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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before anything I want to say having been suicidal once myself; if you as a viewer feel you can relate to Hannah and have any thoughts on it yourself, please seek help. There are people everywhere willing to give it, you just should look outside the circle of people you see everyday. Life is so much more than high school and things always eventually turn around. You are stronger than anyone may have you believe.

    First off, I really want to make it clear that I can completely understand why this show would have such a high rating (well, sorta). I admit the music, production and acting is spot on for this show. It's extremely well done and frankly it was the only thing that kept me to watching it through to the end, other than sheer curiosity for the highly anticipated (yet extremely disappointing) ending.

    My biggest glaring problem with this show is the main character; Hannah. Being a person who has lived through a slue of her own person nightmares, I absolutely wanted to feel for Hannah so badly. I wanted to have sympathy for her and be on her side. Unfortunately, I never once managed to feel anything more than irritation and annoyance towards her. She is selfish, entitled and demanding. She seems to have this mentality that everyone around her should have the ability to read her mind and it frustrates me to no end. After harshly telling several people who WANT to be close to her to leave her alone, she magically expects people to simply ignore her request and continue pursuing her. I couldn't relate to her problems at all. I completely understand the underlying point regarding that part of the "hot or not" list, but I don't care. It was more a compliment and the people on the "not hot" side probably felt worse about themselves than she could imagine.

    She treats Clay like absolute garbage. Clay seemed to be the one guy who would always be friendly to her no matter what. Even when the first picture went around, he didn't seem very phased by it and had she confined in him, he would have been there for her in every possible way. She pushed him away more than anyone else in the show and it irritated me more than I can say. Part of my biggest curiosity was wanting to know why Clay was on the tapes. When his episode FINALLY (that's another smaller issue I have with this show; it's extremely slow paced and I feel like you're always waiting for something to happen) comes around, you learn she once again pushed him away and got hurt that he listened to her when she told him to leave. DRAMA MUCH!? I was soooooooo irritated when that happened! HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!! He even asked her if she was okay when they were making out. And because of that she had the audacity do add him to those tapes? Even at the end when she gives it one last go with the counselor, she left the office in hopes he would follow her? Was she testing him? Hoping he could read her mind? She was even told afterward she was missed at the poetry reading; isn't that a reason alone to continue life?! Which leads me to her selfishness. How dare she leave a bunch of tapes behind to pass around to all the people who hurt her after SHE made the choice to take her own life. Granted, some people on them deserved to know what they did more than others, but still. It's cruel and unnecessary. It's almost like she wanted to condemn them for the rest of their lives for high school mistakes. No one is perfect as a teenager and she wasn't either. I mean, she watches her ex-best friend get raped and does literally nothing about it. Okay, fine, she was scared to leave the closet - but what about afterwards? She didn't confront Bryce or Justin to tell them she saw everything. She didn't tell Jessica what she saw. She didn't call the police - she did squat. What kind of person is that? The entire time I was watching this show and more reasons kept being revealed, I kept finding myself saying "that's it?" There are two other characters in this show who have it ten times worse that she does; Justin and Tyler. In fact, I felt awful for Justin and was probably the only character I teared up for at all. Hannah had loving amazing parents that she left behind; Justin has a horrible mom with an abusive step dad. Hannah had people who were interested in her and wanted to be friends whereas Tyler gets slammed against walls and told off by literally everyone on the show. Poor Hannah.

    Overall, with such an unlikable main character, it makes the show very difficult to enjoy. I personally think this show is way overrated and there are people in real life that deal with much worse and don't kill themselves. In fact, Skye says it best in the show; "Suicide is for the weak." Now, I don't want anyone to think I am downgrading suicide as a real issue in anyway shape or form. It's a horrible reality many people face and it's extremely tragic. I just feel that this show almost depicts it as a solution to a problem as there are two other characters who also attempt to kill themselves (Clay and Alex). Which, I might add, are caused by the grief passed on from Hannah's tapes. Maybe she wanted a chain reaction to happen, cause that's what she got.

    In closing, maybe this show is a good way to raise awareness to the type of lives high schoolers face every day, but it has a lot of plot holes and for the most part is just boring and what feels like a waste of 13 hours.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first watched this Netflix series, I have to admit I found the premise extremely intriguing and watched the entire series from start to finish in two days. Aside from feeling somewhat depressed following the final episode, I initially was impressed with the efforts the production team had gone to in making this series a highly compelling viewing experience for the viewer. Some of the acting was excellent and the soundtrack was a perfect blend between the 80's and contemporary music and it is for this reason and this reason alone that I am awarding it two stars.

    On further reflection however, I am left feeling disgusted with the message 13 Reasons appears to deliver, ostensibly, if life throws you lemons; kill yourself; leave tapes apportioning blame to everyone but yourself; fail to leave any message for your parents (i.e. the two people who love you most) and then as a result of your suicide cause the attempted suicide of another one of your classmates and encourage bullying and finger pointing to young teenagers, some of whom, from what I could gauge, whose only crime was to put you on a list in which you were complimented.

    And here lies my overwhelming issue with the series, namely, Hannah's character. Hannah is an extremely unlikable narcissistic little madam who ostensibly has everything going for her. I fail to see any evidence of depression and her whole attitude demands for the world to revolve around her. Not just content with taking her own life, she was determined to ruin the lives of others as well. The most egregious action however was her witnessing her friend's rape and saying nothing yet having the audacity to blame Justin for allowing such an act to happen. Moreover, Justin, it could be argued had more reason to stand by and do nothing than Hannah did since he felt beholden to Bryce owing to his extremely rough home life and Bryce's willingness to help him. Conversely there can be no justification whatsoever for Hannah not only standing by and doing nothing but a mere week later visiting Bryce's home, thus placing herself in a compromising and dangerous position and then being raped as a result. Further why did she fail to approach Jessica and advise her as to what she had witnessed thus giving Jessica the opportunity to deal with it and take such action she saw fit but no Hannah's approach was to kill herself, record tapes which is essentially one long woe is me monologue and then after having blamed Jess for not being her friend anymore, then decides to mention what she witnessed. Further, Hannah doesn't mention the incident with a view to eliciting sympathy for Jess but solely for the purpose of demonstrating how it was one of many things which led to her suicide.

    In short Hannah disgusted me and therefore when the episode in which she finally commits suicide arrived, I was left feeling cheated. The character of Clay is wholly implausible frankly and his undulated admiration and subsequent avenging of Hannah's death just didn't ring true for me. The fact remains that Hannah also included Clay into her cruel mind games and instead of making it clear from the outset that he had no business being on those tapes, he is lead to believe that his actions was more egregious than everyone else's put together. Clearly the inclusion of Clay's storyline was a plot device to keep you the viewer engaged to the end, in order to see what this harmless adorable little geek could have done which would outweigh the act of rape for example, but in actual fact he did nothing, was kind to Hannah and left the room when she requested him to, yet somehow Tony and all of Clay's predecessors on the tape would have you believe that he was Satan incarnate.

    Finally Tony aside from Hannah is quite possibly the worst character I have ever seen on screen. He purports to act like Hannah's avenger when throughout 13 hours of sitting through this rubbish; we witness maybe two exchanges between them in her lifetime. Tony isn't even mentioned on the tapes. Further his presence only serves to irritate, he acts like some kind of all knowing Buddha when in actual fact he is guilty of leading Clay up the garden path to believe he had done something which accounts for Hannah's death knowing all the while that he didn't belong on the tapes in the first place. Why did Tony in his infinite wisdom not think to mention this at the outset. Worse still, he tells Clay that he killed Hannah in a moment which nearly resulted in Clay throwing himself off a mountain edge. For a series which purportedly is seeking to improve how we treat others, it has an awful lot to say about mistreating them in the process.

    Lastly, Hannah's decision to take her life was hers alone. In life we will meet people and experience things which may lead us to the end of our tether but ultimately how we choose to react is our choice alone and no one but us can ever be held truly accountable. The central message of 13 reasons why appears to be that everyone but Hannah was to blame for her death and this is not only irresponsible but dangerous. Hannah was no saint but by ending her life in the way that she did, she was sanctified, made important and listened to and such a message to impressionable young adults who may be suffering from depression could lead us down a very slippery slope indeed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The thing I found the most sick about this show is that Hannah Baker, one of the main characters is literally stupid and insane! Seriously people! I will give you an example, one of the characters, I forgot his name because the shows characters are very boring and one dimensional, put Hannah Baker's name on a list for having a nice butt. And what does Hannah do? She goes on to torture this poor kid and put his name on a tape as a reason for her suicide! The boy is clearly affected by her suicide enough but because of Hannah's tape he psychologically wasn't able to deal with it anymore and goes on commit his own suicide a few days later! And having your name on a list for having a nice behind is a reason to kill yourself?! Really??? Our other main protagonist Clay, is also deeply affected by her suicide so bad he is constantly having flashbacks in class to the point of where he is having outbursts in front of his peers. Now if that isn't bad enough Hannah puts Clay on the tape and now throughout the show he is constantly worrying about what he did wrong to take part in Hannah's death and is repeatedly told by the other characters he has to watch his tape. In fact, he asks one of the characters, I think his name was Tony, was Hannah Baker killing herself Clay's fault and Tony replied yes. But guess what! Clay did absolutely nothing! That's right! Nothing at all! Now this show completely strings you along for around 12 episodes to believe Clay did something bad, but nooo there wasn't even any reason for him to be on the tapes at all! As a matter of fact Clay even tried to help Hannah but she literally told him to go the F*** away! What sense does that make! As a matter of fact, she said the same thing to another character who tried to help her too! Something else that was completely stupid and messed up is that Hannah Baker victimizes herself so bad that she literally sits in a closet and does nothing while her friend is raped! She doesn't try and stop it or get help and the thing is if she did she could have actually prevented her own rape! Hannah also goes on to put the friend that was raped on one her tapes so she could relive her rape. Sadistic right? And then when she saw said rapist get in a hot tub with her of which she knew what they fully capable of she chose not to get out of there immediately? Come on Hannah! A thing that made no sense to me is that Hannah literally made a completely dumb decision of going to the party in the first place! Why would you go to a party where almost everyone there hates you? You could have asked to gone somewhere else with Clay but nope Hannah once again does something completely stupid. Hannah and her actions and completely idiotic. You have a stalker taking pictures of you outside of your bedroom window? Great let me get in a bed half naked in my bedroom and make out with one of my friends. What? Hannah's narrations also came off as very pretentious and condescending to me. I am a 16 year old girl in high school and I found her terribly unrelatable. And this is coming from someone who has gone through suicidal thoughts, bullying, and sexual harassment. As a matter of fact I found myself fast forwarding a lot of this show because the dialogue was just soooo sloowww and boring! It got painfully bad to watch at times. This show not only suffered from a dumb main character but really almost all of the characters in the show happened to be dumb or more dumb than Hannah herself. An example the girl who had 2 gay dads but was scared to come out as gay. Or how the parents or teachers in this show have no idea as to what goes on in their kid's lives. Honestly, this show can just be completely described as unrealistic as a whole. The dialogue, the characters, everything! The boys in this show were just portrayed as caring about "Having sex, getting drunk, and partying it up bro!" I kid you not. They had no feelings or thoughts at all! Overall as a teenage girl I found this show to be a complete hit and miss as it really had the power to speak on suicide to young people however the writing was completely abysmal and did a horrid job. I watched this show because my friend told me that it was "one of the best shows on Netflix" and "was one of the shows that would make you cry". The only reason I came close to crying was because of the hours I wasted watching this show. A lot of people my age are watching this 13 Reasons Why and I am scared because the only lesson to be learned from this show is to victimize yourself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The audience is almost set up with the promise of delivering some huge answer to the reason for the suicide. The problem is that the delivery is never made. Yes, I'm aware that rape, suicide, bullying, etc. are all very big problems that need work. But we are aware of this at the beginning, and we're left at the ending being in the same position. There was no surprise. No big mystery. Throughout the series though, we are promised that it is a very big mystery that will soon be unraveled. However, we find out that it's just a life many people have lived through choosing not to off themselves. Really the problem here was the setup that this was some big surprise ending mystery. It's not. You know where it's going, and it's very predictable. That in itself is a problem, but there's more issues here. 1. We are promised that Clay did something terrible to Hannah on the tapes. It's one of the main points made of why Clay takes forever in finishing them, and other characters frequently point out to Clay that he shouldn't be blaming people considering what the tapes said he did. The problem? Clay did nothing! Plot hole? Don't mind that, because rape and suicide and stuff is a big problem. Whatever. 2. Why is Tony so cryptic? The series points this out several times, even calling Tony "unhelpful Yoda." Tony's reasoning? Just listen to the tapes and you will get it. The problem? We still don't get it after listening to the tapes. There was zero point in you not just telling Clay. In fact, Tony was even aware that Clay did nothing. Even though Tony wants to "honor Hannah's wishes" or whatever, this reasoning is just a gimmick that's used to continue to plot but never really makes sense. 3. Clay never blames Hannah. Look, I get it. He wants a scapegoat. He even blames himself for doing nothing wrong. (What?!!!) Instead of blaming Hannah, he comes to the conclusion that he should not take no for an answer when somebody tells him to leave them alone. Is this sound reasoning? Not really. In fact, not leaving people alone was part of what drove Hannah to kill herself. 4. What's the point? The moral seems muddled. We get that we shouldn't be mean to each other. But we should also bother the hell out of people because they may be lonely and afraid and seeking your help. How does this work? Is the point just that life contains these horrible experiences, and we can never really know how to act because it could end up paving the road to hell with our good intentions? That's what I got. Bad things happen in life. We can't do a lot to change it, but we should try to be good most of the time to other people. Fair enough. That doesn't mean that these things will end, though. Is that the point? Just accept terrible things happen? 5. Slow pacing! We keep getting to many questions, and almost every answer leaves me unsatisfied. Just because I can relate to the answer doesn't bury the fact that I was promised more than than this. 6. Too many people were blamed that really were not responsible. Take a moment to think about this. She blamed a guy for publishing her poem under an anonymous name without permission. What?! I get it. Probably not the right thing to do. It even lead to more harassment. Still, it's a bit over the top to reach this far for blame. When you think about it, several characters are blamed for doing something that lead to something else and so on until it lead to the terrible thing. Of course anybody on this chain of events is at fault, right? Going all the way back to your great great great grandparents for even bringing you into this world. To make things worse, Hannah blames Ryan for going too far in trying to help her, but blames several characters for not going too far enough to help her. She blames people for not chasing her out into the street begging to know what's eating at her heart. So, Hannah is a bit Utopian and stupid. That leads me to... 7. Hannah is stupid. This point is brought up several times. Hannah expects a perfect world. Anytime her life doesn't go exactly as planned, everybody else is at fault. This ain't Utopia, sweetheart. 8. Clay is a weenie. Clay has this superhero complex. He was a complete Weenie pushover before the death of his love, but after! Watch out for Clay the bad boy! He's out to take out the trash. Does he even bother to think that his actions now may cause another person to commit suicide? No, he never does. (And another kid tries to off himself, likely because Clay is releasing the tapes) Did Clay learn his lesson? Nope. All he cares about is avenging his love. 9. All the kids have to learn to deal with the fact they are horrible people, but the adults never go through this. I think this is more of an observation about milking the gimmick of teen angst than anything. The adults never really go through a moment of, "am I a bad parent?" (Yes, they all are) 10. What's up with these girls obsessing over Clay? You remember how it was in high school. The goth girls, all day dreaming about that poindexter wallflower with Asperger's. The cheerleaders, all waiting for the moment the geek would ask them to dance? I don't remember that. You know why? It never happened. That world doesn't exist. Those girls are usually cruel to a guy like Clay. Your chance comes after high school, buddy.
  • My review is based on season 2 because I feel like it takes the entire show out of it's original story. The bad writing and storylines ruined a perfectly scripted series and made it into a drama high school show. It is still a unique story about a serious subject with amazing actors. But that doesn't change the fact that season 2 was absolute nonsense and didn't need to happen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was so painful to get through, and not because it was dealing with difficult issues but because a lot of the dialogue was so contrived and the main female character, Hannah, was just insufferable, only thought about herself and was really a monster. As a person who has been through a close family member's suicide you do actually blame yourself a lot for a long time, and for the dead person to actually blame these people on tape is just a truly awful thing to do. And basically drove one of the other kids to shoot himself in the head apparently. In the end it is the person who commits suicide who is responsible for their choice and their actions. I'm very sad how this show sort of glorifies suicide as something weirdly beautiful and doesn't actually deal with real mental illnesses and problems. Furthermore, the pace was just irritatingly slow, with Clay, the main character having such a hard time getting through the tapes. And I have to admit I started to skip some parts, mostly Hannahs over-dramatic speeches, because I just wanted to skip to the end and I couldn't take another one of those "deep speeches". Also, there really weren't 13 reasons..And to string along a boy you presumably were in love with and who it turns out hadn't done anything wrong for five tapes is just cruel. Well, actually the most awful thing I found about all the info on the tapes was that she stood quietly watching her ex best friend get raped without doing anything, saying anything. And the whole thing about suing people to left and right must just be an American thing that I just don't get. Is that really something you want to waste your energy on, money, instead of dealing with what has happened?
  • Warning: Spoilers

    The plot is really good, but the character Hannah is a drama queen. She had a good parents, actually lovely parents, beautiful life, she is beautiful (wow beautiful!!) she is intelligent, nice people around that she could hanged out with, but for some reason she wanted to hang out with the bad ones. For some reason the guys from the school picked on her, and instead of being rude with them and tell them to go away, she prefer to victimize herself, and for some reason she tell the good ones to go away. She stood quietly watching her ex best friend get raped without doing anything, saying anything, just victimize herself saying that the world is bad. But instead of talking to her ex friend saying what was happen with her while she was drunk, she end up being raped by the same guy, and did not even asking for help from the other people in the house, just stood there quietly feeling sorry for herself. Too much drama for me to take, I almost end up killing the TV while I was watching the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show has an interesting start dead girl that might not be dead or there is some mystery going on. But NO is just a boring teenage series that touches a big issue in the American society - teenage suicide and bullying.Which in the US obviously is a big issue. Which is why I think 13 Reasons Why has 9.1 on IMDb.The meaning of making a movie or TV show that will touch upon a society problem/s is to make people think about it and maybe take an action to fix it. But this show makes me think what a selfish drama queen is Hannah ( the main character).

    Let's start with the fact that instead of choosing to hang out with people that really like her she chooses to hang out with the mean bad people at her school. Whatever you do you do it to yourself. Second of all her over- dramatic speeches are so "painful". All the drama in the world happens to her nobody else have problems. Also, she is a very bad friend.

    She saw her best friend get raped and did nothing, are you kidding me!later went to rapist house in the middle of a night, okay maybe she wanted to confront him, no she took off her clothes and jumped into a hot tub- wait, what? And then when other people left she just stayed in the hot tub, in RAPIST HOUSE!! She wanted to check if she will be raped? This will never happen in the real world.

    There are so many tissue-paper-thin contrived elements of the plot that it's just too much. Much of the plot revolved around the teens spreading compromising photos of each other and then the subjects getting bullied. So these photos got shared everywhere, but somehow suicide girl's parents never learn about any of it? Impossible! All the adults in this show act like they are no heavy tranquillizers. No to mention that 13 reason why is kind of a copy of Pretty little liars.

    Overall 13 Reasons Why is very very bad show there is no plot twist only teenage drama and everyday problems. Of course, to make it more "interesting" the writers throw rape in it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At some point lots of people think about it. Suicide is a complex subject and these 13 episodes almost promote it as solution, some sort of retribution or statement.

    The ending of the show is the worst thing of all. Most of the chars have no conclusion, maybe because Netflix might want to milk the suicide story for couple more seasons (hope not). Some protagonists just move on. I am no expert but I would guessed that brutal depression would haunt them all and I felt like the show portrayed emotions poorly.

    I just don't feel this show is accurate and some might even think that suicide is viable option to end a life after watching this. The staggering 9/10 rating probably makes some people pick it up but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Honestly the actors are good, technically it's good but the approach of the subject is terrible so yeah, that's why I am not recommending this to anyone. I would give it 3-4 stars, but I just have to counter the amazing reviews glorifying this series.
  • I watched the last episode and finished the series. My current mood is depressive and my feathers thorns. It was really impressive. The drama brings great sorrows to the audience, bringing sadness. It completely changes the way people think about their behavior towards the environment. We have behaviors that cause negative effects that we do not care about people we interact with, and that is to realize that our behavior can be one of the giant pieces of fist that are thrown into the life of that person. The worst do not care about it. So I always thought it was important to pay attention not to break your heart in this life. It is very important to act like human beings. This series is for everyone to watch. Especially parents. The biggest impact of the series was that I could start looking at the people around me with less prejudice. It is strongly recommended. 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Starting this show and throughout the first few episodes, I felt like it was going to be great - things started unravelling one after another in quite a logical order, starting with the less terrible and the more terrible following. But from episode nine, it gets absolutely illogical and terrible. First of, I can't even begin to imagine how it feels when a person close to you kills themselves. You probably do blame yourself for a lot of stuff you which may have not even been your fault. And then she records these tapes to blame everyone around and make them feel even worse? What good can that do? But hey, maybe there is some heavy stuff in there. Well yeah, there is, rape is pretty heavy and causing a deathly accident is, too, but in half of the tapes she just blames people for going away when she told them to do just that. It simply doesn't make sense. Yes, teenagers' minds hardly ever make sense, but I felt like none of those things that happened to Hannah, maybe except one, were strong enough to make a rationally thinking person commit suicide. Excuse me, but if you yell at a guy whilst having sex with him and you tell him to go away, you can hardly expect him to crawl back to you, especially when he hadn't done anything wrong. I feel like this show had a lot of potential which it simply wasted, so I really don't understand, why most of the reviews are so positive about it.
  • The first thing I want to say before I start, is that I do not binge watch TV series. It's extremely rare for me, and I often don't even finish the season. This TV series had me hooked from start to finish and I spent all day watching it.

    While I was watching I was thinking - this is absolutely brilliant TV. However, by then end of it, I was thinking - that was so powerful and emotional to watch. I could barely watch the final few episodes, because I was so engrossed in the story and it does becomes quite graphic. I will say no more.

    Easily the best TV series I have watched in many many years, and an absolute must watch show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think I will be one of the few, but I do not support this show's portrayal of issues even though I really wanted to. I'll list just a few reasons why to keep it brief(er).

    1.There is no ethical reason to make 13 hours of entertainment about a girl's suicide. Suicide is tragic and does happen in life. It appears in other media and movies and is a topic that needs to be talked about. However, when you make a TV show with numerous episodes or seasons, it is for entertainment which effectively desensitizes the message. Case in point, all the teenage comments on social media begging for a Season 2. Please think about that for a minute.

    2. Again, about entertainment. If the show was not meant to be entertaining, why is everyone binge watching and why did they make it a mystery series? The mystery made it a sort of game and put the focus on all the drama--not the tragic nature and issues surrounding suicide. I understand the intention of the Tapes was to show the backstory so we can understand why Hannah chose suicide, but the show also had another main focus and that was the story of the friends in present time dealing with the Tapes. This jump back and forth made it suspenseful and unrealistic and should have stuck to Hannah's story. Which brings me to my third point.

    3. Hannah, who is a main character and we're supposed to sympathize with, created that twisted emotional mind-game. She recorded hours of audio blaming others for her death. If the makers of the show actually wanted to send teens a positive message, they would've clearly condemned this cruelty. Or better yet, chosen another story to tell. None of the people Hannah blames are responsible for her suicide. That was her choice alone. Of course, there's no excuse for the bad things that other characters did. They were responsible for their choices like Hannah was for hers. After the first "traumatic" incident, however, she definitely could have prevented several others by making better choices. She continued to hang around the same hurtful people and constantly pushed away (or refused to open up to) the people who clearly cared. She expected them to read her mind. And we're supposed to have sympathy for her? This is not victim blaming, just to clarify, because regardless of how others treated her, with her choice to commit suicide, she was her own victim.

    I think it is more essential to start teaching kids about emotional intelligence instead of just telling them to be nice and sensitive to everyone. As harsh as it may sound, Hannah Baker had a Utopian, distorted view of the world. Three stars for phenomenal acting and creativity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do NOT waste money OR time on this!

    Seriously? Some people are actually thinking about suicide because of SERIOUS reasons and you go cast a stupid, selfish, self-centered, attention craving teenager to kill herself because her crush didn't tell her she love her? Because she got voted as "best ass"? Honestly it's 2017; i doubt any teenager wouldn't want to hear that squats pay off.

    Some kids are getting abused or even neglected by their own parents; she has a loving stable family. Some people sit alone at school and get called losers all the time; she always seem to have friends. They come and go OK but that's what friendship is !!!! NOT blaming people for leaving you alone when that's what you keep telling them to do, OR hiding that your friend got raped instead of telling about it.

    I hated this series, from start to end. So slow they put boring and unnecessary conversation to fill up those already-wasted 50 minutes.

    What about Tony?! I mean what are you , a watchful guardian? Might I remind the producers that hes supposed to be the same 16 yr old kid not a wanna be 50 year old wise protector?

    NOT RECOMMENDED, and I definitely boycott season 2! The thought might have been there (to raise suicide awareness) but they completely messed it up! You want to raise awareness? Talk about the real bullied kids! Not some popular pretty bitch who got it rough because she cut her hair and no one noticed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is terrible. There's no other way to describe it. It's the product of the stereotypical avacado loving millenial. The entire premise of the show revolves around a hard done by girl wanting to explain why she took her life and make those responsible aware of how horrible they are. In theory a great premise, one that could deliver a powerful and helpful message. However lack luster presentation and terrible acting ruin any positive the show could produce. The "victim" has a cold calculated way of talking, one that detracts from the struggles she apparently faces and makes her look as though she killed herself out of revenge, not misery. Which is further enforced by the main plot device. The casette tapes. Do yourself a favor, skip this show completely. This show will give you nothing more than a jaded, uneducated look into suicide. One that i personally find insulting to those who deal with these issues on a daily basis.
  • How strange it is for me to say this, but I hope they don't make a second season for this show. It ended exceptionally well, with beautiful one-liners and a soundtrack that was thematically symmetrical to the harsh reality presented in the show. The lighting, the flashbacks, the narration was pitch perfect. I love how the producers kept true to the book, developing the story peripherally as I expect they had to do, to make thirteen hour-long episodes, but they left the main plot untouched and untarnished.

    Everyone who has been through high school knows that it isn't easy. Everyone who has contemplated taking their own lives knows isolation, knows a million streams of thought blazing by, knows about grasping at signs and the slimmest of hopes. The story presented here is so unapologetic and raw, so real that the viewer is left reeling from their own moral compasses flickering. Are we so innocent? It takes less than a moment to reach the conclusion that no one is innocent.

    The acting is superb and convincing. The actors and actresses ages are finally reflected honestly in a young adult / coming of age show. I think everyone knows someone who has gone through some of the problems presented in the show which makes it so relatable. And although it doesn't give us any solid resolve to these challenges, just as in life, we go on.
  • Profound, moving, disturbing and massively important. Brilliant and devastating in equal measures. Caution, this is most definitely tough to watch, but do it. A fantastically well written and acted series. "13 Reasons Why" is a difficult, but an necessary watch. A refreshing and unflinching look at taboo subjects that are rarely touched upon in mainstream media. Well done to all involved for handling the subjects so well.
  • Having just finish watching this, I am both stunned and heartbroken. This is a gritty tale of life and the cause and effect of other peoples actions which can force someone into thinking their only way out is suicide. Don't dismiss this as yet another teen angst series; its not. Its an important piece of cinematography which about the darker side of life. If you have older teens, watch it with them. Make them see what it can really be like for some people and that their actions have consequences. It gets pretty hardcore at the end, making you think. Making you stop. Making you realise what what you should do is sometimes very different from what you actually do. You don't have to have handed someone the gun, sometimes its because you don't take it away from them too; doing nothing can be just as pivotal as causing the heartache. The acting is marvellous from these young adults depicting what its like trying to survive modern life as young adults and what they will, or wont, do to fit in.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is so important. When I was in high school I experienced a lot of the same things Hannah Baker experiences in this series. I was made a speculation because of my body and people thought I was a slut even though I didn't even kiss anyone until I was 17. I was suicidal at one point and tried to commit suicide and these were the thoughts that went through my head as I contemplated suicide That being said: this series brings up the consequences of suicide and the reasons so many young people commit suicide. This is important because it brings awareness to the issue and shows the warning signs that you can look for in someone who is contemplating harming themselves. This story is phenomenally written and brilliantly directed. The series shows the mourning parents trying to piece things together, the friend who had no idea what went wrong, and the peers who physically, verbally, and mentally hurt Hannah Baker. There is beautiful character development as teenagers, parents and teachers figure out what killed Hannah Baker and how they each need to change themselves. The acting feels very real and the characters feel like people we all knew in high school. I have heard a lot of speculation that this story is "unrealistic" and for some it may be, but to me this felt like I was watching a TV series of my high school years on Netflix and it was extremely real. Some will hate this and some will say that it makes suicide seem glamorous, but if you watch the whole thing you will see how suicide can negatively effect a whole community. There are some pretty hard moments to watch, but I feel everyone involved with this production did an incredible job tackling this very difficult material. This series will make you stop and think. I would strongly recommend parents to sit down with their teens, watch this series together, and have a discussion about it. This story is real and very powerful
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER ALERT you see a classmate get rapped. days later you get into a hot tube with the same guy. in your underwear, at a party. then you get rapped and kill yourself. then blame everyone else. brilliant. the angst on Clay's face throughout the series grows annoying by the episode. 13 hrs of trying to get a message fails. at least it wasn't 127 hours.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow i can tell you one thing this series has it all. A great story, great acting and a really dark theme that has been a taboo for far too long. it's time somebody depicted the reality of how things really are. If you like deep going stories and heart wrenching plot that this is it for you.

    I will warn you this series will bring stuff up that you won't expect and it can make you think back to your own experiences. But it's finely here a series that does justice towards the story less people out there that had to deal with the same stuff. So i want to thank the creators and writers and everybody whom worked on this project.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Review contains spoilers***

    OK, I didn't want to take the time to write such a long review. But having spent the time watching it, the show lends itself to a lot of discussion.

    First off, there are a lot of things "13 Reasons" did well. Good emotional acting, high production value, solid script, and believable high school characters.

    However, there is something very inherently wrong and almost distasteful about the way this show portrays the concept of suicide. The heart of the story seems flawed.

    Now, I've never read the novel, so this review is only about the show itself. But the very title "13 Reasons Why" and the way that Hannah goes through them one by one like a shopping list, is just unbelievable. Suicide is overall a very internal feeling. No way that a girl who is depressed and has been bullied to the point where she has no sense of self-value left would even have the mindset to record 13 tapes blaming everyone who ever wronged her, which is a very external act.

    But fine- maybe it only serves as a driving point of the story. Which brings me to my next point.

    The majority of the reasons are mundane bits of irrelevant high school drama. Only when we get to the part where she witnesses rape and then gets raped do things start to make sense. So why did she drag her best friend Clay into it? Really, the only person who cared for her? "To make you understand why", she says to him. Well, a letter would have sufficed. But the tapes mess up his life. There are near-comical moments where we are forced to watch Clay zone in and out of flashbacks Inception-style. One wonders how no one has dragged the poor kid off for counseling. And the other classmates who did such minor things such as make a "hot or not" list, or published a poem she wrote? Clearly, Hannah was very unstable to begin with.

    But nowhere does the show ever really touch on depression or any other mental problems Hannah may have been suffering. In fact, she is vindictive and almost aggressive in the way she lists the "reasons why", like she's out for revenge, even though she "feels nothing." I mean, not even in the way she dresses implies how she is really feeling (she's always dressed and groomed impeccably). Could the show at least TRY?

    In the end, two boys nearly commit suicide themselves due to the gnawing guilt. The tapes lead Clay to do things similar to, or even worse than, what the bullies did - and the show seems to condone this behavior. There are a lot of mixed messages and it's very confusing to watch. Sure, the major message is "be kinder to each other", but the tapes contradict that lesson and the whole thing ends in a hateful spiral of a blame-game.

    I haven't even really begun to touch on everything that is wrong with this series. But I'll end it here, and say that I really hope that anyone who watches this does not believe that the way suicide is portrayed here is standard or even realistic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly, let's get this out of the way. The acting was phenomenal. The story was often deep however this TV show is a 13 episode over- dramatised sh*t-fest of an attention seeking girl who decides to take her own life and torment the one person that cared for her with a set of tapes. I'm going to be honest, I was interested to find out what happened. But as the episodes went by it became a hard task to keep watching. I believe 9.1 is an excessive rating for this show.
  • lairclar5 April 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    When i started watching this show, the story seemed pretty intriguing, it was promising and i honestly thought it might go somewhere. But no, instead, what i got was an hour long cringe montage experiment, it's like the show keeps tripping from one embarrassingly awkward scene to the other. The acting is horrible, the character development is shallow and expected, the situations are unrealistic as well as the people; everything feels forced to look and sound more dramatic than it actually is. This is like The Room-level bad, i cannot emphasize enough, do not watch this unless you enjoy long cringing sessions and occasionally screaming into a pillow as an outlet for your frustration. And to make matters worse, with each passing episode, the deceased main character/narrator Hannah adopts a gradually more condescending tone, she straight up points her finger outside the 4th wall and accuses YOU (yes the viewer) of being a direct reason to her suicide cause i dunno maybe you once told her she had a nice behind? or bought her the wrong type of latte? Yup, believe it or not, THESE are the types of things that pushed her towards her end. I remember being legit miffed and wanting to stop watching because of how self centered, a*tistic and cringe this character is, but it's like watching a trainwreck you can't stop looking. Also the movie seems to be trying too hard to make a point about sexism and about how society is engineered from its core to antagonize women and make sure they are always pushed down the hierarchal ladder, but it effing blows it by overstating this constantly. So now WHILE the theme is getting shoved down your throat, you witness an endless parade of unrealistically chauvinist male cast members swinging in and out of screen, talking about "smashing h*s" "chugging brews" and having nice conversations about racks and MILFs over an extensive buffet of hot wings while beating each other off and watching p*rno on a 20 inch plasma. It's almost THAT exaggerated. The show goes out of its way to illustrate the CIS white male jerk stereotype so you can switch to "SCR*W ALL WHITE MEN" mode by the 4th episode. So yeah you get it, the issue is blown way out of proportion, there's a lot of plot holes, SJW cringe compilations, the actors feel dead, 14% of it is believable at most, general try hardiness and tumblr cr*p. It's horrible, i highly suggest checking out the 1st episode, just to see how bad it is, it's actually interesting how messed up the ratio of actual quality/rating got; who the h*ll 9s this? Like who the f*ck would openly give this a 9 over 10? With a clear conscience, it's crazy. Either way, really bad show, very overrated, it's like watching a t*rd slide out of a r*ctum in slow motion. 3/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been reading through the reviews and I have to say I am deeply disappointed and concerned with a lot of the reviewers who gave this a poor review. Mostly referring to the lead character as annoying, irritating, a drama queen, blaming others, etc etc etc. It's painfully obvious how much people don't understand about depression and suicide. OBVIOUSLY the lead character has a way down deep issue with coping and then given all the terrible things which happen to her along the way...did not help matters any. Blame the bullies? Blame the teacher who didn't try to help her or contact her parents? Blame the rapist? Of course she is, her brain does not function in the ways the majority of people do. It's is the exact point this show is trying to get across. So many people still have so much to learn about depression and suicidal tendencies. This show opens doors, if only people would try to understand. Talk about this...try to empathize and open your mind to someone who obviously doesn't have the skills to cope in the same way you do. Yes...this was difficult to watch. Coming from the mind of a person who struggles with mental issues on daily basis, it was heart wrenching to get through. I identified with the lead character in so many ways. It's just that I am older and know that while there have been people in my life which scarred me beyond complete repair, ultimately that choice would be on me and not others. However...this is a platform to help raise awareness for this crisis. The cast was impeccable. The show was beautifully done and brutal, as it should have been. Please watch this...and try to understand it's message.
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