Captain Joe Glass: I know you speak English

[first lines]

Captain Andropov: Fuck You

Captain Andropov: [dryly] Well... that's a start

XO Brian Edwards: [from the trailer] Did we just start a war?

Captain Joe Glass: No... but we might've sailed into one

Captain Joe Glass: What is better? Be right or Be alive?

Captain Joe Glass: I would like to take one last breath before we go under. You never know what it's gonna be like when you come up.

Bill Beaman: Could have turned ugly.

Captain Joe Glass: Instead it's just a beautiful day.

CJCS Charles Donnegan: [to Fisk] You didn't just start a war... you just lost one

Captain Vlade Sutrev: We will not fire on American Sub

Admiral Dmitri Durov: Fine! Then *I* Will Do It

President Zakarin: He's an American.

Oleg: Yeah, I don't like it either, sir.