Marilu Henner, credited as consultant on many episodes, has the same autobiographical memory condition as the main character in the show.

Originally debuting in 2011 and then canceled by CBS after the first season, this show was revived as a summer series in 2013. It then ran for two more seasons before getting canceled a second time in late 2014. In early 2015, the cable network A&E picked it up, announcing another 13 episodes. A&E aired the first and second episodes of season 4 on the day after Thanksgiving (November 27, 2015), with follow-on episodes to air weekly on Friday. On February 16, 2016 A&E announced it had been canceled for a third time.

Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) suffers from a condition called Hyperthymesia, which is a condition that 'allows for an uncanny recollection of personal memory'.

In several episodes, Carrie demonstrates a 'trick' of her memory - someone gives her a date, and she tells them what day of the week it was, sunrise/sunset, and major events of the day. Her recollections are accurate - times for sunrise and sunset are based on NYC time.

Carrie wears a pendant of Australia in her necklace since Poppy Montgomery is Australian.