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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season One was great to start with: We had Emily VanCamp tackle a villain-type role as the main character, which for me, added originality in comparison to other lead roles we have seen. Having said that, the character lost it's touch when the first season ended, Emily's character became dull and soft-hearted, and the show in general just lost it's touch.

    I hope the third season will fix these errors and bring back what made the show compelling. But if not, I guess the show will lose another viewer.

    If you like dark and gritty story lines then you will love the first season, don't be put off by the second season. I can only recommend giving it a chance to see how the next series will play out! If you like soap opera's then the second season shouldn't be a problem!
  • joe-8251 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I thought the first series was really good. The way the series began with what turned out to be more or less the finish and the well developed plot lines, with great twists that showed us how we got there. There was a clue where the show was headed when the second last show in season 1 basically filled 40 odd minutes to cover the contract obligations, IE it showed us NOTHING. Season 2 is a joke, the initiative this and that, random characters pitching up here and there (the foster brother, the girlfriend of the previously gay guy, the previously gay guy's previous boyfriend blah blah). The writers don't know where to take the show so are applying the classic soap tactic of 'throw enough characters at it and some will be interesting'. Not working so far and I can't see this show being far off cancellation. Season one would have got 8/9. Now I give it 2.
  • rnicholson-177-9275344 October 2011
    I am hooked on this show! my daughter (22) and I agree this is our favorite show on TV currently. Every week I look forward to seeing how the characters develop and who she chooses for revenge. Not at all what I expected in a pleasant way. The only thing I am not sure of is how long this show can go, does it have a set end date because a show like this reminds me of an extended mini series since it will have to finish at some point. I hope the writers have taken that into account as this show needs a conclusion to make it a perfect show. Hopefully others agree about this show so that its not cancelled before its time. I recommend everyone try to see this (and to watch the first episodes for the background)
  • diroffers22 September 2011
    This show was the one that made me want to sign up on IMDb to rave about. I had some preconceived notions of what this show would be like and which demographic it would appeal to (not mine) and was not expecting to like it at all. Was I pleasantly surprised! I like the way the story is unfolding. I like that the characters are believable, aside from the fact that they are all incredibly attractive.

    I'm a little surprised by the ratings so far, and haven't seen any reviews to explain them. They don't spell everything out for you, so that could put some people off. I imagine not everyone has met people who are like the characters in the show, so the characters may seem somewhat unrealistic in that sense. It is not happy, fun-loving, or trivial at all. It is serious and a bit dark - like Dexter, but without the humorous elements. It could be that it could use more narration, in order to make the lead character more relatable.

    Personally, I'm a little excited to see how this story plays out and the impediments that the main character will have to face in carrying out her revenge. I am sure that as she becomes better acquainted with others, her task will become more difficult to carry out. Or will she turn out to be more of a sociopath?

    My biggest concern with this series is how long the process of revenge will be drawn out. Are they intending for it to take several seasons? Will it be more swift, with the ultimate focus being the consequences of her actions or perhaps discovering an insatiable desire to create her own justice where she sees fit? I like the potential here, I suppose it will not take long to determine where they are going with the series.
  • Truly great show! There is mystery, love story, money, angry evil lady, and a lot of good looking people. You can not help but think, what happened, what is the big secret all those people are carrying. There are so many things going on but at the same time it is easy to follow along. You will love it. I can not see them doing more than one season, but hey you never know. This show is a mix between desperate housewives, OC, Tween Peaks, Dexter, and Harper's Island. Can not wait to see more. It has this dark feel about it but at the same time it is warm and makes you laugh at times. Also I think that the casting is excellent: Emily VanCamp - diverse; Madeleine Stowe - chillingly evil, yet you can not help to admire and respect her, Connor Paolo - funny and is going to be one of my favorite. Anyhow i hope this show does well. Watch it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first, I was THE biggest fan and would have rated that show almost 100 out of ten. So, I was totally into that series... Since Season two has begun it's gradually getting worse... If I had known that in before, I would have stopped watching it after season 1 and thought of an end on my own. The whole story is so artificially constructed that's almost an ordeal to watch it (referring to THE INITIATIVE)... The Initiative did that, the Initiative is scary, the Initiative will kill you... For my ears it's like a writer's block and the staff didn't know what to construct next. BTW: will there be aliens soon? I am so disappointed and still hope that Revenge gets it together and make a sharp turn into "WOW, EXCITING!!!" (like Season 1)

    There's one good thing: the actors are all doing a very good job. Still, if the content gets worse, there's not much to rescue.

    (Since I'm no native speaker, I am not perfect in grammar. Sorry for any mistakes.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What is it with Hollywood drama series that don't know where they're going? This series started out great, it had a good premise and an interesting set of characters. Think of it as a modern day Dynasty.

    Now on its second season, the show has stagnated. The writers don't know where the show is headed, don't know how to end it and just keep introducing new characters to stave off the inevitable - cancellation.

    In the latest episode, Emily's long lost foster brother appears out of nowhere, I guess to make up for the fact that they killed off Amanda Clarke. To make matters worse, this brother from another mother is instantly made co-chair of a foundation Victoria sets up for the departed Amanda. No background checks, no experience, no nothing. Co-chair. That's really believable stuff.

    This is another show like The Following only it's been on for much longer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember the press special they did after the first season, where they admitted that when they started, they didn't know the show would be what it was, so the had been writing on an as-you- go basis. The show has become a soap opera with gaping plot holes, because the story was designed to be a one season story. Good job stretching for season 2, but by the time the Faux- manda showed up, everyone should've known what this was. And now that they've killed Daniel I really just can't even pretend to do it anymore. You guys do NOT know where you're going, which is fine for daytime soaps, but this is prime time! I think they should have ended the show when Emily got her revenge. The writers seem to have run out of ideas and whats going on is totally unbelievable. Ridiculous. I think I am done.
  • seeksSilence19 April 2013
    Season 1 One of the best paced and rewarding shows on TV, a true guilty pleasure.

    Season 2 One of the worst shows on TV, up to the point where I've stopped watching.

    What happened between Season 1 and 2, did they fire the writers and hire a bunch of monkeys?. Too many sub-plots, uninteresting characters and story lines. A great deal of time wasted getting nowhere, with unnecessary characters that are increasingly annoying and pointless.

    I doubt this will go beyond 3 Seasons, unless there is a sea-change back towards Season 1. But then again I'll not be watching, once a show becomes a train wreck it's quite difficult to rescue it and I'm not waiting around for it to happen.

    What once promised to be a great show, is now a soap opera in meltdown.

    I gave it a rating of 5 - 10 for Season 1, 0 for Season 2.
  • Achylles6 April 2012
    When I watched the pilot episode, I found the series promising and I really loved it. Then, after continuing the following episodes, it took my interest. The show is dark, smart, filled with subtle humor and wise quotes. The plot is twisted, dark and tense. Each character has an interesting story, presented in a really good way. The acting is perfect and the writing is complete. Emily Van Camp who plays the main role as Emily Thorne is just amazing! I really recommend this show to anybody. It's always interesting, sometimes funny, dark, and mysterious. ABC has another thing to embark, after finishing "Desperate Housewives".
  • I was extremely impressed watching the pilot online. 'Revenge' has huge potential. It is based on 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Alexandre Dumas. It usually takes me more than an episode or two to like a show but I can assure you this one will get you hooked right away. I can't wait to see how Emily/Amanda gets her revenge on each and every one of the people who destroyed her and her father's lives. How far will she go to satisfy her vengeance? Who will her next target be? Will people find out about her real intentions? These are just a few of many questions to be answered. Tune in! You do not want to miss Emily's 'Revenge'!
  • shorty6_1_9012 October 2011
    We all know Emily VanCamp for her girl next door roles but Revenge puts a whole new spin on her girl next door role with her devious behavior. There are so many characters with connections to her I don't know which guy(all of who are handsome) to root for because of the plan which the audience is led to believe is hers I don't know if I want it to be completed. There are so many possibilities the show could go anyway and continue to go anyway it chooses. This show is a refreshing change of pace from the average TV drama and is completely addictive. Each episode leaves you itching for the next. 2011 is the year of new TV series and many have already been cancelled and lots of the new shows are left struggling yet I have a strong feeling this series is here to stay.
  • What else can I say, this show is amazing. Revenge should be the standard for all other TV shows to follow.

    Emily Thorn and her strong supporting cast are at the top of their games. Brilliant writing, and a deep dark mysterious story line will keep you hooked. So many sub plots and twists and turns as the story unravels it just keeps escalating. It's amazing to watch nearly every character to be deeply developed into the plot line. You never know what will happen next, and it's just pure bliss to watch.

    My favorite new TV show in a long time, and I can't wait to see Emily Thorn every Wednesday. I've developed a sick demented crush for her devilish beauty.
  • The plot of this series has similarities to the Count of Monte Cristo story. A young girl whose life was shattered by some people and now after many years she came back to live among them only to get revenge. This series has a much darker side then it shows and it slowly progresses to the story line. Emily Van Camp did a tremendous job playing the lead and during the pilot, she manages to show a glimpse of her dark side for the episodes to come. Madeleine Stowe is typically cold-hearted and evil, and suspects Emily from the start. The Main story line focuses on these two playing a game of cat and mouse with each other, where other characters are there as well with their own agendas. I hope this series maintain its level of darkness and twists ...
  • I generally tend to shy away from drama shows, the petty bickering, gossip, and backstabbing holds very little appeal to me. Revenge however caught my attention. A friend suggested it and I figured why not watch one episode. I now find myself looking forward to the next episode and the insights it will bring. Though the premise itself is not all that unique, the characters are excellently portrayed. The main character is an excellent blend of enough light that you root for her, but there is a distinct darkness that dwells within the her. I fear however, that this show is distinctly limited and cannot last. Overall an excellent show, though it's not a light show so don't watch it as a pick-me-up!
  • Johanna-kraft10 May 2012
    I've always loved the movie Kill Bill but not in my wildest dreams I could have hoped for a show that would represent the same quality and emotion the movie showed. A good revenge story has always been popular no matter if it was Uma Thurman, Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford or Mel Gibson revenging their family. Revenge is a unique show in that it always gives you enough to keep loving and rooting for your favorite characters but at the same time leaves you wanting more. It is not necessarily because of affected cliffhangers but simply the storyline that makes you want to learn more and know what the future brings. Emily Thorne as the main character seems to be clever, smart, competent and amazingly diligent when it comes to revenging her father. She also shows a purity and innocence as a small child and you get to see the transition of her going from a place of happiness to a place of grief and loss. Even if you have a strong moral code you keep hoping Emily will get her dark revenge on every one in the Grayson family. Her background and history of loss, grief and lost childhood makes you hope she will make everyone pay who was responsible. I am always impressed whenever I find a show that gives you enough answers and solutions to be satisfied while at the same time keep you wanting so much more simply because the storyline is so rich. The Writers have obviously done a phenomenal job in a way that you recognize quality, intelligence and suspense in each written episode. If you love stories of suspense, hope, revelation and rich diverse characters, you will love this show. Emily Thorne is an amazing heroine that displays so many shades of gray that will leave you wondering what it is that makes you root for her and what it is that you would do in the same situation. In my opinion, this is one of the best shows around since the 90s. It has everything you could ever want and more. Plus, from what I read from the Writers and Producers of the show, they actually care about the fan base and their hopes for the characters and the storyline. Mike Kelley has done a fabulous job and even though I truthfully have never heard of him before, I believe he skillfully created a new masterpiece of TV show with Revenge. Give it a try and you will be in awe.
  • I found this show no different than any other night time soap opera. Very "run of the mill" and formulaic. From the first episode I felt I was just watching a "Dynasty" remake. To make matters worse the writer of this pathetic tripe is so heavy handed with the flash backs we start the season off with who shot J.R. Ewing and flashback 5 months. Now watching a flashback we flashback through Amanda's troubled and misspent youth. If the writers expected to hold my attention to watch more than just the pilot, they should have avoided the conflicted scenes with Gabriel Mann. Otherwise the character Amanda should have killed him in the very first encounter, leading the viewer to wonder if she shot the man on the beach or had him shot. Obviously the girl not capable of murder is not capable of revenge either. The story is a wash from the very beginning. If you think I am spoiling? No, you are told in the pilot episode in the first 15 minutes who lives and dies the first season.

    A weak storyline, many loop holes, and a clone of the late 1970s soaps. If you love shows like "Desperate housewives", "Dallas", and your revenge a dish best served lukewarm, then maybe this is the show for you. If you are more of a "Dexter" fan and really love matured and well written shows then there is an ABC "Family" Production. They might as well show it on Netflix for kids.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    REVENGE is a guilty pleasure. Just finished season one. If one can suspend disbelief, great. If one is looking for reality, check that one at the door. Even with todays technology, what the characters do with all the technical mechanisms, no way could all this happen. Twenty years ago or less this series could not have possibly been produced. There are more loopholes than meets the eye. And just about all occurrences are improbable. Just one instance SPOILER ALERT. Lydia lives in a high class well secured apartment building. Yet, two, not one, but two men get in her apartment without any difficulty at all!!! Emily's disguises are almost nil. Strange people just a few years later didn't recognize her. And how did she get to be one of the hired help at the big NY Eve party at the Graysons. No credentials, no background, no references. How was she paid? Convenience for the viewer but so phony otherwise. And how can Emily and or her 'partner in crime' possibly do what they do without ever being seen or noticed? Just a few of dozens of examples that are unexplainable. Again, if you just want to be entertained as a thrill ride, then by all means, enjoy the ride. REVENGE could have just ended after the first season. Just started season 2 for fun..ANOTHER ALERT: How in the hell did Victoria escape from the plane that was blown up????? Unless this was all a dream, this is the stupidest, craziest example of writing EVER. Will I continue to watch season two? Now THAT'S a cliffhanger!! Well after watching the two remaining seasons....Big mistake. Characters make no sense, everything felt padded to fill time and the actors, got bless them, tried hard to keep a straight face while reciting terrible lines they were given. Why oh why do they always have someone listening in to conversations? So many plot holes it's hard to recall...Except for one Glaring hole. In the last season Mason confronts Amanda at the airport when she tries to get to Jack. How in the hell did he know she'd be there WHEN SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE'D BE THERE UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!! It's things like that that are very irritating. And why kill off so many characters?? Unbelievable. Season four was a MAJOR disappointment. Just so many loopholes and inconsistencies. SKIP THIS TRASH. The less said about Marguex character the better. Why did they make her turn so evil???? While I'm at it why didn't Amanda confront Victoria about the reason her son died was because of HER hiring that hit lady to get Amanda. It backfired and got her son instead. Sloppy writing on this one.
  • Oh the old phrase "revenge is a dish best served cold" is never far from the truth as the plot of this series provides. Simple in it's execution, twisting, like a snake in the garden of fertile soil abounding with fruit, and then without warning, strikes it's victim when he/she least expects it. A poison that grows within the human psyche of one Emily Thorne, whose past tragedy in her life leads her into a dark world of cold-hearted, calculated pursuit of vengeance. But in doing so, will she sacrifice her very soul?

    It is fitting then that one would find an infatuation with a show such as this as it plays on one of the most demure and unfathomable aspects of human nature and the conflicts and consequences it brings to social inner-circles of family and friends so much so that one becomes blinded by arrogance, self-destruction, and wanton contempt towards those that have wronged the individual. As the story unfolds, secrets are unveiled for all to witness this dark and deadly tragedy that will inevitably lead to an even greater and terrible conclusion.

    Intricately, it appears that all the pieces of the puzzle have yet to fall in place and this show is that one such puzzle. But the more things fit into place, the darker and disturbing it becomes. But the question remains: How far is one willing to descend into the depths of Hell without ever realizing there's no turning back? To find out, you have to watch "Revenge" for yourself.
  • zoocar29 August 2013
    I do love Madeline Stowe and have in all of her roles, but sadly this series dropped me after the first season. It was fun for a time but the lifeless, stoic and poorly acted nature of the lead character Emily left me with only one bullet of entertainment and five blanks.

    I do not mean to disrespect her. Not everyone is born with a deeper and more complex/resourceful soul to draw from. She is clearly doing the best she can from a very flat and colorless pallet.

    There is nothing that can be done now to replace her and save this series that could have been great.

    Because of Madeline, I am giving this two stars instead of one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am always on the lookout for a series that has something new to offer, but is still a character driven show. Most reviewers have covered all the points I had intended to, except that one of the things I love about this show is how Victoria, the woman Emily wants to hurt the most, is so redeemable and that only through the pain of the same treachery Emily wants to avenge, has Victoria become such an ice-cold bitch.

    It's interesting how Emily at times has the shades of who Victoria has become. Behind both their smiles hides manipulation and devious intentions. Neither of them ever stop to plot and will stop at nothing to achieve what they want. Although it's worth noting that between the two of them, it is Emily who will go farther; Victoria draws the line at her children.

    The supporting characters are also very well written. Everyone feels three dimensional. The heroes are perfectly flawed and the villains are not stock characters. Good show. I'm interested to see how the writers will keep this from getting old. So far they've got me hooked.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ** spoilers **

    I like the show, especially the first half of the season. Unfortunately, the producers ran out of ideas too quickly; the last two episodes I watched (8 & 9) were boring. The return of the fake Amanda Clarke to town is not that interesting, and so is the character of Tyler. The latter doesn't fit into the story. They should also try to build a more realistic story. -- there are too many James Bond characters in the show. But I will finish to watch the season, I want to know who killed Daniel -- I'm sure it has nothing to do with Emily, my bet is that the fake Amanda has something to do with it. Maybe season two will be a revenge of Emily against Amanda, the two seem to hate each other. Or maybe they will surprise us.

    The good thing is that the two main characters, Emily and Victoria, are excellent. I like how the story evolves that Emily starting to really like Daniel and now also knows that Charlotte is her half sister. Her revenge plans will have to change.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a child, Emily was at the center of a national political scandal, but when she returns home 15 years later, nobody recognizes her--including the next-door neighbor who'd had an affair with her father. Did I mention that she moved into the exact same house where she lived as a kid? She successfully tricks another next-door neighbor by putting on a black wig and glasses and posing as a hotel chambermaid. Like a super-hero who puts on a costume and passes undetected among close friends, Emily also manages to save the plot line with some amazing surprise talents (mad fighting skills, knowledge of non-lethal poisons) and when she needs help, she turns to her annoying frenemy, the computer whiz, who hacks into private security camera footage just in time to collect incriminating evidence. And for all the dramatic build up, Emily's revenge is painfully anti-climatic. A politician is shamed into resigning from a campaign. A bitchy socialite is cruelly snubbed at a garden party. A hedge fund manager loses money and his clients get mad at him. This is the vengeance she waited fifteen years to carry out? When yet another villain suffers a sad trombone moment and Emily dramatically X- s out his face in red marker, the effect is unintentionally hilarious. I understand this is a TV drama and not a documentary, but c'mon ABC, you have to try to meet your viewers halfway. It's a promising premise and a good cast but even Madeline Stowe's petulant Hamptons smirk can't save such pitifully lazy writing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's no need to beat around the bush about ABC's Revenge. If you're looking for a new TV show to watch this fall, then this should be one of the top candidates.

    Revenge tells the story of Amanda, a young woman hell bent on bringing down everyone in the Hamptons who took his father away from her when she was just a little girl. Now calling herself Emily, she picks them off one by one, and will not rest until everyone gets what they deserve.

    I like how this show is self-aware that revenge is something so messy it is hard to know what's right or wrong in the process. It puts a Confucius teaching at the start of the episode which goes like "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Narration is also used, which helps develop the ominous mood in the air.

    Great shows come from good casting choices. Emily Van Camp is perfect as Emily. She blends seamlessly with the rich crowd and yet stands out with her pretty face and dark intentions---the embodiment of innocence and deception. Although her methods are questionable, she is obviously the protagonist of the show. After all, we have enough straight arrows on television so it is wonderful to finally have someone complex like Emily. Madeleine Stowe plays her nemesis Victoria Grayson, also known as the Queen of the Hamptons. As shown in the first episode, she is a force to be reckoned with. With smiles as devious as they come, Emily will have a hard time if she is to dethrone Victoria.

    Directed towards a young audience, the plot is very promising. A lot more needs to be fleshed out, which is something viewers want in a production. I am hoping that the "villains" of the show get more character development since we cannot have everything on black and white for a good story to exist. Given the premise, Emily can only exact revenge on a certain number of people before the show ends. This means that unless the conspiracy thickens even further and we find out that more are responsible for putting her father away, Revenge can only last for a short time (two seasons maybe, three seasons max) without it being overextended.

    Which shows are like it? Revenge reminds me of Dexter with its morally-challenged title character, except this is with more scheming and less brutal murders (well, at least for now). It definitely has a touch of Gossip Girl (with the Hamptons and all, and Connor Paolo being it), but in this one, we know things are going to get ugly pretty fast, and it's not the oh-no-my-make-up-is-ruined kind of ugly. The first scene brings me back to the pilot episode of Damages where they give the audience a taste of the future without compromising suspense. This is a good tactic to shake things up. I just hope all questions raised will be answered in time.

    Revenge is a fresh take on the high society life. The mixture of deadly betrayal and the elite lifestyle has got me looking forward to the rest of the season. No matter how hairy things are going to get, one thing is for sure, and that is the objective of the show: revenge. Wouldn't you want to watch something that still holds mystery even though you know perfectly well what you're getting yourself into?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series takes me back to my childhood when Dallas and Dynasty were running forever. The plot twists are exactly the same; lots of money and fancy houses, separation, bastard children, comas complete with amnesia following, devilish friends, trust funds, stock power battles, an abundance of mysterious strangers from the past etc. Only the family is called Greyson, not Ewing :-) The first few episodes were actually promising (if simplistic and cliché in other ways) but I guess the writers realized it would be a short show if they removed the main characters one by one and decided to go on a plot rampage I haven't seen since the eighties.

    There are some pretty good actors involved, but the dialog is corny and the voice over laughable.

    If you want to have some fun try listing the preparation and skills the main character has achieved in her short life. Or better yet the decisions her fiancé has taken and then reneged on during one summer. And how the devil did a Japanese sensei get into the plot? The continuity is also amusing; gaping wounds that disappear over night etc.

    I stopped watching when yet another mysterious stranger from the past showed up. But it is still better than much of the crap out there.
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