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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Made for tv CG effects, a few washed up actors, the dogs talks now aaaaaand CORY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!
  • Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011).

    Yes. this series is still going, This is the seventh movie in the series and the last in the series at the moment.

    I had no idea there was Seven, I knew there were Five movies in this series and sixth must of went pass me.

    I have only seen the First two movies in full, I seen bits of 3 and 4 but never in full.

    There first few seconds of this movie, starts off like a Cartoon, about a Elf who makes a mistake sets off Santa Slay also fall in it.

    There live action starts In this movie Beethoven's Is know as Famous dog that see the Slay in the Sky and tries to help the elf who fallen of it.

    There two men workers, who steal toys and then come across the Santa Bag, which bring out anything.

    Elf asks Beethoven to help, so he licks this Candy, that makes Beethoven' talk to him, Yes they make Beethoven talk in this sequel , the only sequel in talks in.

    This movie could have had been very funny, there some decent ideas but they could have made it more appealing to adults, this movie was little too silly, even for kids may find it bit silly.

    This movie gets way to silly near the end, where they make Beethoven fly the slay!, Really!.

    No were near as good as first two movies, I not seen any of the others sequels, so I don't know , if this is the worst of series.

    I think it was a least worth watching movie.

    4 out of 10
  • Before you read this entry, mind you I have watched over 100 movies and by far and wide, this is the greatest movie I have ever seen during the Halloween holidays. First of all, Beethoven is an adorable puppy who brings inner joy to your hearts when on screen. I feel Hollywood loves to trash movies like this because there is no action, but I digress...this movie has a ton of action, drama, and most of all, the spirit of the Hallows. I recommend anyone who is feeling down to cheer themselves up and watch this movie. I watched it over and over and over and forgot to eat! This movie has more heart than Titanic, more action than Sophie's Choice, and more drama than Stripes. Run out and rent/buy this won't be unhappy.
  • cjase2200712 December 2018
    Here we have another installment of Beeethoven, now a celebrity dog. Very good and enjoyable. Great writing and good performances all around. A Christmas elf takes Santa's sleigh and crashes into a tree. Then he meets Mason. With Beethoven's help, they try to find a missing toy bag. Meanwhile, Mason's mother has to design a float for the Parade. Nothing brilliant here, but there are funny moments. If you're looking for a feel good, Christmas movie, this is it.
  • I just love all of Beethoven's movies, would love to see new ones. He just makes me laugh when I really need it. Thanks, Beethoven!