Director Heitor Dhalia stated to Brazilian newspapers that he had no control over this movie and that all the major decisions were made by the studio. He couldn't even meet actress Amanda Seyfried before shooting to rehearse and prepare her for the role. Dhalia almost took his name out of the project, but in the end decided not to.

WC Winks Hardware store is a real store in Portland, OR and is actually located at the location shown in the film.

Amanda Seyfried had a body double for her shower scene.

Not screened in advance for critics.

Emily Wickersham is 2 years older than Amanda Seyfred who plays Emily's older sister in the movie.

The film takes place in Portland, OR, which is also Joel David Moore's hometown.

Joel David Moore, who plays Nick Massey, was born in Portland, Oregon, which is where this movie was filmed.

In once scene, Daniel Sunjata tells his fellow colleague that he should act professionally and if he wants to chase tail, he should become a fireman, not a policeman. Daniel Sunjata played a fireman in TV show Rescue Me (2004) in which he was a serious ladies man.

Jennifer Carpenter stars in Dexter (2006) and Katherine Moennig appeared alongside her in Dexter: First Blood (2010)