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  • Seriously oh look it's someone who gets pants oh look it is a unicorn o look he is getting bullied oh he loves some sort of super popular girl

    I mean the animation is poor simple right bad the concept is horrible a kid who gets pants from a unicorn to save people in other dimensions

    It is so idiotic and also it is boring BORING nothing happens and docktor dimension pant seriously just the title is so bad

    Also the main character doctor dimension pants never ever ever learns something and is the most arrogant stupid idiotic boring dumb most sad hero ever he also never listen to something

    Also the villains are so ugly

    If I could I wanna give it a -9
  • A nice easy family friendly cartoon that's easy to watch at night when it's on in the UK. The Family Guy esque approach to the show is that it can be scatter gun at times but come on, it's on a kids network, the plots don't have to be groundbreaking or overly focused to be enjoyable.

    The show has good animation, not the worst I've ever seen in these kind of shows, however it is obviously made in Flash which limits it somewhat.

    Dr Dimensionpants has a unicorn mentor and he has to stop stuff happening in other dimensions, rinse and repeat. Harmless with no bad images/messages for children (who it's aimed at,) and positive viewing for them.

    All in all, this isn't a show people seek out, but one for children/family viewing when nothing else is on.