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  • Fresh faced Phillipine beauty Anne Curtis plays Elizabeth, a successful young executive. While at school, and looking somewhat plain (you can't fully hide her beauty), she has a major crush on the school heart throb, John (Luis Manzano). One day after she freezes up in class (due to John coming into class with a note) and is outside crying. John cheers her up. Years pass and she thinks of him still. She opens the paper to find he died and goes to the wake and falls apart, but she realizes its John's father, not John who passed. However, by her hysterical reaction everyone thinks she had an affair with John Sr., causing a reaction and vows of revenge from his wife, played by Eugene Domingo, who is over the top funny in this (she is always fun to watch in film). Various situations ensue, some crazy, some cute. Its pretty much a chick flick, but a slightly above average one, due to Ms. Curtis and especially Ms. Domingo. While not laugh out loud funny, it moves along pretty well. If your favorite films are romantic comedies with a measure of screwball comedy/slapstick. you'll like this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story begins with a woman who while in college had a huge crush at the campus' most popular guy. She furiously collected his gym photos and even got a few of him as a toddler! Creepy or what? The years passed and one day she reads in the paper (in the obiutuaries section) that the guy she was in love with will be buried in a few days. So far so good... but after causing an uproar at the funeral by her sobbing heart wrenching entrance, she realises the dead guy in the coffin is actually her dream guy's father... John Sr. and not John Jr.!

    The widow is hilarious through the whole movie! This film has nothing to envy from any western romantic comedy. On the contrary, the script is funny without awkward pauses or cliché situations. This movie although it lasts more than most it flows and the dialogues keep your interest quite readily.

    I hope for a western adaptation one day, which will keep this movie's freshness and humor.

    What can I say if you find a DVD copy to rent (or even buy!) somewhere to think twice!