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  • I saw this one against the critics' recommendation at Rottentomatoes, and it was because of Amanda Seyfred, to be honest. She has those beautiful big blue eyes and blonde hair that one cannot look away from.

    But after watching her in this movie, it is clear to me that she is much more than a pretty face, and she can carry a movie on her own.

    I can see why the critics would hate it, though. The plot is overly simple, the cops have a cursory role, and none of the characters other than that of Amanda's are well-developed. And, the big 'confrontation' is dealt with as if the director wanted it out of the way as soon as possible.

    But, to be honest, in retrospect, the film is about none of that. This is a suspense thriller, not a horror. There does not have to be a big confrontation, and there does not have to be jump shots. This is about the journey of the protagonist against all odds, and how she uses her alertness and her resourcefulness and her charm to get to the person she believes has her sister.

    In this, it succeeds. I would watch this one again, and if a movie makes me think that, it has succeeded for me.
  • Gone proved to be a much different movie from what the trailer indicated. Under the veil of a cliché game of cat and mouse, Amanda Seyfried pulls of an incredibly difficult role by riding the line between insane and driven. The movie puts its entire success on keeping the audience guessing whether this could "all be in her head" or really is part of a sick plot. It succeeds in doing so on the shoulders of Amanda Seyfried.

    Unfortunately, Gone built its own wall on the road to greatness. By keeping you guessing, the writer throws plenty of false hints and possible suspects. By doing so, the movie takes on the feel of the worn-out Hollywood thriller. Although this move may have been necessary, it means other aspects of the plot are seriously lacking. Characters are completely forgotten. The climax relies on a timed event that could not be planed. In the end, this thriller lacks all the elements to make it memorable.

    Despite missing its mark, Gone is completely enjoyable. In many movies, I find myself evaluating the movie halfway through. That never happened. The tension maintained itself through the entirety of the movie. I found myself holding my breath, sitting on the edge of my seat, and wanting to scream, "Don't go in there!" This is how a thriller should work. I wish the amateur mistakes could have been removed. If that were done, this movie could have been great.

    I must point out the politics of the movie. It was believable on most levels. The movie is set on the basis that a girl who has experience with PychCare will usually be treated like she is insane. This idea is done very well. The investigators do give her the time of day, but still appear to brush her off. As the movie progresses, it is fascinating to watch the investigators grow more worried about Seyfried with a gun rather than a missing girl. In the end, it is quite believable.

    If you are in need of a good thriller, this is the movie to see. It stumbles, but will keep you guessing. There is no great advancements made in the genre, but that does not mean it is not worth seeing. When you put an actress in the lead who can keep you guessing, you will usually have a good thriller. Congratulations to Amanda Seyfried for getting out of her shitty movie slump.
  • I think Gone is a film that is pretty much destined for bad reviews, which is a shame because I actually found it quite good, the story is about a girl who was abducted a year ago, but escaped her captor, she goes on living day to day life with the help of mess to deal with the trauma, that is until her captor comes back for her and takes her sister instead, a game of cat and mouse ensues and the viewer is taken on a fast paced cracking thrill ride. Yes there are problems with Gone, for starters the script is slightly underwritten and some story lines are totally forgotten about, particularly some of the story lines surrounding the supporting characters, and it has a bit of a 90's b-grade thriller vibe to it, but for what it's worth it also has a lot of good things about it too. The central performance by Amanda Seyfried is a good one, she is very convincing as the determined heroine of the story, the cinematography is very fitting to the story, the cold and damp setting of Portland is wonderfully captured by the camera, the pace is fast as a bullet, each scene is quick and doesn't drag on and it has some genuinely scary and tense scenes, particularly towards the end.

    Some reviews I have read say that Ananda Seyfried deserves better roles, yes she deserves great roles because she is a supremely talented young actress but I really don't see what's so bad about this role, it's a strong female character, I think people may only want to see her in romantic comedies and that's it. Speaking of Ms Seyfried, she gets better and better in every film I see her in, she has a very natural acting style, she never seems forced, everything seems very natural for her, I look forward to seeing where her career goes.

    Gone is a real middle ground kind of thriller, it's not a teen slasher and it's not a more mature adult thriller either, it kind of takes what's great about both types and combines them into a highly entertaining movie that will have you guessing tight until the very end. My only criticism is just the abandoned story lines of the supporting characters, I dint know if it's lazy writing or what but for me I felt I was steered in a direction only to be left thinking, but all in all the movie is great, I would definitely watch it again.

    Give it a go, I hope you enjoy, Amanda Seyfried is wonderful. :) excellent.
  • A woman believes that her sister has been kidnapped by the same man that kidnapped her the year before, but she escaped. The story line is great. It's refreshing to watch a movie that is actually suspenseful and has a strong female lead. It kept me guessing throughout the movie over what exactly was going on, or how it was going to end. There are some really creepy characters in this film, and once the The writing was really good. Once the momentum of the story began, it just keeps rolling. The ending was fantastic. I don't understand why there are so many bad reviews for this movie...or maybe I do - heaven forbid a strong female character be the focus of a film where she doesn't need to be rescued.
  • Jill's (Amanda Seyfried) sister Molly is kidnapped as Jill was years ago. Detective Powers (Daniel Sunjata) doesn't believe her as he didn't believe her before because Jill could not come up with any viable evidence that she was kidnapped and escaped. He believes it was all in her head. Jill feels she cannot trust the police to help.

    At first I thought (and hoped) I would be seeing a female version of a Mel Gibson character who knows no boundaries when a family member is taken. I was wrong. We see Jill doing the detective work that the police would normally do. She goes here and there and gathers clues getting closer and closer to the serial-killer kidnapper. The police are now in full pursuit of her because shots were fired and that is a violation as she had been in a mental hospital and owning a gun is a no no.

    This held me because the suspense and tension were very good. And, what's not to like with Jill and those big Red Riding Hood eyes? (I would guess Amanda Seyfried will be forever known for that.) The entire cast performed well.

    Two things: Jill's road trip to the forest where she was kept years ago has the story go full circle as we knew it would. We screamed and begged for her not to go there, but she didn't listen. And, where Molly was found was a bit of a stretch but for the twist to work it had to be this way.

    However, all in all, this is pretty good even though you are convinced a Mel Gibson character won't show up. (7/10)

    Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity; No. Language: No.
  • A completely focused Performance highlights this somewhat familiar Tale of a Woman who has been severely traumatized by...that is the question. Is it all in her head, is she delusional, did something really happen to her or is she completely "Gone"?

    This is played out throughout this competent Thriller as She believes that the source of her pain and suffering is back and has abducted her Sister. This unleashes Her barely pent up Rage and propels Her on an unstoppable quest to evoke Revenge and rescue Her Sis.

    This is a bit above a routine exercise in Serial Killer Clichés as it focuses on a truly riveting and believable Amanda Seyfried as the troubled Heroine. Truth is that she is damaged and not really in complete control of her affliction and this lends a certain edginess to the Film as you never really know what She is going to do next, or what Lie She will fabricate, it seems at will, in a moments notice.

    Worth a look for Fans of this type of thing and those who like strong Females willing to go the distance even if it means facing your most frightening fears.
  • 1. there is a review here that is at least 1000 words about how much that person hated this movie. that alone tells me there is more to this flick than the reviewer will admit.

    2. as my title above states this is a suspense thriller about a girl who beats the odds against her. these odds are coming from the traditional good (police & doctor) and the bad (abductor). the support group (police & friends) don't believe her story. but she knows better and takes the situation into hand.

    3. the suspense is continuous and good enough to keep you guessing what she will do next. yes - some of it is a bit unbelievable. but isn't that the theme of the movie - nobody believes her - not even the movie watcher.

    4. ignore the naysayers and check out this thriller --- very kewl ending!
  • MisterE210827 September 2012
    I actually held off from watching this film, I guess because I have a thing against PG or PG 13 films, especially when is comes to horror, or thrillers. But guess what...'Gone' was really a good thriller as well as being a cool little mystery. I never heard of the Director (Heitor Dhalia) until this film and I must say I was quite impressed by the look and style of the film. Dhalia has a great eye, because the scenery in this film was simply breathtaking. A good pace was set and at times I found myself catching my breath due to some tense moments spread throughout the film. I was also impressed by Amanda Seyfried's performance, she held her own and delivered on all aspects of what her character was suppose to give in telling this story. My only grip was Wes Bentley's cop character. Bently's character wasn't really needed and didn't serve no actual purpose, although the film makers lead you to believe his character has some relevance to the story. 'Gone' is not a blockbuster type film, but holds it's own in the tradition of 'Kiss the girls' and other such film thrillers. So when you get a chance to see this film, get yourself, your date, or family a big bowl of popcorn and sit back, because you'll have a nice little viewing experience.
  • Came in to this not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.

    The movie and Amanda do a very good job of making you question everything. From start to finish I was trying to guess who was it or was she insane. To be honest the last shot actually gave me the answer that I was still not sure until then.

    The sense of urgency is there and it had me engaged from start to finish. It is not perfect and some of the characters are forgettable or should of been taken out because they add noting to the movie. Also "not a spoiler" whether or not she is insane he is very aware that the rest of the world see her has insane. I would of liked to see her play with that a little more than she did.

    Well filmed, great acting and a good vision executed well. All in all well worth your time. Deserve a much better score than 5.9
  • This movie was well paced and well acted by Seyfried. I really enjoyed the "road trip" she takes trying to track down her target. She is slick in her conversations and smooth in her charms to converse with people and get whatever puzzle pieces they have to offer. I really like the mystery the movie conveys as it leads to the end. I really felt like the path could have lead to multiple characters in the story, and as you watch Seyfried's pace you are constantly asking yourself how much of the story is she capable of creating herself. I hope the score for this movie rises about the 5.6 it is at currently. Other movies float in this range and do not bring nearly as much to the table.
  • mattkratz11 December 2016
    This is one of those movies where the lead performance can carry it with a decent plot. Amanda Seyfried's performance was the highlight in this suspense thriller where her sister vanishes from her house, and she is certain that the sister was abducted by the same person who had abducted her a few years earlier. The problem is, the police did not believe her when she reported her own abduction, due to her mental condition at the time, and they do not believe her now, so she is pretty much on her own, with the exception of one officer new on the case who seems to believe her. She makes all the right moves in her "investigation," there are some good twists and turns, and it leads to a good showdown at the end.

    This movie was very suspenseful all around with an excellent performance in the lead and a good supporting cast. You might not expect what happens at the end. I recommend it.

    *** out of ****
  • This well-directed if thinly scripted thriller has more-than-adequate supporting performances by a good cast, but almost all are given little to do beyond providing the backdrop for Amanda Seyfried's Jill. And Jill has us in her corner from start-to-finish as she tries to overcome her branded-as-delusional history to race against time to save her sister's life. The police and her psychiatrist do everything possible to undermine her efforts.

    Now don't over-analyze the plot or view this in context of what would happen in the real world. It won't hold up if you do but such scrutiny would be missing the fun. This is not a docudrama.

    There are plenty of thrillers with driven protagonists bit Seyfried's remarkable and multi-layered performance puts this one two notched above most. Score is perfect for the movie, understated but drive. I give this an 8/10. Be seated with your popcorn and go to the bathroom before you sit down and watch, turning your cell phone off. You won't want to be interrupted during this one.
  • SnoopyStyle29 August 2013
    Jill Conway (Amanda Seyfried) was kidnapped and escaped but nobody believed her. She was sent to a psychiatric facility. Her sister Molly disappears and she is convinced that it's the same kidnapper from two years earlier.

    The production value is limited but the tension is maintained throughout this film. Basically, this is a damsel alone in danger against a serial killer. Amanda is great. The production does dip into more TV level of style at times. A bigger budget would help as well as a more imaginative eye. I'm not sure if there are any unfilled plot holes and the climax definitely needed more action. It's still a good watch mostly for Amanda.
  • bustedsmile6 July 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this film last night and enjoyed it. I found it very thrilling and intense and needed to know the end. A few scenes and story lines didn't seem relevant to me, especially after watching it; I thought to myself "why did they even include that? I don't see the relevance of this to the story at all." In particular Det. Hood; he began to try and get close to the case but that storyline didn't really stick and fizzled out rather quickly.

    Looking back, I thought Amanda gave a very strong performance, the strongest I've seen her do.

    I recommend watching for yourself before judging!
  • Currently watching this. Like it. At around halfway now. Story is quite unpredictable. It could go in any way. I'm real stoked about seeing the rest of it.

    Checking the movie's prospects out on Wikipedia, I was surprised to see that it is considered a failure, and that there are so many people putting it down. From what I've seen so far, I can just conclude that there are lots and lots of people who expect something totally unrealistic from their movie experiences, and when they don't get even-they-don't-know-what, they gripe all huffy and disgruntled and bring down the overall scores.

    Objectively seen, it's a tense psychological thriller, with Amanda Seyfried starring as a very intense, very watchable protagonist. She gives a damn fine performance, so what in thunderation more could the people want?

    I will be back sometime in the next week with my review. Meanwhile, I have the rest of the movie to look forward to. Early on in the movie I realized that the title could be interpreted several ways. Missing, mad, eventually shot dead? But now I'm speculating the girl's talking the truth, there is a guy stalking her. I'm suspecting that detective guy. He is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Addendum, 8 December 2014. Okay, so I was completely barking up the wrong tree. Good movie. Amanda was great! More than great!
  • I have to admit I wouldn't have seen this movie if my daughter was not in the movie. However, I found it a decent watch. Considering that 85 percent of the films that come out are absurd and complete garbage, this one was decent. It's one of those movies where after you see it you'll think "that was OK/pretty good...but I'm glad ;I didn't pay $10 to see it in the theater". After you view it, you will feel satisfied and there should not be a desire to watch it over & over again - say, like There Will Be Blood. I cant recall any situations in the film that you could consider ridiculous or unbelievable. The movie was filmed on location in Portland, Oregon. So when they are in the setting they say they're in, they're really there. The movie kept me wondering until the end what was going to happen and it didn't end the way I thought it would. I don't want to give anything away as to not ruin your viewing experience. Amanda Seyfried gave a great performance putting in exactly what was required. No extra, unnecessary funny stuff.

    I hope this review sets the proper expectation for your viewing experience. Enjoy!
  • Before going to see this movie I had read some really bad reviews. After seeing it, I can't understand why. I thought the movie was an enjoyable thriller. I thought Amanda Seyfried did great in her role. This was again in contrast to some of the reviews I had read. As far as I am concerned, if you want an excellent thriller that will provide 90 minutes or so of escapism, "Gone" will more than fill the bill. The single scene that 'annoyed' me a bit was a product placement for Aquafina water. A large bottle of Aquafina was on a nightstand in a bedroom. It seemed so out of place that it was an obvious paid placement.
  • I just went to the GONE premiere. I don't know the filmmakers. Got a ticket through a friend at Summit. Here's the deal: GONE is an expertly crafted and calibrated serial killer thriller, the kind of genre movie that is usually undermined by bad acting and silly scripting. But here everything works together very well. Amanda Seyfried is a convincing and beautiful lead; the supporting cast with Wes Bentley, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael Pare, is solid. The pace is relentless. The script is tight and cleverly constructed. The whole thing works; the scenes fly by; the direction and editing reinforce each other. I never looked at my watch. The movie is a bullet. GONE delivers.
  • Lately, the horror/thriller movies that are currently being released just lost it's suspenseful touch. Movies like "Shark night" is just an embarrassment. When I saw the trailer for "Gone" I thought it would have been the same thing. When I came out of the theater, my mind was blown away on how well the plot was and how Amanda Seyfried portrayed her role very well. There were a few poor scenes, and scenes that weren't really necessary, however the main plot was so intriguing I completely forgot about the negative parts of the scene. It's not one of those movies where it takes hours to get good. The plot runs by quickly, but long enough to keep you wanting more at the edge of your seat. I would definitely recommend this movie!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two things:

    1. Amanda Seyfried proved with this that she can carry a film, she's like Dakota Fanning meets Kate Winslet.

    2. In this day and age where nearly every suspenseful theory has already been explored by now this movie managed to keep me guessing.

    I have to say, I suspected every single male character just to be on the safe side (I do that whenever I come across characters that all seem shifty) and never doubted for a second that Jill (Seyfried) was telling the truth. Wes Bentley is just a creepy guy and casting him as a creepy cop just upped the ante. This film about a girl who escapes (and is probably the only survivor of) a serial killer's den is thoroughly entertaining without getting too ahead of itself. Great script, great cast and great acting.
  • Just saw this movie before it was GONE from my town's movie theaters tomorrow. I love all types of films, including suspenseful psychological thrillers, and this one did not disappoint. I was already a fan of Amanda Seyfried, and her performance in this one was one of her best so far. This is a fast-paced movie that kept me guessing until the end about what was really going on, thanks to Amanda's terrific, edgy performance. The script was tightly written, sparing us any unnecessary story lines, but yet giving us a few questionable characters to wonder about. Nice direction, and the other actors contributed nicely to the mystery and the central question of reality vs. insanity.
  • "He's back! He came back for me, broke into my house and took my sister because I wasn't there." When Jill (Seyfried) comes home from work to help her sister study she finds her missing. Convinced that the man that took her a few years ago has returned she goes to the cops. When they don't believe her she decides to track him down herself. This is another movie I had high expectations for based on the preview. This is not really an original idea but still seemed interesting. Amanda Seyfried was believable in this movie as a paranoid victim trying to prove she is right. The movie is tense in parts and frustrating in others and keeps you guessing all the way to the end. There was just something missing in this to make it really good. The plot is simple, almost too simple for a main stream movie like this one. This would have been a really good "Without A Trace" show or a "48 Hours Mystery" hour show though. It's still worth a watch. Overall, a good movie that could have been better if it added an extra element. Maybe a better ending would have also helped. I give it a B.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yeap. Better than I thought it was going to be. A lot of clearheaded thinking went into script of this movie. All the bits of dialogue have their way of meshing together in a tightly knit story that is both surprising and full of suspense. There isn't a wasted word in this film and not one that is out of place. There's a constant battle in the film between "she's crazy" and "she's not crazy" that does not get resolved until the end. It keeps you on edge much like a photo finish at a horse race.

    And, well...I guess you'll have to watch it to see which horse wins.

    Amanda Seyfried, I haven't seen much of your work (If I've seen any of it at all), but you did good here ;)
  • Gone is a movie that has a good many hits and a few misses. Amanda Seyfried is one of the film's hits, she really gives a skillful performance as the lead. She plays a tough as nails, no nonsense, heroine that will stop at nothing to save her sister from the same thing she went through. The big question that everyone is asking is: did Amanda's character just imagine that she was kidnapped or did it really happen and is her sister suffering the same fate? The writing is overall pretty good, could have been better in some places, but overall it's good. The action is average, still well done, but it's the same kind of stuff you'll see in many other films of this genre. Something that I really liked was the dialogue, especially between two characters in particular, won't say who because of potential spoilers. I suggest this film due to it's anxiety inducing thrills and the strong lead performance by Seyfried. 7/10 for Gone (2012).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Amanda Seyfried is waitress Jill who has nightmares of a past abduction. She lives with her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) who is the smart sane sensible one of the two. When Molly goes missing, Jill goes into a frenzy thinking she too has been abducted by the same guy, even though the MO appears to be different.

    Amanda is a bit flighty when she goes to the police with her 1 hour missing sister story. Because there was no evidence from her last abduction...if fact it was contrary to her story, the police show reluctance to help Amanda, telling her to come back Monday if her sister is still missing. She also has a history of "Crying Wolf." Amanda is convinced it is the same guy who abducted her, and her sister is going to be killed tonight if she doesn't find her and the killer. Officer McKay seems willing to help, but his interest in Amanda comes across as less than professional and is suspect to anyone who watches these films. Molly's boyfriend (Sebastian Stan) has his doubts too and appears less than concerned as suspects mount. To add to that list of suspects there is the creepy neighbor as well as the creepy locksmiths.

    Armed with information from the creepy neighbor and a .38 Amanda won't sleep until the abductor is found.

    The ending was fine, but it needed a final Hitchcock twist. Seyfried looked stellar in a sea of prop actors.

    1 f-bomb, silhouette nudity, no sex
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