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  • I'm guessing all the hate is from all the political nuts reading into a film who simply can't just stop to enjoy a movie that's meant to entertain. Then there's all the wannabe critics slamming a "typical cliched and predictable" film. I'd like to see those geniuses come up with something new... I'm pretty sure there's not much left in original concept films.

    A submarine film has been long overdue, and this one was surprisingly very satisfying. It was well directed by novice Donovan Marsh. Newcomer writers Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss did a fantastic job with the screenplay. Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman nailed their roles and the rest of the cast were also on point. At 122 mins length, the pacing was excellent with the non-stop action and suspense, that time flew by. The Visuals and SFX were outstanding.

    My only beef with this film was the sound editing - just terrible. From scene to scene the dialogue was either fine, or overshadowed by the loud score so much, that I could barely understand what anyone was saying. A huge flaw for a production this grand.

    Nevertheless, it's an 8.5/10 rounded up to 9 from me. Don't listen to the negative reviews, no film production this big and so well cast deserves 1's. It's well worth the watch.
  • freewaycop27 October 2018
    I have not seen a single ad for this movie. The only way I knew about it was by IMDb. I will tell you what, this was a very good movie. A couple big name stars and no romantic drama to sideline the storyline. Just an old fashioned American kick-ass movie. Highly recommended.
  • potipiroon28 October 2018
    I gave this movie a 10/10 simply because it was so much fun. I am a fan of submarine movies and this one hit it out of the park. The plot was really good and the acting was excellent. Watching in 4D helped enhance the experience a great deal.
  • Hunter Killer (2018) is US version of Battleship Potemkin in its sheer appearing, however it still remains as pro capitalist establishment one, it does not engage in class war, and not in class war situation like the best Russian film master piece Battleship Potemkin (1925).

    Captain Sergei Andropov, Commander of a Russian submarine (played by Michael Nyqvist, a Swedish actor)is the opposite version of Commander Golikov (played by Vladimir Barsky)in the master piece.

    Andropov is the main protagonist in this U.S. Navy SEALs and submarine USS Arkansas's rescue operation of trapped Russian president ''Putin'' Zakarin during coup in Russia. This key personal's critical response to Commander Joe Glass, commanding officer of USS Arkansas's anti war attitude and insisted refusal to kill misled Russian navies during the operation is everything meaningful for audience.

    As Battleship Potemkin, in which the First Officer gives the order to fire, but in response to Vakulinchuk's pleas the sailors in the firing squad lower their rifles and the uprising begins, similarly when Andropov's old ship - now commanded by Sutrev, a member of the coup conspirator, defence minister of Russia, Durov's conspiracy -order to fire on USS Arkansas where Zakarin and Andropov boarded, in response to Andropov's pleas the navy officers in the firing squad refuse firing and the uprising begins.

    I was emotionally impressed with this Andropov and his officers' decision making, their disobey to the traitors is recovery of loyalty to his country and their conscience.

    You can experience what emotionally and really does impress audience at most in cinematic experience in this blockbuster and Battleship Potemkin. It must be force of will, a dialectic change of will toward correct and humanistic result. The nature of plotting of story is decision making of protagonist(s).

    For Battleship Potemkin (1925), it is Vakulinchuk's pleas, and in the last chapter, it is when the sailors of the Tsarist squadron refuse to open fire, cheering and shouting to show solidarity with the mutineers and allowing the Potemkin, flying the red flag, to pass between their ships.

    These are pros of this US democrat blockbuster propaganda film. Cons are easily found. The whole fictional reality depends on fictional absence of Russian media, Russia Today(RT), Russian intelligence agencies like the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), smartphones to contact Russian generals etc. The coup can only be imaginable in reality or possibility if there are none of them like this film.

    Additionally, this is pro Democrat film propaganda due to ''Hilary Clinton'' as US president in this fictional story. It is cinematic idealism of Democrats.

    Anyway I like and really enjoyed this US war propaganda blockbuster film.

    It makes US-Russian relationship great again? Film cannot answer that...
  • OK, not the best movie ever, but it is a very enjoyable action movie which gets you from the first moment. It could have been a Dirk Pitt movie, I found it very exciting and amusing.
  • Kept me on the edge of my seat. Put me right in the mind set of Crimson Tide which is a great place to be because that's one of my favorites!
  • I'm sure the inevitable submarine veteran or expert will come on some board and detail all the inaccurate things about this movie and the SEALS. However, it was very good and anyone with a brain should be able to see that if the story was accurate, it wouldn't be a good movie. Would a passage to a submarine base really be mined so heavily to the point the subs would scrape the sides or bottom, or have sound mines? Even if say, all Russian subs passed over water, wouldn't the underwater passage be impassable with no gaps?

    Anyways, this was a solid movie from start to finish with great acting. Is it Best Picture material? No. Is it a fun movie to waste a couple hours on? Definitely. Highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Reading some of the reviews for this film just boggle the mind, I know people entitled to an opinion but come on what were they expect an Oscar-winning performance film? This is actually how a war style thriller should be and a well written one at that.

    This film takes it time to build up the tension, it does it well especially when thing start to build up you get a sense of world war 3 is about to happen, it all starts with a simple unknown attack on a Russian and American sub, from there this film kick in to overdrive and the tension builds between the Russian and American naval feet that give you a real sense of something bad is about to happen..

    What we're given from this is an edge of your seat Suspense thriller that a cross between Hunt for Red October and Black ops neal seal mixture in this story with a solid ground movie that believable and intense throughout.

    The film keeps the audience entertained as well as solid performances from all involved in the film, this is the best thriller ive seen in a while, especial when you have season actors like Gary Oldman and late Michael Nyqvist (R.I.P) who never got to see this film hit the cinema, who sadly passed away last year June 27, 2017, at the age 56.

    As wartime, cold war era type of films go this is really good, not only with it cinematography with underwater shots of the submarines with great realistic CGI with tension build ups trying to run silence with the sudden moment that could put them in hot water really adds tension which gets you engaged in the film.

    When you put Gerard Butler in the right role he shows just how much of a good actor he truly is, with a solid performance from Common and Linda Cardellini with Oldman with his brilliant acting with a dynamic flair, Hunter-killer is a must to see if you love thrillers.
  • Today many movies are so twisted this movie is absolutely rock solid. If you're interested in submarines kind of a military movie than this one is perfect in its genre.

    It's not perfect but what is... But I will tell you I gave it a 9 of 10 because it is action and the cinematography is perfect. Not only are the underwater scenes absolutely flawless but even above ground the cinematography is amazing you feel like it's all really there laid out in front of you.

    It's not often I even like movies because Hollywood today is Holly weird and that's a fact but this movie is where it should be in the entertainment field. Anyway if you're looking for a fun evening watching an exciting movie please watch this you will not be disappointed. Oh and for the people that do give it a poor rating they're the ones that are probably wanting those twisted movies from Holly weird that I was talking about. This movie is for normal people looking for exciting movies.

    Thanks for reading my review
  • It seems that Gerard Butler has the idea of fix, which regularly makes itself felt the last few years: he wants to save the presidents from critical situations. "The fall of Olympus", "the Fall of London", "Geostorm" vivid examples. And all would be well, if not for one thing but: the final product is always the most primitive, cliched and, of course, serious schah. "Hunter Killer" successfully (if that word is appropriate here) continues the appropriate number. Probably, I would pass by this tape, but here the trailer threw the interesting fact: this time will rescue the President of the Russian Federation.

    Director's chair took almost debutant Donovan Marsh, previously put only the infamous dilogy "Malek". One of the producers (and how differently?) and the lead role was played directly by Gerard Butler. Surprisingly, the script of the film was adapted: we have a screen version of the novel "Point of fire" by George Wallace and don Keith about the rebellious Russian Admiral, who planned to start a new world war.

    First, I would like to talk about the plot advantages of the picture, because they really were not template, and even burning, relevant. First, despite the fact that I do not like when politics and cinema are mixed in one bowl, "hunter Killer", in principle, not bad broadcasts the idea of the most favorable in the future relations between Russia and America: we are talking about cooperation. Secondly, the creators of the Ghost, but still visible hints make it clear that the feud is not the country, not the people, and the political elite, the powers that be. In General, the social and political message is timely and correct: thank you for that. An interesting nuance: replace Russia with some, for example, terrorists and movies will lose all meaning, will be very bad. Praise also deserves a cheerful ending: the long duration of action-Packed smooth dynamics, explosions, shootings: nothing innovative but a catchy. In the end, however, a little tired, but still the denouement works.

    But no matter how good the film is in the above, the disadvantages here, I think, outweigh. Open the standard set of typical gaps, which became boring to the viewer utterly, and find there: devoid of reason episodes (killed scene verification Russians lair American task force); a decent number of conventions, taken on faith; pathos of all the cracks; the General atmosphere of what is happening does not allow to consider the tape as an artistic canvas, with the degree of politicization is very high; pseudo-characters. Regarding the latter, it's not just a blank sheet of paper, which I forgot to prescribe the internal filling of history and the adequate explanation (please note that Admiral Durov), it went further: the Russian-speaking heroes among themselves mostly speak English (!), and the President of America, successfully following a feminist bias-a woman. It seems a new peak of craziness has been reached.

    Technical design can be noted for the well delivered action scenes, and which blended depressing music. From the cast most impressed me now the late Michael Nyukvist (one of the last roles), charisma and facial expression which speak more than words, from the Russian brotherhood remembered Mikhail Gorevoy, has a powerful negative energy. Gerard Butler almost the entire film goes with the same facial expressions, and appeared in a couple episodes of Gary Oldman here, rather, to attract audience.

    "Hunter Killer" - a passable creation, which I would not recommend to go to the cinema: believe me, you do not miss anything, passing by another Butler save the world and the President at the same time. With a strong desire, you can always wait for home viewing.

    PS the curtain of the hero Gerard can hear the elegant and hardly a deliberate reference to the iconic words of Dominic Toretto from the "fast and Furious".
  • Too Hollywood for my liking and completely unbelievable scenes. Why would the first words the Russian president say be in English?? Casting real Russians and having subtitles would have made this film far more convincing.
  • karlanal-6028929 October 2018
    Just cant take this movie serious, americans fighting to keep the peace, come on
  • advosza26 October 2018
    First of all: People who give this movie a bad rating, please stop watching movies.

    For those who want's to see a very good war thriller, with action and tension can stop searching. This is one of the best war thriller movies in decades. Story is not original but it takes you inside the movie and gives you peek in how war can be, deep in the ocean.

    Switching from submarine scenes to land war scenes is a very good choice of the director and makes the movie dynamic and pumping up to the climax.

    Very, very, very good movie!
  • diornodouwes25 October 2018
    Alright, I'm not a critic, I'm not even an adult and I usually never write reviews. But, I had to make a exception for this tragedy.

    You are probably fimilliar with the London has Fallen franchise, and big chance you're not a fan. This is pretty much that, but under water. and worse. It has a massive leak of motive, backstory, originality and renovation. The dialogue is cheap and predictable, they misused Gary Oldman for commercial purposes and a overuse of cinematography-tryharding special effects. And it's was way to long. The way I experienced it, it was 'you shoot at me by exident, so I shoot you back but it'll take me 30 minutes to do so.

    Also, all the russians spoke English most of the time which annoyed me.

    Look, I respect Gerard Butler a lot. He has been in some solid action thrillers, 300 for example. But, and I quote some critic, he maybe should be firing his agent instead of torpedos.

    One thing I did like is the scene where that elite team has a shoot-out in the Russian presidents office.

    Over all, 2.7/10
  • I've seen over 80 movies in the theatre this year and I am confident this one is one of the best. Especially with others out now that really make you think you should love them, but you don't. Hunter Killer is action packed from the start and brings to in a totally practical way a scenario that generates your interest. Without any twist and turns, the movie makes it so real that nobody knew what they were doing. It was just a matter of making one choice at a time and hoping for the best. The film gave more meaning to being prepared and using your memory and skills to prove yourself with results. The attention to every scene is very demanding because you don't even think about anything else going on in life because you are so hooked on the movie just not ending because it's very good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hunter-Killer is an intelligent action thriller. It features the story revolving around a potential threat of World War three. The movie begins with attacks on American and Russian submarines. The Russian president's life is in danger, and American navy officers team up with their Russian counterparts in order to save the Russian president and eliminate any possibility of World War three.

    This movie has a decent story and screenplay, good direction, and intense performances. The action scenes are also nice, although some CGI experts may claim that the sequences could have been more refined and polished. I loved it anyway. There is a lot of explosion scenes, and the submarine versus submarine scene was really outstanding. The performances by all actors were great, but Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman really stood out and shined greatly.
  • It holds your attention as it swaps between the submarine crew and the land forces, although there isn't much tension or suspense and it does get a bit silly towards the end. The mix of green screen, stock footage and live action scenes are a bit jarring and although the acting is ok, the characters don't have much depth to them.
  • smith-c5722 October 2018
    Awful script that didn't make a lot of sense, dreadful acting from all involved, but special mention for Gary oldman who just shouts every cliched line, the whole thing is a mess, no surprises with the outcome you could see what was going to happen a mile away, a film to avoid
  • Rogue military element kidnaps the Russian Premier and tries to start world war three. Special op' US forces are sent in to the rescue.

    Dialogue and character setup is very contrived. Most of the time the actors make good on a ropey script. Parts of the movie have a rushed look, there are continuity errors and some of the green screen shots are very unpolished but mostly it's OK.

    Good action, I particularly enjoyed the sub' vs sub' scenes. Not much threat or tension. There's lots of shooting and explosions. The on screen physical violence is moderate. Little in the way of bad language. No surprises.

    It's like a movie that has been sitting on the shelf for thirty years and they finally released it. I kind 'a liked it.
  • Now leaving a theater near you is the poor attempt to remake Hunt for Red October. The problem is that it is directed from the man who gave us Spud and Spud 2. No, I don't remember hearing anything about those films either.

    There is not an ounce of suspense or action in this film. Everything is cliche. The acting, script, photography and direction are all mediocre. Watchable, but nothing else.

    Sam Fuller said that if you don't engage the audience in the first fifteen minutes, then you will lose them. Ten minutes into the film I wanted to leave the theater. And I got to see it for free.

    The plot is convoluted and takes almost a full hour to fully explain itself. At that point, all hope was lost to find a coherently directed film.

    I can't find anything to recommend. I give this a 2 - generously.

    Watch at your own risk.
  • kjscott-0353220 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is by far one of the worst Military movies I have come across, and when it comes to Submarine centres movies such as Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide and K-19: Widow Maker. This is does not come into the same league, or even the same planet.

    The CGI "Faslane" is pretty terrible. It would be been better to not even say what port it was, as the back drop was laughable.

    The submarine "evading" the torpedos....40 degree's down! No just not, that would never happen, and the submarine suddenly able to level out before it hits the sea bed. This is a several thousand tonne submarine in water! It isn't that manoeuvrable.

    Just for information, a nuclear sub, that is stopped like the US Sub did when it was trying to hide in the dirt, this could of clogged in let/out lets to cooling systems for the nuclear reactor and would not happen!

    When it comes to accurate submarine operations, they one is WAY WAY WAY off the mark.

    Don't get my started on the spineless XO!!!
  • An action movie that is both credible and exciting. The military background is acurrate and well researched. The frequent action scenes are much more realistic than the average Hollywood product and the plot is quite clever. Enjoyable.
  • peterkolevhtc23 November 2018
    This movie is a joke. I can not believe this is Gerard Butler!
  • In 2005 we saw the film Stealth offer us a delightfully funny ass kicking of anything that isn't American. During that film an AI drone entered Russian airspace, Human american pilots entered sovereign russia to save this drone. Two Russian pilots were murdered in their own airspace but don't worry the AI done was a good guy... in 2018 this American hubris and hark back to the old days where Russians are the bad guys is being brought back again only with a fraction of the special effects skill or budget of Stealth. Acting of the american roles is cliche'd at best and the acting of Russian roles it deliberately cold and stiff. If you want a good old cold war style action movie, hunter killer offeres plenty of similarity but falls short of providing any joy. Rewatching the classics or Red october, red dawn or even the delightfully awesome under siege will be much more worth your time... This average release could have been something we scrolled by on netflix rather than have been a theatrical release. This is just another example of how TV has overtaken the movies in acting, writing and now even special effects...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where to start with this load of dross. The plot is as far fetched as you could hope for. A US Submarine ends up sailing into the home of the Russian Fleet, completely undetected for the most ! Meanwhile a US Seal Team have managed parachute into Russia and set up camp watching the Russian base - again undetected ! Amidst all this the next nuclear war is about to kick off unless the US can kidnap the Russian President from the Naval base. Add to all that rather nice cinematic shots of the US 5th fleet sailing into the North Atlantic to battle the Russian's - unfortunately the production team failed to notice the British Naval ensigns flying from some of these ships !!

    The outset looks promising but it rapidly fell into the ridiculous. I wish i could say the acting was good or the action scenes were worth putting up with the rest - but neither were true.

    Save your money.
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