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  • This 2007-thriller by Viking Johansson, featuring Thomas Glaving in the main role as David Frank. A man which is connected to a police man fighting to get his son out of the hands of a infamous human trafficking gang, was a pleasant surprise. Right from the start the film grabs you by the throat, when he intervenes in a situation, and escapes right in he second he is to be shot. We get to know that David himself has troubled background, born into a troubled family. He gets the help of the police due to his connection to a police man who took care of him back more than 20 years ago.

    From there we follow his fight to get what he recently has discovered is his young son, Jim, out of the gangsters hands.

    The film is not only exciting and well cast and acted, it's also very well photographed and is blessed with a very well suited and great soundtrack.

    The film is made on a shoestring budget of only $ 4000, but looks like a million dollars. This film is both difficult to find on physical medias as well as in streaming and TV channels, and I had to see it on a DVD with no subtitles. This is surely a pity, since the film deserves better.