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch with some cocoa and some close friends and enjoy this one - it's guaranteed to make you smile and maybe even appreciate your friends a little more.
  • erika-2-1601144 November 2018
    The first part of the film drove me nuts but last part of the film was really good. This film had everything action love and some funny times. I really like the plot and positive message during the last part of the feel.
  • I'm one of those guys who does not believe chick films are for girls alone, actions are for men, as well as magic films for kids. I watch them all, well, at least I admit that. So, not in my childhood, but overall I've seen many DCOM and I've liked many of them. This film came half a decade ago, I was aware of it, but only now I had watched it and it got me by surprise.

    I thought it would me another mean girl tale, that's where I was wrong. Well, in the initial few minutes, that's how it looked, but everything has changed since the beginning of the second act. That was the biggest plus point of this film. Even though predictable scenes, still it felt good enough. The character transformation, the way it was done was very smart. At one stage you hate, then a soft corner develops.

    It is a television film, but that's not how it looked. The quality of the story was like a theatrical film. If they had risked on that, they definitely would have succeeded. I would say a bad decision by the production house, but still the product delivered more than its expectation. The casting was good, All of them were new face to me, except Sasha Pieterse.

    Expecting a sequel for a good/successful film is so common with its fans. I thought about the same, but seems they are not interesting in one which was kind of confirmed in the end itself. Even though if they decide to make, it won't be as good as this one. Because the main story, all happened in here. Just like 'Taken' which is very powerful original film, not suitable for followups. This is a silly concept, but very nice film. I totally suggest it.

  • if you watch the TV show Modern Family and like the charisma of Sarah Hyland and wish you'd see her most often in the show , then you'll be pleased about this movie cause shes there the whole movie , its all about her .

    shes so adorable and such a good actress with cute faces , you cant help but to like her .

    the movie by itself is very decent , if you take it as it is ... a mean girl made for t.v . but it has a few laughs and the performance of sarah hyland made it very enjoyable .

    overall i didn't felt like a waste 1:30 of my time , i even watched it twice

    i rated 8 out of 10 for this type of movie , its no shawshank or one flew over the cuckoo nest but i rated accordly as what it is . a lightweight enjoyable Disney TV movie .

    watch it for Sarah Hyland
  • gracehuo19 August 2016
    You would think people would make less films displaying American high school stereotypes by 2011 already, but no, there are still hundreds and thousands of them coming out every year and this is one of them. I'd watch this when I'm really bored because it does have its fun, emotional and touching parts like good movies. But overall, it's just too normal, too unoriginal, and the message that they are sending across is basically grouping high school kids into bunches with stereotypical labels, it makes the "geek" kids feel inferior, and worthless and that they can only be cool and accepted when they hang out with the popular kids. So the movie does end in kind of a semi-positive way but it still doesn't set the message straight. Anyway to sum it up, its too clichéd and too unoriginal and just like most other movies about American high schools out there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Geek Charming is a 2011 romantic teen comedy by Disney Channel and tells the story of a unpopular guy named Josh Rosen(Matt Prokop)who wants to film a movie about popularity for the school film festival. So he asks the popular girl in school Dylan(Sarah Hyland)to be involved in his movie. But as the two spend some time together Josh realises that Dylan was a geek just like him into films but she hated who she was and adapted this persona to get in with the cool kids. But will she ditch her popular friends for nerdy friends as well as romance blossoming between her and Josh?

    Now I am not the target audience for this movie but as a childless 24 year old woman I found myself actually liking this movie. Is it Oscar worthy no its not,but what draws me to this film is the story. You've got someone who is trying to be someone they are not and a lot of people do this in order to fit in. The moral I got out of this film was to be yourself and not let anybody judge you for who you really are. The chemistry between former couple Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland was sweet and the humor was grand for a TV movie.

    In my opinion its a lot better than the other Disney Channel movies(I am looking at you High School Musical).

    My rating is a 7/10 and my grade for this movie is a B-. Like I said I really enjoyed it.
  • Even though "Geek Charming" borrows heavily from earlier teen movies, such as "Can't buy me love", "Clueless" and the like, the execution is fairly neat.

    The storyline is a typical rom-com about a geek and a popular girl where the romantic plot and the transformations of the lead characters through their interactions are perfectly predictable. Where this movie is different is that it shows more clearly than any other teen move I've seen (and I've seen plenty) is that the whole popularity issue is a by-product of the American obsession with celebrities. Granted, being famous brings a ton of perks and revenue streams from TV commercials, but that is only for the show. Personal life is something else. The trouble with high-school kids is that they sometimes so much aspire to a celebrity status that they end up convincing themselves that such status can be obtained by simply winning fake admiration of a subset of their peers at school. This movie shows that becoming a high-school celebrity is an objective hardly worth pursuing when stacked up against the alternatives such as friendship, love and developing one's real interests.

    The acting is decent and the lead characters are very likable.

    In sum, it might not become one of the teen movie classics, but for those who like the genre, it is definitely worth watching.
  • I would not take this movie even if it was free and came with a million dollars. The movie is about a popular (nothing different for Disney channel) girl aka a spoiled brat that wants to be blossom queen and a nerdy geek wants to film a movie about her to see what popular life is about. I don't know what it is with Disney and thinking that every pretty girl needs to be the devil. Then there's the "since you are a computer expert that automatically makes you a geek/nerd that will never have a girlfriend" persona that Disney channel thinks is important to ram down everyone's throat. Let's not forget the popular girl has to date the handsome jock that probably can't count past 10 scenario. There has been a good number of D COM movies that I have really liked but they all seem to have one character that you just can't stand, so why waste your time with the movie. Do yourself a favor, avoid this movie!!
  • I think that this is the worst movie I have seen in my life. Where to start: It has absolutely no narrative, it starts from nowhere, nothing happens and then there's no result. I'm not sure what was the intention behind the absolutely horrible jokes, for example the 'spelling every word out', did they plan to start a new trend? What was the meaning behind that movie at all? How did it even made it to the screens is what I don't understand. I wouldn't go on about it if the review wouldn't have to be 10 lines long, i basically said what I wanted to say in the first sentence. Please Hollywood, don't waste space like this. another line, and another line and another line and another line OK, I loved that girl in Modern Family, but in this movie it was just sad acting. And the guy was also a really bad actor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I read some of the reviews and I am shocked at what people wrote. I am a huge movie fan and I always give the benefit of the doubt. I never listen to what others think because I like to compose my own opinion on any movie.

    This is the worst movie I've ever seen. Th plot is terrible and predictable. The acting is awful and the overall execution is a shameful one at best.

    I feel like making a hard-hitting expose about how bad this movie is. I know that a Disney TV movie can't beat an Oscar winning feature but this is just embarrassing... both for the viewers and the actors... I mean come on... this has been done so many times in the past but never to this extent... The only thing that made me sort of smile is the dogs name... apart from that I feel that about 93 and a half minutes of terrible terrible acting/filming/movie making...

    just a disgrace.

    I'd rather not watch any more movies... ever! than watch this again. I gave it a 1 star as this is the lowest possible but if I could I'd give it -100