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  • The best thing about the movie was it was on a constant roll, never trying to fill in stuff. From the moment we witnessed the small Birju with all his intensity and the menacing Kancha, we knew something special was in store. This is the first time i have found Sanjay dutt this scary ,even more threatening that his Khalnayak Role. Rishi kapoor proves once again why is the versatile hero of bollywood. Nobody could have done that rauf lala role better.

    But the person who has lent his heart and soul into the film is hrithik. He has expressed so many moods and emotions in one movie, this may be his best role till date. There are so many subtle tender moments in the movie with Hrithik alternating between vengeance(Kancha), comradeship(Gaitaonde)and Joy ( seeing his sister). However at times i felt certain scenes were overdone to intentionally create a dramatic effect. Ah but thats bollywood.

    Yet another winner this movie. Go see enjoy :)
  • The old Agneepath completely belonged to AB and the new one has HR written all over it...Hrithik is at his Bloody Best..The movie doesn't belong to Sanjay or Priyanka or anybody..It completely rests on HR's muscular Shoulders which he has carried with ease...This is clearly (one of) Hrithik's best performances ever where 'one of' is optional and can be removed depending on the audience ...I should not take the credit away from Rishi Kapoor as he was outstanding too.....Sanjay Dutt looked menacing but was let down by weak dialogues.. I really missed Kader Khan from the original. ( The most underrated Dialogue writer ) Statutory Warning : The movie is violent as per Bollywood standards.

    Statutory Request : Comparisons are inevitable when a remake comes, but to enjoy the movie you will have to forget the old one completely..

    Its a movie with old skeleton and a completely new soul.
  • "Agneepath!!!! Agneepath!!!! Agneepath!!!!" When Hrithik shouts this in the end the audience is left awestruck with a burst of emotions.

    Comparing this to the original will be unjustified as both the movies have their own appeal....but certainly the Hrithik version can give you full value for your money if you are a fan of Bollywood/Hrithik.

    With each movie he does, Hrithik evolves as a better actor and he has a huge fan base which can be seen by the enthusiasm of fans in movie screens throughout the country.

    Both Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor did a marvelous job of portraying the bad(read evil) guys. And Sanjay Dutt surely surpasses the over hyped Voldemort through his exceptional acting and dialogue delivery. Priyanka Chopra as Kali was really impressive and sometimes very funny also.

    The story-line is nothing very new, the evil villain kills father and then the son avenges his death, but no matter how many times this plot is used you cannot get bored if the movie is as well made as Agneepath.

    As it is produced by Karan Johar, there is no shortage of emotions and colorful cinematography in the movie, and this time the action sequences are also very impressive.

    The music was good and the background score was fantastic and in tone with the plot of the movie. There is something with revenge that keeps the average Indian mindset always interested and the makers of Agneepath have done a commendable job to provide what the audience wants to see.

    Although there might be too much violence for those who don't like action flicks. I don't have any problem in watching violence or melodrama so obviously the movie rocks for me.

    Watch this only if you can bear some violence and revengeful emotions.

    PS : As everyone knows, Katerina Kaif appears in the song Chikni Chameli and believe me....this girl keeps looking more and more adorable and desirable...the perfect combination of HOT and SWEET
  • I usually don't prefer to watch remake of bollywood classics from past after my bad experience with ram gopal verma's AAG n many more which are more than cliché' ..disaster.....but Agneepath stand tall.Basic theme being the same...story of a child avenging his fathers death but chinematography ,sets, scenes and musics defines and take to a new level. i was really mesmerized by Rishi Kapoor's acting. This vintage actor truly shown his shine and worth in the film. Sunjay Dutt's hulk look and negative dialogue delivery perfectly described his devilish and negative role in the movie.Hrithik 's Musculer build and silent behaviour perfectly describes the violent terbulance going inside his mind of his father death. Movie has perfect mixture of emotions ,love,power,romance. go for agneepath...
  • A fascinating tale of moral redemption.

    Images so powerful they linger in the mind hours after they've left the screen.

    And the eyes, always the eyes … the eyes of Evil, the eyes of Truth.

    A young man (Hrithik Roshan) must tread the dark and difficult 'path through fire' -- lit., 'agneepath' -- of challenge and personal sacrifice to avenge his family against the crimelord (Sanjay Dutt) who brutally murdered his father, dishonoured his family, and corrupted their whole community.

    If the classic 1990 "Agneepath" pioneered one of the strongest stories ever in film (and was way ahead of its time, for Hindi cinema), this 2012 "Agneepath" preserves the most effective elements of that brilliant original story and revamps what needed help. Our villain is even more evil, and the road of challenges our hero must overcome to defeat him is correspondingly an even darker, more treacherous journey.

    Raw. Powerful. Primeval.

    Sanjay Dutt's Kancha is a villain for the ages. Visually, he scared me just on the poster! A big, bad, very bad man. The bald head, the tattoos, the smile, the laugh, the spreading shapeless pale blobbiness of his huge bulk, and above all those hauntingly sick eyes, combine to render Mr Dutt's Kancha one of the most naturally frightening villains ever conceived. Where the original 1990 Kancha Cheena played by Danny Denzongpa was sleek and smooth and sophisticated, his evil was very modern and straightforward in open pursuit of power and wealth – and thus more familiar. Mr Dutt's Kancha, however, is pure psychopath: he destroys and kills because he LIKES it. And even though the audience understand how he became so twisted, that sickness makes him very scary indeed … the visual embodiment of human evil.

    What I could *not* anticipate from the trailers, though, is how Hrithik Roshan's Vijay Dinanath Chauhan would prove equally intimidating and visually frightening as Mr Dutt's Kancha: with those keen clear eyes knifing through his face awash in blood, Mr Roshan's Vijay looks purely the Avenger-from-Hell. Director Karan Malhotra effectively channels Mr Roshan's natural intensity into a human sword of vengeance – a quiet character who 'says' a lot from the shadows, projects mountains of lurking threat and menace, even where he has no dialogue. Again the eyes, always the eyes in this film! Never before had any director so effectively used the sheer glow-in-the-dark luminosity of Mr Roshan's eyes. The iconic 1990 Vijay created by the great Amitabh Bachchan (one of his most memorable roles) was significantly older and more verbally aggressive, the character more seduced by the trappings of power and wealth, only refocussing on his essential task toward the very end. By contrast, Mr Roshan's Vijay leads a haunted, almost monk-like existence, never losing focus down the years toward destroying his enemy. Obsessed, relentless, deadly – and a perfect showcase for Mr Roshan to demonstrate, yet again, his great dramatic range as an actor.

    Mr Roshan and Mr Dutt are so riveting in this film that any scenes they are not in, separately or together, honestly feel like a distraction.

    Despite 12 intervening years these two great actors have lost none of the chemistry that powered 2000's excellent "Mission Kashmir". Mr Roshan is slightly the taller actor, Mr Dutt significantly the heavier, but the two are so perfectly matched and the build-up so well laid that by the climax of this "Agneepath" audience anticipation could not be higher ... or more well-rewarded.

    An unforgettable, 'must-see' film!

    This, despite certain of the supporting roles being poorly cast (rather shockingly, for such a high-profile project from a major production house). The performances of both Vijay's new parents were competent but undistinguished; Alok Nath as Vijay's father in the 1990 film was far superior. I quite liked the concept behind the new dark character Rauf Lala; however, naturally clown-faced Rishi Kapoor brought inadequate menace to this baddie, at least for me. (And I'll swear they made Mr Kapoor's wig out of cheap carpeting!) But easily the worst miscasting? The 12-year-old Vijay – any boy less likely, in form or colouring or behaviour, to grow into 'Hrithik Roshan' as an adult Vijay would be seriously hard to find! What were they thinking? Anyone curious about what did grow into Hrithik Roshan need look no further than 1986's "Bhagwaan Dada", wherein you'll discover that Hrithik Roshan himself at age 12 looked exactly as any reasonable person might expect: a tall skinny boy with fair skin, light green eyes, brown hair, and already the distinctively-perfect profile. But the young Vijay cast here looked so glaringly out of place – too loud, too heavy, too dark, too coarse – that every flashback (of which there are far too many) with this boy jerked me completely out of the story. Again, the original casting in the 1990 film was much more believable in that specific role.

    On the plus side, however, certain female characters are much stronger and more three-dimensional in this 2012 version. Priyanka Chopra was simply outstanding as Vijay's lover and only friend, the new character Kaali – one of her best-ever performances, despite limited minutes.. Newcomer Kanika Tiwari also impressed, as Vijay's younger sister.

    Veteran actor Om Puri was also extremely effective as Commissioner Gaitonde, Vijay's sometime-conscience and sometime-ally. His scenes with Mr Roshan were particularly good.

    Even Katrina Kaif's jaw-dropping item number, "Chikni Chameli", may prove classic: who would have thought one could do THAT with a booze bottle!

    Special credit is due the highest standards of craft professionalism that distinguish this 2012 "Agneepath", notably these departments: Cinematography (exceptional lighting and shot selection, especially with the principal actors) – Kiran Deohans and Ravi K Chandran; Sound and Sound Editing (variety and scope, silent private moments to mass public festivals, all perfectly managed) – Stephen Gomes; and Stunts/Fight Choreography (so many action scenes, but each distinct and cumulatively building to the truly epic climax) – Abbas Ali Moghul.
  • ihatebabiessss26 January 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    just saw this movie and seriously fellas i liked it! i didn't book the tickets and just thought of buying it from the current counter but it came up as a mistake as there was shortage of tickets but fortunately i got the tickets of the day's first show :) while being there i can clearly see the crowd in the passage,ally shouting(not shouting actually,they were cheering) excitingly for the movie and its characters !! now it was the time when projection leads and some crappy ads comes up but suddenly movie's chart pop ups and the audience just got a bit louder like hey,yeah,whoa! fellas don't ask me what happened when the written poster came on screen :D now the movie starts with a festival and character joins the play . what to say about villain's avatar man! it was like huge monster :| he was looking like a beast man.I was like :O man what's this :O its all fine there like master's role as a good proud human being with his teachings :) now its about vi jay's character which is amazingly played .its all about his anger,revenge!! this revenge comes after his father's death given by villain(obviously by hook and crook) . vi jay and his pregnant mother now comes to city and her mother gave birth to vi jay's sister :) oh man how can i forget Raff la la :O truly man i appreciate this part!! bad,evil person who is into women's dealing business and drugs :) our HUGE MONSTER planted his emperor in Manda and now he wanted to be into other city but Raff la la was there :| seriously villains tried to be as much evil,bad as they can be! it was on peak man and they did a damn good job!! vi jay wanted Manda and for this he wanted someone whom he can use as a ladder and he made it by his mind! action was on its peak ! beautiful piece of emotions shown by our HERO during the clash with Raff la la while fighting for his sister :) now straight away to the ending! clash of the big daddies ;) oh man go watch it! i am not gonna tell you that! go watch it instead of enjoying it over here :P and seriously i don't care about anyone! i enjoyed it! and that is what matters! :)
  • I watched the movie today, in 2 consecutive shows. The second time I loved it even more. I watched it again for Hrithik and Rishi. What gr8 performances. Hrithik is undoubtedly the best actor in the industry today. He gives the perfect expressions, he has the perfect body and tremendous acting skills. The last scene is just awesome and when Hrithik recites the poem in the end, it gives goosebumps. In this age of Iphone and gadgets, its very difficult for this type of movie to awe the audiences, but the performances itself lifts the movie. But, I am sure, as always, the performance of Hrithik will still go unnoticed. What more can I say, when in our film industry, SRK bags the award for his stupid performance in MNIK and Hrithik is dejected after his awesome performance of a quadriplegic in Guzaarish!!!! I would suggest that this movie should be watched by everyone. Its not much near the original. Some important character has been removed here and the new character of Lala is introduced here. The rest of the plot is the same for almost many old bollywood movies, so why compare it to Agneepath....only becoz of the name? So frndz, don't compare it to any other movie and just watch it...u will surely love it. I would rate this movie 10 on 10 stars. What a gr8 start to the year 2012!!! Enjoy....Hey I want to add again to my existing review..I watched it two more times and I loved the movie and the performances again and again. Even weekdays are having quite packed houses. In the hall, I found that I am not the only one watching it so many times. There were numerous persons who was watching it nth number of times....this all shows the power of the thats the best judging criterion for the brilliance of the movie and its performances.....Well, enjoy again and again and you all.....
  • Agneepath (1990) to begin with, is remembered majorly for Mr Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan. Agneepath (2012), however, will be remembered for Sanjay Datt as Kancha Cheena and Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala.

    First half of movie, is racy,compelling and entertaining equally, thanks to brilliantly shot sequences, tight screenplay, heart-throbbing background score and power packed performances. Sanjay Datt excels throughout the movie, this is probably his milestone performance. Rishi Kapoor on the other hand, after showing brilliance in Do Dooni Chaar, again proves that a star remains a star! How about Hrithik?

    Hrithik chooses expressions rather than words. He may not have mass - appealing dialogues but his expressions works like wonder! If you compare Hrithik directly with Amitabh Bachchan, he has, still, done a commendable job.

    So where this movie lags? Post interval. Movie misses the thrill that it creates prior to interval, slows down its pace to focus on sub plots, which rather adds melodrama that is unneeded. Film seems dragged a bit too. Story, predictable and yet entertaining, somewhere challenges your logic. Climax, which seems to be written for justifying Sanjay's role, is not grand.

    Music is good, background score is really thrilling.

    Overall, a deserved watch for sure, but somehow keeps you longing for more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bollywood is following a trend of remaking classics and to be true I have been thoroughly disappointed but Agneepath comes to the rescue. It truly depicts how a remake should be made. However in the classic one the movie totally rests on Amitabh's performance but this one has a totally balanced performance by the cast. The trio of Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik Roshan have delivered excellent performances backed by a powerful screenplay and background music. It has been a totally engaging watch. Both Karan Malhotra the directer and Karan Johar deserve applause for trying their guts out to remake this classic. I recommend you to watch it on a movie theater near by...
  • You shouldn't wonder why everyone wants to remake a Big B movie. While the obvious to say is that they are a cult but the truth is we don't have stories, performances and dialogues like that today. A safe trick to pull the audience is to give them a star-studded remake of a movie the continuums of generations swear by.

    If you are an ardent moviegoer, you might have felt bad with the fate of Don and Sholay remakes but Agneepath rises. Yash Johar & Mukul Anand will be proud of Karan. They can choose either or both.

    First of all, it's not a complete remake. It has its own diversions but it's a wasteful effort not to compare it with the original. Some parts of the remake are a total downer. Not just the parents, I heard the kids say – I think the original was far better.

    Sanjay Dutt is the first and the biggest disappointment. Tattoos of Shiva, preachings from Geeta, anecdotes from Mahabharat & Ramayan but not a single original Khalnayak moment till the last 15 minutes. I remember seeing the promo six months back and everyone spoke of Sanjay Dutt taking the entire pie from Hrithik Roshan – only if he would have been a more evil psychopath, psychopath, psychopath.

    The next is Chikni Chameli. The choreographer & composer totally spoilt the cake. What a sheer waste of Katrina Kaif. The last but not the least is absence of Krishnan Iyer MA. I want to add the iconic "Sister Abduction" scene to the list but I understand that it's too much of a comparison.

    There's not much you could say about the script/story since it's a remake but to talk about the dialogues written by the talented Piyush Mishra – they are mediocre. No special marks to the technicals as well.

    Hrithik Roshan is brilliant, probably the best anybody could justify the real VDC. When he cries, feels happy, kills a man, runs, wants revenge, gets bruised – it's all in his eyes, he makes it real enough. He might not have been able to replace Big B's attitude but it was time they used this side of him than just counting on his looks & moves.

    The surprise of the movie is Rishi Kapoor. What an actor! With the added touch of the surma, he made a better villain than Baba. He should have had a bigger role.

    The score of the movie is suitably Maharashtrian, complimenting the movie. I don't know if you have noticed this but Bollywood seems fascinated with the idea of Ganesh songs or others running parallel with murder and melodrama scenes.

    Apart from Kancha, everyone's performance has taken the movie a notch higher and fortunately there are no stupid-yet-intentional-because-audience-loves-it additions. Coming from Karan Johar, romance and slickness gives way to raw.

    It's a nice remake and while you watch it try hard not to compare it with the original Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Agneepath is a fantastic movie with great music."ALL IS WELL" with the movie.As the remakes are not easy to make,Karan johar has gave the true tribute to the original AGNEEPATH.And all the actors have done their job very well.And Hrithik has created a new Vijay in Indian cinema...Love you Hrithik.....

    So go on and watch the movie...

    "But never try to compare it with the original...The new AGNEEPATH is just awesome..."

    "Comparing this movie with its original is like insulting the original movie..."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know many people will say this isn't as good as the original because of 2 reasons :

    1. They might not even watch it

    2. They will be extremely stubborn and won't look at this movie with an open mind

    I however found a million reasons to enjoy this movie, on top of those million reasons

    1. The role of SANJAY DUTT, according to me one of the best performances in a negative role.

    2. Hritik is very different from AB and that is what i liked, he gave the character an HR touch instead of copying AB.

    3.The casting couldn't have been better, Rishi Kapoor surprisingly pulled off Rauf Lala with extreme ease and Priyanka Chopra provides the perfect balance to the movie as Kali

    Please if you are stubborn and have already made up your mind before even watching it,don't go to the cinema. In the end i will like to say

    Sanjay Dutt : Hats off to you
  • Agneepath is the template of how to make an Indian action movie.Hrithik Roshan should consider being an action hero,because this is what action looks like in it's most raw form.

    The action scenes blow you away,the emotions are perfect.

    I gave this a 9/10,which is the highest I've ever given a Hrithik Roshan movie.This surpasses the original in so many ways.Sanjay Dutt is the badass and Rishi Kapoor can give Ranbir Kapoor the run for his money even in his late years.

    I would give bonus points to Karan Malhotra for topping the original in almost every sense.Hat's Off.
  • Not sure of the 1990's Amitabh Bachchan's flick AGNEEPATH,this,the new recreated 2012 AGNEEPATH is a gem of a movie.From acting to dialogues to songs everything is flawless.Kudos to Karan Johar and specially the director Karan Malhotra to be brave enough to take up this project and produce a magnificent movie. Hrithik Roshan portrays the angry young man which somehow remembered me of Amitabh Bachchan in his early days.His attitude,style and the way he takes vengeance is awesomely displayed.Rishi Kapoor was fabulous both when he displayed his anger and his politeness.Sanjay Dutt!!!!!!!..just wow!!!...No one could have played the role of Kancha Cheena better than him.His dialogues,the bald-headed look was scary sometimes which made it even better.Priyanka Chopra was used well and she did complete justice to her role. One of the most important aspects Agneepath devised perfectly was the execution of scenes,be it a fight scene,or an emotional scene,or a romantic scene everything was well planned and well executed. All-in-all AGNEEPATH is a mass entertainer.You watch it again and again and again and you wont ever feel bored......GREAT MOVIE.......TAKE A BOW Kjo.....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    what a boring movie. Audience here was so disappointed that they started leaving the cinema after the interval. They expected a romantic movie. I decided to stay on and did i regret. I have no choice but to say 'why Hrithik did u act in this remake'? He was just sleepwalking throughout the film and gets beaten up in the end shouting Agneepath 3 times. What a waste of money and talent. Hrithik i think u should stick to your own style and leave this to Salman khan. Sanjay Dutt looks awful and gives a boring performance. The only saving grace is Rishi Kapoor in a short role. He is a good performer. Priyanka in a guest role.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The original Agneepath', released in 1990, was a well crafted, dark, brute tale of revenge, fueled by a commanding, stylish and national award (highest acting decoration in India) winning performance by the Bollywood acting legend Mr. Amithabh Bachchan. The movie was ahead of it's time and has over the years acquired a cult status. Slick direction, gripping dialogues and brilliant, well conceived screenplay made it an iconic film in Indian Cinema.

    The movie is set in the small, fictional village of 'Mandva', a small island located near Mumbai. Underworld kingpin 'Kancha Cheena' to acquire and establish stronghold on Mandva's land for it's opium, with help from his goons and the police, gets the protagonist's father killed. The protagonist (Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan) flees from the village with his mother and his small sister, consumed with vehemence and rage, swearing revenge on his father's killers, and hellbent to reclaim his land, his soil.

    Vijay follows the dark path (Agneepath - the path of fire, much to the disdain of his mother & her ideals of 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'). We witness the birth of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan as the czar of the mumbai underworld, his devastating past remaining a mystery to the entire racket he deals with, mostly all of whom who were involved in killing his father and accessorizing in kancha claiming Mandva.

    As the story develops, he exacts revenge on all of them, one by one, to reach Kancha eventually, and so he does, but not revealing his exact intention, but only intending to deal with him. Eventually, his intentions are revealed, leading to an epic confrontation between him and kancha on the soils of Mandva.

    Amitabh Bachchan, Rohini Hatangade (Another National Award Winner, as Vijay's mother), Mithun Chakrobaty (Yet another national award winner for the same movie, as Vijay's protector/bodyguard) all portrayed their characters with immense originality and passion, making the movie a memorable and gripping movie experience.

    The 2012 remake, is in view of the producers, a homage to the original. But some things are better left untouched, especially classics as these, which are just impossible to duplicate or reincarnate. The remake is set in the slums of mumbai, with the central character (Hrithik Roshan) growing up in the slums and becoming Vijay Chauhan (The setting was probably intentional, to help the style vary from the original, but it just doesn't work for me). The original, in contrast, leave for the beginning set in the village of Mandva, was a modern thriller, where the protagonist donned oldboy-style white suits and drove a contessa; who arrived in Mauritius to meet the villain in his yacht, to the tunes of 'yeke yeke' by mory kante playing in the background; who swam out of the pure blue ocean (after his yacht explodes) still all suited, drenched and pulling it off like a man; whose blood stained white suits were significant of his clean, yet stained persona. It was a memorable, towering character, raw yet sophisticated, angry yet composed. It was a movie which captured the essence of revenge pure, something which you could feel in the protagonist's wrath, pain and despair, his persistent appetite for revenge. The remake, to be brief, just fails to accomplish all that.

    Emotions are contained and action is limited to mindless, excessive violence really, which overpowers the story and characters. One exception however, in the entire movie and it's attempt to recreate the original, is Rishi Kapoor, who plays Rauf Lala, the surma wearing, pathani donning mafia with such savagery and barbarity, he overwhelms Sanjay Dutt's role as the villain Kancha Cheena. Violence is essential in portraying the underbelly of the Mumbai, it's drug cartels and syndicates, rampant in the 80s and 90s era, and it's use is understandable, but the original was not all about that. It was much more, about character development, depth in story, and an anatomy of revenge.

    The remake might have entertained the masses and have accumulated exceptional box office returns, but I am absolutely disappointed, and fail to understand why more effort was not put in recreating such a masterpiece. Nothing compares, and shall ever compare, to the raw and pure, sophisticated revenge tale of the original character, portrayed so intricately by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He is the original Vijay Deenanath Chauhan.
  • anmber27 January 2012
    This movie was sadly disappointing. A decent attempt by Karan Johar, but failed to make the mark. A strong beginning with grand effects, which keeps audience captivated for the first 30 minutes, but all downhill after that.

    I wouldn't compare this to the original, but since the director tried to literally re-make the original, I'm left with no other choice. Sanjay - just a big bad ugly villain. I'm not sure if Sanjay was supposed to look like an Indian Voldemort or Uncle Fester from The Adam's Family. Either way, it was comical at times. Mithun played the character, whereas Sanjay played a villain. I'm not sure if Hrithik was a miscast or if he was mis-directed. Either way, his good looks got in the way of Vijay's character. Few boring and uninspiring dialogues and same expressions throughout the film. Again, Amitabh created the character depth and Hrithik played a superficial angry protagonist, who had nothing more to offer than tearful or angry eyes.

    Priyanka had slightly more than a guest appearance. Rishi proves he's still a star and parts of Sanjay's performance (pre-intermission) were worthwhile. The boy who played young Vijay was the only saving grace of the film and is largely responsible for keeping audiences interested in the first half. Hope to see more of him.

    The commercial Karan Johar-type dance songs and choreography was completely out of place and quite distracting. Overkill of tears reminded me of K3G - Kjo ingredients but not right for this dish.

    Karan Johar should have focused on developing the plot, connecting the loose ends of the scenes and building on the intensity and drama on which the movie started.

    Agneepath should have been remade with INSPIRATION from the original, rather than trying to emulate the original. It seems that the director focused on creating more dramatic context and settings by using 300-like and Harry Potter-like effects - this was done well in the banyan tree scenes - but the director failed to make similar impact throughout. Farhan A and Amir K achieved this in Don and Gajini, respectively.

    Hrithik should also have taken INSPIRATION from Amitabh and developed his own unique version of Vijay rather than trying to copy Amitabh's role. This may have been more believable. Shahrukh K was able to do so for Don. However, I put the blame on the script and direction, which was far too limiting and amateurish for the best of actors to do more than what Hrithik did. Sorry, Hrithik - tough break.

    On a brighter note, excellent pre-launch publicity and fantastic opening, so kudos on that. Regardless of my 2 cents worth, I think the film will have appeal to mass audiences and do well at the box office.
  • nitesh-au4 February 2012
    The reviewer 'Disappointing, 27 January 2012' (Amber) pretty much summed up everything I have to say. This movie was simply awful! Top actors failed to meet the mark and the superficial movie failed to captivate or challenge a very predictable story all the way through.

    The movie entirely focuses on Hrithik and Sanjay and both have done a pathetic job of acting. The lack of a plot makes the movie just another violence filled dishoom dooshoom c-grade movie - one I didn't not wish I had wasted 2.5 hours and £30 for! Save yourself some time and money and watch something else instead.

    Just to see how Amitabh did it back in 1990 I watched his version on youtube and yes that is another level. Amitabh can take any role and make it interesting whereas the 2012 remake was the worst movies I have seen in the last few months (yes even worse than RA One).
  • I saw this movie first day first show and to my surprise it was the one of best movie I have witness ever in my life.Everything was great direction was Osam the acting by Hrithik,Sanjay,Rishi and not to forget om Puri was mind blowing.Seriously telling I dint expected it to be such a classic but hats off its worth the Filmfare award the only bad point about the movie was the acting and unnecessary role of Priyanka Chopra and lack of good songs except Chikni Chameli.Go guys and gals its a truly amazing movie and witness the finest acting by these guys ill any day give it a 10 on 10.So I hope you will go and watch this fantastic movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first one deservedly led to downfall of AB's already spiraling down career in 90s subsequently a massive flop for multiple reasons such as excessive senseless violence, absolutely crappy storyline and too much overacting (brickbats invited).

    This one too has been written excessively everywhere in astonishingly white lies about hands down praises and what not about audience in theaters going crazy. Its a sham, and total mindless gimmick as was the first one. There isn't nearly any movie which deservedly did not earn money and flopped for it was cult and audience of that era was a fool not to recognize it.

    Every time period is balanced in such a way that only the movies which are actually god happen to win laurel at the BO. Mr. Johar made this movie to rewrite history and wiping off the flop BO result from the earlier version. And obviously in today's era, first 2-3 days are all thats required to earn money at BO and thats all that matters for mindless and super biased critics all over to tag it as a hit. Being a star studded cast, whether there is any story or not, audience will go nuts over the hype created and will watch the movie in theater and before they would realize it being an dud, it will be tagged a hit.

    Same went for the most stupid SRK movies like Ra.One and Om Shanti Om. Another thing about the characters, if only few things worth going for that too strictly first half presence would be Hrithik's bludgeoning eyes and Sanjay's maniac portrayal. Rest talks about Rishi being awesome is over-hyped, he played his part well but nothing like you will remember forever. Overall, second half will drive you nuts and make you jump outta theater asap.
  • Simply fantastic! Agneepath has set very very high standards, and what a brilliant start to the year 2012. This film is not a remake! This version may use the same concept, and character names, however it dies not run on the star power of any of the actors. The two Karan's are very brave to even consider this film, especially after the cult status of the original Agneepath, but by changing the story to make it unique, they have delivered a power house film.

    Hrithik Roshan is the life and soul of Agneepath, and it is clear why Karan Malhotra had chased him for 7 months to do this film - He is perfect for it! Hrithik looks every bit the real hero in this film, and puts across a performance on the same level of Jodhaa Akbaar. The intensity, passion and emotion he has put into this role will take him a long way, and certainly very close to another award. I always thought Hrithik suffered when it came to dialogue delivery, but a long with Jodhaa Akbaar, his delivery is second to perhaps the likes of Amitabh, Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol.

    Sanjay Dutt is going to rewrite the manual of a Bollywood villain. He puts across one of his best roles to date a long with the likes of Khalnayak and Vaastav. When watching the film you sit and wonder how is Vijay going to defeat this giant, and at times there doesn't seem like there is way. For once I am happy to say that the villain looks like a villain - something that went missing in the original Agneepath.

    Rishi Kapoor is the show stealer. Why has he never done a negative role before I will never know, but after this film he will surely get more chances to do so. He carries off every scene with pure class, and it is obvious to see why he is regarded as such a great actor.

    Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Kaali perfectly. She does not have much screen time, but neither should she, and it is a credit to her to take such a back seat role. However, she excels on screen and her chemistry with Hrithik is fabulous.

    Other notable performances are Zarina Wahab as Vijay's mother, and the child actor playing Vijay in his early years - some of the early scenes certainly leave you enticed.

    If you are a Hrithik fan, this is a must see, and even if you're not a Hrithik fan, you will become one after watching this. He simply oozes class, and plays the simple guy image with ease.

    Hearing that the film broke Bodyguard's opening day record is no surprise. If you compare the content of Agneepath to Bodyguard or Ra One, then you will be confused why they did so well compared to this film. All in all, Agneepath rewrites how a film should be made, and with help of quality actors - will go into the all time record books.
  • the first thing comes to our mind if we see a remake of a famous film is a comparison. so if we compare this movie to the old one the story line remains the same and let me also discuss about the performances and technical fields.

    The story is same it may not appeal much for some audience as it is the story which appeared 20 yrs back and has many sentimental scenes which makes the movie slow at some areas,,but still the script is good enough.

    Hrithick has done a wonderful job showing both action and sentiment at very Right spots and sanju baba is awesome,,both have acted to their best but my credits go to hrithick.priyanka is OK types,legend rishi kapoor with no flaws and the chameli katrina will lift your spirits up

    The best thing i can say about this movie is the background score which rises your adrenaline whenever you hear it and screenplay is good.
  • I wish I can rate this trash as 0 in a ten point scale. IMDb doesn't permit me to do so. When you do a remake, you should have better actors in first place. Except Rishi Kapoor no one else acts! Oh man Sanjay ! Whats wrong with Bollywood? When a guy has a new look and performs less than ordinary you guys call it performance of the year and what not. Media folks write since that means business to them. Why do I see user written reviews as all applauding this trash. Its a very very ordinary movie. I am sure why they wanted to remake this. You get publicity man. People will want to watch how they have done that old movie. You are done! 10 million in days.

    Bollywood needs a lesson. Films like this, Raone, don2 etc etc shouldn't be seen in first place. supporting them is next. Grow up kids!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me make it very clear that I'm not here to disappoint anyone. I have seen the 1990's "Agneepath" and I can proudly say that no actor in B- Town has the guts to walk in "Big-B"s shoes whoever it may be.I personally like "Aamir Khan" and "SRK".This film is a 3 hour stretched melodrama with a raunchy and violent theme.Guys when I say raunchy it points to the vulgar song in which "Katrina" danced and her "thoomkas" wowed the desperate ones."Katrina" has put down her dignity with this ridiculous item song , from shaking her assets to her bottom she really struggled to keep the audience in their seats. "Rishi Kapoor" was very good,I think the best in this crap and "Sanjuy Dutt' make-up was good , to be noted I said "it is good" but you can't compare to bollywood's best villain "Gabber Singh". In the midst of the film "Kancha Cheena" completely vanished . I feel sorry for "Hrithik" the only work he did best was to get beating and show his body. He truly needs some assistance and moral advice , so that he won't himself down again.In the original one the dialogues were excellent , acting by everyone and the legend himself was superb . The character "Vijay Dinanath Chauhan" became a cult but this is total let down.In this new one the so-called main villain fears mirrors so his name is an irony. Priyanka was a mad one.The 3 hour stretched really needs gut to be viewed.In the original one our hero walked on fire but here nothing! It is evident from the fact that the 2nd day collection dropped by 50%. In one sentence I would say - "Better flop than a debacle."
  • It's a tale that's timeless with themes that resonate, touching on family and violence, crime and vengeance, that in my opinion is of the scale as operatic as Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather. Directed and co-written by Karan Malhotra, the film takes its time to develop the lead character of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) that makes us ally to his cause of revenge, even if it means having to support him in a life of crime to rise up amongst the ranks, to gain power in whatever means possible to be of an equal to his mortal enemy Kancha (Sanjay Dutt), while at the same time battling his softer emotions that deal with love and acceptance from a mother (Zarina Wahab) hell bent against her son's chosen path to destruction.

    And what makes Vijay so mad stems from the framing and public persecution of his dad Master Deenanath Chauhan (Chetan Pandit), a well respected school teacher and community leader in the village of Mandwa where landlords exploit the poor, who got enticed by Kancha's promise of leasing their land to built factories and create jobs. That he did, but only after enslaving the villagers through his brand of violence and control, and cultivating cocaine on their land to become a drug baron. But before the impending execution of his plan, Kancha has to get rid of naysayers like Master, turning him against the simpleton villages and subsequently hanging him mercilessly from a Banyan tree with public support baying for blood.

    This triggers something in Vijay (as a child played by Arish Bhiwandiwala, who did a great job) who had to endure being helpless against the mob mentality, having to bear witness to an atrocious injustice, before taking flight with his mother to Mumbai, where his sister Shiksha (Kanika Tiwari) was born. Now staying alive with only one sole objective in mind, Vijay chances upon Mumbai's underworld led by Rauf Lala the drug lord and woman trafficker (Rishi Kapoor in an excellent support role) and plots to align with the bad hats to gain a reputation before getting back at Kancha. Doing so meant estranging himself from his mother and sister, in a way protecting them as well from his deliberate life of crime, making Kaali Gawde (Priyanka Chopra) perhaps his only childhood friend and lover to know him better than anyone else, although almost always goading that they get married.

    What made Agneepath stand out amongst the usual triad and gangster crime flicks, is the path Vijay decided to undertake in his path of vengeance. Choosing to meet violence with violence, and to build an army of his own based on generosity amongst his adopted community of the poor and curiously predominantly female, Vijay schemes at different sides to ensure he's top dog, even if it means stepping on his "father"'s toes in Rauf Lala, and exploring avenues where he can usurp the underworld throne. And the balance of power also involves the cops led by Commissioner Gaitonde (Om Puri) with whom Vijay also strikes a testy relationship with, making Vijay a character with really grey intentions never being black or white and keeping his adversaries on their toes whether he's there to cover their back, or to spring a surprise by playing the opposite side. Talk about keeping your friends close, and enemies closer.

    The production values were of the highest quality and reminded me why I'm almost always thrilled to watch an Indian film epic anytime. The vibrant colours, customs and culture on display from religious processions to celebration of festivals or moments through song and dance, are elements that make an Indian film unique, and to not have all these ingredients coming together and gelling up well just meant that something's sorely missed. Plus the melodrama that finds a sweet spot in the narrative to become the emotional anchor for characters to allow you to feel, and in this case, empathize with their respective plight, blessed with irony and poetic justice when the time calls for it.

    Agneepath befits its path of fire title with its bloody brutality, never gratuitous but necessary to bring out the senselessness, and the eye-for-an-eye treatment that Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is going after. Cinematography was gorgeous especially with Malhotra's many raining scenes as metaphors to try and quench the fiery moods and environments all round in Mumbai and Mandwa to no avail. As a remake, this version of Agneepath soars for its ability to stand on its own two feet and retaining an original flavour of its own, with minor quibbles such as what would be a rush toward its inevitable finale that brought everything to a tearful full circle. It seems like Agneepath has the bandwidth to become a classic of its own, and has indeed fired the first, early salvo in 2012 as being one of the best this year has on offer. A definite recommendation!
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