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  • donwc199622 August 2014
    Mind Blowing
    This film totally blew me away! Maybe it's my age (72) but this film was really a shock. I sat there with my mouth open thinking am I really seeing what I am seeing? There's nothing worse than the idea that time has passed you by and you are not plugged in to current ideas but this film really showed me how little I know about the world as it exists today and probably how it has always existed. Sure, in my youth I had fun and did things I would never do again but always under the cloud of Catholic guilt which in this film does not even remotely rear its ugly head and we're talking about Spain one of the most Catholic countries on the planet. Everything about this film is unique as far as I am concerned. It seems to me that it has established a new threshold in terms of sex, opening the door for other filmmakers to expand sexual horizons in ways never seen before.
  • richard-512-84359326 October 2012
    Not a bad watch but feels a bit soap opera like
    I recently saw this movie at a gay and lesbian film fest. The movie has good characters, is well filmed and had a great soundtrack. I was a bit annoyed that the sexual development of the main character Bruno, who has this amazing connection with another guy, and his subsequent "first gay interaction" is given so little attention. To me that was what the movie was about and it is passed over so trivially. There is great tension build up between them, longing glances, sexual moments and then this is all just passed over and we don't get to see how he experiences this earth shaking moment in his life when he gets to kiss or touch another man. It is left to our imagination, which I think is a bit of a cop out. The sex scenes between Bruno and his long term girlfriend are in comparison graphic. The movie could have done without the side characters of the girlfriends co- workers and concentrated a bit more the relationship between the two guys.Overall a nice movie, well acted, beautiful main character and nicely filmed
  • Armand21 February 2013
    just fresh. a love story with three partners, without many inhibitions, nice, seductive, collection of slices from an age and an universe. nothing special. and nothing boring. honest, touching and with few crumbs of sex. and the secret is the cast. and performance as mirror of reality. smart, interesting, far to be boring, without real ambitions, it is a good manner to be more than illustration of thesis or scene for a cause. it is not a real gay film and the cause remains the puzzle of nuances. it is not a manifesto because it reflects common facts. the joy, the ambiguous feelings makes it credible. and refreshing. the message is universal. and the performance, not bad.
  • EauDouce15 March 2013
    Feel-good and sexy
    I went to see this with low expectations as a filler between more apparently heavyweight films at the Glasgow Film Festival but it turned out to be the best film of the festival. A lot more than just a gay romance, it's very funny, very sexy and clever. Although not apparent from the English subtitles, the film flows between Catalan and Spanish as comfortably as it flows between sexualities and the Galician outsider, who is neither quite Castillian nor Catalan, effortlessly occupies a hitherto undreamed of aspirational space which acts with centrifugal force on the other characters. I loved the peripheral characters and their world - something rang very true about them. With the main plot there is drama, there are plot twists, and an ending which is somehow so lovely that you will leave the cinema with a smile on your face. Go see.
  • euroGary19 August 2013
    No (gay) sex on screen please, we're Spanish?
    Warning: Spoilers
    The final film I saw at 2013's Glasgow Film Festival (at 11.15pm - so much fun picking my way across the city at that time on a Friday night!) was 'The Sex of the Angels', a Spanish film about a young (male) student who, hitherto heterosexual, falls for a young (male) dancer. When the student's girlfriend finds out, she is so desperate to keep her man that she agrees to share him with the dancer, for whom she soon starts to develop feelings herself.

    It's hard to know what genre the creators were going for with this. Much of the film is a heart-rending drama focusing on the girl's inner turmoil as she struggles to come to terms with her boyfriend's infidelity with another man. But when she starts her own sexual relationship with the dancer, the tone changes - one scene, where both the girl and the student turn up at the dancer's apartment at the same time, descends into a 'Whoops there go my Trousers'-type farce that had the audience in stitches. But it's a watchable film, and all three leads are very easy on the eye - although it's extremely noticeable that whereas the straight sex scenes are pleasingly explicit, the gay ones are very discrete - disappointing double-standards.
  • randallross82217 January 2013
    The Colors of Love
    I LOVED this movie! Stumbled upon it by a happy accident and was thrilled to find it! It is very seductive and alive with energy and explores love and sexuality and how these characters refuse to be limited in their lives and how they express that love. It's very realistic and the acting and writing is very good and the look of the movie has high production values and great direction! I love indie films because they are brave enough to explore themes you rarely see in main stream films. Alvaro Cervantes who plays Rai is poised for stardom and he could seduce anyone into falling in love with him. Highly recommend this film!!
  • lasttimeisaw22 November 2012
    The Sex of the Angels
    A 2-guys-and-1-girl comedy (with a modicum of kitschy dramatic tone), zeroing in on the pan-sexuality relationship conundrum happened in Barcelona, a modern tale smells like teen spirit from director Xavier Villaverde (a 10-year-absence since his last feature, THIRTEEN CHIMES, 2002).

    The film kick-starts with a Hip-Hop routine performance and ends up in a casual and cozy dancing moment in the room with the three protagonist, the harmonious denouement maybe ephemeral since the trilogy linkage very likely falls apart when life goes on (a feeble solidification which counters the basic triangle axiom owing to human being's innate doubt and lust), but the film graphically proffers some sincere perception into the young generation's vintage point about love-romance (in alliance with the progression against homophobia discrimination), which is a further step over the rather stale coming-out melodrama during last one or two decades.

    The three main actors are cleverly selected, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey (afresh from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES 2011, 5/10) is much confident and versatile in her mother language; Álvaro Cervantes has a killing charisma which could be perceived and indulged by both genders (complies with the character's "seducer"tag and his unorthodox but quite common pan-sexuality attitude - it is the particular individual who we fall for, it is nothing about gender). Llorenç González, as the befuddled and jealousy boyfriend who has his immature trait but at least honest with his feelings. Pitifully besides that, other sidekicks are plainly foils without any distinctive antics to be remembered.

    The film contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (between boy-girl, boy-boy and a three-way smooching near the end), may be a bit superfluous (beautifully shot though), and the plot has a sinuous redundancy of buzz-killing twist-and-turns, which could hinder the revelational message the film engages with. Personally I will give one thumb up to this film, simply because it is an innovative torrent of the genre and turns out be to a refreshingly uplifting adventure for the viewers (again sexuality is irrelevant here).

    p.s: my Oscar race, Astrid and Álvaro both enter my top 10 of leading actress and leading actor race respectively.
  • MrHogs200115 November 2012
    Great cast but an otherwise romantic let down with anti-gay underpinnings
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't think that I'm the only one who, after watching this film, felt a little cheated. I initially thought that this would be a film about forbidden love, love surpassing all obstacles, a film that depicted the intricacies and beauty of same-sex monogamous love. I could barely have been more disappointed after watching this film as I found it so biased towards heterosexuality. The story begins sweetly enough, with a young man who has a girlfriend, finding out that he has a deep emotional and sexual connection to another man. Beautiful start, and then the film goes steadily downhill... After meeting the man he would fall in love with, Bruno and Carla (yes, Carla and not Rai) have a rather graphic romantic sex scene. If straight sex is what you're into then there are a few more similar scenes. Frustratingly any depiction of gay sexual interaction is filmed in either a sinister context (Bruno being caught cheating by his girlfriend) or a brief and vague shot with Bruno and Rai in a holiday-house. I don't necessarily think that sex is important or always belongs in a good romantic film, but there is a slight anti-gay undercurrent that runs through this film (as seen in the depiction of the love scenes), which brings me to my second point...

    I thought that it was quite unbelievable and disappointing that Bruno found another man who he had this deep connection with and loved, only for him to stay with his girlfriend and then only have Rai as a lover on the side. To add to the disappointment, Carla falls in love with Rai and they all end up living happily ever after, together, in a great big apartment that they could never afford...with their salaries combined. Now perhaps monogamy is just as unrealistic as polygamy, biologically speaking, though I would much rather watch a film depicting the under-represented theme of monogamous gay love than a film which reinforces the stereotype that gay or bi people are sexually unrestrained, i.e the ménage à trois . Some people may find that this hetero-biased film about polygamous love easy to relate to and enjoyable, though I certainly did not. I will say that the actors were all great, and the the cinematography was quite well done, but the rest was simply bleak.
  • Franco-LA14 November 2013
    Marketing misdirection
    Warning: Spoilers
    This title appears under "gay" - which could be considered accurate if you would consider the Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION to be a gay film. The box cover for the film is also inaccurate, in describing which character is the martial artist (and karate instructor would actually be far more accurate) and which was the observer; additional, it was a street pickpocketing, discovered in mid-theft, which turned physical in one brief blow, not a "violent mugging." For gay audience, this film is also problematic as others have pointed out, in that the heterosexual sex scenes are very nude and graphic (and in clear view taking place between two partners), while the gay sex scenes are brief, either very hidden or only partially unclothed and suggested. Personally, I don't have a problem - the forced, put upon full frontal nudity that some gay films feature -- particularly in this day and age when so much full on hard core nudity is so readily available for free, just feels strained at best. If they had shown only one of the graphic scenes between Bruno and Carla (probably the one after he came from the country, where it was integral to pushing the story where it was at that moment) would have sufficed, if they two male actors (or the director, and crew) were uncomfortable being more equitable - otherwise, this is a position that many similar movies have taken and it's equally annoying and a good reason to rate a movie as a pass.

    Technically, the movie is reasonably proficient and uses it's low budget well, with the camera work being the best thing about it. The actress who plays Carla comes across as annoying and underwritten or, in her own words, written as pathetic, to know if her acting is any good. Being the mermaid in a large summer tent-pole movie (which was likely shot after THIS, not the other way around as some people have written based purely on festival and other distribution patterns) is not at all a recommendation for future roles.

    The guy who plays the RAI role has a certain charisma but come across more as a user than anything else; the line where his friend says he is a seducer and more into the hunt than anything else is probably more telling, and that he didn't realize what getting involved with Carla would do - other than as another pelt on his belt, also speaks poorly for the character. He does gets off a few interesting lines, but these are the 2 am, sitting around in a dorm room, bullshitting with your friends, thinking you are brilliant to have discovered what the real world is and what it is like revelations. If you are young, immature and unworldly, yes, he's the character to get some pearls of wisdom from.

    The movie has far too many 'fridge logic' moments (such as the lack of response in four days, listening to the toxic friend, throwing all the ex's stuff in garbage bags, ex shows up and garbage trucks are rolling away scene, as just one example) to make you engaged in the film. The leads are attractive enough, but they are actors - in a film, you don't expect any less from a scripted show on a lesser channel like the CW, yet you aren't necessarily going to give up an hour of life (including commercials) on it, are you. The story doesn't really tell us anything too, the situation it presents may have happened as laid out to the writer/director, but in addition to being far from universal, there's nothing there for most people to really feel entertained or informed after viewing.

    The idea of fluid sexuality has been handled better in other projects. A movie about someone who has felt one thing for most of his life (in this case heterosexuality and a companionable affection and loving relationship with someone for numerous years) can suddenly feel something different and unusual for someone else - yet still desire the known quantity and wish for that companion and relationship - might have, with far better writing, made a mildly interesting character study, even if nothing new.

    Bisexuality is not really dealt well as a topic - and many gay men are highly uncomfortable with true bisexuality so it would need to be marketed in a distinct and overboard manner, not as this was, but this is neither an accurate portrayal of bisexuality nor was it really meant to be.
  • sinnerofcinema18 March 2013
    Angels blossom with fluid Sexuality - "If you don't take a risk, you're dead!"
    Life alone isn't easy, with two its complicated. These words of wisdom pretty much sums up "The Angels of Sex". A very well fleshed out character study about several complicated relationship between three people who refuse for conform to society's expectations, yet they themselves struggle to surpass their own limitations of how love and sex should be handled without prejudice. The film unspools the lives and loves of Rai (Álvaro Cervantes), Carla (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) & Bruno (Llorenç González) three hipsters who are dealing with the current realities of modern Spain, both in personal & professional relations. All three characters suffer distinct challenges and pleasures of life as their personalities are interwoven in meticulously yet naturally planned situations which tests their patience for what they are willing to tolerate from one another. As angels may be, do we really know what sex they are? In this film boundaries established by preconceived notions are of least importance as the heart wants what the heart needs. Filmmaker Xavier Villaverde flawlessly handles the character's in several surreal situations giving them enough material to allow for the realities of some very complex situations that are compounded by mixed feelings with ever more confusing results. This movie is a must see for three good reasons, Rai, Bruno & Carla. As they co-mingle and fuse their sentiments towards one another, One can't help wondering how long would a relationship of this sort really last, but as we see sexual desires and true love and pain surface, we realize that these are only people looking for the same thing... to be loved as intensely as the heart and flesh may permit for one never knows what, when or how long the good times may last. A film highly recommended for its embrace and truthful storytelling depicting an alternative situation beautifully performed with profound meaning and dedication. You are in for a treat as your eyes will feast on this deliciously, tasty & sweet love triangle. With the many temperature rising scenes presenting sexual fluidity at its best, thankfully this dish is best served hot courtesy of our main cast and their charismatic & overwhelming chemistry.
  • hjames-978222 May 2015
    Can't They Just Make Up Their Minds?
    Warning: Spoilers
    Lot to mention but let me say first off I do not consider this a "gay film." Yes, there is a male/male gay relationship that figures prominently. Lesbians are left out here. (You remember lesbians, right? Gay women.) Anyway, what you do have is a bi-sexual tale of swapping and loving that isn't a bad story, but one that takes a number of detours along the way. Then gets completely lost at the end.

    They could have easily cut 20 minutes plus out of this film and not lost a thing. Nor does it bother me that the sexual scenes between straights are somewhat more graphic than those depicting gay men. Why does this bother people so? If you are looking for porn just go find it. It's free and it's everywhere.

    To be honest, I subscribe to the "less is more" theory. I want the director (and the screenwriters) to leave room for my personal imagination. I want to fill in the blanks romantically. Stop turning me into a cheap peeping Tom sitting in the Peanut Gallery and let me become an extension of every scene---sexual and otherwise. Sometimes with modern film I feel like I'm just a circus prop.

    There are several side characters that just slow things down. The whole notion of these young people working to put out a magazine is treated almost as an afterthought.

    But the worst of all is the entire 3-way plot line. That both men and women can exist in this kind of 3-way arrangement is ridiculous. Human frailty being what it is, it just never works out. That's why so called "swingers" have to continually look for new partners. In this script, the young woman is at first repulsed by the idea of sharing her boyfriend with a man. In a matter of 30 minutes she's not only accepted that arrangement, she's joining in between them. Theatrical license is one thing. This is silly.
  • Kirpianuscus2 April 2017
    a puzzle. this is the first definition. and, maybe, the best. because it is a love story in same measure like a film about dance, friendship, youth, choices. simple. and honest. and strange. not for the sentimental triangle but for the effort to contain each ingredient of a story full of details, sounds, colors and characters who remind ordinary people, situations and relations. a film about life. in honest manner. simple. and seductive for that. nothing surprising. nothing new. but enough for a beautiful film.
  • jm1070126 June 2013
    A glitzy, annoying, insulting movie
    This shallow, irritating, sterile movie offers nothing but titillation for a certain sort of voyeur, maybe for women who like to watch men make out... the female equivalent of men whose ultimate fantasy is sex with two women. Any gay man who likes this movie needs to have his head examined - both of them.

    This is a movie, like Brokeback Mountain, that was made BY straight people FOR straight people (as if they didn't already have enough movies) who think shoehorning gay sex into their movie makes it cool, or something dumb like that. It's an attitude that makes me furious and insults the gay men I suppose it means to pander to.

    It's even worse than Brokeback Mountain, though, and casting Llorenç González can't be a coincidence: he looks almost exactly like Jake Gyllenhaal and is almost as ugly. Álvaro Cervantes is gorgeous and extremely sexy; without him this movie would have been just another stupid straight movie, but he's wasted in it.

    Gay men should boycott all movies (like this one) that show twenty minutes of graphic straight sex for every twenty seconds of censored, castrated gay sex. That's like spitting in our faces, proving that we're nothing but pawns in their sick heterosexual fantasies.
  • Robbie Lockie8 September 2013
    The power of three...
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is shot in one of my most favourite cities in the world. Barcelona.

    The story of three people who's lives become intertwined by a chance meeting.

    The big question. Can three in a bed really work? I found this movie on Netflix and really enjoyed it. A wonderful story, beautifully shot. The cast were fantastic and each one of them played their roll really well.

    I love Spanish films and this is no exception.

    I was genuinely moved by many scenes in this film, and the moment when you realise how much they love each other, made me cry, which never happens.

    This kind of tale could have easily become such a tragedy, but it is wonder for a change to have a story of this kind that ends of a feel good note.

    Well done a to the brilliant cast, really really wonderful watch.
  • hdevinr15 May 2013
    New addition to my favorites list!
    I absolutely loved this movie. I feel like I only get a great film like this every year or so and I was so excited when it turned out to be so good. I definitely added it to my favorites list with "Weekend", "Private Romeo", "The Dreamers", "Loose Cannons", "Shortbus". I hope there are still more films out there like this one that I just haven't found yet. The acting was great by all of the main characters. The quality of the film was top notch which is often a bummer in gay films. The look and feel of the movie kind of reminded me of "mammoth" or "babel" which I loved as well. I am no expert but I have watched more movies than I can count especially in this genre and if you like any of the movies I listed I am guessing you will like this one too.
  • bjarias7 February 2016
    ... romantic fiction... just keep 'em together.. see what happens
    Seriously.. a relationship with just two people at times can be trying enough. Add a third person and you now have four relationships within the triangle.. two male-female, one male-male, and another male-female-male. Yea, that's sure to work for a good length of time. These kinds of films are annoying for they spend the entire time working on the setup of the love triangle. What would be much more interesting is to see how it would go forward from the initial stage of love-intoxication to real life circumstances. As inevitably one of the three 'pairs' is going to wind up being more 'exclusive' and in so doing, alienating the third party. Or one of the three many wanna go outside the little group for a fourth! The world's breakup rate is a 'majority of the time'... this just way increases the odds.
  • toddcha6 April 2014
    too good to be true
    Warning: Spoilers
    I think the film addresses two questions: 1. what is love and what is sex? 2. how far will you go to let your loving one happy with having sex with another one (whether same-sex or not) but suffer yourself from that happiness? One thing definitely for sure is that this film is NOT about homosexuality. Definitely not.

    This film is worth watching. It's fun, logic (but not the end), and interesting. I mean it's interesting in the sense that it challenges the typical understanding and view towards love and sex as a unity.

    This film makes me thinking if it is really possible that you can have sex with someone but refuse to love him/her? If the answer is yes, it's more like an open relationship. One can HAVE FUN with anyone and at the same time he/she claims you are the (life) parterre and you do the same. If the answer is no, it's like "Rai's situation." You are just afraid to love someone.

    Rai is just afraid to love, to fall in love with someone (for not being hurt or unable to sustain the hurt of possible separation. ) What he brings to the couple, a couple's love in a traditional view point is the purity/ type of love.

    However, I don't think the ending can be happening in the real life. If one can have sex without falling in love with him/her, what makes them stay together? Friendship? Moral ethics?
  • Abdullah Siddiki24 November 2013
    Tale of a mutual relationship
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would like to say about the ending of the movie. It seems a good ending with mutual relationship. But in real life its hard to carry this kind of relationship. It can be good representation of bisexual relationship also. No one like their partner interaction with third one that focused when both Carla and Bruno get affairs with Rai. Same thing happen when Carla found gay relation with Rai and Bruno see the relation with Rai. Cinematography and soundtrack was good. Story line also good. Everyone act nicely on their role. I can say its my another great experience of watching a good movie. Just love it. Hope everyone enjoy the movie. Happy movie watching.