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  • Having been raised in New Mexico, I love seeing a cop show set in the West...... It reminds me of seeing the Sheriff Department's deputies driving out in the desert when I had the opportunity to go target shooting out in the "boondocks" with my brothers. These deputies would be out on the job making sure everything was cool; Longmire reminds me of these guys: good people, down to earth, wise in their ways, and knowing how to do their jobs. I love this show; and Robert Taylor, to me, is the Matt Dillon of the 21st century. I didn't realize Mr. Taylor was Australian until I read his bio. This guy passes the test with flying colors! He acts and sounds like he is from the old American West. It doesn't get much better than this.
  • We're not in Kansas anymore both literally and figuratively. Literally Longmire takes place in Wyoming. Figuratively it represents yet another persuasive piece of evidence for the view that higher quality product is coming out of TV than the studios these days. Whoda thunk it? Following JUSTIFIED and HATFIELDS/MCCOYS, we have this new entry and it is prime Grade A Entertainment. Arguably a little less showy than JUSTIFIED, it serves up each week a visceral portrait of an old-time lawman in the modern world -- Taylor is brilliant -- along with some intellectual thrills as well. In the first episode, Longmire justifies (pardon the pun) the fact that he was seen "reading on the job" by revealing the book he was reading -- and it's Sherlock Holmes. Recommended to keep your skills sharp, he explains. Also a nice blending of testosterone and estrogen, with Katee Sackhoff and Cassaday Freeman there to remind viewers that the Wild West was not merely a bunch of cranky old guys so macho they could jog home from their own vasectomies. Lou Diamond Phillips, a bit older now, is excellent in a supporting role. If all TV was this good, Hollywood would be out of a job..

    ADDENDUM; I just upgraded my rating from a 9 to a 10 as I finished season 1. This show is a jewel. No wasted dialogue, no wasted camera angles, no wasted cuts. Easily one of the leanest productions in recent memory, and possibly should come with a warning that it is addictive. Sackoff's voice contains so many tones and nuances that I Google'd her, turns out she is not only a superb actress but a tier-1 animation voice too. Wow.

    FINAL ADDENDUM 2018 -- Goodbye Team Longmire you will be missed -- this show had a "near death experience" with its original network and was "rescued" by Netflix. (Netflix in 2018 is growing so fast it needs a constant supply of product -- a topic well beyond the scope of this review). This is the point where i would like to tell you that, during the "Netlix" episodes, the quality was unchanged -- but I cannot say that because the quality fell significantly as did, I am sure, the budgets available under the new production deal. What used to be a legitimate "mystery" show with astonishingly strong background characters morphed into a character show with an actual mystery popping up only occasionally. Which meant that the Netflix episodes were really for diehard fans only. If you are newbie to the series, you cannot go wrong with the first few seasons. They are brilliant. If you are a fan, the last season and the big FINALE are a bit maudlin, but still comfortable. Will miss this show. A lot.
  • I can understand some of the negative reviews. Some of it I agree with. On shows like this, if it is in your wheelhouse, you buy in completely, and I'm there. Some of the supporting characters are over the top, but one thing is for sure, Robert Taylor is amazing. I wish there was someway to get a buzz going on the Internet about a Best Actor nomination for an Emmy.

    It's a good procedural and plenty of dramatic elements. I'm never bored and it's quite different from previous attempts at Western cop dramas. I'm glad it's not another fish out of water story like Coogan's Bluff or McCloud. Robert Taylor's screen presence is the glue that holds it all together.
  • I'll admit I only gave this show a chance because it premiered at a time when a lot of shows are on break. I'm glad that I did because this might just turn out to be the next great law show (Justified being the most recent). Have to wait and see how the season turns out.

    After watching the first episode, you can immediately tell the producers and writers are keen on character development. With the only about half the episode devoted to the first case itself, you'll learn a lot about Sheriff Longmire quickly. That's not to say you won't enjoy it though. This show is VERY watchable. I actually went back and watched it again the next day. A&E hasn't produced a lot of shows I've enjoyed but I'm looking forward to the episode.

    Set in Wyoming, viewers can expect to see beautiful scenery and the pilot certainly did not disappoint in that sense. Native Americans play a major roll in this show and it seems the hostilities will progress throughout the season. The show focuses on old school methods of law enforcement rather than the recent trend of C.S.I. semen under the fridge kinds that have been dominating in recent years.

    Give this the show a chance.
  • max84310 June 2012
    Watched Longmire four times in the past 24 hours - stood up to my personal test! No wasted dialogue, all conversation is relevant to the story line, no unnecessary "action," great scenery, interesting character development....

    I think the sheriff may be the Australian actor Robert Taylor - with a terrific American accent. I've seen him in Ballykissangel on PBS and in a couple of UK mystery series but didn't realise he was the same person until I read his credits.

    As to the portrayal of Native Americans, I have been privileged to have had a few American Indians as good friends over the past decades. As stated by a previous poster, we all come in all types and varieties. I found the depictions to be realistic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Normally, I will ignore most new shows for a complete season. No real reason other than most should be canceled before the pilot gets filmed. I did the same for, "Longmire", until I heard from people I work with say this show was worth a look. I sat down and turned on Netflix and watched the pilot. Needless to say, I was impressed. To ensure that the pilot was not some weird fluke I watched a couple more episode – again – I was impressed - well - more like hooked. Most summer programs are garbage and should be left to fester, but "Longmire" is well worth the time to turn on the TV and munch on a snack or two. Oddly, I do agree this is probably 'some tired', 'rehashed', 'hackneyed' rip-off of 'some crime story', and doesn't have anything really 'new' or 'fresh.' Well more often than not 'new' and/or 'fresh' usually means the main character has some 'super-duper-mystical-mysterious-phenomenal talent' – so what actually is 'new' or 'fresh' about that kind of garbage? I just want a show with good stories, good scripts and good acting – you can save fancy-pants CGI for 'Cops Of Steal.' For me, this show is gritty, fast paced and enjoyable (better than many of the over-budgeted movies I have had to suffer through.) No sanctimonious hidden meaning, just a sheriff who has no cape or 'cerebral insight', he just has a 1911 .45cal; an old Ford Bronco he can't keep on the road, a painfully honest bartender/friend and some snarky deputies. All of whom are well cast. This show is beyond the great potential stage and is well on its way to be my favorite (so long 'Mentalist', 'Bones' and - yes - even 'NCIS')
  • I really enjoyed the show. It reminded me of a Louis L'Amour novel. I haven't read the books this show is based on, but I plan to soon. I appreciated the pace, and overall feel of it. I felt completely absorbed in the realness of the characters, and really felt like I was in Wyoming. No glitzy computerized special effects, and no unrealistically fast crime scene analysis. I am looking forward to "getting to know" the characters. I loved the little town square, the Wranglers, and the scenery is breathtaking. I also enjoyed the music. Very happy the show includes one of my favorite actresses, Katee Sackhoff.
  • Crime, drama, good vs bad, characters and great actors all make for a good story line. There is enough subtle humor to keep it interesting, and the action is fast moving, so that it doesn't get boring. Conflict among the characters make it more real life. There is potential for the development of romance as the storyline unfolds. Some of the characters are recognizable from other major shows, which makes the show even more appealing. The characters display the true western tough-guy, no-nonsense approach to dealing with wild-west crime. The tough-girl on the show makes it even better. I look forward to seeing where the writers will take the various characters in future episodes.
  • robin_should13 September 2015
    I have been a fan since the beginning of Longmire. When I heard it had been cancelled I just couldn't believe a show with this class could be dumped. There was never a moment when Longmire was disappointing. The whole cast was always in top form, building with each episode characters with edges that were always clear but bendable, making them interesting and surprising. Scripts that kept you thinking. Then after 3 great seasons cancelled. The news that Netflix had picked up for season 4 made me hope.

    Well, thank you Netflix. Season 4 is here. I have watched them all, loved them all, they made me sad, made me smile, and most of all they made me hope that there will at least be a season 5.

    Ps. Watched the final episode today. I was, I admit it, in tears for the happy ending(s) and for the fact that such a great TV show was allowed to come to an actual end. All seasons have been exceptional and I will be recommending this show even in years to come because it will never get out-dated. Thanks to everyone who made this so great.
  • So I watched the pilot and fell in love with the show for many different reasons; the beautiful countryside, the cleverly written mysteries, the sly Indian friend, the spunky deputy..... But above all, I fell in love with Walt Longmire played brilliantly by Robert Taylor. (Who I was slightly crushed to find out was Australian, not American.)

    I loved his Character, a strong, silent, funny-in-a-wry-deadpan-kind-of-way, all around good man.

    Then I found out that there where books, and my heart sank. No way was I not going to read them, but I was afraid that the book Walt Longmire would be different from the show Walt Longmire, who I really liked.

    I stand by the view that the book is always better that the movie or TV show, because let's face it, things suffer when you transfer to the screen, usually the characters. That is why when a character is done well, the success is all the sweeter.

    You can sacrifice a lot, in the form of story line, if the characters are acted and written well. (Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, or Colin Firths Mr.Darcy in Pride and Prejudice)

    I read the books and found that I had nothing to be afraid of! If at all possible I got more excited about the show because I read the TV Walt in the pages of the book, and the book gave me more depth and back story to this man's character that I now saw played out in the show. That's how good a job Robert Taylor does.

    Read the books! Watch the show! And enjoy them both for that are just extensions of each other!

    And that is why I am a fan!
  • I had not planned to watch this series, but luckily caught the Pilot. The characters are multi faceted, deep and interesting. The scenery is beautiful. It is wonderful to watch a program that doesn't depend on special effects and empty chatter. Granted there have been a couple of scenes I would have left on the editing floor, but overall, great. I love the Wyoming and Indian Reservation setting. Be careful, you might actually learn something. Robert Taylor is well cast as the sheriff. Personally, I would have loved John Corbett as the Sheriff. I love "Ruby". Is she an actress or a real sheriff office employee? The actors are that good. Louie Diamond Phillips is always excellent. I'm looking forward to the new season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know what everyone else watched, but what I watched tonight was great! I loved the main character from the first scene. The other characters are strong and well portrayed. The scenery captures the wonderful open sky in Wyoming with beautiful shots. Plot development moves well and the characters you meet throughout are full and rich. They are real people,with the flaws and strengths that make for dense characterization. If you are looking for a character to pull for - tune in. There is humor and pathos. If you have ever experienced deep grief, then you will most likely 'get' Longmire. I hope you watch it. Great story.
  • Longmire is an interesting character driven show. With some unique situations and breathtaking scenery, this series deserves a long run. Let's give this show time to develop. The relationships between Longmires daughter and the deputy sets the stage for a possible rocky three way feud. Lou Diamond Phillips, as the bar owner part time tracker, does some of the best acting that he has done in years. The supporting cast is believable and the guest roles have been filled with creditable and sometimes quirky characters that give a different sense of style to each episode. AMC has served up several excellent series and this may just be one of the best yet.
  • i watch a lot of old westerns and western TV reruns. Longmire reminds me of the Marshal Dillion TV show. Excellent! My favorite episode so far, The Dog Soldier. Am sitting here with Marshall Dillon on at present. He tall, a gentleman and will kick your ass when necessary. They are one and the same. Hope it doesn't go the way of the good TV shows and TV has the intelligence to order more seasons. There's already too much that isn't watchable these days. As a N. American i like the fact that the series shows the difficulities N. American STILL face. With all the stupid reality TV shows this one with is simply reality stands out. And thats a good thing. As my mothers people would say Nuwedi! (Thank you)
  • bucksix11 October 2015
    Seasons 1, 2, and 3 were excellent, but Season 4 is outstanding!!!!!!!! The characterizations are right on and the intermingling of the various stories is intriguing but nowhere near confusing as these sorts of things sometimes are. It seems as if Robert Taylor was born to be Walt. Lou Diamond Philips never disappoints. Kate Sackhoff is right there. Good cop, beautiful woman. The rest of the cast members are top notch. The show has all the elements of a great western while being a good modern mystery.

    I am tempted to binge watch, but I find it good to contemplate each episode for awhile before going on to the next one. This show is a reason to subscribe to Netflix. 11 stars.
  • I am so excited to get the date for season 5 that I have already put it on my calendar! There are only about 4 decent shows on TV and Longmire on Netflix is right up at the top of the list. THANK YOU Netflix for bringing the show back. I will not miss an episode!

    This is one of the best TV series out there ! It is well written, well acted and deserves to be continued for another season. The cast fits and works well together, it and the main characters should win Emmy's. The storyline, scenery, cast all make it an excellent show. The mix of the Native Americans and lives of the main characters is also very well done and adds to the show. There are many good shows with mysteries, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU but it is refreshing to have a series with a western theme as well as the investigations by Sheriff Longmire and staff. We have watched the seasons in order and the continuity that is kept makes you anticipating the next episode. I was delighted when Netflix picked up the show and am anxiously waiting for the next episode.
  • I don't know if anyone has mentioned it or not but the music is very cool in this series. Nice selection. And then there is Lou Diamond Phillips who brings an air of authenticity . I like living in the open new west without living in the new west and with a soundtrack. Just to cool! It is a tad of a stretch that the murder rate per capita is far fetched but maybe it's those wide open spaces and too much time on their hands huh? It's a show and if it were too believable it would not hit the mark for me. The acting is tight, the scenery of Northern New Mexico is beautiful and it is something totally different in terms of western fare. I find it relaxing.
  • I was a little late to the party to finish the Longmire series, but with a very nasty spring in the Northeast, I finally was able to hunker down and watch the whole thing again from the start over the course of a week or two. I am so glad that I took the time to finally finish it.

    I noticed some bad reviews about the Season 6 episodes, so I was quite wary when I approached the final season....but wow, I couldn't agree less with those reviews. I thought the Season 6 episodes were just as good, that is if it didn't get actually even better with age!

    Great show, highly recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Longmire is an amazingly well written and acted series. The characters are believable, memorable, and extremely well acted. Superb drama. I watched all the episodes and the final season is the pinnacle of storytelling. Outstanding. I believe the season done by Netflix took a good show and made it great.
  • Don't be put off by your first impressions... judging by the poster, title and description, I was expecting this to be dreary and dull. It wasn't! If you like 'Justified' then you will really like this.

    Like most detective shows, 'Longmire' is a 'crime-of-the-week' - 'who-done-it', but unlike a lot of those types of shows, the acting is first class and so too is the writing. It isn't written to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    It is not full of gun fights and car chases. It does not try to be sexy or glossy. This is not CSI Montana - it is something a bit new and a bit different, and it is very refreshing. Give it a go.
  • The Longmire TV show is based upon a series of books written by Craig Johnson (his latest just released being "As the Crow Flies". The books contain a lot more rich background and details about the various characters than is possible to depict in the TV show. The TV show is filmed in New Mexico but if you notice in some scenes they have changed the license plates to Wyoming where the books are based. All in all I have really enjoyed watching the TV shows especially after having read all of the Longmire books. The writers and producers of the show have changed some of the characters. Deputy Ferg in the books is a "semi-retired" older deputy who always seems to be out fly fishing. The upcoming election for sheriff pits Longmire against a person who is not working within the sheriff's department. Vic is pretty true to the book story line however she uses a lot more colorful language in the books. Henry Standing Bear has a pony tail is tall and well built and is a hit with all of the women. Well enjoy the series and pick up some of the books to read they are a hoot.
  • Love this show because of its balance. Acting, writing, production values are all top quality. No whiny shrieking reality show/cheapie comedy crap. Real stories beautifully presented. Looking forward to a greater Indian presence in the scripts.I went out and read all the books because the show hooked me so drastically. Glad to say that the bones are in the books but the show is taking its own direction. I do wonder sometimes how, since this is such a small town, how it can have quite so many murders but so far there are "reasonable" explanations for the deaths. There do seem to be a great many really expensive looking homes and very little seems to be happening "in town." Hopefully season 2 will expand the horizon a bit.
  • At last something to look forward to on Thursdays! Good plots, great acting, I have them all on DVR so I can catch them again.Hate Branch!He is such a back stabber! I only hope it stays on the air. Usually when something catches me it gets canceled! ha-ha The views of Wyoming are breath taking. I'm never sure if they are actually filming in Wyoming but wherever it is it's beautiful. It does occur to me sometimes that there is a lot of crime for such a desolate place but what the heck. I really like Lou Diamond Phillips part. He has never gotten enough credit for his acting as far as I'm concerned. He's really very good.I like that they have guests like Peter Weller too.
  • ich_david_und_gott12 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this show from the beginning, and so far it was great (seasons 1-3). But not because there was more action than anywhere else or more mystery or something like that. No it was different, Longmire is a character driven story, that relies on the interpersonal connections and conflicts, while offering an at least decent story which was always framed by a bigger one (The murder of Sheriff Longmires wife and so on). Added to that the scenery is simply stunningly beautiful. It makes you feel like you are in the wide open with nothing but nature around you. AMAZING! Now I want to get to the 4th season.

    After the end of season 3 I was so thrilled and couldn't wait for season 4 to be released. But then it was canceled and I almost died of a heart attack. But then Netflix picked it up - luckily! With this there is a change in the pacing of this series which parallels the story. While the Casino is finally built and opens and therefore brings a lot of people to the former quiet rural area, it brings the present to this little town where everything used to be a little bit slower and living in the past (in the best possible way). The same thing happens to the pacing: It often gets faster, looks more modern. Now, I don't mean to say, that I didn't like the "old" Longmire, but the "new" achieves what rarely can be achieved. It is the same series with all the charm it had but is brought up to "modernity" at the right places - simply put, I like it a lot! I think the new characters are a very good addition to the cast, although I didn't enjoy the "casting show" of the new deputy very much. The "old" characters and their relations are evolving in a good way, not too foreseeable but nothing too fancy - just the right balance. As for the story: it is simply great. It's isn't the good old "one episode, one case" format but rather a series of more or less related crimes - also new but really enjoyable. The ending: Absolutely perfect. the whole last episode is a piece of art! It just brings everything so perfectly together - no old loose ends, nothing too kitschy or fancy, just the right amount of satisfaction. Plus, while there are three major cliffhangers (one concerning Henry, two concerning Walt), it feels much more satisfying than the finale of season three. Although I cannot wait for season 5, I don't feel like they cheated me into wanting to watch the next season.

    Overall, marvelous job, special thanks go out to Netflix for saving this gem! Worth a watch!
  • marina_7079 September 2013
    I liked the plots of the shows, the acting, as well as the characters.

    My mom complained about Lou Diamond Phillips's acting (being stiff, unbelievable) but I didn't mind it. Robert Taylor in my opinion is excellent.

    I did notice a few slip ups. Like when the show says a couple has been married 11 years but their biological son looks 15. I also am a pretty good predictor of the plots of shows. . but with this show I don't mind saying that I wasn't right all the time. It is like Law and Order but with Western Style and funnier/interesting characters.

    I am looking forward to watching more shows and see the character development, which takes it time.
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