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  • How is it a fantastic show like "Unforgettable", that improves every week with wonderful character development, and a superb lead actress (Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells) fails to stimulate the US viewer? Yet ridiculous shows like "Amazing Race" or "Survivor" drone on year after year. I just don't get it.

    Oh, wait... I *do* get it. Most viewers are not interested in any show that demands a bit of thinking. Hence the disappearance of such gems as "Life", "Dollhouse", "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", just to name a few.

    This imaginative show is quite reminiscent of "Monk", with a lead character who has a special ability - "a gift AND a curse" - and a cast of supporting characters who have to figure out their roles.

    Dive in to this delicious soufflé - you'll love it!
  • ldddhunter21 September 2011
    I actually really really loved the concept of this show and am a huge fan of Poppy -- she is perfect for the part. I like how she has this out of body experience (which it really isn't). It just shows you how she puts her theory together by using her fantastic flawless memory - I will continue watching this show - CBS needs to give this show a chance bc its totally different from any other detective series. I also like her backstory about her sister Rachael - it shows how vulnerable Carrie's character is and why she is not anxious becoming a detective again. But, w/her abilities of course she would help out a lot. I also like the whole cast, Dylan Walsh is perfect as her ex boyfriend/partner -- ppl need to give this show a chance and not give up so easily, bc it will progress and become even more interesting.
  • I totally love everything about this show ... the concept is fantastic and actually believable! All of the actors are superb, particularly Poppy Montgomery, Michael Gaston and Dylan Walsh! Also, the skepticism shown by team members Kevin Rankin and Daya Vaidya are absolutely perfect!

    In a lot of ways, Carrie is the female version of Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. I love the strength and vulnerability displayed by Carrie and Patrick Jane. Jane's wife and child were murdered by Red John and Patrick feels responsible because he taunted Red John on television. With Carrie, the murder of her big sister, Rachel, when they were children, was a traumatic event that is compounded by the fact that Carrie she can't remember specific details of Rachel's murder and it remains unsolved. It haunts Carrie as an adult because it's the ONLY thing in her entire life that she CAN'T remember! Carrie's childhood experiences with cops and shrinks investigating Rachel's murder, make her a better cop as she is more aware of the trauma being experienced by both victims and witnesses alike.

    Good writing, good acting and good time slot are all high praise to CBS! I just hope they will give Unforgettable a fair chance to develop a strong following. Having Poppy Montgomery with her Criminal Minds fan base and Michael Gaston with his Mentalist fan base are an added bonus for the show. Having the show follow solid shows like NCIS and NCIS: LA make Unforgettable's ratings almost a guarantee.

    Thanks, CBS! Tuesday night totally belongs to you!
  • Solaris886 July 2014
    A fairly standard police show, with the hook being the woman with the perfect memory who never forgets anything. The cases are routine and there's no absolutely chemistry between the cast members. Worst of all is that the lead actress, Poppy Montgomery, seems weirdly miscast in her role. Either that or the writers/directors are mismanaging her badly. Watching her twirl her hair around her finger, bat her eyes coquettishly, and giggle like a little girl is just flat out embarrassing. She's supposed to be a 40 year old police detective, yet she has all the mannerisms of a fairly air-headed teen-aged girl. What the heck is that all about?
  • Sharbysy7 October 2011
    I decided to record this show because I liked Poppy Montgomery when she was in Without a Trace. I wasn't sure how the concept of this show would play out and if it would be interesting to watch, but I was not disappointed. The pilot had me hooked right away. It was filled with suspense and kept me interested through the whole episode.

    I couldn't wait to see the 2nd episode. I really enjoyed the 2nd episode too and the twist that was added as far as character development.

    This show has great potential and I hope it stays on the air and continues to be good. The chemistry between the two leads is very strong. I can't wait to see more.
  • edwarren_125 September 2013
    Unforgettable has lost season one's intrigue and cast. The dynamics no longer work. Everything centers around Poppy. Pretty but not the best actress in the world. Her depth is weak and emotions, responses typical. Even story lines lack luster. Sure they have new props and technical gadgets, but so what..everyone does these days. Enjoyed first season. They had interplay with all the cast, not just her. The stories were more intense and showed a sense of drama. Of course, I liked Jane Curtain in SNL, who didn't? Liked her in season one, but she is stale and predictable as well this time round. The rest of the characters exist without existing. I have no idea who or what they are. I was looking forward to watching this year's shows. The idea was and is intriguing, but ideas without depth become boring and ...forgettable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a fan of The Listener so another show with similarities is fine by me, I am not sure what the other reviewers were watching but it could not have been the same show as I watched. The one I watched was quite good and I really liked Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh. I can not recall any other shows that Poppy Montgomery has been in but I liked Dylan Walsh in one of my favourite movies, The Lake House.

    Poppy Montgomery plays a former Siracusa police detective named Carrie Wells, who suffers from hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to remember everything she sees and hears, only a very small number of people in the world have been documented as suffering from it. Her neighbour is murdered and as part of the investigation, her former boyfriend and one-time partner discovers she is a witness and asks her to join his homicide unit to help solve the case.

    By day she is a volunteer at a aged care facility and by night she plays blackjack to support herself.

    During the show with repeated flashbacks we start to discover that her sister was murdered and that she is still trying to find out who murdered her.

    I thought the pilot was quite good and not being from the USA I did not care that the accents were not genuine as some of the other reviewers have complained about.

    I recommend it to anyone wanting to watch another police show with a few special abilities thrown in.

    I gave it an 8 and will continue to watch it until it is canceled like so many other good shows these days.
  • The other reviews criticizing her total recall, but yet taking time to recall something relevant to the case are bogus. She obviously needs to be stimulated or have some pertinence to recall the memory. The fact that she should not see herself in the memories maybe valid but a sorry reason to dismiss the show. If someone has a special gift, who is to say exactly how this gift works. I enjoy trying to figure out the cases and stimulating my mind versus watching mindless reality television. It is not the best new show out there but it is definitely worth watching. I would compare it to Monk which an extremely popular show. The only part that I do not like about this show and many of the new shows is the darkness used in shooting scenes. I do not understand the need for so much darkness and on the new televisions you can hardly see the dark scenes.

    The show is very refreshing change to reality television.
  • Difficult scoring as the program is excellent, I really enjoy the idea of it but the main character is the most annoying person I have ever seen! Her memory skills are amazing and makes for good twists in the story however her attitude and the way she is always right and dismisses people is unbelievable, rude and quite frankly unrealistic. The writers have tried to give her some faults (gambling and being a maverick) to make her more human but fail miserably.

    Even with her memory she wouldn't be right this often and why should having a flawless memory mean you can do whatever you want without consequence?

    The concept would get a 10 but the main character would get a 2 (and that's generous)in the scoring.
  • gareth-9122 January 2012
    Have just seen episode 2 here in the UK. I enjoyed this, a gutsy woman trusts in herself. I can see it's quite new as the actors aren't settled into the characters yet. But it's also someone who has had a trauma, so she's been there. Worth a lot more than all sorts of paper qualifications. There will have to be other things introduced into it, or just the memory thing could get a bit boring. But I find what's more interesting than the total visual recall thing is her attitude of ,'I play by my rules", this girl is not going to kiss ass. Whew, what a relief. So, if there could be some more nice complex plots that slowly let us get to know Carrie and the other characters that would be great. I love in Bones how it took so long for people to get to know each other - it felt real.
  • The premise of the show is a good one, and I feel that by making just a few changes in the main characters, I would look forward to watching! A couple of reviewers hit the nail on the head. There is so little to like about Carrie, and so little to respect in her boss. I feel sorry for the more serious characters, plodding along, doing their jobs, and receiving no recognition on the show. Now I'll be petty...why does Carrie dress like an 18 year old, who shops at Discovery and dots (even her "formal wear")?

    I guess I was hoping to find a replacement for Prime Suspect., which was an awesome and much more realistic show.
  • agkrondiras24 January 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    ...there are some mistakes which I cannot ignore. The way she thinks back to use her flawless memory is one. How can you have an out of body 3 dimensional experience when all you could see where things in front of you? They should just stuck to the POV (point of view) recollection of hers rather than Carrie seeing herself from the side as if she's watching the show. Also I'm on the 4th episode now and a character who was involved in the case in the 3rd episode just walked in and Carrie is asking who he is!

    Anyway I do like the characters, the police part of it as well as how she deals with her "gift" like people did in the first season of Heroes: Her normal life is heavily impacted no matter how much of a help she is as a detective or a witness to crime scenes.

    Sack the person in charge of continuity and make sure things are not over-simplified (the lack of POV view etc) just so it can appeal to people with a lower IQ :P
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Average acting, uninventive writing, monotonous story lines, forgettable characters, unrealistic concept and a waste of time. This show is the single worst thing I have ever watched on TV; every week it's the same, some impossible case that has them flummoxed. Then miraculously with about ten minutes left, (coincidently convenient) she suddenly remembers something that solves the mystery. This show has the most formulaic plot week by week you will ever watch. Watch one episode, which I still don't recommend, and you have watched them all. Average acting doesn't help the show, so there really is nothing that makes watching this show worthwhile. Don't let the ridiculous concept of a perfect memory fool you into believing that this is anything but generic.
  • I wanted to like this show, I really did. But it suffers from too many issues, and after 6 or 7 episodes, I've given up. Poppy Montgomery's WAT character, Sam Spade, became extremely popular, and like so many TV actors whose characters skyrocket like that, the actor herself became lazy. Although she attempts a decent American accent, her vowels are heavily colored with Australian diphthongs, and she really needs a diction coach. Her character, Carrie Wells, isn't even all that likable - she's a bit arrogant and ill-mannered, and completely fails to evoke sympathy for her past. Unlike Jane Timoney in "Prime Suspect," however, Carrie isn't a brilliant detective, she just has a really good memory. The producers of the show and Montgomery herself apparently want to show off her incredible physique, but she's so hardbodied it's almost a caricature. Tight, skimpy tank tops, heaving cleavage, and close-up shots of a butt made out of granite aren't really all that attractive. There was a recent web post somewhere about how Robin Tunney's portrayal of Teresa Lisbon on "The Mentalist" shows women in law enforcement in a positive and professional light - Montgomery's appearance and performance in "Unforgettable" do just the opposite. So, I give up. Bye, "Unforgettable."
  • kols26 January 2016
    Really wish there was a yo-yo notifier, almost missed this season 'cause I kept looking for it on CBS. And the Web wasn't much help - if I just searched the title all I got was a bunch of non-specific crap. Finally tried DTV's search function (where I should have looked first) and discovered, after Thanksgiving, that Unforgettable had jumped to A&E. This series has a really confusing history: canceled, resurrected, canceled, resurrected, canceled and picked up by A&E. Thank God.

    Producers of TV series really should put up independent Web pages so you can track their series. ABC, CBS and NBC's sites are little more that cyber cheerleaders. Same can be said of the Independents.

    Rant aside, I loved the first and second seasons, not so much the third, and am bowled-over by all of the episodes so far in 215/6. Where the first and second seasons were moderately paced and somewhat laid-back, which I enjoyed, this season is an explosion of energy adeptly expressed through script, direction, framing and editing. I've rarely seen a show put together this well and it's a joy to watch. Elementary matches it sometimes but nowhere near Unforgettable's consistency.

    Hope the show attracts a large audience so we don't have to do the Yo-yo thing again.
  • Great show people!!! if you read my review, just watch one show and you will get hooked. Is an amazing police show different from all others . I love Poppy Mongomery I watched her in Without a trace and was very happy to find out she was going to be the main actress in Unforgettable.

    I like the chemistry between Carry and detective Al Burns. I hope we can see more of that relationship soon. It is interesting how Carrie uses her ability to remember everything to solve crimes. The writing is great and the whole cast works great together.

    I hope that they renew this wonderful show as it is a refreshing difference from all other police shows. CBS should keep the show and put some heat by taking advantage on the chemistry between Carry and detective burns Lots of potential for this show Ireally hope to see a second season.
  • W.O.W. it really is a show that is made only for Poppy. she is waaayyy too dominant! the other character are just slaves for her, they're doing the leg work for her, and she acts like the master, just receiving informations from hardwork of others and then just go do her stuff whatever she likes, without conforming with the others, and even without the boss' agreement. she always stir the investigations, always be the one comes up with ideas, always be the one catching the bad guys at the end. And they make her the newbie in the team! they should have just let her be the team leader, that's more make sense! really couldn't stand with Carrie character! i only watch a few episodes, the 14th episode is good, the plot is good (except for the part that, again, Carrie is always too dominant), and the new M.E. character is good. she fades away the domination from Carrie, finally another character is made smart!
  • jonmccann21 September 2011
    What do you get when you throw together two mediocre actors, add them into a cop show and come up with a very unusual 'gift' for one...That show would be unforgettable, which is sadly, quite forgettable.

    The pilot episode was woeful, the storyline was mundane and I didn't feel any connection to it, to the point that I couldn't care less what happened at the end, although I could have easily written it.

    The pilot did play up the main issue for Poppy Montgomery's character, which is that her sister was murdered and she cannot remember anything about it and the killer has not been caught. We presume this is due to some kind of post traumatic stress, but to be honest, it doesn't really make sense.

    My main issue with the show is probably the memory 'thing', at the start she recalls, in perfect vividness, a date many years ago and a football score, a drug that was invented etc. Yet later in the show, despite meeting him shortly after the scene, she fails to recognise her memory in which she has previously seen the killer till near the end. This is further compounded by the scene in which she states that she left the police force because the memories were too much to bear because she cant forget anything, and in fact recalls everything graphically.

    Of course this is the first episode, it may prove to work better the more it goes on, so long as the story lines make sense and you can backtrack and connect the dots, unfortunately, if the storyline continues in the vain that it is used to connect the latter pieces of the puzzle only, then this will die a death and quickly.

    For me, this is plain lazy script writing. I also note that the writer worked on without a trace, which presumably is why Poppy was chosen to 'star'. If I had been casting, I would have gone with unknown actors.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did not like the Cliff hanger at the end! I guess the Show was cancelled and everything was up in the air. No season 5 means no resolution.....I would have liked to see a season 5 with a proper ending to the series, not Bang're dead??? Really????
  • Unforgettable reminds me of 'drama' series that aired in the earlies. It has that slowed pace that gets you hooked on the story. Characters are layered with pure emotion. It leads you to believe that these people very well exist in reality. Then there is Carrie. Most people have commented on her memory skills. It leads me to think that some may not like the actress Poppy Montgomery, but her talent as an actress surpasses any superficial criticism. Be it the clothes she wears or her pride about her 'superpower', she is made human because of them.

    I understand how Carrie began her journey and the writers of this series have found a way to place subtle clues in each episode that allows you to think deeper. This is what most series lack these days. It pulls you into this world that encourages you to feel for Carrie and her story. She is far from perfect. She seeks out thrills of life and was lost when her sister died. A piece of her has struggled to survive. Any series that can achieve this connection has a true talent in this television industry. Sadly not many see it because of the emotional depth they cannot achieve within themselves. How can they understand a story arc so detailed? This is far be it, one of the best series television has to offer. The characters represent the closest to reality characters portray. While each director, producer or editor on staff attempt to place a measure of humor or something that can attract more viewers, the series does not falter. There are those that see it for it's value and appreciate the cast as human beings. Carrie's vision of herself in her memories are for us to see the exact moment she focuses on something. It is a televised guide for us, that helps us see into her mind. This is one minor thing some put down to push this series off, but the lessons we learn from each mistake takes us on a whole new journey. This is what television needs.
  • drbianchi11 April 2014
    This show could be better. It will be canceled again, if the chemistry between the two leading actors is not repaired. The female and male love interest does not work. The leading lady is fine, she makes the show work. She has all the ingredients of a smart, intelligent woman who exudes sexuality. Her love interest does not. He just plods his way through the script in a way that is forced and not believable. Either he needs be killed off or change his relationship with the leading lady. I'm not sure why the show even needs to have a romantic partner for it to succeed. Other shows of this type succeed on the merits of the leading actor. Usually the romantic link is the beginning of the end. No need to enhance this show with bad chemistry.

    I feel if the show doesn't make changes soon, this show is gone.....again. The idea of the show is interesting enough, the writing is fine. The mix between all the remaining actors and characters is going in a nice direction. All except the two main actors...ugh. Good luck!
  • Do you know those shows that just keep getting better? The more you watch, the more you can't stop watching. Poppy's acting skills are breathtaking, and it's so believable, really. By reading the synopsis, you might think this show is some cliché where the main character remembers everything and is some kind of superhero. No. People like her do exist in this world, and that's what makes it amazing. The characters are amazing, well-thought and well-played by the actors. The teamwork displayed throughout the series is really amazing and the way they get to amazing conclusions simply by discussing their points of view and discoveries is fantastic and believable, and their thoughts are easy to follow. All in all, this is an amazing show and you're missing out if you haven't watched it yet. WARNING: Ridiculously addictive.
  • stegodont20 September 2011
    Well, because of the positive reviews for this show, I decided to give it more of a chance and watched a few more episodes - BIG MISTAKE!!! It is absolutely torture to watch! Anyone that has anything good to say about this MUST be connected to it somehow and have a vested interest in it doing good. CBS - do not look at any positive reviews of this show, it is really, really bad and you probably should replace it - even with reruns of a show that was fairly interesting. This thing is just BAD, BAD, BAD! The writing, the acting, the way it's put together, EVERYTHING!!!!

    Everything about it was horrible. The first 5 minutes the actors put on the worst New York accents and inflections ever on screen - then the accents and bad New Yorker mannerisms were completely gone for the rest of the show. Matter of fact, the female lead is bad at doing just a basic American accent much less a particular New York accent. The whole shtick of the show of her never forgetting anything is so lame and useless. The story line of the episode was about the most boring with the utmost weakly written script I have ever seen on a cop show. Held no interest at all!! There is nothing appealing or interesting about any character and only mediocre acting done by anyone in the cast. You gotta be kidding me - DO NOT watch, is waste of an hour that you'll want back.
  • molly_d199420 June 2013
    I don't understand why crap TV shows are popular when there is good stuff out in the world like this show, even though it was canceled. Guess somebody had the good sense.. almost 2 years later.... to re-up the show. Basically, what is better than a cop show with a hot woman who doesn't forget anything? At random points she flashes back to steamy scenes that leave you wanting more. Not to mention most homicide stuff gets boring because it's the same thing over and over again. Week by week this show got better, and I hope it will again. I've heard a brief summary that it won't even be homicide anymore, but major crimes, which gives the show that much more potential.
  • kirilmkd31 January 2016
    I have given this TVshow couple of chances and it managed to disappoint 100%. Bad acting, bad actors, main character gets fatter and fatter while her acting gets from bad to worst. Don't let me start on the from time to time "CGI" effects that i bet they have paid 1.99$ on a discount.

    Every episode is the same, while actors chemistry is destroyed by bad acting and bad screenplay. Main character(Carrie Wells) tries to also enter some sexuality in it, where she fails badly.

    If would love to forget the fact that i have ever spent a second of my life watching this show, but hey, its "Unforgettable" :(
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