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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Can't understand (within context of S1&S2) why the writers would introduce a new character/narrator named Ani, who has unimaginably earned the trust of absolutely every character over the last 2 seasons in a meresly few months of being at Liberty High. All the characters' deepest secrets, regrets, lies and pain (which she bares no tied emotional connection to whatsoever) is all of sudden be-known by Ani within the first 15mins of S3. It continues to leave the stars of the show looking like they are nothing but support role characters in their very OWN story. Ani goes on to portray a "loved by all gate keeper of secrets" for no logical reason, whilst giving her naunced view and advice to everyones troubles. A predictable and frustratingly uninteresting addition that brings no value or even a slight bit of foreshadowing. Such a disappointment after an intriguing S2 finale.
  • michellepasman25 August 2019
    Ani is a getting on my nerves. She is nosy, two-faced and a liar. Had to try 4 times to watch the series and get past her annoyingness. I just want the old gang back without her.
  • I mean why she has to poke noses of all. She is out of nowhere character.
  • rahulbatra23 August 2019
    I have seen 2 episodes of S3 and I cannot stand Ani...It took 2 seasons to understand all the characters and they are giving more screentime to the new chick, it doesn't work that way.
  • I have never written a review on here before, but use it religiously when watching something new. For people like me I felt like I needed to write a review about season 3. I am only giving it a four because season one and two were actually good. But season 3 is so disappointing, and makes my rating that low. This new character Ani is horrible! Everything about her is annoying, her voice, her personality, her lies, EVERYTHING. She came out of left field, doesn't even fit with the original characters. She has absolutely nothing to do with Hannah, which was the original point of this show. It's just very disappointing and she should of never been brought into the group.
  • First season brilliant. Second was alright but the third is awful. You can't add a new character and make her the main part. I hate her and can't watch it because of her. Going by other reviews I'm not the only one. Whoever wrote her part needs punishing
  • Disappointed is all I'll say. People may disagree but this is honestly how I feel about the show.

    Season 1 was 9/10 for me. Brilliant season. The shock factor made this show stand out. It felt like a refreshing presentation of not very commonly talked about situations. I do advice a little discretion if you're going through a tough time as it can have negative effects inadvertly. The show should have ended right here, and no one would've complained. Season 2 is a drag. A very huge dip. It still ties to the main story but draws a lot of different branches, each of which explore the main plot from Season 1. Still watchable.

    Little "extra" details ahead: Season 3 is a disaster in my honest opinion and hence you see the earlier 9/10 become a 3/10. I don't want to spoil anything exactly, hence I can't give away precise details. The third season doesn't even feel like 13 Reasons Why. It is so overly obsessed with "who does what" and "who is it" over 12 episodes while contributing contents of character development which doesn't even get utilized in the 13th (finale) episode. There's a new randomly introduced character and that character is supposedly someone the viewer should care for, for some odd reason. They tried character development to impact the viewer's perspective, but I feel like the execution was poor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I was really trying to understand the Ani-character and why they gave her such an important role on the show, even though she's just the new girl who didn't even know the whole Hanna-story! Come on guys... let's be honest here! She was a manipulative liar. How did they even let her control the whole gang to blame Monti for Bryce's murder... Oh and one other thing! Although she fell for Bryce and saw the good in him, because he was getting help and trying to become a better person, she blamed Monti just like that for a murder he didn't commit, who by the way was just as troubled and hurt as Bryce. Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying that he wouldn't have to pay for what he did to Tyler. All I'm saying is that they try so hard on this show to pass the right messages and at the end all we saw were two "good" kids to observe Bryce drowning without even blinking and the "bad" boy, who needed so much help, taking the blame for a murder. Don't get me started on Alex... Not only aggressive and suicidal, but now a murderer as well. However, he walks free just because he has good friends and deserves to get help, to become a better person, to move on with his life! Oki-doki guys...
  • Bad choice. Not needed. A HUGE DISTRACTION. What? Why? Not needed. A distraction.
  • I skipped episode 5-12...cus the story is slow and narrated by someone i dont care about...just a nosy new gurl thar suddenly knows about everyone..theres no chemistry between her n clay... yawn
  • Zomabur28 August 2019
    Ani makes me feel like we accidentally turned on audio description & can't turn it off.

    The first series was exceptional and I did enjoy season 2 despite the Hannah visions. Season 3 though...... How is this new girl trusted by everyone? How did she become so close to Clay so quickly? Why is Hannah barely mentioned? The tapes were released publicly she could easily have listened to them. She is obviously ridiculously interested in the group so it makes no sense that she wouldn't listen to the tapes!

    I do think the whole storyline for series 3 would have been great without the awful commentary from Ani. It's just completely unnecessary! It makes sense that Bryce could be killed but we are so connected to the other characters that they would have been able to explore this story without the need of Ani! Nothing against the actress, she does a good job with what is written. It's the whole part that is just completely unnecessary & highly irritating.

    I am English, so it's not the accent that grates on me. It's the personality of the character. It's making it very hard for me to keep watching! I have watched series 1 & 2 a few times each. The music & the intertwining stories were great but I will never be able to watch this series again. I want to press mute whenever she speaks!
  • I came here to write a review specifically about the character Ani, but upon seeing previous reviews, there's nothing left to be said. The show apparently needed a voice in the background because Hannah isn't there to do it, so they introduce us to a RANDOM character and make us believe she was included in this very VERY closed off group because...that's exactly how high school works, right? Love the actress, hated the character. This show turned teen detective very quickly, and the main story line is everyone is lying about something, but what clue can us teen detectives find at the end of each episode to bring truth to a lie. Every time.

    I DO have to say something about the cinematography and lighting and editing. That was awesome and these poor teams hardly get credit. The seamless transitions to flashbacks worked like, for the lack of a better term, like magic. You watch a character walk away, but in the same shot as the lighting changes see the character emerge again in the flashback. Standing ovation for that. I loved it.
  • bmx-7108124 August 2019
    Season 1 - 9/10 Season 2 - 6/10 Season 3 - 3/10

    I really dont know why season 3 was necessary, it should have ended at season 1 to be honest. Season 2 was better than season 3 but i feel like the show's story was told completely in season 1 and thats where it should've ended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    They go against everything they stand for, sexual abuse, drug addiction, bullying, rape and violent behaviour plus they send another message how to get away with murder and blame the dead they spoilt it I liked 13 reasons why but not no more they have just sent the wrong message completely I'm very disappointed HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!!! is the only message I got from the series 13 reasons why
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before season 3 i liked The serie after season 3 i hate it. WHO thought that Anni Girl was a good idea. She destroyed everything. The serie is NOT PLL. I am really disappointed
  • LIKE WHY? Get rid of that Ani Chick. Blagh. Worthless and boring.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I gotta say this tv show hit my heart with the first season. The season had a PURPOSE - to tell people that suicide is not a solution. The second one was super boring but I was like "ok I'm gonna watch it because I wanna know the ending". But now?! Who the hell cares who killed Bryce?! The TV show was made to show something important. Now they've ruined it and made something endless like that girly crap PLL or Vampire Diaries. No, thanks.
  • Too many characters, no need for Ani. No need for flash backs, should have done the show in order. Couldnt make it pass ep 3 on season 3.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before anything I want to say having been suicidal once myself; if you as a viewer feel you can relate to Hannah and have any thoughts on it yourself, please seek help. There are people everywhere willing to give it, you just should look outside the circle of people you see everyday. Life is so much more than high school and things always eventually turn around. You are stronger than anyone may have you believe.

    First off, I really want to make it clear that I can completely understand why this show would have such a high rating (well, sorta). I admit the music, production and acting is spot on for this show. It's extremely well done and frankly it was the only thing that kept me to watching it through to the end, other than sheer curiosity for the highly anticipated (yet extremely disappointing) ending.

    My biggest glaring problem with this show is the main character; Hannah. Being a person who has lived through a slue of her own person nightmares, I absolutely wanted to feel for Hannah so badly. I wanted to have sympathy for her and be on her side. Unfortunately, I never once managed to feel anything more than irritation and annoyance towards her. She is selfish, entitled and demanding. She seems to have this mentality that everyone around her should have the ability to read her mind and it frustrates me to no end. After harshly telling several people who WANT to be close to her to leave her alone, she magically expects people to simply ignore her request and continue pursuing her. I couldn't relate to her problems at all. I completely understand the underlying point regarding that part of the "hot or not" list, but I don't care. It was more a compliment and the people on the "not hot" side probably felt worse about themselves than she could imagine.

    She treats Clay like absolute garbage. Clay seemed to be the one guy who would always be friendly to her no matter what. Even when the first picture went around, he didn't seem very phased by it and had she confined in him, he would have been there for her in every possible way. She pushed him away more than anyone else in the show and it irritated me more than I can say. Part of my biggest curiosity was wanting to know why Clay was on the tapes. When his episode FINALLY (that's another smaller issue I have with this show; it's extremely slow paced and I feel like you're always waiting for something to happen) comes around, you learn she once again pushed him away and got hurt that he listened to her when she told him to leave. DRAMA MUCH!? I was soooooooo irritated when that happened! HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!! He even asked her if she was okay when they were making out. And because of that she had the audacity do add him to those tapes? Even at the end when she gives it one last go with the counselor, she left the office in hopes he would follow her? Was she testing him? Hoping he could read her mind? She was even told afterward she was missed at the poetry reading; isn't that a reason alone to continue life?! Which leads me to her selfishness. How dare she leave a bunch of tapes behind to pass around to all the people who hurt her after SHE made the choice to take her own life. Granted, some people on them deserved to know what they did more than others, but still. It's cruel and unnecessary. It's almost like she wanted to condemn them for the rest of their lives for high school mistakes. No one is perfect as a teenager and she wasn't either. I mean, she watches her ex-best friend get raped and does literally nothing about it. Okay, fine, she was scared to leave the closet - but what about afterwards? She didn't confront Bryce or Justin to tell them she saw everything. She didn't tell Jessica what she saw. She didn't call the police - she did squat. What kind of person is that? The entire time I was watching this show and more reasons kept being revealed, I kept finding myself saying "that's it?" There are two other characters in this show who have it ten times worse that she does; Justin and Tyler. In fact, I felt awful for Justin and was probably the only character I teared up for at all. Hannah had loving amazing parents that she left behind; Justin has a horrible mom with an abusive step dad. Hannah had people who were interested in her and wanted to be friends whereas Tyler gets slammed against walls and told off by literally everyone on the show. Poor Hannah.

    Overall, with such an unlikable main character, it makes the show very difficult to enjoy. I personally think this show is way overrated and there are people in real life that deal with much worse and don't kill themselves. In fact, Skye says it best in the show; "Suicide is for the weak." Now, I don't want anyone to think I am downgrading suicide as a real issue in anyway shape or form. It's a horrible reality many people face and it's extremely tragic. I just feel that this show almost depicts it as a solution to a problem as there are two other characters who also attempt to kill themselves (Clay and Alex). Which, I might add, are caused by the grief passed on from Hannah's tapes. Maybe she wanted a chain reaction to happen, cause that's what she got.

    In closing, maybe this show is a good way to raise awareness to the type of lives high schoolers face every day, but it has a lot of plot holes and for the most part is just boring and what feels like a waste of 13 hours.
  • Season 1 was great... a shout out at a growing issue in the world (Suicide). but now it lost its purpose... wasting it's time with high school drama turning it into a thriller where kids kill each other.... horrible.
  • stewasr30 August 2019
    Loved the first 2 seasons of 13RW season 3 is such a disappointment. It is now unwatchable. I have to agree with other reviewers. Why introduce the nosy, know-it-all character that is suddenly Clay's constant companion, everyone's confidant, always present. If I read that, hopefully, her character gets bumped off I'll tune in again. BTW this is my first IMDB review. That's how annoyed I am.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    None of this would escalate in any of the seasons if one of the flat cliche characters just informed a parent or the police.

    Season 1 was just dumb. After that i literally get aggressive of how bad it is. Season 2 ending with the emo kid wanting to be a school shooter? LETS PROTECT HIM AND DON'T CALL THE COPS WE CAN SAVE HIM YALL boy bye i would call 911 faster than you could say Hannah.

    Season 3 starts of with the ONE KID with 1 braincell stating that this emo kid needs some serious help, and the reply is: bUt WhAt iF hE gEtS ExPeLleD

    I nearly threw my laptop out the window
  • I enjoyed seasons 1 & 2. 3 was a total waste of time!!! I could only make it through 4 episodes and had to stop. Instead of painfully watching the rest of the season, I just read spoilers to see who killed Bryce. There was NO reason to add the Ani character. I don't know if it was a lack of interest by the other actors so they needed a new narrator or what happened. It was complete garbage that everyone would just put all their "deep dark secrets" out on the table to some new chick. Then all she does is run around telling lies to everyone. I was excited for this season to see Bryce his well deserved fate, but save yourself the trouble and google the answer to the mystery.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first watched this Netflix series, I have to admit I found the premise extremely intriguing and watched the entire series from start to finish in two days. Aside from feeling somewhat depressed following the final episode, I initially was impressed with the efforts the production team had gone to in making this series a highly compelling viewing experience for the viewer. Some of the acting was excellent and the soundtrack was a perfect blend between the 80's and contemporary music and it is for this reason and this reason alone that I am awarding it two stars.

    On further reflection however, I am left feeling disgusted with the message 13 Reasons appears to deliver, ostensibly, if life throws you lemons; kill yourself; leave tapes apportioning blame to everyone but yourself; fail to leave any message for your parents (i.e. the two people who love you most) and then as a result of your suicide cause the attempted suicide of another one of your classmates and encourage bullying and finger pointing to young teenagers, some of whom, from what I could gauge, whose only crime was to put you on a list in which you were complimented.

    And here lies my overwhelming issue with the series, namely, Hannah's character. Hannah is an extremely unlikable narcissistic little madam who ostensibly has everything going for her. I fail to see any evidence of depression and her whole attitude demands for the world to revolve around her. Not just content with taking her own life, she was determined to ruin the lives of others as well. The most egregious action however was her witnessing her friend's rape and saying nothing yet having the audacity to blame Justin for allowing such an act to happen. Moreover, Justin, it could be argued had more reason to stand by and do nothing than Hannah did since he felt beholden to Bryce owing to his extremely rough home life and Bryce's willingness to help him. Conversely there can be no justification whatsoever for Hannah not only standing by and doing nothing but a mere week later visiting Bryce's home, thus placing herself in a compromising and dangerous position and then being raped as a result. Further why did she fail to approach Jessica and advise her as to what she had witnessed thus giving Jessica the opportunity to deal with it and take such action she saw fit but no Hannah's approach was to kill herself, record tapes which is essentially one long woe is me monologue and then after having blamed Jess for not being her friend anymore, then decides to mention what she witnessed. Further, Hannah doesn't mention the incident with a view to eliciting sympathy for Jess but solely for the purpose of demonstrating how it was one of many things which led to her suicide.

    In short Hannah disgusted me and therefore when the episode in which she finally commits suicide arrived, I was left feeling cheated. The character of Clay is wholly implausible frankly and his undulated admiration and subsequent avenging of Hannah's death just didn't ring true for me. The fact remains that Hannah also included Clay into her cruel mind games and instead of making it clear from the outset that he had no business being on those tapes, he is lead to believe that his actions was more egregious than everyone else's put together. Clearly the inclusion of Clay's storyline was a plot device to keep you the viewer engaged to the end, in order to see what this harmless adorable little geek could have done which would outweigh the act of rape for example, but in actual fact he did nothing, was kind to Hannah and left the room when she requested him to, yet somehow Tony and all of Clay's predecessors on the tape would have you believe that he was Satan incarnate.

    Finally Tony aside from Hannah is quite possibly the worst character I have ever seen on screen. He purports to act like Hannah's avenger when throughout 13 hours of sitting through this rubbish; we witness maybe two exchanges between them in her lifetime. Tony isn't even mentioned on the tapes. Further his presence only serves to irritate, he acts like some kind of all knowing Buddha when in actual fact he is guilty of leading Clay up the garden path to believe he had done something which accounts for Hannah's death knowing all the while that he didn't belong on the tapes in the first place. Why did Tony in his infinite wisdom not think to mention this at the outset. Worse still, he tells Clay that he killed Hannah in a moment which nearly resulted in Clay throwing himself off a mountain edge. For a series which purportedly is seeking to improve how we treat others, it has an awful lot to say about mistreating them in the process.

    Lastly, Hannah's decision to take her life was hers alone. In life we will meet people and experience things which may lead us to the end of our tether but ultimately how we choose to react is our choice alone and no one but us can ever be held truly accountable. The central message of 13 reasons why appears to be that everyone but Hannah was to blame for her death and this is not only irresponsible but dangerous. Hannah was no saint but by ending her life in the way that she did, she was sanctified, made important and listened to and such a message to impressionable young adults who may be suffering from depression could lead us down a very slippery slope indeed.
  • tara_moore25 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1: great Season 2: ok Season 3: quite boring

    A new character Ani is introduced as the main character/narrator/detective. She is in every scene which doesn't work for the audience as she is not even known, let alone trusted.

    The season drags on and on, and you soon realise that Ani is a distraction, because if any other character was given adequate screen time, the murderer would be so very obvious. The ending reveals no justice, no true friendships and sheer depression. It is literally all about kids getting away with murder and avoiding any negative outcome. Even the sheriff knows the truth but refuses to arrest the murderer.

    If you're busy and want noise in the background, maybe give it a go, but otherwise don't waste your time!
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