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  • I completely disagree with the other reviewers. I thought this show was quite funny. I actually laughed out loud! Good dialog and it is just getting started. I went to my brothers and made him watch it. As a new parent that is not in her 20's I completely relate to what this couple is going through. It is too soon to really know where it is heading but I did enjoy the first two.

    I hope they keep this show going as I can relate to it a lot more than most of the stupid comedies that are on now. I mean how many comedies do we need of singles trying to score? It's old and not funny to me. I am also tired of all the reality crap so this actually held my attention and I enjoyed watching it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I must admit some of the reviews of this show so far are humorous. As far as I am concerned this show is well worth watching compared to the other lame ass shows that started this fall.....a.k.a. Two Broke Girls (I HATE that show) I am a super big fan of 30 Rock and Big Bang Theory and I am glad there is a new show that will keep us all laughing (those who watch anyways). The thing I like about this show is I can totally a young couple going through stuff like this with a newborn.

    The one liners are well placed and I like laughing out loud during TV shows. I will say the major downfall of the show is going to be as the child grows up, babies tend to sleep more, so how they are going to tie in the name with the story may get difficult. Up All Night may not be the best name for the show but I do think Applegate, Arnett, and Rudolph can keep this show afloat with their strong comedian backgrounds.

    All in all I love this show and look forward to Wednesday night just to see what happens next. It's refreshing to have a show that isn't like all the other crap they have been producing lately. Witty script and good acting will keep this show going a few seasons.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't see why others are slamming this title (especially when one critique applauds the silly, obvious new comedy "Two Broke Girls"). I found "Up All Night" to be very watchable.

    True, the characters' quirks might have been laid on a little thick, but that's probably true of all pilots. I think this show will offer a charming, funny view of new parenthood in today's world with just enough goofy material to keep it interesting. The tone of the show reminded me of "The Big C," in that it deals with a serious issue in a lighthearted manner.

    I think the plot of the first episode was relatable. It is very believable that a couple that enjoys partying would try to rekindle that part of their life after having a baby only to realize life as they knew it is forever changed. I look forward to seeing how these characters navigate the world of parenthood, especially since their egos and glamorous lifestyles will have to take a hit. I hope it explores the characters on a more honest level, rather than always going for the laugh.
  • I love this show. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are hilarious as new parents adjusting to life after the 20-something party years. Will plays a stay at home Dad trying to stay sane while his wife becomes the primary breadwinner as a television executive for a talk show on the down slide, Ava. Ava (played by Maya Rudolph) is the shows one weakness. While Maya Rudolph is a fabulous actress, Ava is a one note character that makes the show somewhat awkward. This show is really unique. There have been tons of shows about families with lots of kids and parents that have been together for ages and there are lots of shows about young love, but what happens in between? This take on the family sit-com reaches to capture a younger audience, but is still likely to trigger memories in the 40+ demographic category. Check it out on hulu. I can't wait to see what's next.
  • I think this show is positively hilarious. Although I am a 23 year old college student, no where near any of the demographics in this show, I find myself laughing out loud during almost every scene. Yes, it's a bit silly and sometimes over the top and the comedy is a bit slapstick-esque but I can definitely see why older people relate to it and I obviously understand why the younger generation finds it comical. I also think Christina Applegate is an amazing actress and does comedy like nobody's business. Her one-liners are as flawless as she is. Will Arnett is also pretty funny--I'd love to have a husband like that at home. Finally, I see everyone commenting about Maya Rudolph attempting to "steal the show." I agree with this, she tries too hard to be funny and I think she has too big of a part in the show considering what it's about...but hopefully with time the writers will recognize that and fix it. This show definitely has potential to be a classic and I hope it continues for many more seasons.
  • There are shows that are exceptional right from the word go!

    Then there are shows that start with potential and deteriorate badly.

    This show is neither of the above. While it is not exceptional from the word go it does start with obvious potential. However, it does not deteriorate and instead goes above and beyond the potential it showed in the first place.

    I just watched the season one finale and it was an absolutely sublime 21 minutes of television.

    I know that there are tons of shows out there to watch and you may have watched the first episode or two of this show and thought "this is not as funny as the cast promises" and then again you may have seen the potential but decided that you didn't want to waste your time seeing if it lived up to its potential. But trust me this show does get to the point of being as funny as you'd expect the ensemble cast to be and as I said already more than lives up to its potential.

    This show is very much worth watching. At the start I would maybe have given the show a 6 or 7, I wasn't quite sure. But now after getting used to the characters and having watched them mature and deepen, especially in the last few episodes, I would easily rate this show at a 9.

    The first season finale episode itself is worth 10 out of 10 and had me in tears. It was brilliant and well worth making your way through the whole of the first season just to experience. A point had to be dropped because that quality wasn't there from day one (or maybe it was and I just didn't understand the characters enough yet).

    So if you've tried the show already and decided to move on before it hit its groove or if you've never watched the show yet, I heartily recommend watching every episode of this show and I do not believe you will be in any way disappointed.
  • franciscoraposo72 you're from "F"ing Portugal. Of COURSE you don't think it's funny. You don't understand the nuances. The tradition. The LANGUAGE. HA KIDDING. Sort of. Anyway Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are perfect. But Christina Applegate shines the best she's ever been. She's one of those that keeps getting more beautiful. Maya Rudolph almost drives me nuts, but now it's like she's just hysterical. A little crazy even to Their mostly sane world. I didn't think I would even like the show when the first episode was them having a baby. Never works. But this did. One of those shows when it eventually is over(years from now), will suck! humm I have to fill a 10th sentence here. OK well I guess that did it.
  • TheNorwegianGuy29 October 2012
    I've followed this show every week since the first episode, and I think it's a little underrated. Sure, it's not one of those shows filled whit laugh after laugh throughout, but I think that's okay. There are a lot of worse shows on TV nowadays. This one is at least a little funny from time to time.

    One aspect I like about "Up All Night" is the situations Chris and Reagan get caught up in. I think a lot of people can relate to what they are going through, because this show is a bit more "realistic" than many other comedies, with a lot of common everyday situations.

    Will Arnett really saves this show, and makes it worth watching. Sometimes he's hilarious in the role of Chris.

    I think "Up All Night" deserves a little attention. Not great, but not that bad either.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For a show about two people trying to adjust to parental life, the pilot seemed to focus on the seemingly irrelevant character played by Maya Rudolph. Applegate and Arnett didn't have enough room to be their characters and to let the audience grow to love these flawed people.

    Like Raising Hope, Up All night uses the "we've had a baby" idea to explore relationships. But unless Maya Rudolph (who I am actually quite a big fan of) butts out this show will go nowhere.

    As Anchorman proved, Applegate can certainly do comedy, and of course look absolutely beautiful while doing it. While I have found Arnett to be sometimes one-noted in Arrested Development, he's relateable and vulnerable as the dad who has no idea what to do, and therefore - funny. It's unfortunate the show seems to focus on Maya Rudolph, if it focused on the couple this show would have been much, much more interesting and satisfactory.
  • harvieud10 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start off by saying I have not gotten into any new comedies for a long time, I think Parks & Recreation was the last one. It really has to catch me in order to follow, and Up All Night has done just that! This is a show for someone of my generation (grew up in the 90's) and is having kids in their mid 30's. I happen to have my son in my 20's but still a lot of the references and music relate back to my teen years. I agree with one other post that Maya tries to steal the show, but that doesn't work for me. When she's being 'one of the gang' I can take it, but when the show first started she was an odd diva, that didn't work for me. But it seems like towards the end of the season, the characters settled. I look forward to season 2 and hope it goes on for a long time on Thursday NBC!
  • Considering the talent in this show I had higher hopes. But sadly most shows centered around being new parents and a baby are usually failures. This show continues to rehash the same themes of new parenthood (ie finding time for each other, no sleep, loving/hating your child, etc). Which is too bad because Will Arnett is wonderful but still has yet to do anything better than his character Gob in Arrested Development. A show so far superior to this one that I'm afraid to mention them in the same sentence. Christina, well, yeah, she has had more sitcom failures than any one person cares to admit. I'm not sure this is really a reflection upon her. Just poor projects that come her way and poor writing. And lastly Maya Rudolph who was hysterical in Bridesmaids does a very made for TV portrayal of Oprah. Her character is cringe worthy in nearly every scene. It is kind of like her very own worst of SNL reel put into a role. Painful.

    Sadly this show could have had potential due to the people involved. But this recycled material was destined for failure because apparently the writers are trying as hard as Maya Rudolph in this show resulting in a painful and predictable show. I wish it was better but it's not.
  • rocky_mix19 September 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a new parent, and the various amount of publicity around this show before it got going, my wife and I were excited to give this a chance. There wasn't enough in this show to keep us entertained whatsoever. The only pain moment that has anything to do with the title, was when they went out and got hammered at a karaoke bar and were up all night. First of all- Great example for new parents. Secondly, no new parents would do that without having the baby being watched in the morning. Everything about the show was stupid.

    Still excited for a few of the other new series starting. This one isn't worth anybody's time. I saw Two Broke Girls tonight. That's going to be good.

    I was going to give it a 2 so that I wasn't being too mean, but I changed it to a 1, because it really didn't connect at all. Of the 14 million people who watched last week... or so they advertised, less than 24% are coming back for seconds.
  • This is definitely not Christina Applegate's best series she has done. Samantha Who? she played a really interesting character who really got a lot of character development. Here it's basically a paint by the numbers show with unoriginal humor and the premise of the show gets put on hold when they fell like it. It just seems like the actors on the show are going through the motions and collecting a paycheck. Jason Lee while only a recurring character is basically wasted also.

    The writing is very lacking where you don't really care about any of the characters whether they are main or supporting characters. Will Arnett was much better off in a recurring character role like he had on 30 Rock then being a main star of a show IMO.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I had to guess, I'd say Tina Fey pitched an idea to NBC about this show. Just about every aspect of it is reversed from 30 Rock: Instead of a comedy variety show being produced, its a woman's talk show, LA instead of NYC, instead of a brainy maniacal egotistic male boss its a suggestible and pliable female boss. The show has far less characters on the palate to draw from and the one's that star are flat: Maya Rudolph ( the boss, I think) talent's are wasted in this show- her dynamic range and her abilities to emote various characters and dialects are severely squandered. Christina Applegate has the dubious distinction of being in yet another loser show, just like Jenna Elfman. Don't get me wrong, we all love Christina back to Married with Children, and more than enough time has passed for us to overlook any type of type-casting. But her performance is sleepy, and so is the script which is a dumbed-down version of 30 Rock, I suppose in the attempt to appeal to a broader demographic. The key connection to the audience is that new mom Reagan ( I really hate that name!) must now adjust to mommy -life while trying to assimilate back into her career. Nothing says connecting to a larger crowd by having your lead character work as an executive in TV. I guess they had to give her a high paying job so she would be a suitable bread-winner for her baby and her husband Chris ( Will Arnett) could stay home and play Mr. Mom. I saw lots of opportunities to make things really interesting, entertaining, and funny, but they never happened. I didn't chuckle once and I was really pulling for the show, because I have lots of respect for its 2 leading ladies. Its not clear to me whose vehicle this show is. Its also not clear to me what the title has to with the content of the show either. The baby has not woken them up at night, and Reagan had to work late one night because of freak occurrence, so they already played that card. She has already put her foot down to her boss regarding her availability , so I don't get it. Lastly,the chemistry is terrible in the show, Reagan talks bigger than what her eyes or body language convey not only to hubby but to baby too. Already makes me not like the character. I don't really understand why Applegate is assumed to do comedy as an adult. She'd be far more interesting in a real drama- say as a doctor, lawyer or even a criminal. You guys have serious retooling to do on this one if you don't want it pulled.
  • It's surprising that two of the best recent sitcoms both feature actors who first came to fame through that horrible 80's thing call Married With Children. It's even more interesting that they are both mining somewhat the same vein in their new shows - a sendup of the modern family.

    Christina Applegate is wonderful in this role, unafraid to be unattractive and conveying the tribulations of new motherhood with an odd, but realistic, combination of grit, excitement, wonder and denial. Hers is the most believable portrayal of motherhood I've seen in a long time. Even Will Arnett (who was in that other show that explored modern families and that remains astonishingly over-rated)is at his best.
  • While this show is not bad and it has obviously high production and well chosen actors there is nothing original about it. There is a main couple without any real life problems at all, white, rich, pretty and very privileged people who have "problems" that most people would love to have as only problems. They are hard to identify with, and their also with their very annoying equally privileged friend (I like Maya Rudolph but this is just bad role for her). While script and production is not bad, it's not really funny and I have seen series like this one 100 times and more funny than this. And their "problems" are just laughable. No one is that spoiled and privileged. Well maybe Kardashians.
  • vaniapetrovic13 August 2017
    I do not find anything funny in this show. It is boring, without any deep creativity. I gave a chance to this show several times, but it cannot keep me watching it for more than 5 minutes. Also, I do not understand the message of the show; every story is so flat, the acting is sweetish, and everything seems as an unsuccessfully try to be humorous and catchy.
  • I liked the show very much when I first started watching it but now it rubs me the wrong way. I think Christina Applegate is great in her part and so is Maya Rudolph in hers. However Will Arnett, *really* annoys me. He is too... mushy, weak down right spineless in his portrayal of Chris. He is exactly the type of man I don't like I guess so that is why he irks me so much.

    The whole show has pulled away from the whole "we had a baby" thing and is now more focused on the life of Ava (M. Rudolph). You are lucky to see a couple of shots of the Baby anymore and it's less about them being parents and be kept up all night or the baby doing new things or whatever. Plus some of the goof-ups these characters get into are SO ridiculous and not realistic at all, they irk me again. As a mom of very young twins, I don't get it... this is not how my life or the lives of our friends with kids are... too bad because I thought it would be closer to reality.

    I kinda watch while I am doing the dishes now... half-heartedly. It's kinda silly now...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess I never laughed in one single episode, I mean, this TV show is probably the worst one I have ever seen. There are just so stupid hings in it, I mean, who care about the neighborhood yard and goes cut it just make their own house look better, who pretends to be cool to other people like them?

    This TV show is crap, I actually love Arnet and Applegate, but this is probably their worst role ever, specially Applegate, who instead of being funny in this show, she plays a character that annoys me so much that even drives me angry, Maya Rudolph just plays an old woman who doesn't know anything and Arnet is the best character in here, so as Blythe Danner.

    Sow, this is basically a show that makes me angry, makes me stay hours without laughing and it's not that much entertaining, lets see if it can still get better...
  • SnoopyStyle23 September 2013
    Reagan Brinkley (Christina Applegate) and Chris Brinkley (Will Arnett) are a couple of hard partying professionals who were surprised into parenthood and suburbia. Ava Alexander (Maya Rudolph) is a host of her own show and Reagan's boss/friend/dependent.

    This is a show led by SNL veterans like Emily Spivey. And surprisingly it's just not that funny. The leads Christina Applegate and Will Arnett have some good chemistry together. They have some good exchanges. Maya Rudolph is a one note character, and never gets much depth. They try various characters to add as support like the loser brother played by Luka Jones. Most of these efforts end in failure.