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  • bertrandlf1 April 2013
    Coming from Brittany, and loving most comedy actors in this movie, I had very high expectations, but I was also an easy target, good scenery, a few jokes, a bit of picking on Bretons, and I would have probably been wrapped.

    Unfortunately, every minute of the movie felt forced and was actually quite painful. Like in football, gathering some of the best actors in one team is not enough to win matches, let alone the heart of the crowd.

    You need alchemy, depth, and for that, room for each actor to express himself.

    The more talents you have at the same time, the harder it gets, it was obviously too hard.

    Maybe throw a Fest Noz or a drunk on Chouchen (effects of traditional chouchen are different to other alcohols), which would have provided some of the room the actors lacked. Instead of that, the main feeling is pity.

    The movie felt like a waste of talent, sad to see so much potential stay below the mediocre line the whole time.

    A few endearing moments probably prevented me from leaving the cinema before the end, as well as the never-ending hope that things would pick up, well they never did.

    It pains me, but I can't put more than 4...
  • This movie as most french movies even though made by an American Studio (they usually spoil french movies) is more than a comedy.

    It's a critique to the individualistic and narcissistic values disseminated throughout most of the occidental society at present.

    It shows how important is Unity, exposes the world of soccer for what it has become with the merchandizing of everything and everyone. Besides showing a human face to the sport where players who don't fit the script are set aside by society, as also members of society are marginalized.

    Obviously to perceive all this you have to have an open view nonetheless culture.
  • kosmasp23 February 2014
    If you watch french movies, you will likely know a couple of the actors who are involved in this. And while every character has its own trade and they try to make it feel as fresh as possible, if you have seen one sports movie with that schematic, you have seen them all. Or at least you know where this is going.

    There is still some fun along the road, because this goes more for the jokes than the drama of a crisis. The main crisis being the one our protagonist has, who gets an opportunity to help a small town and their soccer/football club. That's the second story line of the movie, but of course every other character has something going on, which makes this almost a mess.