Mr. Pricklepants: Thank you all for coming to the audition. Number one, action!

Alien #1: Ooooh!

Mr. Pricklepants: Dreadful. Next!

Alien #2: [same inflection] Ooooh!

Mr. Pricklepants: Horrifying. Next!

Alien #3: [same inflection] Ooooh!

Mr. Pricklepants: Brilliant!

Ken: Ride like the wind, Buttercup!

Buttercup: Okay, get off me.

Spanish Buzz: Hemos quitado la caca de la arena del gatito.

[Translation: We have removed the poop from the kitty litter]

Mrs. Potato Head: Oh, Spanish is so beautiful.

[the toys watch Ken and Barbie kiss out in the snow]

Mrs. Potato Head: How romantic.

Mr. Potato Head: Yeah, until they fall off the deck.

[Ken and Barbie fall through the snow]

Hamm: I'll get the shovel.

[Ken and Barbie are "swimming" in an empty aquarium in front of a TV showing fish]

Hamm: Watch this.

[Changes the channel, a shark appears and scares Ken and Barbie]

Hamm: Shark week.

Buttercup: Nice.

Woody: Ready to lose at checkers, Slink?

Slinky Dog: When pigs fly.

Hamm: [to Buttercup] Actually, I had an uncle who was a pilot.

Buttercup: Really?

Hamm: No, not really.

Buttercup: [Playing poker] Hey, Potato Head. You in?

Mrs. Potato Head: Sorry, boys. He's all mine.

Mr. Potato Head: We're gonna spend the whole week together, just the two of us.


Mr. Potato Head: Deal me in.

[Leaves behind an eye and arm to play for him]

Ken: Hawaii! You gotta get me to Hawaii!

Captain Zip: Sorry, sir. I just zip and unzip. I don't actually fly.

Mr. Pricklepants: [to Barbie and Ken] Dinner is served.

[the Squeaky Toy Aliens come up, providing the dinner: a huge pork with an apple in its mouth, played by Hamm]

Hamm: [spits out apple] I should've seen this coming.

[the toys notice that Ken and Barbie are outside in the snow]

Buttercup: It's got to be a bazillion degrees below!

Hamm: Good thing they're wearing the 1982 winter weekend collection.