Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman have been dating since 2012, and became engaged as of May 2017. As of December 2018, they are now married.

Loosely based on Alexandre Dumas's novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

Hiroyuki Sanada played Satoshi Takeda in season 1 but was unable to appear in season 2 due to scheduling conflicts with The Wolverine (2013). He was replaced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

The name Amanda means "she who is loved" while the name Emily means "rival".

Madeleine Stowe's costume once consisted of a 13-pearl necklace worth $100,000, a Vera Wang wedding dress of $12,000, and a Burberry laser-cut leather trench coat of around $8,000.

Actress Helen Hunt directed two episodes.

Marc Blucas played David Clarke in the pilot but was unable to appear in the series due to scheduling conflicts with Necessary Roughness (2011). He was replaced by James Tupper.

Madeleine Stowe has never actually visited the Hamptons in real life.

Gabriel Mann is 14 years older than Emily VanCamp. He is also 14 years younger than Madeleine Stowe.

Most of the episodes began with Emily Thorne saying a quote about that episode title, but she stopped in Season 4.

This is the second project in which Madeleine Stowe has starred in a title called "Revenge." The first was the 1990 movie Revenge (1990), co-starring Kevin Costner.

Emily's attorney (played by Tom Amandes) in the last season was also her father in the TV show Everwood (2002).

There was a Turkish remake of "Revenge" named "Intikam".

In an interview with HNGN Barry Sloane (Aiden Mathis) claimed that he was originally supposed to appear in 3 episodes (he ended up appearing in 44).

The Brazilian telenovela Brazil Avenue (2012) shares a strikingly resemblance of storylines, which led to the Sony cable TV channel in Brazil to spoof "Avenida" in its "Revenge"'s TV promos, such as using the title theme on them.

Hiroyuki Sanada starred in The Ringu (1998) while Emily VanCamp had a role in the American remake's sequel, The Ring Two (2005).

Victoria's maiden name is Harper. In Brothers and Sisters Emily VanCamp's character Rebecca's last name was also Harper

Revenge: Two Graves (2015), the show's series finale, aired two days before Emily VanCamp's birthday.

Victoria Grayson is a name that was first used in Lifetime's Army Wives. Season 1, episode 10 the general's wife is named Victoria Grayson.

This series is the second that Alicia Lagano and Brian Halliday were in together, the first being The Client List.

Henry Czerny previously worked with the director (2 episodes) Phillip Noyce on the movie Clear and Present Danger (1994). Noyce was the director then as well.

In Urdu language "Intikam" and "Badlaa" are also known as "Revenge".

Every episode of the series is one word, except the series finale which is two words, "Two Graves", referring to a quote said by Emily in the first episode of the series.

Amanda didn't get Victoria's heart. She kept having a nightmare where she did. (This was explained by Emily VanCamp herself on Twitter).

Emily Thorne, Jack Porter, Victoria Grayson and Nolan Ross are the only characters to appear in every episode. Victoria Grayson was seen only through a new video clip sent to Emily in Season 4, Episode 21 (Aftermath), though.

All the men Amanda/Emily dates during the series end up dead. All but one. Jack, whom she married in the series finale.

Of the 14 regulars throughout the show's run, 7 of them are dead by the show's end. While Declan, Aiden, Conrad, Daniel, Ben and Victoria's deaths are all caused by another's actions, David is the only one who does not die by another's hand, but of an illness instead.

In the last episode of Revenge, the year is 2015. Victoria died in 2014 where the rest of the season takes place and David died a year later, after spending time getting to know his daughter before the cancer took him.

Although her mission is to seek revenge, Emily Thorn is the only remaining character in the entire series who never sheds blood.