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  • If you're looking for an "Entertainment Tonight" or "Access Hollywood" type program, you won't find it here. Ms. Heising goes to great lengths to delve into the world of the independent arts -- film, television, music, directors, producers, actors, etc. -- and does so professionally and enthusiastically. Her interview guests provide insightful details of their past and present projects that people like me (on the East Coast) would never otherwise even hear about. I salute this program and have been a big fan of it for well over a year now. Not even close to your average Hollywood suck-up show for sure, and I thank the wonderful team of Eye on Entertainment for that.
  • Dawna and the people at Eye on Entertainment are a helpful team of hard working entertainers devoted to the promotion of independent film. Everything I've seen from them has been thoughtful and encouraging and their support of the film industry is inspiring. Dawna has helped promote two of my projects, THE DEVIL WITHIN Starring Gray Damon and Bill Oberst Jr. - and BLOOD TRAIL Starring Anthony De Longis. She did interviews, posted video clips, wrote articles and gave us a ton of promotion - all just for the love of helping filmmakers. In a time when social media is the only way people know your film, Dawna's work has been priceless.We can use more people like her and her team supporting hard working indie filmmakers.
  • Highly entertaining and a great host! Dawna Lee Heising is vibrant and very well informed! As well as being an accomplished actress she lends herself to presenting the show with style and poise. The fact that she also presents show is a testament to her excellent work ethic and she is also very beautiful.The show moves along a cracking pace but not frenzied or rushed. There are many shows like this on TV at the moment but I find "Eye On Entrtainment" stays fresh and up to date.The guests are always interesting and the stories are always founded in the truth. To continually get A list Actors, Producers and Directors etc is no mean feat and as well getting to all the major award ceremonies throughout the year is quite impressive.I sincerely hope it continues!