The Red Queen: Don't listen to the traitor Wesker. I am in control now. Project Alice, Ada Wong, stay where you are.

Alice: [to Ada] Let's move.

The Red Queen: Project Alice, you're all going to die down here.

Alice: I've heard that before.

[first lines]

Alice: My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world. I was head of security at a secret high-tech facility called the Hive, a giant underground laboratory developing experimental, viral weaponry. There was an incident. A virus escaped. A lot of people died. The trouble was, they didn't stay dead. The computer that controlled the Hive was a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence: the Red Queen. The Red Queen responded to the threat of the viral outbreak in an extreme way. She went homicidal.

The Red Queen: You're all going to die down here.

Alice: The Red Queen attempted to kill everyone, whether they were infected or not. I managed to escape, but this was only the beginning. Viral outbreaks spread like wildfire, first across the United States, then the world. The T-Virus didn't just bring the dead back to life. It mutated them in terrifying ways. Despite the apocalypse they had created, the Umbrella Corporation continued to experiment with the deadly virus. I was infected. But the virus bonded with me on a cellular level. I developed powers.

Dr. Isaacs: Your genetic structure is the key.

Alice: I became different. Powerful. Unstoppable. As I got stronger, the human race became weaker. I tried my best to lead what survivors I could find to safety, but we were pursued relentlessly. Even my friend Jill Valentine was seized and brainwashed by Umbrella.

Jill Valentine: Shoot to kill.

Alice: Finally, I confronted the head of the Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker. He robbed me of my powers, but I still managed to defeat him. At last, we thought it was over. We thought we had survived the horror. But we were wrong. Once again, we found ourselves fighting for our lives.

Alice: What is this? What have you done to me?

Albert Wesker: You were the only one to successfully bond with the T-Virus, to fully realize her powers. Well, now I have need of you. The old you. So I've given you back your gift. You are the weapon.

Alice: I'm gonna kill you.

Albert Wesker: Perhaps. But first, you have work to do.

Becky: I met your sister.

Rain: What?

Becky: She's not very nice.

Alice: Boys? You mind?

Leon S. Kennedy: Shall we?

Barry Burton: My pleasure.

Alice: [holds knife at Ada's throat] Don't.

Ada Wong: My name is...

Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker's top agents. I know exactly who and what you are. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?

Ada Wong: I don't work for Umbrella anymore, and neither does Albert Wesker.

Alice: I don't care.

[Wesker's image appears on a display window]

Albert Wesker: You can kill her if you like, but then you'll never get out of this place.

Rain: You can't kill me.

Alice: I don't have to.

[Alice shoots the ice at Rain's feet, she falls in with the Las Plagas Undead]

Ada Wong: I executed everyone in this control room. I enabled Wesker to hack the mainframe. We shut down the security systems. We let you out of that cell.

Albert Wesker: We need to get you out of this facility.

Alice: So why do you want to help me?

Albert Wesker: We need you. The human race faces extinction. Our only hope for survival is for us to work together.

Alice: I'm not going anywhere until I know where we are and what the hell is going on here.

Albert Wesker: You're in the Prime Umbrella testing facility.

Alice: Explain Tokyo.

Albert Wesker: What you saw was just a detailed re-creation, nothing more. It goes on for a few city blocks. That's all.

Alice: I was outside.

Ada Wong: Were you? Saw the sky, did you?

Alice: It was night.

Ada Wong: Stars? The moon?

Albert Wesker: The testing floor is 300 feet high, the ceiling black. It's usually night in there. But isn't that when the monsters come out anyway?

Alice: They're using clones of me.

Ada Wong: Of course. You were one of the 50 basic models.

Alice: [scoffs] "Basic models."

Ada Wong: How do you think Umbrella populates these test scenarios? Hundreds of people dead each time they run a simulation. Umbrella imprints them with basic memories, just enough to ensure a correct emotional response to the threat of the bio-hazard. In one life, she could be a suburban housewife. The next, a businesswoman in New York. The next, a soldier working for Umbrella.

Becky: [looks at a track of Alice clones] Mommy, who are they? Mommy, is that you? You're my mommy, aren't you?

Alice: I am now.

[Becky comes up to Alice and embraces her]

Luther West: Who's this?

Becky: I'm Becky.

Luther West: Hi, Becky.

Becky: [points to Alice] This is my mom.

Luther West: Your mom? Ah.

Alice: Long story.

Leon S. Kennedy: Fall back to the elevator!

Barry Burton: You go! I'm gonna stay here for a while.

Leon S. Kennedy: Barry.

Barry Burton: When the countdown gets to zero, you have to be on that elevator! Someone's got to stay, Leon. Besides...

[guns down a guard]

Barry Burton: I'm kinda enjoying myself!

Luther West: [In a Rolls Royce] Sweet ride.

Alice: Well, this is Moscow. Heard gunfire. Thought you might need some help.

Alice: You two made it! Thought I was the only one that survived. What is this place, and why is everything in Russian? And what's with the S&M getup?

Alice: [pulls out a gun] You know how to use this?

Rain: I campaigned for gun control.

[Alice puts the gun in Rain's hand]

Rain: No, I don't think you understand. I marched against the NRA.

Alice: Concentrate. It's just like a camera. Point and shoot.

[Rain fires at a marble pillar]

Alice: Congratulations. You're officially a badass.

Alice: There's a child here.

Rain: Your problem, not ours.

Alice: All heart. You haven't changed a bit.

Rain: I don't know you lady.

Alice: Waiting for a written invitation?

Rain: I'm coming for you!

Alice: Good luck with that.

[a weapons cache emerges from the floor]

Alice: Oh, yeah.

Alice: It was raining.

Albert Wesker: Climate control. Wind, rain. They can even make it snow if they wanted to.

Alice: Why build such a place?

Albert Wesker: Simple. The Umbrella Corporation derived its primary income from the sale of viral weaponry, something that's impossible to test in the real world. They re-created the center of New York, simulated an outbreak, showed it to the Russians, and sold them the virus. They simulated an outbreak in Moscow, sold it to the Americans. An outbreak in Tokyo.

Alice: Sold it to the Chinese.

Ada Wong: An outbreak in China.

Alice: Sold it to the Japanese.

Albert Wesker: Exactly. Everyone had to have it. The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race. Only, this time, it was biological rather than nuclear. Highly profitable. And this is where it all happened. This is Umbrella's greatest creation. The belly of the beast.

Alice: So why don't we just get the hell out of here?

Luther West: Leon, why don't we just trigger the explosives remotely?

Leon S. Kennedy: Can't risk them jamming the signal. And whether we succeed or not, this facility has to be destroyed.

Luther West: What if we take longer than two hours?

Barry Burton: Then I hope you're really good at holding your breath.

[Last Lines]

Albert Wesker: The Red Queen is determined to destroy all life on earth. This is the last that remain of us, of the human race. It seems we're bonded against a common foe. This is why we needed you back. The ultimate weapon. This is humanity's last stand. The beginning of the end.

Alice: Hey, boys. Bad idea.

[Alice and Ada fire at the taxi cab leaking gas, the blast kills the two Axe Men]

Rain: Where'd you find these guys?

Jill Valentine: Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?

Alice: Jill? Is that you?

Jill Valentine: Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?

Leon S. Kennedy: Where's Ada?

Alice: I don't think she made it. I'm sorry.

Leon S. Kennedy: You saw her die?

Alice: No...

Leon S. Kennedy: [nods] She always has a plan.