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  • MR_Heraclius20 February 2020
    Not a deep plot, but entertaining and fun to watch at least once.
  • Every time I watch this movie, I'm entertained, but I notice something else that bothers me slightly. Bullets killing people underwater. Non-active sonar giving 3-dimensional scans of what's outside. And the biggest one of all, transiting 2000 miles in a submarine in about 2 hours, with a rescue vehicle piggybacked on top!

    Ignore those. They detract from the entertainment value.

    Gerard Butler is a god at sea, consistently making the right calls because he doesn't have time to make wrong ones. Michael Nyquist, sick and near death, still presents himself as an expert submariner and, more, a commander of men. These are men being who they are because they have to be... so, yeah, everyone has but one dimension.

    Everything is predictable, but you don't care. It looks good. It's made to sound good. It's all flash and dash and utterly unbelievable. But sometimes the point of watching something like this is not to be distracted by what is believable.

    The point is to be entertained!
  • I don't usually write reviews, but after coming back home from watching a bore at the cinema we needed a pick me up movie, and this was it. If you liked Olympus has fallen , you will like this one.
  • I am writing my first review to defend this movie and to make a point here....I am what you can call a movie fanatic, had a Netflix account since 2003 and probably watched about 4000 or so movies by now with Action genre being one of my favorites. One of my recent rules of thumb has become to look at both critic and user reviews before watching a movie and then make a decision whether its worth to watch one. Critics are definitely not the only gauge to use these days because I have watched so many good ones that had poor ratings on rotten tomatos for example. And this is definitely the case with Hunter Killer as well. Going into this movie with no expectations I must say I am pleasantly surprised. This movie will definitely not win any awards, but when it comes to delivering an unpredictable, somewhat realistic, edge of your seat action thriller, it delivers on all accounts. With so much CGI filled style over substance movies out there these days, it was a nice throwback to the classic 80's well done action flicks that we all loved growing up . Highly recommend, just dont expect too much and it will be worth it.
  • rufus_ma9 September 2019
    A very good action movie. I nearly passed it by because of the IMDb rating but so glad I didn't.

    Since when did a script that stretches reality make it bad? Anyone seen Avengers...?!

    Full of action, excitement, plot twists and yes a bit gung ho but so what.

    Don't miss it if you like war/action movies.
  • I'm guessing all the hate is from all the political nuts reading into a film who simply can't just stop to enjoy a movie that's meant to entertain. Then there's all the wannabe critics slamming a "typical cliched and predictable" film. I'd like to see those geniuses come up with something new... I'm pretty sure there's not much left in original concept films.

    A submarine film has been long overdue, and this one was surprisingly very satisfying. It was well directed by novice Donovan Marsh. Newcomer writers Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss did a fantastic job with the screenplay. Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman nailed their roles and the rest of the cast were also on point. At 122 mins length, the pacing was excellent with the non-stop action and suspense, that time flew by. The Visuals and SFX were outstanding.

    My only beef with this film was the sound editing - just terrible. From scene to scene the dialogue was either fine, or overshadowed by the loud score so much, that I could barely understand what anyone was saying. A huge flaw for a production this grand.

    Nevertheless, it's an 8.5/10 rounded up to 9 from me. Don't listen to the negative reviews, no film production this big and so well cast deserves 1's. It's well worth the watch.
  • freewaycop27 October 2018
    I have not seen a single ad for this movie. The only way I knew about it was by IMDb. I will tell you what, this was a very good movie. A couple big name stars and no romantic drama to sideline the storyline. Just an old fashioned American kick-ass movie. Highly recommended.
  • I believe all those critics out there who panned this action flick could not fathom the thought that normal human beings can pull off a heroic act. I guess they are cool with bunch of lab experiments saving the world again and again despite all the differences but when the same feat is pulled off by normal looking characters who happen to be well trained officers then it all of a sudden becomes outlandish. Yes, we indeed have seen a lot of rescue missions but what makes this so different is that very few were pulled off by brave men from both sides (obviously enemies of each other by worldly rules) for the right cause. Off course this doesn't happen in real life, but seriously were you here to witness a documentary on war? No offense to anyone but I believe there is a certain group out there lobbying against this guy, I don't know for what reason, but this surely is very unprofessional to allow your personal grudges creep into the professional front.

    There is nothing wrong with this flick except for the hypocritical reviews that made it a box office disaster!
  • There arent alot of submarine movies. It was also very actionfilled and the tension was high through the movie, the ending was also good.
  • Very good movie, full of suspense. Well recommended.
  • One thing I learned was CRITICS have no idea how to judge what a good movie is. After you watch it go ahead a read some of them. All a bunch of idiots that act like they know what being a critic is all about. They are lauable. I learned long ago never to listen to any score they give. It's irrelavent.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I went into this film thinking it was going to be a Hunt For The Red October rip-off and it really didn't feel that way, but that's isn't necessarily a good thing.

    Overall I thought the movie was pretty decent, it had moments of entertainment and then moments where I was scratching my head. First off, they never really give any backstory to Gerard Butler's character, we know for a fact that he didn't go to Annapolis. We also know that he has worked "every" job on a submarine and he makes it known that he can probably do the job better than most of them and that he was on the USS Wichita...which apparently was a bad thing. I mean wouldn't the U.S. military send a submarine with a crew that knew each other? Instead of finding a guy who is spending his free time hunting?

    Aside from that, Gerard Butler does a pretty decent job, I'm not going to say that just because his intro was questionable that he shouldn't have been in it, they should have just come up with a better introduction for him.

    On the sub-plot of the team that's on the ground...why did they send in a team that seemed like they were still in training? I understand that three of them are seasoned veterans, but this "Preventing World War III" type mission probably would have been sent to an already trained team. Not to a team that still is training a guy and who has never performed an operation of this nature. I could go on and on about that subplot, but I won't.

    The positives of the film are that it was entertaining and definitely has tense moments, on a personal opinion I always appreciate the movies that can take two separate sides and create a bridge between them. The work of binding Butler and Nyqvist was definitely entertaining and I think that the movie actually resolves very nicely.

    I would probably watch it again, I know I harped on a few points, but it really is an enjoyable movie if you can get past those.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie. I heard it got negative reviews (I'm guessing biased) and my suspicions were confirmed because this movie was actually very good. The plot definitely pays homage to Hunt for Red October (1990) and Crimson Tide (1995) with a splash of Lone Survivor (2014) which keeps it very interesting. You don't see the unexpected plot changes coming and what you think is going to happen (based on film clichés) doesn't happen which adds to the suspense. The modern submarine tech used and CGI were also excellent in that they weren't overdone and is believable such as the detachable mini sub piggybacking off the submarine (which was an experimental prototype in Hunt for Red October back in 1990) and the drone reconnaissance torpedo to augment the submarine's eyes and ears on search & rescue attempts:

    The only issues I found :

    • Common playing a Rear Admiral (dude looks like he's in 30's) when achieving that military rank after 20+ years of service would easily earn you noticeable wrinkles & gray hairs
    • Unnamed Navy SEAL team apparently being short-staffed
    • Gerard Butler's Scottish accent that always comes out to say hi

    Agreeing with several IMDB commenters, if you have actual military experience or are a military history/trivia buff, just turn off your brain and enjoy the flick. It's not supposed be on par with Crimson Tide (1995) in which military accuracy was paramount for its premise. Besides that, forget what the haters say, this flick is worth the two hours!
  • Just watched this on Netflix, to be honest I knew very little about this film, however I wasn't disappointed as it was gripping from start to finish. Fantastic performances from everyone and the story was believable enough to stretch for over 2 hours. I would recommend this film, an enjoyable ride.
  • Today many movies are so twisted this movie is absolutely rock solid. If you're interested in submarines kind of a military movie than this one is perfect in its genre.

    It's not perfect but what is... But I will tell you I gave it a 9 of 10 because it is action and the cinematography is perfect. Not only are the underwater scenes absolutely flawless but even above ground the cinematography is amazing you feel like it's all really there laid out in front of you.

    It's not often I even like movies because Hollywood today is Holly weird and that's a fact but this movie is where it should be in the entertainment field. Anyway if you're looking for a fun evening watching an exciting movie please watch this you will not be disappointed. Oh and for the people that do give it a poor rating they're the ones that are probably wanting those twisted movies from Holly weird that I was talking about. This movie is for normal people looking for exciting movies.

    Thanks for reading my review
  • I didn't think I'd watch another submarine related thriller, but the cast was interesting enough to change my mind. I'm glad I did. I was most sorry the find out Michael Nyqvist died soon after the making of this movie however because he delivered a solid supporting performance and I was already a fan of his, that put a damper on the predictable positive ending of the thriller. I bumped up my rating of the flic in his memory.

    The cast, Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, Common, Michael Nyqvist and a bunch of recognizable Russian actors all delivered good performances, none stealing the spotlight, which I appreciated.

    The synopsis would likely discourage movie fans to include 'Hunter Killer' on their 'to-watch' list, but the full storyline is a bit more hopeful while the actual movie was thankfully an easy to watch, fast pace action punctuated by the necessary hold your breath "They're gonna die" moments (hey, it's a submarine movie, it's a rule). Then the twists, the "They're doing what?!" and "I'm glad I don't have to take decisions like that" segments kept me watching until it was over. It could have been stretched a 15 to 20 minutes more because of the action on land, but whoever decided to cut the movie as it was edited, made a sound decision.
  • Based off critic's reviews I assumed it was going to be garbage (like the last couple of Gerard Butler movies I didn't like - Geostorm and Den of Thieves.) Today was rainy and it was still in the cinema so I gave it a try. Hunter Killer is the best action movie I have seen at the theater since Mission Impossible - Fallout. No kidding. Not equally as good or well made as MI, but the best since MI.

    Hunter Killer is an almost-great, suspenseful, fun, exciting, on-the-brink-of-war movie which is absolutely worth your time if you've even considered watching it but haven't yet. It was a 2 hour suspense film that kept me and the other few viewers in the theater (their enjoyment was audible) on the edge of our seats.

    No spoilers here, but understand that the majority of the movie takes place underwater inside a submarine that is trying to evade detection and avoid torpedoes, and it is quite effective at drawing the viewer in for a fun ride. Go see it. Or wait for streaming. Either way you will probably enjoy it.
  • potipiroon28 October 2018
    I gave this movie a 10/10 simply because it was so much fun. I am a fan of submarine movies and this one hit it out of the park. The plot was really good and the acting was excellent. Watching in 4D helped enhance the experience a great deal.
  • obispo200021 January 2019
    It is a very good military and political thriller. One of the last roles of the late great Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist. Those who prefer the genre should watch it first thing in the morning. A bit clichéd of course but it's fiction and fun.
  • brazil-4583915 December 2018
    Not U571- Not White House Down. Good action flick, surprisingly entertaining but not over the top. One of those movies that you know what you're getting going into, so I'm perplexed why there are so many butt hurt people expecting an academy nod type movie. Worth the watch.
  • I really don't get why this is rated average. In my opinion, it is one of the best action movies that pack the cold war type US - Russian limited war thrillers.
  • Leofwine_draca27 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    HUNTER KILLER is a serviceable addition to the submarine thriller genre of movie-making. It goes through the motions and delivers the goods in terms of action and suspense, although there's nothing here to make this particularly memorable or indeed for it to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that the story is involved enough for the two hour running time to never be a chore to sit through. Gerard Butler does his usual gruff stuff as the submarine captain and Gary Oldman shouts a bit as the top brass, but Toby Stephens brings most charm as the special forces leader. The action scenes and special effects generally work well despite the usual predominance of CGI effects. No classic, then, but it's a film which does its job.
  • jsjsingh-451072 November 2019
    Not a single dull moment in this movie. Simply awesome.
  • A great movie that brings a new screenplay. Great casting that make a surprising great movie!
  • OK, not the best movie ever, but it is a very enjoyable action movie which gets you from the first moment. It could have been a Dirk Pitt movie, I found it very exciting and amusing.
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