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  • john_jaxs9 September 2011
    In my opinion the people behind Dead Island get what a zombie game is really about. It is about hope, desperation & the willingness to fight on when all you have left is your life and that is all you can expect to get. The fight for survival brings out the best and worst in people. After playing through the whole game I can tell that this game was made by true zombie fans, where a game like Left 4 Dead was made by people who just like shooting a bunch of things (not that is a bad thing). My only problem is that I wish they had focused more on the single player aspect then the CO-OP.

    Other then I will say is that this a great game for any true zombie fan and I hope there is a Dead Island 2.
  • This game to me is just great.

    It has the same set up as games such as GTA or Red Dead. Open roam if you want and main quest and all kinds of side quest. The graphics are fine for me, I have heard some people complain about them but meh, some people gotta find errors in everything. Graphics good, weapons fun, story fun, and oh, did i mention the zombies?! The zombies are great so far, i have not beat the game but from where i have gotten they range from slow easy kills to not so slow and not so easy. Very fun to fight them. Very graphic. Exactly what i want from a zombie game.

    The weapons are fun, customizing is amazing.

    This game combines the styles of GTA with the weapon customizing of Diablo and the survival of Resident evil. Basically someone took some of the best games made, put them in a pot of awesome and cooked up Dead Island.

    Don't think about it, go get this game. Unless you are "sensitive" to violence and gore and language, in which case I'm sure there will be another mario coming out soon.
  • The best way I can sum up Dead Island is that it tries to catch the co-op flavor of games like Borderlands and bring it to a tropical paradise with weapon crafting. But fighting the same hordes over and over again in the hopes of getting that one special component for my ultra-rare weapon build wore out its welcome quickly. The game is much better in co-op, though, and it's still quite easy to join a match; just hope you don't land in a game populated with obnoxious teens more interested in showing off and hacking the game than playing the game.

    + The world is huge. Be glad there are vehicles and fast travel, because there are a lot of places to discover. It's not a true sandbox – it 's a number of large connected areas – but it will take a lot of dedication to complete the list of missions. + The graphics are decent and not too stressful. Expect high framerates even if you have a basic gaming rig like I do at the time of writing (A10-6800k + R7 260X). + Four different characters to play as, each with their own bonuses and skills. (I played as Purna most of the time because of her firearms bonuses). + Crafting is good, adds some unique effects to the weapons and increases damage. + The co-op element works well. Very easy to drop in / drop out of games. Leveling happens much faster, and I had no trouble finding other people to play with. + Decent characters, if you can ignore side missions and stay focused on them. Thematically Dead Island has a lot of mature elements. It's just cloaked in this B- movie zombies-on-a-tropical- island setting. Jin's story is touching.

    • / + Not really a positive or a negative, since your experience may be different, but the player-base I encountered while pugging coop matches was – immature would be a kind description. I encountered one youngster who asked me if I wanted to go join him in Minecraft. Another person was hacking the game, making everyone die repeatedly (it costs in- game money to respawn, so I didn't find it funny at all). And another player was constantly begging for attention: "Look! Hey, look! I can punch zombies! Look at the size of my fists! Did you see that? Hey, look!" If you have a group of friends you want to play with, you'll have a much better co-op experience than I did.

    • Despite the decent story and some good characters, there is very little time is spent with these characters; take time to do plenty of side-quests, and any sympathy built for any of them will have gone by the time we return to the main quests. Don't do the side quests, then; but the risk is going into an area under-leveled – and trust me, you are in for a frustrating time if that happens. - The combat gets boring after the first few hours. Guns only work well against human targets, not zombies. Melee weapons and throwables are for zombies. Run up to an enemy, hack their arms or legs off, dodge a few incoming blows, kick to stagger, kill, rinse, repeat. And enemies respawn REALLY fast, so get what you want from an area quickly, or you'll have to do it all over again. What a chore. By Act IV I just didn't feel like fighting anymore; fortunately you can just run by the enemies in the final levels (a few will chase you, but those can be dealt with easily). - Weapons decay FAST. Stay on the lookout for workbenches to repair your weapons (especially blade weapons), because they'll fall apart in your hands in the middle of a fight with a "weapon broken" message (you don't lose the weapon; it just sits in your inventory until you drop it or repair it). - Finding materials to craft is a pain. Even if you loot every single corpse or house that crosses your path, you'll frequently be short of materials. Much better to join a co-op game in the hope of finding someone to trade with. - The quests are repetitive. "Get 5 cans of food" "Find parts for the generator" "My friend / wife / husband / father / mother was infected, they had a memento / letter that I'd like to have back, can you help?" "Get 5 cans of food" - Maybe because the missions all feel the same after a while, I stopped caring. I rescue this one guy who is trapped in a bungalow with zombies beating on the door. Down the street is a gas station. I rescue him, he opens the door and says, "Thanks mate. You saved my life. But I really need gas for the generator. Think you can help me out?" And I'm thinking, "The gas station is literally right there. Get your own gas." Main story missions are a bit better, but even those suffer from an over-use of escort missions.

    Dead Island makes a great first impression with its beautiful island paradise and aggressive zombies, but the copy-paste missions, same-y combat and rapid weapon decay left me feeling annoyed and ready to move on to something else.
  • This game is brilliant, what can I say, the setting is awesome, the graphics are beautiful, the music is dark and it really feels like it's the end of time when you play it, it is a gory game and I mean gory, so its not for the weak hearted whatsoever.

    The story resembles GTA style gaming with you fighting to survive with what ever is to hand and I mean ''Whatever is to hand'' playing this game with headphones on is a must try, with an assortment of weapons and zombies of different types and strength this game is a must buy, the only thing I will say that I'm not to fond of is the multi-player mode, as I myself am not a fan of multi-player, I prefer to go it alone, especially on a free roam game such as this, their are hidden extras in the game which are a must find, if you are a fan of zombie type games with a free roam added then this is the game for you, check it out!
  • The good: Heavy customization. You customize and modify your weapons, get to dictate how your character progresses with experience, and get to choose what quests you do and do not want to accept. There is a lot of choice in this game. If you're going' for an apocalyptic game, this one should be high on your list. Unlike games like Left4Dead, this game doesn't tell you where to go and give you a single pathway to follow. You can get help from your little navigator map but that's not required. The bad, for me at least, was the setting. After Left4Dead 2 came out, I was a little worn thin on southern settings. What we really need to see is more downtown cities. A game that delves deep into what most of Americans live by or in... suburbs.. downtowns... highways, etc. A game that thrusts you deep into your comfort zone. Other than that, there are a few glitches still in the game that are a minor nuisance. But, if you're looking for something apocalyptic that forces you to figure out the hard way how to get out of a sticky situation, or how you'll make your plan, this is it. Definitely a thinker, and a bad-ass FPS adventure game.
  • I've been waiting for this game to come out for quite some time. It was actually supposed to come out back in early 2000 but the building they were creating it at literally burned down. But it may have been for the best, because the graphics are good and the gameplay is one-of-a-kind. Think of it as a Left 4 Dead RPG-style. So you're not just annihilating zombies (which believe me, you do a lot) but you also have a purpose other than going through a campaign with no destination other than the end of the level. You can chose what weapons you pick up (which is similar to Mass Effect where they tell you the stats of the weapon; power, accuracy etc...). It has a twist though, they get worn out. That may be the ONLY thing I would change (it tends to get annoying when all your weapons in your inventory are broken to hell and all you can do is run and cry). Like, I can understand wooden bats breaking and stuff but like, a wrench?? that sucks to repair! Oh, and the fact that you have to pay to repair your weapons. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if it wasn't a lot of money to get them repaired because there is money EVERYWHERE but the most money I get in between missions is about 2000 dollars and some weapons cost 900 bucks just to repair it. (which is essentially maybe 20 swings). So definitely prioritize, because it'll go a long way. You can pick up miscellaneous items and customize your weapons too (like putting spikes on a bat and putting an electrical charge on it). This option is AWESOME; the only downside to that though is it costs even MORE money to repair. So essentially, it can be a pain to play the game at times. But then again, if it didn't have some sort of challenge, it wouldn't be as fun. Definitely a good change from typical zombie games. It's also 4-player which is awesome, and you can play online with your friends to get missions completed. I highly recommend getting this game. WELL DONE.
  • Has many good functions and are at times a really great game with a good story. BUT it takes to much time doing relative repetitious missions, there are too many significant bugs (like zombies hitting trough a closed door) and the game play is not superb in itself.

    The levelling systems has a few problems, like that at times fighting ordinary zombies can actually become harder as they level up along with you and that the new skills you get and new weapons you access is not always equally good.

    The story is pretty good and has many interesting characters (and a lot of uninteresting ones too) and it contains some of the same classic left-wing and social critical points that the classic zombie movies and games also did.

    All in all its worth playing but there are better ways to use your time.
  • ratcat015 January 2012
    Not a bad game once you get past the first hour or so of game-play. Fairly predictable bone mashing with an assortment of mêlée tools hammer, wooden plank etc. The enjoyability stems from upgrading weapons and completing quests. Eventually you get to use firearms which are a blast. There is fury meter that gets better as your levels increase, When the fury meter hits full everything grays out and you can go berserk with a pistol - shooting everything in site within fifty meters. Unfortunately it only lasts a few seconds but gradually gets longer as you progress through the game. You really need to give this game a good two hours before you can appreciate the complexity of the story. The graphics are pretty but in tunnels or indoors there is a problem with shadows. A texture will look perfectly real but once it is in shadow it seems to develop a strange red/green/yellow hue reminiscent of games from the 90,s. Something that really spoils the game and makes it look dated. Very re-playable none the less. I gave it 8 out of 10 Rubber chickens.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really, really like this game. its the first true zombie game that uses first person (i wont count left 4 dead because they run, and death isn't an energy drink) the many, many weapons, many, many zombies and a big island as your sandbox to play in, its becomes a huge ton of fun, very quickly.

    the controls where great, all the attack, aim other buttons are pretty much where they should be, the choice of switching between standard digital swinging to analog was a really good thing too put in, i discovered it after id completed the game and it made the impact when hitting zombies with a sledgehammer all the more satisfying.

    the characters where OK, nothing great, the each have a little back story but not too much, they mainly serve as puppets to their skill sets more than anything. although i did like Sam B's song 'who do you voodoo b*tch. and Sam B.

    the story isn't too bad either, i liked the twist that comes with the Ryder White campaign. but i have to ask, what the hell happened to sinamoi and everyone else? did the group just leave them there? they risked there lives dozens of times for these people, indicating that they are trying to keep them alive as much as possible, and then they just leave on the island to be nuked by military. what a bunch of d*cks.

    but to be honest, i didn't care about the story (although the trailer was very moving i will admit, as is the new trailer for dead island riptide (embarrassingly girly squeal) i was in love with how much ass you could kick, i loved the variety, i loved the combat, i loved the different zombie types and its a damn fine game. cannot wait for the sequel
  • Don't get me wrong hacking the undead to bits is undeniably fun however the game is hindered by various factors. First off when on the island the game is a joy to explore yet upon entering the city the game becomes a bit of a grind and boring. The game suffers from various hit detection problems for instance an enemy was stood in front of me and I was striking them with my machete and it was going through him with there being no response to this. However it's fun to explore and to play.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start off with the negatives first. The singular purpose of every character other than yours is to send you on fetch quests. Besides that, they don't have any personality or additional dialogue. The plot consists of: go there, do that, come back, move on to the next group/area. Any events that happen that leads to you getting off the island could all be cut together in about 5 minutes tops. The voice acting is sub-par to the point where it sounds like they're reading the script for the first time, and there isn't a whole lot of diversity of zombies. Now on to the good parts. The resort, village and jungle is beautifully and intricately designed and could very well have been a real place. The combat is the game's finest point, with the weapons crafting adding to this. The zombies are relentless and despite lacking diversity in move sets and design, it is very easy to get swarmed if you don't watch your back and some of them are truly horrifying to look at. All in all, Dead Island is a good combat-driven zombie massacre that could have been a great one had there been more effort put into the characters, dialogue and plot.
  • The opening prerendered cutscene, which shows a few signs of the outbreak, already there using the 1st person perspective(every single one from there on breaks that otherwise consistent view, which can't be changed when driving or any other situation, and they're prerendered, but the communication might as well have been like when accepting/declining/briefed. It's just them arguing over what to do next, and without the four speaking, we wouldn't have to suffer through as much of the bad dialog spoken by cardboard cutouts), has you drunk and stumbling through a party(a concert playing Who Do You Voodoo, a bad rap, but, hey, that's the state of mainstream hip-hop music today), where you meet all four main characters, which makes it feel strange when you wake up in your room at the resort after a night of heavy drinking. I guess after that person did that, each of them did the same…? At first, I wasn't entirely sure I was already playing as the one I had chosen. Each of them specializes in a specific type of weapon, such as blunt, bladed, throwable. They have detailed, sad backstories, as well. They are fairly silly, and quite stereotypical, though. And never come up or make a difference in the plot, you can ignore it entirely. Other than what they say when you pick items up or say yes/no, you forget who you even chose, other than the benefit they give, unlike Left 4 Dead, which this so badly wants to be and isn't, where they're distinct and well-rounded. Anyway, you're attacked and bitten but not infected, rescued and resuscitated by the first of a number of groups of survivors(sidemission sources, I skipped all I could and completed this in 15 hours, and there's no real replayability, too repetitive for that. Sure, you can start over, maintaining your stats), and you start helping them out, progressing the forgettable "story". Forget that emotional, involving cinematic trailer, this is nothing like that.

    You can play single player, but the drop-in/out co-op is where it's at, 4 person but you can all choose the same character. In part because of that, the saving is purely by checkpoint. And that is where I run into most of the bugs: it crashed twice, three times it removed use of the keyboard – and that's not counting the many times where it did before the menu. And this barely allows you to complete the last fourth or so by yourself, ugh. Strangely, about half of the people are comfortable in the situation, the other half are begging forgiveness for the kill they had to make, asking what are these things, real tonal whiplash. You'll go on (mostly fetch) quests. And escort, of course, complete with the AI throwing themselves into fights they can't win! Near the climax, there are 80 minutes of this that are almost a single, long uninterrupted one! Not to mention how this sends you back and forth, using the same, largely linear, route, over the island(until after the first act… after that, it's a slightly rundown city, there's a jungle, and you wonder what happened to the concept we were promised: paradise with a spreading sense of death and hopelessness), rather than truly allowing the open world it claims.

    This has an emphasis on mêlée combat, yet unlike Contagion, there's only one type of attack with mêlée, and no charging, except for when it decides that's what it wants to let you do meaning you can't always depend on it to do what you need it to, smack, slash, "gun-butt". There are simple combos, hit in right time to do special damage. That is, however, where the other of the main draws appear. The game's enemies were rendered to have fully modelled layers of meat and muscle, meaning they have a multi-layered damage system with real-time injuries. You can take off limbs independently, hands, arms, decapitate, in bloody, gory fashion, and can eliminate/limit the attack options of them. Inventory size: 9 on level 1, offered to swap currently equipped to new one found, and may not accidentally do so, hold Use key. Slots aren't taken up by objective items, or, well, anything other than weapons. The quick or wheel isn't that swift, you have to move the mouse to choose… why not left/right, which you can't use in that instance anyway, up/down? And you can only cycle weapons one way! Also, why doesn't it instantly equip a new weapon to empty slots, that can't be done with a click or two. Incendiary kills fast, but you can be hurt by the fire. You can craft, adding nails, poison, electricity, a buzzsaw to name a few. This has experience-based gameplay and character customization, though options are quite limited, it is more character selection rather than "customization".

    There is also a stamina bar, meaning that after a set amount of physical action, such as running, jumping, or swinging, you need to stop to regain it, meaning that having a fight with tougher and/or more numerous foes will result in you often running out and getting killed. Kicking is useful, it never "wears down", similar to the guns(pistols, assault rifles, etc. And ammo falls into your lap early on, which along with running others over and firing from a car almost makes this feel like Grand Theft Auto IV) available a quarter through, you never have to switch shoes, which seems like an exploit. You can use it to make them fall. Stomp away their head of a downed one, albeit it takes 2 or 3 seconds, leaving you vulnerable. This features "special class" undead, which are more powerful than the standard ones. They aren't memorable and feel like rip-offs.

    In addition to what I've already mentioned, there is a lot of disturbing content and a moderate amount of strong language in this. I mildly recommend this to those who want to be taking apart zombies with friends in a kinda sorta RPG title. 5/10
  • chicagopoetry2 November 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, after my tenth time going into that room trying to kill a zombie with a hammer just to be killed again and once again sent far away to some checkpoint to start all over again, I have to ask, who cares? I've been trying for three days now to get into this but it makes no sense. I chose the character with the gun, but she can only use her gun when her rage meter fills up or whatever. Why? So I'm to believe she has a gun but she's going to slug it out with a hammer or a crowbar anyway because her rage meter didn't fill up? Huh? I can't build any kind of strategy because the zombies pretty much just pop out of nowhere and you can't kill them from a distance and sometimes you're dead before you even know what hits you. If you get wounded the screen goes all red and splattered with blood drops making it completely impossible for you to see anything to recover from your injuries. Every time I die it keeps saying you have so many seconds to recover. Huh? How do I recover. There is pretty much no tutorial at all, no build up to the story at all, no handful of easy missions to get you used to the oh so complicated controls, you're just plunged into the zombie apocalypse fighting your way through with nothing but pipes and shovels as complete strangers pile one mission onto the next before you even have a chance to get use to your environment. I'm lost. I don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it. The entire premise of having to fight hand to hand first person no less with one zombie after another is quite honestly making me nauseous. I really, really HATE this stupid game. I hear it's pretty cool if you're playing with multiple players but as a single player game it completely sucks.
  • Warge24 October 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    A fantastic trailer for the game fooled me to get it, and boy, was I fooled! OK, the setting is kind of fun, a little like 'Dead Set' (which handles a zombie outbreak from a group of Big Brother contenders), but it is so very wrong.

    Zombies belong to the horror genre, and a resort island has absolutely nothing in common with horror. The entire background for the game is therefore flawed, especially when you also take into account that it never gets dark - the mood is still light and happy happy joy joy. Some rain and wind doesn't change that. Here I do think I should mention the virus - the game makes a quite good attempt at explaining exactly what the virus is, but you can't really do anything about it or dig deeper into that mystery.

    In the game you can choose between four characters who are quite well described, but so very cliché - you can't go a game nowadays without having a game with a hot black chick - who also runs around half-naked around crazed flesh-eating zombies... *sigh' doesn't cover it all. I couldn't find a single really likable character amongst these four - Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 also lacked better fleshed out characters, but they were more likable than this bunch.

    Which brings me to the 'role-playing' part of the game (it has very little to do with role-playing). The game essentially builds on that you have to do all kinds of stupid side-quests, and even the main quests feel like side-quests since they don't really lead to anything major. And, its ONLY during these missions you will encounter zombies - the safe-houses are so safe its ridiculous. You never get a feeling of dread and fear that something will tear down the walls anytime soon, because that can't happen. Which sucks.

    For the voice-acting part, well, it's OK. Its nothing earth-shattering, nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

    The zombies are... Well, not that good. They are both slow shambling corpses as in Night of the Living Dead and fast runners as in 28 Days Later, and some might even handle weapons. That is OK, but why couldn't the writers have made up their mind on what kind that would be used? Besides, you never have the option to sneak, but you can most of the time outrun the zombies since they won't leave their turf.

    The zombies never come in hordes either, which also adds to the lack of doom and gloom feeling a game like this needs. Five zombies running at you is never a horde, only an annoyance.

    The good parts are few, but also very good: the navigation system, where the compass constantly gives the correct path to where you are going is great. I also liked the general user interface where you have stamina which goes down every time you run or fight in melee - that made the fights a little tougher.

    Combat is mainly done in close combat - fire arms are quite few, and only available in special places, so its generally a bad idea to pick up a gun and fire away at zombies, since you'll need the guns for non-zombie enemies. And close combat is quite OK. I didn't like that weapons could break (no matter how many heads you bash, a crowbar will NOT break), but I could live with that. Another nice feature was the ability to upgrade or repair weapons, or even create new ones which was a lot of fun.

    What I turn against is the sanity of going into close combat with all these zombies, all of which were only around when you were out doing missions - what would actually happen would probably be more of a frog-leaping method from safe house to safe house (as in L4D) until you reached total safety or managed to flee the island.

    The sound is OK. That is all there is to say about it, because there is so little of it.

    The graphics is sub-par. I don't really think one should pinpoint graphics since that always depends on what kind of system you have, but I played the game with high settings, and it still looked bad - the faces of people were clay-like, environments looked stiff and few things looked really good. The only people that looked good for real were the four main protagonists - and you only see yourself in some carefully selected cutscenes.

    The game re-uses some areas. That was bad in Dragon Age 2, and it was bad here. Thankfully much of the game takes place outdoors where this is less noticeable.

    Overall, this is not a good game. It is not a bad game, but one that might hold a couple of hours of reasonable entertainment, and there it ends. If there will be a sequel, I really hope they get it right.
  • You'd think a game that had such a beautiful trailer would have followed up with a brilliant does not. Packed with mediocre characters on and island inhabited by more survivors than zombies, a combat system that's just awful and weapons that last about five minutes before breaking, you have got yourself one big pile of horse manure to endure. However, there is a few aspects to this game which I like, one being co-op. You and your friends can team up and discuss just how bad this game is. Another thing I like about this game is the atmosphere. Needless to say, it's quite beautiful to admire. But the bad overloads the good, rendering my rating as 2.
  • It's so boring and repetitive in the early stage of the game that I could not continue playing this game any longer. Games need to have a story progress og some kind of progress, not the same action and quests hours after hours in the beginning of the game. Very bad game title, 2/10.
  • First-person games have never appealed to me, but when I played this game, I have to say I was REALLY impressed! Being able to modify weapons to make a newer and more powerful weapon, finding different special items to add to weapons or to trade for money to help in this task..... The one downer I noticed was that a lot of zombies seem to repeat themselves in different levels of the game. But fighting different zombies and getting decent amounts of rewards from each is a great addition! I also appreciate the fact the different playable characters had different strengths and abilities. Great stories from each, as well. I am REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel!