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  • This commercial terror Spanish deals with some students of the Faculty who are brutally murdered by a mysterious killer . Filmmaker Sergi Vizcaino brings this scary and stylish story plagued with depraved gore murders . This intriguing film packs chills , suspense , thrills , bloody murders and plot twists ; however it contains some gaps in the flick big enough to sink credibility . In 2011 , Angela (Amaia Salamanca) is a psychiatry student who doesn't believe in the existence of paranormal world. The harshest and eccentric professor (Miguel Angel Jenner) of the University , propose to Angela and other students show and refute the existence of the afterlife investigating a miner town with a secret story . Angela, pressed by the eccentric Dr. Fuentes, will investigate a series of paranormal activities happening in a town called Whisper which has its own legend, a dead murderer, Dr. Amado . As Angela join forces with four of her classmates , they will accompany her , as Maxi Iglesias as José , Lucho Fernández as Carlos , Úrsula Corberó as Belén and Óscar Sinela as Toni , an expert on supernatural issues who has been described as a friqui -which in Spanish means a mixture of freak and geek- . All of them to 'Susurro' ('Whisper'), with Diana's company, Angela's small sister (Alba Ribas) , who let them her van. Angela is a medical student who thinks she is capable of everything and Diana is extremely sensitive and responsive. They are sisters and have something in common: They hate each other . Their relationship has been cold since their childhood, when tragic events divide them inevitably. Together cover the village and the old salt mines. As five Medical students investigated an abandoned mining town in search of paranormal evidence and found it. Ignoring warnings, they open a door to the afterlife, with unpredictable consequences , as they enter the darkness, and experience the fear. Exploring an abandoned village , strange phenomena start occurring. Spooked, the students struggle to free themselves and leave the place . The group of Universitary young is stalked by a serial killer (Manuel De Blas) bent on harassing him while .

    This Spanish terror movie contains thrills , familiar drama, chills and lots of blood and gore . In XP3D director Sergi Vizcaino takes a group of young people to horrific places, he will put them physically there and he won't let them escape. We will follow the main characters into long and sinister basements where 3D will transport them to their worst nightmares . This frightening picture follows the wake from Spanish horror of the 2000s such as ¨Tuno Negro¨ by Pedro Barbero , ¨Art of die¨ by Alvaro Fernandez Armero and ¨School killer¨ by Carlos Gil . The film, directed by Sergi Vizcaino could have used a good writer to bring this horror story a bit more sense . The script could have been a little more credible, especially in the end, in which the disproportion of the situations leads hilarity and brief surprises at the ability to overcome in the error and a clear predictability . Murder scenes for example were very implausible, exaggerated and absurd, it spoilt the whole film for me . In spite of it , XP3D is an acceptable and passable entertainment with surprising and intriguing situations , it does have some good and eerie moments . The motion picture financed by Mar Targarona who produced various successful terror movies such as The orphanage , The Julia's eyes and the uninvited guest ; being middlingly directed by Sergi Vizcaino at his first film , having formerly realized TV episodes .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Look, I'll be blunt; this was just bad on every single level. Given it's cast of mainly ex Spanish teen drama rejects I went in with low expectations; I left with a bad taste in my mouth (though that may have been the salty popcorn they have in Spain). The film is a cheap cash in, an insult to it's audience. Nothing new or even well done was presented on screen, so if you've seen one bad horror film you know exactly what this has to offer you. Even given it's cookie cutter nature, the "tension building" is ridiculously hammed and boring and when it finally does get to the gory stuff it's just 5 minutes of a poor man's Saw. The acting is, of course, atrocious and the characters are all as unlikeable and forgettable as each other.

    One thing the film may have done well is making them the stupidest horror movie characters in horror movie history. OK, get this, they all have functional mobile phones and at one point early in they are told to switch them off for some terrible reason. At no point then after in the film do any of the characters mention their mobiles, even when their friends are being murdered around them, and most make almost no attempt to escape. Later on one of the characters goes to "chat to" the murderer completely unarmed and is then surprised when he is brutally sliced to pieces.

    A special shout out has to go to the Sony product placement, which was as about as subtle as the plot twist. In one scene the camera inexplicably hangs on someone playing a game on a Xperia mobile for several seconds, in another one character tells another to mind his new Sony video camera because "it's a really good one."

    I give it 2 stars only because a couple of the deaths made me laugh.
  • In the intro five medical students are involved in some experiment. They are all tied to a chair and the researcher explains to them what he's going to do. He actually cuts one of the guys challenging them and the guy in particular to stop his bleeding by will power alone. They all freak out and protest till the guy passes out. Then it's revealed it was all a set up. The guy wasn't cut and pig blood was used instead. All this was to show how people convince themselves of something that isn't real.

    One of the girls complains to the researcher who I think is their anatomy professor. They were promised a pass on the final exam for their participation in the experiment. Instead he gives her another challenge. To go to some small town were a doctor was rumored to kill people even after his death. She agrees.

    The five kids plus the sister of the leader girl go to the small abandoned town. They set up camp in the church, visit the mines where the town folk chained the mad doctor and left him to die. They go to his place which looks like a butcher shop. And decide it would be a good idea to put the sister in a trance since she has a sixth sense and can hear screams and voices.

    During the trance she sees the mad doctor. When she and another guy go back exploring the Dr. appears and binds the guy with barbed wire. This is 45 minutes into the movie. 15 minutes later finally someone is actually killed. But all along we have learned about the two sisters who lost their mother and lived with a crazy abusive father who supposedly committed suicide as a result of which the young sister is traumatized. We learn how that dad really died and it is clear that something isn't right with this girl. In the end we find out who the killer is and what happens to the surviving kids.

    Unlike most Spanish ghost/supernatural movies, this one is filmed in lively color during the day. It's also a very Americanized movie as one can see from the movie poster. The kids act like complete jerks giving each other a hard time throughout the whole movie- not very entertaining. The beginning looks like something out of Saw or Nine Dead. Locations are neat- the mines, the abandoned town. The villain is alright, he wears some partial face mask and is missing an eye.

    But XP sure is light on suspense, action, horror, gore, anything menacing. The whole story of the girls' childhood is OK for a while but we get too much of it and it takes forever to get to the point. So does the movie as a whole. All the other characters are irrelevant and as mentioned, their interaction painful to watch. The main idea is alright I guess but why would you film a horror movie in such a dull boring way to begin with. Not worthwhile.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Some people have a hard time focusing when a movie has subtitles. Especially, we Americans. You get distracted and makes it hard to follow what's going on in the movie, while trying to read what they are saying. If you think the movie is worthy of multitasking then go for it and watch it till the end.

    The movie is about a group of psychology major students who get a task from their professor to make a research and understand if paranormal is real or can be debunked with facts. They go to a haunted village to investigate and soon, things start to get ugly.

    The movie starts promising but as always, the script is weak and the story is not sufficient enough to justify 90 minute length. This movie could have easily been 30 minutes long and it would still serve its purpose. The story gets dragged with unnecessarily long scenes, therefore the first 30 minutes are quite boring and the movie takes its time to get to the point.

    There are of course some logical mistakes but they are not very annoying on the contrary to the commenter above. Clichés follow one after another here just like almost every horror movie; splitting up to make the killer's job easier, not having any communication tools to ask for help and the worst part is, you can see the twist coming from a mile away. Very cliché and has been tried thousands of times so, nothing original here.

    Overall, it's still watchable. The girls are still hot without running around naked, the acting is not horrible and although the killing scenes are not extraordinary, they are still gory enough to satisfy your gore hunger. It's just one of those movies that you will completely forget about in 30 minutes or so, but it is still a reasonable option to kill 90 minutes without feeling sorry about it.

    Believe me, I have seen horrible movies and this one is far superior then those low quality horror movies with amateur cgi effects. Goes well with your favorite beverage and snack for sure.

    I give 5/10
  • parry_na18 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ooh dear. Seemingly taking tips from Hollywood slasher movies, this features a group of exactly the kind swaggering, perfect teens that clog up those films. Posturing boys playfully pester catwalk girls for sex; they in turn roll their eyes, but go along with it anyway, often accompanied by prom-prog college rock music. Ah well.

    Reaching an early conclusion I wasn't going to be given an opportunity to care about these twits any time soon, I was relieved to find the locations used were overpoweringly isolated and often distractingly beautiful. As the group slowly wander into locations more sinister, these too are very nicely shot. This has the added bonus of moving Director Sergi Vizcaino's camera away from the barely covered rear ends of various female cast members (especially Úrsula Corberó's character Belén), where it tends to linger at close proximity. Subtle this is not.

    Only the trauma induced sensitivity of Diana (Alba Ribas) invites any empathy. When we meet the villainous and mysterious Dr. Matarga (Manuel de Blas) the slasher style dovetails rather well with the paranormal investigation at hand. Diana's fear of Matarga mingles with the fear she had as a child of her abusive father. Through this turmoil, we also get closer to her older sister Angela (Amaia Salamanca). In this way, the earlier shallowness of the main cast is salvaged a little.

    Matarga fits very well the standard description of enigmatic slasher (a la Jason, Freddy etc) but again, we don't really get to know much about him.

    Ultimately, I enjoyed this more as it went on. The locations and occasional gore aided this. A slight but immersive experience.
  • PARANORMAL XPERIENCE is a low budget Spanish horror flick with a storyline that'll be familiar from hundreds of similar films: a group of university students travel to a remote mining facility which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a disturbed doctor. Their job? To prove one way or another the existence of the supernatural. You can guess what happens next.

    Sure, the film doesn't have much money behind it, and the overall storyline is rather weak, but there's much to recommend it besides all that. The opening sequence, a psychological experiment carried out by a dodgy professor, is particularly gripping and the best part of the film. The script is more literate than you'd expect, adding a neat psychological angle to the more standard murder plot, and the use of flashbacks is well done and holds the viewer's attention.

    Horror fans are treated to some brief but grisly gore sequences and the film was also shot in 3D; I only watched the 2D version but with the amount of stuff popping out of the screen it looks to me like the 3D is pretty effective. The cast initially appear to have been picked for their looks as both male and female actors are equally attractive, but it turns out they have talent too; Amaia Salamanca and Alba Ribas particularly stand out. Watch out for genre icon Manuel de Blas (HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE) who bags a great role late on in his career.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Found out about this film when flicking through a Horror Magazine in Hmv. It looked like a great film with an awesome front cover! But I wasn't holding my breath with this one, as on previous occasions when I've bought DVDs, the covers were a lot better than the actual content themselves!

    This one was surprisingly great! I like how the combination of a supernatural & slasher genre comes together! Not much of them come by unfortunately or are even half as good!

    The film basically is about this group of student who investigate an abandoned slat mine village & stumble across an abandoned asylum! It is them the spirit of the evil doctors comes to life & starts to off the students one by one!

    The deaths in this film were decent! The part when Carlos get strapped to the torture bed with bard wire wrapped around him like a rack! Then the Lobotomy pick! Awesome! Though he doesn't die, it was still an awesome scene! Can't help but think they should've shown the pick going into his eye to increase the intensity! The other deaths were pretty good too! Bloody & very vicious! The look of the Evil Doctor was done well!

    The twist at the end was Jaw Dropping! I won't spoil it for you, but it was shocking when it was revealed by the end of the film! The points & suggestions during the film connecting together! Revealing a Dark Revelation!

    Overall the film was great! Unique & distinguishes itself from other crappy made paranormal films out there! 9/10