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  • pd_keeper21 September 2011
    as a spin off from "waking the dead" simply one of the best and consistent BBC dramas ever i was expecting this to be somewhat better. clearly not by the same team that wrote waking the dead, this is a good idea for a series but poorly executed.

    the episode plots are sound in principle, but the body farm scientists are supposed to be just that, scientists - so why are they doing interviews, involved with arrests etc? And the science is hardly integral to the episodes - we start off with a hook, but the rest of the episode involves lots of contrived and implausible police work by a lone detective, interviewing everyone either at the body farm or in public, backed up by moralistic team of clichéd scientists, who love to talk about what is right and wrong and throwing opinions (not scientific facts) around and who spend very little time doing what they might be expected to do, (a couple of DNA samples here and there, a couple of hairs found here and there), but what about the body farm itself, where we might expect that some of the research there might play a part in the unfolding episodes. well the body farm barely gets a mention, and plays little part in the science or plot unfolding.

    there's little evidence to suggest this will be picked up for a second series!
  • bcooke13 September 2011
    It started badly but became quite compelling towards the end. Implausible in parts, with strange amateurish scientists and a lone detective inspector investigating a crime that would have had the book thrown at it in real life. Contrived characters. But an interesting plot and some good ideas. I shall watch the second episode before deciding whether it's worth it. My son was less impressed and I don't think he'll bother watching any more. As for me, I'm interested to see whether the cardboard cutout characters get fleshed out a bit in subsequent episodes. The quality of the plot is high, the script doesn't do it justice and the jerky direction left me cold in places, but still I watched it to the end so they must have something right.
  • trapp_p29 June 2012
    I have seen this series twice now (on DVD and recently on ABC1 in Australia) and am still not sure about it. The plots are good and the main characters potentially interesting, but somehow it fails to grab me. I agree with other reviewers that the monologues at start and end are a real turnoff, if the chief scientist really feels like that then she is in the wrong business - she is far too philosophical to be 'scientific' in her research. On the subject of 'research' why bother to set their base in a 'body farm' when the work they allegedly do there is completely ignored. My understanding of 'body farms' - at least the FBI one - is that they study rates and levels of decomposition (under different circumstances - heat, moisture, body fat level etc) to allow some parameters to be applied to 'fresh' cases. Part from Oggie communing with one of the corpses propped up against a tree the farm 'product' gets little attention. Most of what they do is basic crime scene investigation (DNA, bugs etc) which has been seen so often before in CSI, Bones...... If this series wants a niche it needs a handle - and it hasn't got one based on this first series. Surprisingly, with Trevor Eve as executive producer, it lacks the bite which was the mark of 'Waking The Dead'. Perhaps he should act in his own show as he was the essential pivot in 'WTD'. A second series? - would be good if they fixed the problems but perhaps the problems in Series One (and viewer disappointment) will prevent it. A good idea poorly executed.
  • I eagerly awaited this spin off from Waking the Dead but was sadly disappointed. It nearly succeeds and hopefully they will commission a second series to right the wrongs as it is a very good idea and the cast are excellent. They should ditch the voice over at beginning and end - they made little sense and were just annoying. They should move the street hunt for the criminal a little further back and make us care about the characters by giving them considerably more flesh on the bone. I watched 6 episodes and I couldn't tell you the name of Eve's number 2. Or indeed if he is number 2 - he could be her boss for all we know.

    Concentrate on the Body farm more - the 5th episode really picked up with good forensics on the burned body - the stories are good but seemed rushed - perhaps an hour is not enough if they were to let us into the lives and interactions of the Body Farmers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...and on that farm were a number of cadavers in varying stages of decomposition that the cameras linger over every week,whilst Ms Fitzgerald herself provides a commentary or perhaps mission statement explaining the philosophy of her group of distinctly odd scientists whose remit seems to be of the avenging angel persuasion rather than the independent expert witness that one might reasonably expect such specialists to be. Also distinctly odd is Mr K.Allen as the detective seemingly inserted amongst them in much the same way that reporters are inserted into armed forces units in a war zone. He is small and lairy but,of course,brilliant. Miss Fitzgerald plays the same role as she did in the infinitely superior "Waking the dead",but with no Mr T.Eve or Miss S.Johnson to play off falls rather flat I'm afraid. In the first episode which set the tone for the series so far we visited a room where pureed human flesh was spread over the walls like anaglipta and decaying corpses popped up in the most unexpected places. In the second,a junkie rent boy died whilst being buggered by his G.P. Such fun. One of the scientists is an Earth Mother type to bond with the disaffected yoof,another actually quite potty,talking to himself and watching old movies on his DVD player.Honestly,who dreams this stuff up?......Mr T.Eve,as executive co - producer step forward please. Now,repeat after me...""I'm sorry,I'll never do it again". Dust off your Supt.Boyd suit and send a nice email to Sue Johnson would be my advice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this show because it was a BBC production starring Tara Fitzgerald, who I adore. However, it begins with a long string of shots of decaying bodies in the wild, crawling with insects. These corpses are brought back to "the farm" where they are studied by "the farm" team. As the show moves forward, the viewer begins to understand that the main cast is made up of a team of scientist who are truly thrilled to live around and study dead things in order to learn about how they died. From the outside, "The Body Farm" appears to be a charming homestead. However, inside it consists of very dirty laboratories and unkempt living spaces. The team is perfect for this work as they are completely at ease with all this filth and decay. All of this seemed intriguing and perhaps the premise for something quite original. However, it turned out to be just another gory forensics show with overly dark sets, flat acting, jerky camera shots made even worse by bad lighting. The viewer is forced to relive the bloody crimes over and over again with escalating brutality with all manor of crawling insects, maggots,and flesh eating flies added to the mix. If you love CSI because you are able to see the violent crime committed over and over again with increasing detail AND you love insects that feast on dead flesh, then this is the show for you. To each his own but I will not be watching the next episode.